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MSc Enterprise Systems Management

With SAP Certication

Birmingham City University has been a member of the SAP University Alliances Program since 2007 and SAP Consultants have been visiting lecturers at the university for many years before that. Birmingham City University is based in the city of Birmingham - itself the largest local authority user of SAP in the world and a hub for many large users of SAP.

In 2010 Birmingham City University will be launching a new Masters Degree Enterprise Systems Management in collaboration with the UK and Ireland SAP University Alliances Program. The degree will focus exclusively on SAP and will give students the opportunity to gain experience in four distinct areas of the SAP ERP and Business Suites: SAP ERP (Sales, Finance, Operations, Manufacturing, Procurement and all within the NetWeaver environment) SAP Business Intelligence SAP BusinessObjects SAP Customer Relationship Management In addition to these four products students will also undertake the SAP Certication Solution Architect: Integration of Business Processes. Students will also be able to undertake MSc thesis topics that have been submitted by SAP UK Consultants, Managers and Customers to ensure they are relevant to the modern SAP business environment.

Birmingham City Council is the largest local authority user of SAP in the world with over 20,000 end users. We have worked closely with BCU and SAP on the MSc in Enterprise Systems Management to ensure that the course is relevant to the needs of a modern SAP user. We are very pleased to have such a strong SAP competence on our doorstep and look forward to working with BCU faculty and students for many years to come - Glyn Evans, Director of Corporate Change, Birmingham City Council -

The Enterprise Systems Management degree oers you access to four distinct SAP product modules - ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence and Business Objects as well as a route to Certication. SAP ERP The SAP course uses a real, live SAP ERP system and you will gain rst-hand knowledge of components such as procurement, materials management, sales, distribution, nancial control and management as well as understanding how each of those components interacts to build a seamless large scale corporate system. SAP TERP10 Certication During the course will you will also undertake the SAP Certication course TERP10 and will have the opportunity to take the exam for free to receive your SAP Certication. Within this course you will study sales, human resources, project management, strategic enterprise management, and 10 more ERP components some of which build on your previous knowledge in studying ERP.

The MSc Enterprise Systems Management has been designed in close collaboration with SAP in the UK as well as with a major corporate user of SAP. The course is designed to reect realworld needs.

The Birmingham City University MSc Enterprise Systems Management is the rst of its kind - a major collaboration between a 650m SAP user and the University Alliances Program. Studying on this course you will learn how to use four distinct SAP products, in depth, as well as taking a real SAP Certication and then undertaking thesis projects that are based on real issues of strategic and industry interest. It is a superb way to kick-start a career in SAP or the wider IT consulting industry - Martin Gollogly, Director of University Alliances, UK, Ireland, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands -

The Enterprise Systems Management degree goes beyond traditional ERP to give you knowledge of the two most exciting components in management systems - CRM and Business Intelligence. SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM) CRM is all about management of the sales, marketing and service processes to align marketing resources for maximum advantage. You will examine marketing return on investment, targeted marketing, customer loyalty, priority customer management and see how a real-world system can assist a major business improve sales eciency and cash ow through better, more eective use of its resources. SAP Business Intelligence & SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence is about using information - analysing it for competitive advantage - and is one of the hottest topics in the IT industry. This course actually gives you access to two SAP systems - to the original SAP Business Information Warehouse which includes data warehousing, modelling, ETL (extract, transform and load) and presentation of information; and to the tools that SAP acquired when it purchased Business Objects - Web Integration, Crystal Reports and xCelsius. These tools enable you to extract, manipulate and present information from many sources to better understand a business, its operations and competitors.

CRM and Business Intelligence enable a customer to make use of many dierent kinds of information to make much more informed, targeted business decisions and make a better return on their IT system investment.

This unique collaboration provides students with the opportunity develop an in depth knowledge of enterprise systems management using four real, live SAP systems. This is then tied together with a SAP Certication route, additional skills such as Prince2 and a wider examination of the issues facing enterprise systems implementers and managers. If you also include thesis project titles submitted by real SAP users and implementers this course is tremendously valuable as a means to enter into an IT or SAP consulting career. - Parmjit Chima, Head of School, School of Engineering, Design and Manufacturing Systems -

SAP Scholarships Under a special arrangement between SAP, Birmingham City Council and Birmingham City University there are a limited number of prestigious SAP/BCC/BCU scholarships that applicants can apply for. These scholarships are valued at 1,000 each and are counted towards your degree fees. They are highly sought after and are awarded on a competitive basis so early application is advised. Request further information To obtain further details about the MSc and to apply contact the International Oce, Birmingham City University:

SAP, Birmingham City University and Birmingham City Council have set aside a number of high prestige scholarships that are awarded on a competitive basis to top-quality candidates.