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BLOCK 1, 2014



Night @ the Terrace: Top Row: Nick Cox, Brittany Schleicher, Seung-ri Lee, Bryant Schobert, Thomy Singh, Kerry Allen, Ed Portillo, Bottom Row: Suthana Ying, Brian Konkol, Wangui (Kui) Nganga

Tips for a successful DPH-4 year from a recent graduate: Dr. Endries.
Congratulations! You have officially made it to the final year of the Doctor of Pharmacy program. There is much to be said for all the hard work that got you to this point, but lets be honest, how much information do you actually remember from the past three years (aside from taco salad Wednesdays and that power hour runs from 9PM-10PM)? Now that you are already well into your fourth year, its time to learn what it really takes to be a pharmacist. The following is a brief guide from a recent graduate that will help you to get the most out of your final year of being a baby pharmacist. No one likes being told what to do, but here is some valuable information that would have been helpful one year ago:

Editors-in-Chief: Ed Portillo and Brittany Schleicher

What you should do: Show up on time, professionally dressed, with a positive attitude, HELLO FELLOW FUTURE and well aware of what YOU are PHARMACISTS! supposed to achieve over the next Congratulations on successfully seven to 8 weeks completing block one! We are now just FIVE rotations away from our doctorate degree. Our goal with this all new class newsletter, The TABloid, is to keep us connected during clerkships. By continuing to learn together, we will continue to further advance the profession as future practitioners. We hope that you enjoy reading our first issue, and hope that you will be interested in writing articles in the future!

What you should NOT do: Show up late, dressed like a slob (or any other outfit that deserves a trip to human resources), and expect that your preceptor knows what you are required to do


The TABloid 5555 Count by 5's Avenue Pharmacity, Wisconsin, 12345

BLOCK 1, 2014 What you should do: Find an organizational system that works for you and figure out when you will complete all requirements (note: most things will take longer than expected). Think about what is required to fully complete your tasks so that you are able to schedule any necessary appointments ahead of time


What you should NOT do: Wait until the last minute and Keep your future in mind Ruin your chances at a miss deadlines. It becomes LOCK IRTHDAYS and always be professional future position because much more difficult to The Thailand you thought you would - birthday, You will likely "Happy happy from our whole class to remember when your type A never be a pharmacist at need some good Experience!!!! friends from pharmacy school you. We wish it was our birthday, wesite. could this so rotation (This preceptor are not sitting next to you to Rebecca cuddling celebrate too!" references for job can be a wide variety of with May: ayou tiger! remind June: July: things including: poor applications in the 28: Kristina Bennwitz, very 1: Kody Schmidt 4: Jaimi near future! attitude, poor Swenson Kara Risseeuw 6: Amanda Klos 5: Dennis - Treat each rotation attendance, lack of 7: Melissa Moore Reckelberg, Erin the like a 7-8 week job professionalism, 8: Adrienne Luebke aftermath of thirsty interview Keyes Be honest about what you know Guess- always look up anything 17: Jafar Ahmed Thursday, etc.) 6: Adam Post, your and what you dont know that you are less than 100%- Inform 26: Becca Lukanich Pharmacy is a very preceptor of any Hanna Knurr confident on. Guessing will 29: Emma Sturm Bored on Tuesday Nights? Come small profession pre-planned 8: Rebecca! ruin any credibility that you watch these guys play softball!!! absences (i.e. job Carnahan Nick Cox with his large catch of the day! have and is extremely interviews, etc.) and Buddhachinaraj Hospital in I have been practicing at Naresuan University Hospital dangerous. 8 weeks becomes an 10: Lisa Albrecht IG ATCH central Thailand. Naresuan is a 200 bed teaching hospital on the 12: NU campus and the eternity when you have burned Ed Portillo WHAT'S GOING ON IN LACROSSE! Bryan Konkol and I would occasionally fill our medicine Block 1 ward runs Remember pharmacy Wait until the week internal with similarlythe to the US, with medical students, interns, bridges other healthcare 14: Trevor Schmidt evenings with a canoe trip to Lake Wingra to unwind after a and board exams!students. Rounds and before your attendings, pharmacists pharmacy medical charts are a providers because of something long day of saving lives. Our primary goal was to relax, NAPLEX/MPJE to mixture of Thai and English, so a pharmacy resident translates for me. There are you thought you knew swap stories, and have a good time (it is in our class honor usually 2-5 patients per room and families docourse most of the care-taking while in the review the material Over the of code, after We the primary goal every to nursing staff hospital, as opposed inyear the US. Only a couple of the rooms are airThe five ofall). us in Laaccomplished Crosse have had a the review Take advantage your graduation tooutvarious time fail.of This was rotation! fairly easy Wait to do until givenafter that conditioned, so Ithe nearly passed the first topics day on that rounds in my UW white coat with goodwithout time during our first preceptors experience and realize that you should have sun was the drinks were cold, and Bob Uecker was thick knee-length material and long sleeves. I quickly traded that in for a lightweight, you are unfamiliar Most of warm, us have spent some time telling us exactly what has just happened. expertisewhen you have a Health done this short-sleeved jacket. On Thursdays, a monk comes to each ward in the hospital to with (it is much volunteering at the St. Clare accept donations and give blessings. So its not unusual to see medical staff remove question or want to know a good easier in small Mission pharmacy--it is a good way their shoes, kneel, and bow their heads in the middle of the hallway while the monk The secondary objective was to put some bass in the boat. resource for more information chunks) to network with pharmacists, techs, prays over them. We both fished with the same type of rubber worm, but just ask! and health providers from the area EY LAIRE Buddhachinaraj Hospital is a much larger public hospital in the main city. It hooked in a slightly different manner. The best story came AU Most importantly: Have a poor attitude, while helping out grateful patients. has about 1,000 beds and 50 pharmacists on staff. There, men and women are out of warm Tuesday night in which the fields were too wet complete the room. bare Any Have fun and We aresoftball. getting together for an end ofto separated into and separate wards and there are approximately patients to play Bryan casted up next a at fallen tree The Eau Claire region consists of Emily30 W, Jaimiper and Emily Z. Make a list of what you want to Sit your desk doing the same appreciate each minimum for graduation extra patients have their beds arranged in the hallway outside the ward for a total of block dinner at Dublin Square in watched him reel it in. hooked a nice bass, while I sat and We meet on Wednesdays for seminar at Mayo Clinic Health get out of every rotation task over and over again rotation for what it and complain about the about 50 patients per ward. order socialize, share information Just asto he fought his fish close to the boat, a 32 inch muskyWe have been fortunate enough to have an equal System. because you didnt inform your offers (both good practice site. In both hospitals family members perform most of the daily cares for about our rotation sites andoff. to look hammered my bait and took I was using light tackle for and bad), you will preceptor that you of wanted to patients, as opposed to nonnursing staff in the US. Other interesting differences number UW students with us at these meetings: a (Preceptors are about less forward next block. It'sover amazing bass so I to had little control the fish. It was very strong, never again have pharmacy practice include: strong pain medications suchDuluth, aslikely morphine, fentanyl and see a CABG procedure, or to buy you lunch student from Creighton, Minneapolisand Concordia how fast thispulled first block has flown! so it literally us around in the canoe like we were a available in community pharmacies; its believed that if they are hydrocodone are not this type of shadow the respiratory when you do this) University Wisconsin. horse and cart. This whole ordeal must have very in thatappeared much pain, they should be in the hospital. Also, prescriptions are not necessary opportunity and therapist, or work in the heart humorous to fishermen that actually have idea as to of what foran the majority medications sold at flexibility the community the it pharmacy. Pharmacists can they are doing. After quite some time, failure we got clinic the fish in the We have not had a lot of opportunity for social events diagnose and dispense antibiotics for illnesses such as strep throat and refillwith chronic offers



boat, snapped a few pictures and put her right back where like disease medications metformin without contacting the prescriber. different schedules, etc, but we do chat via facebook and at she came from :) Im very grateful to the medical staff and fellow pharmacy students at both
hospitals for their kindness and hospitality.


seminar. I think that we all agree, Eau Claire is a beautiful place to spend the summer!

Hopefully this will help you have a fantastically successful fourth year! Good ENGAGEMENT luck and be sure to postmark all CONGRATULATIONS TO LISA ALBRECHT ON HER !!!! materials by the Monday following the end of the block! -Mike


Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'!"-Audrey In the middle of difficulty lies Einstein Good Luck withopportunity.-Albert Block 2!!!!!! Hepburn