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Blackmoor Timeline

By Hvard R. Faanes. Based on materials by James Mishler and Zimriel aswell as TSR supplements. 8000-6000 BC Neathar Tribes, Tangor, Azcans, Dwarves and Giants dominate the Northern Continent(s). On Davania, Elves live in harmony with the forest, protected by spirits and faeries. Enduks start building their civiliziation and the Serpetine Empire falls into anarchy as a result of massive lizardman rebellions. Hin become isolated from the rest of the continent. (Mystaros) 5500 BC Chromatic Dragons arrive om Mystara. A few years later Metallic Dragons follow. Dwarves develope Iron in this period. (Mystaros) Draconic Empire formed on Brun, by Chromatic Dragons. Giants form kingdoms of their own. (Mystaros) Golden Empire formed on Davania by Enduks and Metallic Dragons. (Mystaros) 5014BC Empire of Thonia founded. Blackmoor region settled. Refferred to as Year 0 by Blackmoor Historians (Zimriel). 5000 BC First Elven civilization. Thonian Empire overthrown. The Thonian Republic is founded. 4500 BC Beastmen appear. They are known to Thonians as Goblins or Orcs, though Beastmen had not yet developed into these modern races. Gator Men are created by a rogue mage. The mage becomes an Immortal. (Zimriel) 4040 BC The land of the Egg of Coot arises. (Zimriel) 4014 BC First Fantasy Campaign Season. 4000 BC Blackmoor becomes an independent Kingdom. Year 1014 in Blackmoor timeline. A strange vessel falls from the sky. (Mystaros)

3989 BC DA2, DA3 & DA4 3620 BC King Uther of Blackmoor revitalizes the Thonian Empire and declares himself Emperor of Thonia and Patriarch of the High Thonian Church. (Mystaros) 3600 BC Blackmoor sailors have mapped most of the World. (Mystaros) 3,500 BC Blackmoor Civilization flourishing Dawn territories colonized by Blackmoor. This region is later referred to as New Thonia. (Mystaros) 3480-3420BC First Beastman Crusade. Dragons learn the dangers of Blackmoor guns. (Mystaros). Personal Note: This is probably the time of the first Dragonlord. 3370 BC Thonians have acquired Blackmoor level of Technology. Rebellion against Blackmoor. Thonian Wars. New Technology developed through the studies of the FSS Beagle. (Mystaros) 3300 BC Uther VII of Blackmoor achives Immortality. Blackmoor Technology resembles that of the Real World in the late 19th Century. Wars between Blackmoor and the Serpentine Empire. (Mystaros). 3240 BC Skandharians reach the Moon (Patera) with technomantic vessel. Five years later, Blackmoorians do the same. Khoronus builds his Time Machine. (Mystaros) 3200 BC (Second) Blackmoor Crusade. Drives Beastmen into the Hyborean Valley. Moon Colonized by Blackmoor. (Mystaros) 3180 BC Space Expedition reaches Mars. Sandfolk dsicovered. Some are brought back to Mystara. (Mystaros) 3150 BC Blackmoor Megacorporation builds Technomantic Portal to the Other

Planes. (Mystaros) 3120 BC Robotics developed. (M) 3105 BC FTL-technology discovered.(M) 3100 BC FTL-vessel reaches Epsilon Eridani (M) 3020 BC By this time, colonies have been established on several solar systems within 20 LY. (M) 3010 BC War. Disease, Technological disasters. Agents of the Serpentine Empire use powerful magic to induce madness in their enemies. The result is disasterous for all on Mystara. (M) 3000 BC The Great Rain of Fire. End of all known Civilizations. John Rafiel accidentally achieves Immortality. (M) 2000 BC Nithia Rises 1700 BC Newly discovered Blackmoor artifact explodes in the Glantri region. 1000 BC Alphatians arrive to Mystara from another world. 800 BC Ice Finally receeds from North of Glantri 500 BC Nithia Destroyed 0 Crowning of the First Emperor of Thyatis 1000 AC Gazetter Era.

1005-1010 Wrath of the Immortals.