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As part of a larger team, the Service provider shall 1.

supervise and coordinate the static equipment related activities by the main EPC Contractor. 2. review, comment and approve the static equipment related deliverables, including Vendors and Subcontractors documentation prepared by the main EPC Contractor. 3. provide support to the Integrated Engineering efforts consistency in the design between several Contractors and RDIs as applicable. 4. ensure Russian Design Institutes comments are incorporated into the engineering and procurement deliverables by the main EPC Contractor. 5. Call for, participate to and/or organise all the necessary technical and/or co-ordination meetings required to achieve the performance of the work. 6. supervise PLANT detailed design of relevant discipline and provide assistance/support to pre-commissioning and commissioning teams and thefield engineer(s) as applicable. 7. ensure PLANT static equipment design brings optimization, operability and flexibility which implies i leadership, 8. ensure the PLANT detailed design for static equipment complies with the Project S.O.R., the contract documentation, schedule, budget and safety practices. 9. avoid main EPC contractor stand-by/delays by prompt response to engineering queries and request for waiver (if any) and unexpected technical issues, by a proactive and proficient approach Responsibilities 1. To review and approve the interfaces task sheet prepared by the main Contractor and expedite issues as applicable. 2. To participate in technical reviews during the detailed design execution: to provide support and expertise and contribution with regards to this discipline. 3. Participate to the Project HAZOP/SPOT and PTR, including responses to the findings. 4. To ensure proper reporting, highlighting critical issues to the Engineering Manager or his deputy. 5. To contribute to improving the project lessons learnt and personnel skills. 6. To contribute to the improvement of the working methods and tools within his speciality. 7. Participate in technical meetings, challenge the EPC Contractor, monitor and promote cost saving solutions in the design. Promote alternatives design to optimize works and schedule. 8. Report to Engineering Manager/OBT Manager on progress of his activity and on changes to basis for design, as early as possible, when anticipated, anticipate problems in his disciplines and inform Engineering Manager/OBT Manager. 9. Participate to the critical equipment factory inspections when required.