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Frequently Asked Questions- Student Visa Process

What type of visa do I need to attend the NYFA programs? You will require an F-1 student visa in most cases. If you are in the US on a different type of visa you may be able to study, please contact the International Office with specifics about your situation. Note, the US government does prohibit studying on a tourist visa. How does the F-1 student visa application process work? In order to apply for the F-1 student visa you will require an I-20 A-B Certificate of Eligibility for F-1 Student Status which will be issued to you by the NYFA International Student Office. You will require this document for a visa interview at the US Embassy in your home country, where they will decide whether to issue you an F-1 visa (except Canadians, who do not need a visa). For more information on student visas and to locate a Consular office see the Department of Homeland Security Study in the States website: What are the steps to get an I-20 Certificate? After you have applied and been admitted to the school we will contact you by email to get the necessary information to create an I-20 Certificate. Youll need to provide proof of funds available to pay for all tuition and living costs. We will send the I-20 Certificate to you by courier. How long does it take to get an I-20 and visa? We can issue the I-20 very quickly once you are admitted and we have all the necessary documents and information. The wait time to get a visa varies in different countries and at different times of the year. Please go to the website of the US Embassy in your country to find out the current wait time and see this website for generally accurate info: What are the estimated living costs? Recommended budget is $1900 per month for living costs (housing, food, transportation) and additional funds for travel other expenses. Your actual living costs may be higher or lower depending on your choices. $1500 per month is bare bones budget (no luxuries, shared apartment within an hour of the school) How long can I stay in the US on an F-1 visa? You can arrive up to 30 days before the program start date. If you complete the program, you can stay for an additional 60 days. You can extend your stay by studying longer or doing OPT (Optional Practical Training) Can I work in the US on an F-1 visa? You cannot work while you are a student at NYFA. You must have the funds to support yourself for the duration of your studies. We do not offer on-campus employment. If you complete a program of one year or longer you will be eligible to apply for 12 months of Postcompletion Optional Practical training (OPT), where you can work or intern in your field of study. Who do I contact for more information about visas and immigration matters? Please contact the NYFA International Student Office at: or call and ask to speak with an International Student Advisor.

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