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Page 1 Sport Model Flying Disc Operational SpeciIications

30/Sep/2007 08:42

by Bob Lazar
The S4 Sport Model Flying Disc
Perhaps the most researchedand well-known "Ilying saucer" known to the world oI UIologyis the so-called "Sport Model,"
which, physicist Bob Lazar came into contact with whileworkingat the S-4 Iacility in Area 51 in Nevada. These are not
"models" but the real thing.
The dimensionsoI the Sport Model are 16 Ieet tall and 52 Ieet, nine inches in diameter. The exterior skin oI the disc is metal
and coloringsimilar to unpolished stainless steel. The craIt sits on its belly when its not energized. The entry hatch is
located on the upper halI oI the disc with just the bottom portion oI the door wrapping around the center lip oI the disc.
The Sport Model is one oI nine Ilying discs, given to the Americangovernment in an "exchange" programin the early
1970's. The makers oI the craIt and providers oI the Iuel, Element 115, were Iromthe Zeta Reticuli Star System. What we
exchangedIor the technologyis not known. A back engineeringprogrambegan in 1979 oI the remaininghardware and
Page 2 Sport Model Flying Disc Operational SpeciIications
30/Sep/2007 08:42
S4 Laboratory
Where the Sport Model is Stored
Sport Model Flying Disc Cutaway
Inside The Space Craft
The interior oI the disc is dividedinto three levels. The lower level is wherethe three gravity ampliIiers and their wave
guides are located. These are the integral components oI the propulsion systemthat are used to ampliIy and Iocus the
gravity A wave.
The Reactor is located directlyabove the three gravity ampliIiers on the center level and is, in Iact, centeredbetweenthem.
The reactor is a closed systemwhichuses Element 115 as its Iuel. Element 115 is also the source oI the gravity A wave
whichis ampliIied Ior space-time distortion and travel.
The Center level oI the disc also houses the control consoles and seats, both oI whichwere too small and too lowto the Iloor
to be Iunctional Ior adult human beings. The walls oI the center level are all dividedinto archways. At one point in time,
when the disc was energized, one oI the archwaysbecame transparent and you could see the area outside oI it just as iI the
archwaywas a window.
When the operation oI the disc was being demonstrated to Lazar, something incrediblehappened, oI which, current
technologycould not produce. A IormoI writing, whichwas unlike any alphabetic, scientiIic, or mathematical symbols
Lazar had ever seen, began to appear on the one side oI the transparent archway. Lazar was never given access to the upper
level oI the disc. ThereIore, Lazar was unable to provide any speciIics as to what the porthole-like areas at the top oI the
disc actually were, but, most deIinitely, they are not portholes.
The Archway
Page 3 Sport Model Flying Disc Operational SpeciIications
30/Sep/2007 08:42
At a certain point when the disc was energized, a IormoI writing appeared on the right side oI the archwaydirectlyin Iront
oI the seats. The remainder oI the metallicarchwayIace became transparent, exposing the exterior viewIromthat angle.
Note the seating pattern in the illustration above. The black area would indicate the area outside the disc whichbecame
transparent to the occupants oI the seats. The blue sidebar would remain and a light horizontal bar would scroll up or down
the lines oI text, illuminatingthe pattern as illustrated. Take special note to the alternating slant oI everyother line. The
writing were Iorms like these with "eyes" or subcircles within the circles and ellipses. It was not explained to Lazar howthis
interIace was actuated, except Ior seeing technicians switchingit on Iroma hole in the Iloor oI the centerlevelmain deck ... a
hole whereone oI the gravity ampliIier heads was cut out.
The Reactor
The power source is a reactor whichuses Element 115 as its Iuel. In this reactor Element 115 is used as a target and is
bombarded with protons in a small, highlysophisticated, particle accelerator. When a proton Iuses into the nucleus oI an
atom oI Element 115, it is transmuted and becomes an atom oI Element 116. Although we too can transmute elementshere
on earth, it is typicallynot done in this Iashion, or at anywherenear this level oI eIIiciency. As soon as each atom oI Element
115 is transmuted into Element 116, Element 116 immediatelydecays and produces a radiation unlike that whichwe
normallyobserve in nuclear decay. Each atom oI Element 116 decays and releases two antiprotons (anti-hydrogen), a Iorm
Page 4 Sport Model Flying Disc Operational SpeciIications
30/Sep/2007 08:42
oI antimatter. Antimatter can be produced in particle accelerators here on earth, but only in minute quantities and only
stored Ior short periods oI time.
The Ilux oI antimatter particles produced in the reactor are channeleddown an evacuated, tuned tube (whichkeeps it Irom
contacting with the matter that surrounds it) and reacted with a gaseous matter target. This Total Annihilationreaction is the
most eIIicient and energeticnuclear reaction there is. The more Iamiliar nuclear reactions are Fission, producing energy
Iromthe splitting oI atoms as used in nuclear reactors and atomic bombs, and Fusion, the Iusing or combiningoI atoms,
typicallyIusing hydrogennuclei to Iormheliumand release even more energy. Fusion is the reaction that powers the sun and
other stars and is what gives hydrogenbombs their "punch." These two more commonnuclear reactions are dwarIed by the
power and eIIiciencyoI the annihilationreaction used in the alien reactor.
The reaction betweenthe gaseous matter target and the antimatter particles produces a continuos release oI tremendous
amounts oI heat. This heat is converteddirectlyinto electricityby the use oI a thermionicGenerator. The Thermeonic
generator used in this reactor is so eIIicient, that there is no detectable waste heat produced. This is an apparent violation oI
one oI the basic laws oI thermodynamics. Similar, but not nearly as eIIicient or powerIul, thermionicgenerators are used as
power sources in our satellites and space probes.
As amazing and eIIicient as all this seems, it is only secondaryto the primary Iunction oI the reactor. The antiparticle Ilux
emitted Iromthe transmuting Element 115 is not the only energyradiated during operation. This is the point at whichthe
gravity A wave is Iirst produced. The gravity wave emitted by the Element 115 reaction appears on the hemisphereoI the
reactor, propagating up the tuned waveguidein a Iashion very similar to the way microwaves behave.
All oI the actions and reactions inside the reactor are orchestrated perIectlylike a tiny little ballet, and in this manner, the
reactor provides an enormous amount oI power used to ampliIy the gravity A wave so it can cause the requisite space-time
distortion Ior space travel.
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