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KIM TRA HK II ANH 8 S 41 Choose the best answer 1. A. who B. what C. when D. where 2. A. crystal B. papyrus C. pyramid D.

. royal 3. A. giant B. empire C. tribal D. situate 4. A. happened B. pleased C. helped D. tried 5. A. promise B. household C. buffalo D. volcano 6. That test is .. tomorrow. A. going done B. go done C. going to be done D. going to be doing 7. An ... contest will be hold at Le Hong Phong School next Saturday. A. English speaking B. English spoken C. speaking English D. speak English 8. He was an engineer. A. said B. told C. spoke D. talked 9. They showed me where tickets. A. get B. got C. to get D. getting 10. The microwave is a very useful .. A. development B. invention C. preparation D. description 11. . is a piece of land that is surrounded by water. A. Sea level B. Cave C. Bay D. Island 12. Have you how much the tickets cost? A. found out B. showed around C. turned out D. brought out 13. My manager was out when she called. A. busy B. not in somebodys place of work C. going abroad D. having a business meeting 14. How long did the journey ? A. be B. have C. take D. spend 15. Do you mind . a little slowly? I didnt catch what you said. A. speaking B. speak C. speaks D. to speak 16. It is .. to answer that question; no one can. A. possible B. possibly C. impossibly D. impossible 17. Please come for dinner with my family some day. A. in B. over C. up D. about 18. Jack asked his boss whether could he have a day off. A B C D 19. I am not very fond of get up early. A B C D 20. He has someone cuts his hair every six weeks. A B C D 21. The guide pointed out all the places for interest to us on the way. A B C D 22. The flight from Los Angeles has not arrived already. A B C D while go empty took late to saw because around walking Mr. Jones (23) something very strange last night. It was (24) He was about to go to bed, and (25) he was brushing his teeth, he saw some lights in the sky above the trees. It was a UFO! He decided to (26) .. out, and while he was putting on some clothes, the UFO landed. He 1

was afraid, but he wanted (27) have a good look. Then while he was (28) towards the UFO, the door opened, and the aliens came out. He ran back into the house (29) .. he wanted to take a picture of the aliens, and while he was getting his camera, they looked (30) . his garden. Then they got back into the UFO and while they were taking off, Mr. Jones (31) . a photo. But there was a problem. He camera was (32) Rewrite the sentences 33. Playing badminton gives my parents pleasure. My parents enjoy 34. Do you know the name of the men talking to our teacher? he said. He asked me 35. My older sister gave this watch to me on my birthday. This book .. 36. She last wrote a letter to her family in August. She hasnt ..

KIM TRA HK II ANH 8 S 42 I. LISTENING: (2.5 points) Listen to the passage and write T (for True) or F (for False) 1. Lan and her parents went toVung Tau last year. 2. They sunbathed every afternoon on the beach. 3. They stayed there for two weeks. 4. They think a holiday at the beach is healthy and pleasant. 5. They came back home on Saturday. II. VOCABULARY AND GRAMMAR: (2.5 points) 1. Have you ever been to Phong Nha in Viet Nam? A. Place B. Cave C. Reef D. Bay 2. She asked if many tourists to visit My Son in summer. A. want B. will want C. wanted D. were wanting 3. In Tokyo, its going to be all day with one or two sunny periods. A. cloudy B. cloud C. clouds D. cloudily 4. Thanks for inviting me to the rice-cooking .. A. meeting B. race C. crowd D. festival 5. I asked her she was enjoying her dinner. A. weather B. in case C. if D. unless 6. Im bored. Lets play of chess. A. a quiz B. a show C. a game D. a questionnaire 7. On Christmas Eve, people often a tree. A. decorate B. are decorated C. were decorated D. decorates 8. Its easy. Ill give you to guess. A. a key B. a clue C. an answer D. a reply 9. Would you show me how the lift? A. work B. working C. worked D. to work 10. When the mailman , the Le family was watching TV. A. came B. come C. comes D. to come III. READING: (2.5 points) A. Read the letter below and choose the most suitable word for each blank. 2

Dear Betty, I have just (1) your letter on a three-day trip to the beach. I wish I could go (2) you but I cant. What a pity! Next week Ill (3) an examination of English, Math and Chemistry, so I have to learn much more than usual (4) the exam. I hope I (5) go with you on another occasion. Thank you for your invitation. See you soon. John 1. A. receive B. receives C. received D. to receive 2. A. for B. with C. to D. about 3. A. have B. has C. having D. to have 4. A. of B. in C. at D. for 5. A. will B. would C. could D. might B. Read the passage about Mrs. Black and choose the correct answer for each blank: Mrs. Black is a doctor. She works in Bach Mai hospital. This is her routine. Everyday, she gets up at five thirty in the morning. She has breakfast then goes to work by motorbike at six oclock. She works from seven oclock in the morning until three oclock in the afternoon. She usually eats lunch after work. In the afternoon, she often goes shopping or plays tennis with her friends. She eats dinner at six and then watches the seven oclock news program. She goes to bed at ten oclock. 1. What time does Mrs. Black get up? A. At 4.30 B. At 5.00 C. At 5.30 D. At 6.00 2. How does she go to work? A. By car B. By motorbike C. By train D. By bus 3. She works from seven oclock in the morning until oclock in the afternoon. A. 3 B. 4 C. 2 D. 5 4. Who does she often play tennis with? A. Her brothers B. Her parents C. Her sisters D. Her friends 5. What time does she go to bed? A. At 9 oclock B. At 10 oclock C. At 11 oclock D. At 12 oclock IV. WRITING: (2.5 points) A. Rewrite each sentence, beginning as shown, so that the meaning stays the same: 1. The sister said to Tom, Are you hungry? --> The sister asked Tom . 2. Walking home late in the evening is dangerous. --> It is dangerous .. B. Write the passage using the sets of words and phrases. You can make all the necessary changes and additions. 1. Last month, Mrs. Quyen / go / the USA. 2. Her friend, Mrs. Smith / invite her to stay / her home. 3. Mrs. Quyen / refuse because her accommodation was included in the price ticket. 4. Then Mrs. Smith invited Mrs. Quyen / have dinner / her family. 5. Mrs. Quyen accepted the invitation. Last month, Mrs. Quyen went to the USA. .. Mrs. Quyen accepted the invitation.

KIM TRA HK II ANH 8 S 43 I. Choose the best words by circling the letter a, b, c or d: (2ms) 1. Would you mind If I__________a photo? a. take b. took. c. will take d. have taken 2. I asked Hoa whether she .......................... Hoi An. a. know. b. knew c. to know d. knowing. 3. Thanks for .................................. me to the rice cooking festival. a. to invite. b. invite c. invites d. inviting 4. I make a fire by rubbing pieces of .................................. together. a. ranger. b. heritage. c. compost. d. bamboo. 5. It is difficult ................................... her address. a. remember b. remembered c. to remember d. remembering 6. They had to .................................... the rice from the husk. a. separate b. elevate c. minimize d. explain. 7. Did you see a boy .............................. a water buffalo? a. rides b. to ride c. riding d. rode. 8. They .......................... each other for a long time. a. know b. knew c. knowing d. have known. II. Match the sentences in column A with the sentences in column B:(2ms) A A-B B 1. Which country do you want to visit? 1 + . a. Because he never did his homework. 2. Why did Minh get bad marks? 2 + . b. No, it's in the Central of Viet Nam. 3. Is Phong Nha Cave in the Southern of Vietnam? 3 + . c. My daughter. 4. Who is the girl reading books over there? 4 + . d. I'd like to visit Britain. III. Supply the correct verb form or tense in the brackets:(2ms) 1. Would you mind (take) ............................. some photos? 2. It was late, so we decided (take) ..................................a taxi home. 3. Yesterday morning my father was reading the newspapers, while my mother (eat)........ breakfast. 4. A new supermarket (build) ............................... in my town next year. IV. Rewrite the following sentences as directed in the brackets. (2ms) 1. People speak English all over the world. (Turn into passive voice) ....................................................................................................................................... 2. Peter said, "I'm living in Vietnam now". (Turn into reported speech) ....................................................................................................................................... 3. We have learned English since 2002. (Turn into passive voice) ......................................................................................................................................... 4. I asked Lan, "Are you free tonight?". (Turn into reported speech). ....................................................................................................................................... V. Read the passage carefully, then answer the questions below: (2ms) The festival was held in the communal house yard about one kilometer away from the river. There were three competitions: water-fetching, fire-making and rice-cooking. In the water-fetching contest, one person from each team had to run to the river to get the water. In the fire-making contest,

two team members had to make a fire in the traditional way. Six people from each team took part in the rice-cooking contest. They had to separate the rice from the husk and then cook the rice. 1) Where was the rice-cooking festival held? .............................................................................................................................................. 2) How many competitions were there in the festival? ................................................................................................................................................. 3) How was the fire made? ................................................................................................................................................ 4) How many persons from each team took part in the water-fetching contest? ................................................................................................................................................

KIM TRA HK II ANH 8 S 44 I, Choose the best answer to complete the following sentences: (2.5) 1. I put my hat on _________ protect my face from the sunlight. a.for order order to d. to 2.Dont give the victim any food or drink if he or she gets________. a. fainting b.shock c.burn d.cold 3.The boy _______ next to Hoa is a new comer. a.sits b. to sit c. sitting d. sit 4. We ________ in Le Nin park when it rained. a.walked b.were walking c.have walked d. are walking 5.would you mind if I________ on the television? a.will turn b.was turning c.turned d. turn 6. Color television __________ by John Logie Baird in 1928. a. invented b. was invented c. has inventedd. is invented 7. The bike__________ in Japan is USD100. a.making b. made make d. make 8. We have learned English__________ 2000. a.since b.for d. from 9.Their parents are happy _________ good news from their teacher. a.hear b. to hear c.hearing d. heard 10.She is looking forward to________ a good job a.get b.getting c.gets d. to get II,Read the passage and then answer the questions below:(3.0) Ha Long- Bay of the Descending Dragon is popular with both Vietnamese and international tourists. One of the attractions of Ha Long is the Bays calm water with limestone mountains.The Bays water is clear during the spring and early summer. Upon arriving in Ha Long city,visitors can go along Chay Beach. From the beach, they can hire a boat and go out to the Bay. It is hear that the visitors can find some of Southest Asias most beautiful sites.Dau Go Cave is one of the most beautiful caves at Ha Long. It was the cave in which General Tran Hung Dao hid wooden stakes to beat the Mongols on Bach Dang River in 1288. 1. Whom is Ha Long popular with? ____________________________________________________. 2. What is one of the attractions of Ha Long ? 5

____________________________________________________. 3.What is the Bays water like ? ______________________________________________________. 4.What can visitor do when they arrive in Ha Long city? 5.Which is one of the most beautiful caves at Ha Long ? _______________________________________________________. 6.Where did General Tran Hung Dao hide wooden stakes to beat the Mongols on Bach Dang River in 1288 ? __________________________________________________________. III,Listen. You are going to listen to Lily talking about herself. You are going to listen twice. Check T or F on the following sentences (2.0) 1.Lily comes from China. 2.English is important to her as she will need it for her future job. 3.She started learning English when she was eighteen. 4.She has a problem with listening IV,Rewrite the following sentences: (2.5) 1.My father bought me some colored pencils. Some____________________________________________________. 2.Do you read this information, Lan ?. Ba asked Ba asked _________________________________________________. 3. The students learn how to recycle waste paper. They are very excited. The students are ____________________________________________. 4. she (practice) her piano lesson at 7 oclock last night. _________________________________________________________. 5.This dress was made by a famous tailor. A famous tailor___________________________________________. . KIM TRA HK II ANH 8 S 45 I. Choose the best answer (A,B,C or D) to complete the sentences: (3.5ms) 1. My house was. yesterday A. paint B. painting C. to paint D. painted 2. The boy...the bicycle is Nam A. repaired B. repairing C. repair D. to repair 3. We study hardnext exam A. in order to pass B. in order pass C so as pass not as to pass 4. Would you mind..the door? A. close B closes. C. closing D closed 5. I..the floor when the phone rang A. is cleaning B. clean C. cleaned D. was cleaning 6. Nga told Nhi how.there A. go B. going C. to go D. went 7. Viet Nam is a rice-. country A. export B. exporting C exported. D. exports II. Read the passage bellow and choose the best answer (A,B,C or D) ( 1.5ms) The bicycle is a cheap and clean way to travel. The first bicycle was made (8).one hundered and fifty years ago . At first, bicycle were expensive. Only rich people (9)one. These early bicycles look very different from the ones we have today. Later, when bicycles became (10)., many people bouhgt one. People started riding bicycle to work and in their free time 8. A. in B. at C. about D. on 6

9. A. buy B. could buy C. can buy D. buying 10.A. cheapest B. expensive C. cheaper D. cheap III. Read the passage and choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D) for each question. (2ms) Every year people in many countries learn English. Some of them are young children. Others are teenagers. Many are adults. Some learn at school. Others study by themselves. A few learn English just by hearing the language in films, on television, in the office or among their friends. Most people must work hard to learn English. Why do all these people learn English? Its not difficult to answer this question. Many boys and girls learn English at school because it is one of their objects. Many adults learn English because its useful for their work 11. What do people in many countries learn every year? A. History B. Math C. English D. Literature 12. Where do many boys and girls learn English? A. on television B. at school C. in films D. in the office 13. Do most people learn English by working hard on the lessons? A. Yes, they do B. No, they dont C. Yes, they are D. B. No, they arent 14. Why do adults learn English? A. Because it is one of their subjects B. Because it is one of their hobbies C. Because it is useful for their work D. Because it is not useful for their work IV. Choose the best sentence(A,B,C or D) for the mixing words. (1m) 15. the/ yesterday/ see/ did/ contest/ you/ fire-making? A. Did the fire-making contest see you yesterday ? B. Did you see the contest fire-making yesterday ? C. Did you see the fire-making contest yesterday ? D. Did you see fire-making the contest yesterday ? 16. going /Thanh /to /to /always /the light/ bed/ forgetting/ off/ before/ is/ turn. A.Thanh is always turn off to forgetting the light before going to bed. B. Thanh is always forgetting to turn off the light before going to bed. C. Thanh is always going to bed before forgetting to turn off the light. D. Thanh always is forgetting to turn off the light before going to bed. V. Choose the sentence (A,B,C or D) that is written most correctly. (1m) 17. My mother/ show/ where/ buy/ groceries. A. My mother showed me where buy groceries. B. My mother showed me where buying groceries. C. My mother showed me where bought groceries. D. My mother showed me where to buy groceries. 18. I/ delighted/ daughter/ pass/ English exam. A. I am delighted that my daughter passed the English exam. B. I delighted that my daughter passed the English exam. C. I am delighted how my daughter passed the English exam. D. I am delighted where my daughter passed the English exam. VI. Choose the sentence (A,B,C or D) that is closest in meaning to the printed one. (1m) 19. Can I borrow your dictionary? A. Do you mind if I borrow your dictionary? B. Would you mind if I borrow your dictionary? C. Do you mind borrowing your dictionary? D. would you mind borrowing your dictionary? 20. John said, I certainly hope it wont rain tomorrow A. John said he certainly hope it wouldnt rain the next day 7

B. John said he certainly hoped it wouldnt rain tomorrow C. John said he certainly hoped it wouldnt rain the day before D. John said he certainly hoped it wouldnt rain the next day

KIM TRA HK II ANH 8 S 46 I. Underline the word pronounced differently from the others.( 1 point) 1. A.migrant B. minimize C. victim D. facilities 2.A. luggage B. pollution C. lucky D. crutches 3A. chemical B. mechanic C. crutches D. Christmas 4.A. prevent B. remote C. stretcher D. revive II. Supply the correct forms of the words. 1. There are a lot of ( tradition) .. festival in Vietnam. 2. You can enjoy many tourist ( attract ) in Hue. 3. Hoi An bay is recognized as the World ( culture) .Heritage. 4. Nobody know who was the ( design) of the first Christmas card. III. Put the verbs in correct tenses.( 2points) 1. Would you mind if I ( decorate ) .the Christmas tree ? 2. Mother wanted me ( buy ) something for Tet. 3. In China many things for the Olympic games( prepare) the moment. 4. This song (often / hear) .at Christmas. 5. While I ( walk) home it (start ) raining. 6. Id rather you (not go) . to the movies with that boy. 7. He ( phone ) his girl friend when I came IV. Choose the right word from the box to complete the passage. Holiday preparations relatives put although bought top. Christmas is the biggest (1) of the year in most of Britain Celebrations start on 24th December, Christmas Eve, (2) there have been several weeks of (3) before hand. The Christmas trees, presents, food, drinks and decorations have been (4) Christmas cards have already been sent to friends and (5)About a week before Christmas, people usually (6).. up their decorations and an angle on the (7) of the Christmas tree. Family presents (8) . usually put under the tree. V. Rewrite the sentences. 1. How long will the festival last Liz asked? Liz asked( reported) 2. They send Christmas greetings to friends. Christmas greetings ( passive) 3. Its interesting to know about festivals. To know.. 4. The team won the prize . The team had the most points . The team (Ving) 5. Can you tell me something about Christmas history. Would you mind. 6. I wanted to know more about the world wonder. I read more book on it. In order 7. David enjoys ancient counties. David is . 8

8. What do you use garbage for? What is .( passive) VI. Choose the best answer.(1p) 1. Could you give me a bandage? ............................... A. That would be B. I think so C. Im glad D. Sure. Here you are. 2. Thank you very much the present youve sent me. A. for B. to C. at D. from 3. People use first aids in order to ease the victims pain and A. angry B. anxiety C. anxious D. anger 4. How about .to a vegetarian restaurant for a meal? That sounds. A. go / interesting B. going / interested C. go / interested D. going/ interesting 5. We have a .. vacation. A. three month B. third months C. third month D. three months KIM TRA HK II ANH 8 S 47 I. Fill in the gaps with the suitable words in the box. honor ; contest ; only ; yet ; already ; presented 1. I have not eaten lunch. 2. Hoa has finished her homework. 3. It is a rice-cooking. 4. The statue of Liberty was the USA by the French. 5. Angkor Wat was built around the year 1.100 to ..Hindu God. II. Give the right forms of the verds in the brackets. 1. I showed Nam where ( go) on holiday. 2. While Hoa ..( cook) dinner, the phone rang. 3. Hung always( go ) to school late. 4. They will( visit) their parents next week. 5. He ( not eat ) dinner yet. III. Read the passage. Complete the sentences with information from the passage. One of the inventions made in the world of science and technology is the telephone. This instrument has become an important part in our daily life. The " telephone" comes from two Greek words "tele" and "phone". These words mean "far" and "sound". The telephone uses electricity to carry sound over a distance. So you see, the two Greek words tell us exactly what the instrument does. Since its invention by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876, the design of the telephone set has changed greatly. However, the way the telephone works is still the same. 1. The telephone has become an. 2. The word " telephone" comes from.. 3. Two Greek words "tele" and " phone" mean ... 4. Alexander Graham bell invented telephone in. 5. The design of the telephone set. IV. Finish the second sentence so that It has the same meaning as the first. 1. To drive a car is difficult. It is . 2. Would you mind if I turned on the TV. 9

Do you mind if I.............................................................................................................? 3. " Are you a doctor ?". Nam asked me . Nam asked me If ? 4. "Where are you going now ?" I asked Hoa I asked Hoa. 5. My father bought a car yesterday. A car . .. KIM TRA HK II ANH 8 S 48 I/ Choose The Best Option : ( 3 ms) 1. Have you ______ any news about Lan since her bike accident? A. hear B. hearing C. to hear D. heard 2. We ______ dinner when my friends arrived yesterday evening. A. are having B. is having C. were having D. was having 3. The glass bottle will be broken ______ small pieces. A. into B. to C. in D. by 4. They dont want ______ to the market now. A. go B. to go C. going D. went 5. I ______ home for school at 7 oclock every morning. A. start B. leave C. go D. move 6. The girl enjoys ______ her fitness exercise after classes. A. doing B. to do C. do D. did 7. I have known her _______ two years. A. for B. since C. with D. within 8. Id like you ______ with me for some days. A. staying B. to stay C. stayed D. will stay 9. Used paper is collected and _______ to factories. A. sent B. sending C. send D. to send 10. I am happy _______ all the exams. A. passed B. pass C. passing D. to pass 11/ It is very dangerous ____________ near the stove. a/ play b/ to play c/ playing d/ plays 12/ Would you mind _____________ to the concert. a/ going b/ to go c/ goes d/ go 13/ A bike is __________ by Lan. a/ bought b/ buy c/ to buy d/ buying 14/ Could you give me a bandage, please ? - ____________ a/ sure b/ I hope so c/ yes, please d/ thanks 15/ we can ___________ glass, plastic. a/reuse b/ resource c/repair d/ rewrite II/ Read the passage: A girl was riding a bike when she had an accident. She fell off her bike and hit her head on the road. Her head was hurt and it was badly bleeding. However, she was still conscious. People called an ambulance in order to take her to the hospital. While waiting for an ambulance, some people try to stop the bleeding by using a handkerchief to cover the wound and help it tight. They tried to talk to her so as to keep her awake. After about 10 minutes, the ambulance arrived and the victim was taken to the hospital. 1/ Decide the statements are true or fall. (1,5ms) a/ A girl had an accident when she was walking. ______ b/ She was fainting. ________ 10

c/ The victim was taken to hospital by an ambulance. _________ 2/ Answer the questions : (1,0m) a/ What did people do to stop the bleeding for her ? ________________________________________________________________________ b/Did the ambulance arrive after an hour ? ____________________________________________________________________ III/ Use the adverbs in the box to make the instruction on how to cook a mushroom omelet . the following prompts may help you . (2,5) Then after that next first finally slice / mushroom beat / eggs / bowl add/ salt and pepper / egg mixture pour / eggs/ frying pan / add mushrooms / cook fold/ omelet in half / omelet / ready ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ IV Read the letter and put a tick in the appropriate box for True (T), False (F), or NM if the statement is not mentioned in the letter. (2.5 pts) Dear Tuan, I arrived in Australia a week ago and I think that my English is improving! Im living in a small flat near the centre of Sydney. Its cheap and quite comfortable. In your letter you ask what Im going to do to improve my English. Well, tomorrow Im going to visit the language centre to see what English classes they offer there in the evenings. Of course, Im going to read a newspaper every day. Im going to spend a lot on cassettes because listening is so important! There are some good bookshops here, so Im also going to look for some other books to read before bedtime. Im going to write a diary in English thats a good way to learn English. How are you getting on? I was sorry I had to leave in the middle of the course. Are you going to write to me again? Hope to hear from you all soon. Nam DECIDE T/ F/ NM ( not mentioned) 1. Nam came to Australia last week._______ 2. He is staying in a small house near the centre of Sydney.__________ 3. He is not pleased with his accommodation. _____ 4. He is going to visit a language centre tomorrow. ________ 5. He is going to have a lesson tomorrow evening. _______ 6. He is going to talk with Australian students. _________ 7. Every day he is going to read a newspaper.___________ 8. Listening is less important to him. _______ 9. There are many bookshops in the neighborhood. ________ 10. He is going to read books and write a diary in English._________ KIM TRA HK II ANH 8 S 49 I/ Read the passage: Tet is a national and traditional festival in Viet Nam. It is occasion for every Vietnamese to be reunited to think about their past activities and hope for good luck in the year to come. Before Tet all houses are white washed and decorated with yellow apricot flowers and colorful lanterns. Everybody is looking forward to a more favorable life. 11

On the New Years Eve, children are smartly dressed. They are hoping to receive money put in small red envelopes as they are wishing longevity to their grandparents and parents. 1. Write True (T) or False (F) for each sentence: 1. Tet is occasion for every Vietnamese to think about the past activities and hope for good luck. 2. __ After Tet all house are white washed. 3. __ On the New Years Eve, children are hoping to receive a candy put in red box. 2. Answer the questions: 1/ Is Tet a national and traditional festival in Viet Nam? ........................................................................................................................................ 2/ How are all houses decorated before Tet? .......................................................................................................................................... II/ Choose the correct word to fill in each of the following sentences: 1. The festival was __________in the communal house yard. A. designed B. met C. organized D. started 2. He said he _________fix the faucet A.can B.may C.must D.could 3. It started _________. A. rain B. rains C. rained rain 4. Angkor Wat was _________built for Hindus. A. immediately B. gradually C. traditionally D. originally 5. He is _________forgetting his homework. A. always B. often C. never D. usually 6. Liz is interested in the _________contest. A. rice-cookedB. rice-cooking C. cooking-rice D. cooked-rice 7. I have _________done this exercise A. since B. recently C. yet D. already 8. I dont know how _________the game. A. to play B. played C. play D. playing 9. Mrs. Thoa was cooking _________ Tuan arrived home. A. because B. when C. while D. since 10. Six people from each team will participate _________ this contest. A. to B. with C. in D. for 11. Would you mind _________your car? -> No, of course not. A. to move B. moving C. move D. moved 12. I was sleeping when the mailman _________. A. came B. come c. to come D. coming 13. Bao is always _________ his homework. A. to forget B. forget C. forgetting D. forgot 14. The Christmas Songs ___for people in towns and villages eight hundred years ago A. was performed B. performed C. perform D. were performed 15. Its a contest in which people have to make fire. Its a _________ contest. A. rice-cooking B. fire- making C. car-racing D. water- fetching 16. He said he _________a plumber. A. is B. were C. was D. are 17. Mai asked Nam _________ Ha Long Bay was in Vietnam. He said that it was. A. what B. where C. which D. if 18. Nga told Nhi how _________tickets A. to get B. get C. gettting D. got 19. I have already _________ this housework. A. to do B. doing C. done D. do 20. We can _________ this book. A. reads B. to read C. reading D. read 12

III. Rewrite each of the sentences without changing the meanings 1. I study English because I want to read books in English. I study English so as to_________________________________________ 2. Lets play volleyball tomorrow Would you like______________________________________________? 3. I am a student Tim said____________________________________________________ 4. Do you like milk ? John asked Lan _______________________________________________ 5. Lan makes the cake. The cake ___________________________________________ ________

KIM TRA HK II ANH 8 S 50 I. Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others. 1. a. bag b. sandal c. waste d. matter 2. a. mix b. pipe c. deposit d. refill 3. a. forget b. present c. overheat d. emergency 4. a. cane b. cave c. garden d. vacation II. Choose the word or phrase that best completes each unfinished sentence below or substitutes for the underlined word or phrase. 1. Please tell me _____to get to the bus station a. what b. which c. why d. how 2. The festival is a festival in which people have their bulls fight against each other. a. whale watching b. bull-fighting c. mountain-climbing d. ice skating 3. Tom will be ____ to the picnic. a. invite b. invites c. inviting d. invited 4. ____ you mind finishing the work yourself? a. Will b. Do c. Can d. Should 5. _____ is a religious song that people sing at Christmas. a. Carol b. Poem c. Christmas card d. Patron saint 6. Its important ______wildlife in the area. a. to conserve b. conserving c. conservation d. conserve 7. Lets play tennis instead of _____ television. a. watch b. watching c. watches d. to watch 8. Would you mind.. I borrowed your dictionary? a. if b. when c. that d. 9. Would you mind _____ the window? a. to close b. closing c. about closing d. closed 10. ______ is a large hole in the side of a mountain or under the ground. a. Waterfall b. Cave c. Bay d. Lake 11. Calm ______and tell me what happened. a. out b. down c. in d. up 12. Cool the burns immediately so as to ______ tissue damage. a. ease b. relieve c. minimize d. maximize 13. Dont overheat the victim with blankets or coat. a. make someone too hot b. make someone too cold c. hurt someone d. destroy someone 13

14. He is working very hard ______get poor grades. a. in order to b. in order not to c. to d. not to 15. _____ the patients feet, or lower his/her head below the level of the heart. a. Elevate b. Cool c. Cover d. Overheat 16. ____is a type of bed used for carrying the sick or injured people. a. Stretcher b. Ambulance c. Bandage d. Crutch 17. ______ the door, please? a. Will you shut b. Do you shut c. Are you shutting d. Are you going to shut 18. Tree leaves ____to wrap things. a. should used b. should be used c. should been used d. should be use 19. Glass is broken up, melted and made into new______. a. silverware b. hardware c. ironware d. glassware 20. James likes climbing mountain. He has just joined a ____ club. a. climb-mountain b. climbing-mountain c. mountain-climbing d. mountain-climb 25. He _____me when to come. a. told b. said c. spoke d. promised III. Read the following passages and decide if the statements are True (T) or False (F). (2.5 pts) Machu Picchu is an ancient city in Peru. The construction of the city started in 1450. The city covers about 13 square kilometers. For centuries, the city was buried in the jungle and was not discovered until 1911. Today, Machu Picchu is one of the most famous tourist attractions in all parts of South America. The Great Wall of China is the longest man-made structure ever built. Much of what exists of the wall today was built during the Ming dynasty in the late 1400s, although parts of the wall are much older and go back to around 200 B.C. The wall is about 11 meters high. The main part of the wall stretches for about 3,400 kilometers. 1. Machu Picchu is a modern city in Peru. 2. People began to build the city in 1450. 3. The city was built on the area of thirty square kilometers. 4. People found the city buried in the jungle in 1911. 5. The city is attractive to many tourists from South America. 6. The Great Wall of China was constructed by man. 7. The wall was built during the Ming dynasty in 1400. 8. Many parts of the wall were built around 200 B.C. 9. The wall is about 11 meters high. 10. The main part of the wall is about 3,400 kilometers long. IV. LANGUAGE FOCUS Each line of the following passage has one error. For each line, find and underline the error and then write the correct one in the column on the right. Number one has been done for you as an example. (2.5 pts) My brother bought a laptop computers in the USA. 1. computer He paid $1.500 with it. The laptop is expensive, 2. .. but its really great. It is made in Japan in 1999. It 3. .. has a color screen so its easily on the eyes. The 4. .. computer have a battery so he can use it without 5. .. electricity for eight hour. If he wants to send a fax, 6. .. he can sends it electronically. 7. .. He could connect to the Internet, too. My brother 8. .. plans to take his laptop on a airplane when he 9. .. 14

takes a vacation abroad. It is a very smallest computer, so he takes them everywhere with him.

10 . ... 11. ....