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Apple Inc.

, a company located in Cupertino California, founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne that in recent times has seen a dip in revenue and brand value due to competition and law suits is in dire need of a modified strategy. The technology leader of the past year is thus today wading through turbulent waters. This paper shall address the various possible ways out.

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Proposal For The Strategy Memo

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Business Policy and Strategic Management

Apple Inc. From Steve Jobs to John Sculley to Gil Amelio to Tim Cook
Apple started as a company that would make simple computing units in BASIC that would compete with the then market leader- Big Blues IBM PC (International Business MachinesPersonal Computer). It grew to become a company that had a rising stock which struck a world-record value of $624 billion dollars in April 2012. With the launch of the Apple I, the Apple II with VisiCalc- a spreadsheet program, Lisa and Macintosh in the early 80s Apple zoomed to the top of the pyramid of Technology. When John Sculley became CEO there came a distinct change in strategy at Apple and this change led to the departure of Steve Jobs from the company. Then came the spiral collapse. John Sculley was replaced by Gil Amelio who too could not help the scenario at Apple. In 1997, when Steve Jobs returned to Apple there came a paradigm shift in the strategy being followed. Their product line and the people working towards making the Company a brand experienced a rejuvenation of energy. New strategy was to be adopted and change was to be the new constant. By September 1997, Steve Jobs held the post of iCEO at Apple and introduced the iGeneration of products. This mission continued till his passing. Before Steve Jobs passed away in 2010, Adobe started a media war with Apple which then continued even after his passing. Then came the Samsung Apple lawsuits over the form and technology used in smartphones and tablets by the competitors. Apple is yet to see the end of this.Tim Cook, the present CEO of Apple Inc. is under extreme pressure to fill the shoes of the famous iCon. We shall study the specifics of the law suits between Apple and Samsung and its other competitors. We shall debate the various actions Apple must take to curb further law suits and to plug this fresh hole in the companys hull. The purpose of our study on Apple is to see the past changes in strategy, how the market responded to the changes, and debate what changes could bring Apple back to its days of glory. It is unwise to ever be absolute about strategy for till one implements it and till it runs its course, it is only supported by reason. However we as a team shall analyse the future prospects for business for Apple Inc. We shall give a renewed strategy as a conclusion to our memo.

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