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Tutorial Sheet:4


Subject: RAC

Q 1. A duct 12 cm long passes air at the rate of 1.2 m3/sec. if the friction factor is 0.0048, calculate the pressure drop in the following cases: (i) (ii) When the duct is circular of diameter 280 m When the duct is 280 mm square section

(Ans: 19.15 mm of water, 11.82 mm of water) Q 2. A duct of rectangular cross section 600mm 400 mm carries 90 m3/min of air having density of .2 kg/m3. Determine the equivalent diameter of a circular duct. (i) (ii) When the quantity of air carries in both the cases is same When the velocity of air in both the cases is same.

If friction factor is 0.011, find the pressure loss per 100 m length of duct. (Ans: 537 mm, 480 mm, 214.84 N/m2)

Q3. A single stage single acting reciprocating receiver has a bore of 180 mm and a stroke of 270 mm. it receives vapour refrigerant at 1 bar and delivers it at 5 bar. If the compression and expansion follows the law pv1.25=constant. Clearance volume is 5% of stroke volume. Determine: (i) (ii) Power required to drive the compressor if runs at 600 rpm. Volumetric efficiency

(Ans: 11.339 kW, 86.87%) Q4. A reciprocating compressor of a refrigeration machine works between 2 and 12 bar. The clearance is 6% of stroke. Adiabatic compression and expansion follows the law pv1.31=constant. Find the power required to run the compressor if volume of gad sucked per minute is 1 m3. Also find the volumetric efficiency of the compressor. (Ans 75.4%, 4.75 kW)

Note: Use of steam table is permitted. Q5. The atmospheric conditions are 200C and specific humidity of 0.0095 kg/kg of dry air. Calculate the following: (i) (ii) (iii) Partial pressure of vapour Relative humidity Dew point temperature

(Ans: 0.01524 bar, 65%, 13.24oC) Q 6. The pressure and temperature of air in a room are 1.0132 bar and 30 oC respectively. If the relative humidity is found to be 40%, estimate: (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) The partial pressure of water vapour The dew point temperature The specific volume of each component The specific humidity

(Ans: 0.017 bar, 15oC, 0.873 m3/kg, 0.0106 kg/kg of dry air) Q 7. In a laboratory test, a psychrometer recorded dry bulb temperature as 35 oC and wet bulb temperature 28oC. Calculate: (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v) (vi) Vapour pressure Relative humidity Specific humidity Degree of saturation Dew point temperature Enthalpy of mixture

(Ans: 0.0332 bar, 58.97%, 0.021 kg/kg of dy air, 0.576, 26 oC, 89.06 kJ/kg of dry air)

Q 8. Write down the chemical formula of R-11, R-12, R22, R-717 Q 9. Write down the number of refrigerant for following: (a) CCl2F2 (b) CCl3F (c) CHClF 2 (d) dichloro-tetrafluoro-ethane