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I am convinced that the only way to true unity and solidarity across our land is to find it in the One

who created us to honour the original people that He placed in every part of the earth, and their connectedness to the land, and the ancient boundaries that He has established, and then to stand together and to understand together before His Throne in prayer, and there to find a meeting of the minds as to how we can address past wrongs, and start to build true covenant relationships of trust that are in harmony with the Creators will moving forward into the future. I would like to acknowledge two people who are here today, Terry and Brenda Martin, of Rising Above Ministries, an organization that shares an office with me in Niverville, Manitoba. This is a a network of First Nations counsellors and leaders who are helping other First Nations people to address their residential school issues head-on, and many are coming to a place of healing from their past in order to move into a future which we pray and believe will be different from their past. There is a spiritual dimension to this healing process which is foundational to everything else, so let us pray. Our heavenly Father, we come to You today in the Name of Your Son, beseeching You for Your help and Your aid in this our time of need. To whom else can we turn? We need your Presence to soften hearts in order to build true relationships based on integrity rather than on mistrust and broken promises. Your Throne that is a Throne of righteousness, and of justice are the very foundation of Your Throne, and we stand before You with a sense of horror and of consternation at the injustices that have brought so much pain and that have brought distrust into our land. Today, we are particularly remembering those who in our past have been wrongly used in nutritional experiments, and we pray for divine intervention, and for your Presence to touch the hearts of those who have it within their power to release the documents that will bring everything to the light, so that we might be able to build trust together through relationships that are transparent, in the open, and in the light. We need a new beginning, a new relationship, a new partnership in our land that will not be based on mans promises that are made only to be broken, but a partnership which is based on Your eternal covenant which will never be broken, and that You have confirmed by giving Your Son to die for us, in order to make Your promises good, even though we have so often failed and come short of Your glory. And so we pray for a new beginning, for a Year of Jubilee, where the past can be dealt with through divine justice. The fast that You have chosen is a fast that will bring our carnal thinking, and our carnal ways, into alignment with a spirituality which recognizes Your thinking, and Your ways. The fast that You have chosen is a fast to loose the bonds of oppression, to undo the heavy burdens, and to let the oppressed go free, and that we break every yoke of bondage. Then we will call, and the Lord will answer. We will cry, yes, we will cry out, when all that we have left is a cry, an intercession, a chant, a drum beat that resonates with Your heart beat, your love for all people. We will cry, and You will say, Here I am, if we take away the yoke from our midst, the pointing of the

finger, and the speaking of wickedness. We count upon Your Presence, Your Spirit, your Anointing to break the yoke of oppression, and of bondage and injustice. And so, today, we humble ourselves before You. We pray to You. We seek Your face. I turn from the wicked ways of where I and my fathers have sinned against the original peoples of the land that You have placed here from time immemorial. We turn from our wicked ways, knowing that then You will hear from Heaven, You will forgive our sin, and will heal our land! Oh God, our land needs to be healed. It is not just the people, but the land that needs to be healed, so that the land, and Mother Earth will support the inhabitants who live here. Heal our land, O God, and may we together become a Dwelling Place where Your Presence can abide among us, to bring true righteousness, and true justice for all people. These things I pray in the name of Your Son Jesus. Amen.