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We believe in We believe in
keeping your a higher level
business safe. of IT Security

SECUDE Solutions India Private Limited Today, SECUDE is synonymous for

innovation, delivering a higher level of IT
SECUDE SOLUTIONS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED is a security to organizations around the world,
subsidiary of SECUDE International AG – SWiSS and providing them with a holistic security
headquartered world champions in IT Security and approach. SECUDE supports enterprises
ERP user authentication and authorization with high-quality and userfriendly products
technology; data integrity and encryption solutions, to protect confidentiality and integrity of
and digital identity management systems. SECUDE data, applications and transactions as well
International is a member of SECUDE AG and was as access to electronic resources and IT
formed in 1996 from a partnership between SAP systems. SECUDE’s security solutions
AG and Fraunhofer Institute Germany – most thereby are a valuable contribution
respected Global Research institute. This towards the compliance goals of
partnership resulted in the Secure Network organizations coping with a growing
Communication (SNC) module for SAP AG. Our number of legal regulations and industry
global mission is to deliver a higher level of IT specific guidelines.
security to organizations around the world.
Passionate about quality in all that we do, we SECUDE International AG is headquartered
provide advanced single sign-on and role-based in Lucerne, Switzerland. The company
access control solutions, plus enterprise-wide operates offices in the USA, Germany,
security for documents, applications and Netherlands, Spain, the United Arab
transactions, to an internationally respected client Emirates, and China and is supported by
base. sales partners all over the world. The
product portfolio contains highquality
solutions for data protection, encryption,
Identity and Access Management, access
SECUDE International AG control, and security for SAP systems. With
a team of world renown experts and
SECUDE International AG driven by the dynamic
supported by ongoing research and
market on the one hand and continuously growing
development efforts, the company strives
threats to an organization’s systems and networks
to be the leading vendor of key and access
on the other, SECUDE began developing its own
management solutions.
products and soon was acknowledged as a reliable
supplier of IT security solutions. The company’s
ongoing goal is to reliably safeguard organizations
against threats arising from software security gaps,
an increasing exchange of electronic data, and
industrial espionage.
SECUDE offers a complete portfolio of innovative security solutions to
eliminate IT security threats of enterprises of all kind, size, and industry.

SECUDE secure notebook ensures compliance The secure cryptographic algorithms offer
to the increasing number of government privacy, reliable protection of sensitive data against
risk management, and data integrity regulations industrial espionage as well as compliance with
as well as eliminates the costs of stolen legal regulations.
intellectual property or customer data. It also
provides convenient single sign-on to windows SECUDE secure file guarantees a maximum
and low system performance impact for level of reliability and confidentiality while
enhanced enterprise productivity. Customers communicating with your business partners by
benefit from a low TCO and highest user means of digital signing and encryption of
acceptance. documents.

SECUDE securelogin reliably protects the With SECUDE secure data confidential data can
system environment by means of strong user be encrypted and compressed in just a few
authentication and encryption of data and moments. Exchanging confidential data by e-
communication. The solution provides Single mail becomes easy and comfortable. SECUDE
Sign-On to SAP applications based on digital trustmanager provides all the functions
certificates as well as RSA SecurID token without necessary for issuing and managing digital
the need to set up a PKI. certificates and smart cards. It easily integrates
into existing IT infrastructures and provides
SECUDE signon offers user-friendly, reliable connectors to the most common Certification
authentication as well as Single Sign On. It Authorities (CA) such as MS Enterprise CA or
supports both common user authentication with VeriSign OnSite. A self-service function provides
Windows Credentials (user name plus password) automated help to users with card problems
and authentication with digital certificates. The which significantly raises the level of card
OPSEC certification from Checkpoint guarantees availability.
trouble-free interaction of the solution with the
VPN Secure Client products. SECUDE trustmanager for small to medium-
sized companies and SECUDE trustmanager
SECUDE signon&secure provides strong enterprise for medium to large-sized
authentication and Single Sign On to SAP organizations are both easy to install and
applications based on X.509 certificates. effortless to operate through a simple and
Supplied as a plug-in for the Secure Network intuitive user interface. Organizations using
Communications (SNC) interface, it also extends SECUDE trustmanager significantly reduce the
to other applications for reliable, enterprise-wide time and costs involved in setting up a smart
protection of business data in local and global card-based infrastructure.

SECUDE securedoc enables organizations to

put legally valid signatures on digitally processed Secude Global Consulting
documents. This boosts efficiency substantially
and directly reduces costs by eliminating the Headquartered in Lucerne, Switzerland,
time and effort require to print documents, sign SECUDE Global Consulting AG is an independent
them, and scan them back into the digital trusted advisory firm and consultancy that
medium. focuses on Enterprise Risk Management for
large multinational SAP Customers
SECUDE secure mail is a plug-in for Microsoft
Outlook that encrypts and digitally signs e-mails Areas of expertise include Risk & Controls, IT
by supporting both S/MIME and OpenPGP Security, Regulatory & Legal Compliance,
standards. This guarantees the confidentiality, Corporate Governance, Identity & Access
integrity, non-repudiation, and authenticity of Management, and SAP GRC Solutions
your e-mails. With its extensive soft token and Management. Based on a unique holistic
smartcard support SECUDE secure mail is an approach for Security Intelligence and a team of
extremely flexible solution for enterprises and international experts SECUDE Global Consulting
heterogeneous environments. helps customers to achieve compliance and a
new level of security for their business
SECUDE secure folder encrypts data (files and processes, SAP applications and IT-Systems
folders) stored on, or traveling between servers,
workstations and portable devices like laptops.
Dr. Heiner Kromer, Chief Executive Officer of SECUDE

Dr. Heiner Kromer is the founder and CEO of SECUDE International AG. He brings over 16
years of experience as a founder, partner and CEO in high technology companies ranging
from scientific instruments to bio-tech and specialty chemicals, and over 10 years in
consumer products. His experience, combined with his leadership and entrepreneurial skills,
as well as his willingness to take risks, are the engine which SECUDE International AG forward
to become a force in this industry. He studied economics at the University of Erlangen-
Nuernberg and holds a doctor degree in economics from the University of Zurich.

Jagan Nathan Vaman, Chief Executive Officer of Secude India

Jagan brings relentless focus in converting vision in to practical services & products in the
information technology space. He has extensive success in growing value at Technology
based enterprises by converting leading–edge technologies to growing business enterprises.
In his leadership roles at Siemens, Satyam, Sify, he generated significant Customer and
Investor value and executed several business turnaround strategies at Sify and Satyam. He
has helped Satyam forge a major strategic alliance with SAP AG, has helped ISG in a M&A
scenario to acquire Novasoft, helped Sify to strike a partnership with Ernst & Young in the SAP
Security, Audit and control practice etc.

Mario Linkies, Chief Executive Officer & President of Secude Global


Mario Linkies is the Chief Executive Officer & President of SECUDE Global Consulting since
February 2007. Before taking on this role, Mr. Linkies was a Platinum Management
Consultant with a focus on IT Security topics, especially in the field of strategic security
and risk management consulting, authorization concepts, and change management.
With more than 15 years of business and SAP experience, he was leading the security
practice at SAP SI AG/SAP Consulting Germany and was Director of the Global Focus
Group Enterprise Risk Management. Prior to joining SAP AG, Mr. Linkies held a Business
Analyst position at Shell Chemicals Europe in Germany and a Senior Manager position at
Deloitte in Canada.

Dr. Frank Off, Chief Consulting Officer of Secude Global Consulting

Dr. Frank Off is the Chief Consulting Officer of SECUDE Global Consulting since January
2007. He is deputy of the CEO. Before taking on this role, he was a management
consultant focusing on Risk Management and IT Security as well as Co-Leader of the SAP
Global Focus Group Enterprise Risk Management. He is also co-author of the book
"Security and authorizations in SAP systems" (SAP Press, 2005). Prior to joining SAP AG,
Dr. Off held a Simulation Development Engineer position at Daimler Chrysler AG and a
Management Consultant role at Accenture GmbH. In addition, he gained vast experience
in holistic IT Security concepts and implementation as a consultant on different projects
within the chemistry, automotive, financial services, and public sectors.
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