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Hazrat Mushata the housemaid of the Pharaoh

In the palace of the Pharaoh she was working as a housemaid to look after the princesses and her duty was to comb and dressing the princesses. Once when she was combing a princess and during that time the comb was falling down from hand in the flour. So while taking it from the flour she said the name of God of Moses and when she told this the daughter of Pharaoh has asked her whether she is following the God of Moses and his religion and why she did not accept the Pharaoh as her God as his father proclaimed himself the God of all Egyptian people. So she replied the girl that she did not accept his father as her God at all. When the daughter of Pharaoh heard her reply she was upset and angered in this matter and run away to see her father in the palace and she has informed the details of religion of the housemaid and she told her father that being the employee of royal court and living in the royal court she did not accept you as her God and instead of that she belief in the God of Moses .Upon hearing all details Pharaoh became upset and angry in this matter and he told her that He will go to the royal court and he will punish her severally for this reason so that other people will learn a lesson in this matter and will not follow the religion of God of Moses and he will punish her and kill her by giving a severe punishment so that she will forget the God of Moses or she will lose her life in this matter. When the Pharaoh has reached the royal court and he has called her there and he has ordered her to leave the faith in God of Moses then she has replied him that she will never do that so

he can do whatever he will try in this matter. So for this reason the Pharaoh tried his best and given her warning of the death penalty and but upon hearing her fearless reply the Pharaoh was upset and angry in this matter. So for this reason he has ordered to lay down the housemaid on the ground and fixed her hands and legs by nails so that so that she will not make a movement there. During this process of punishment one minister of Pharaoh has advised him that the maid has one small child so to ask to bring the child there and during the presence of the child give her a strong warning of her death penalty so that due to her love of the child she will leave her faith in the God of Moses. The Pharaoh has called her child there and put her on her chest so the baby girl started sucking the milk of the mother. Then the king ordered her that he will kill the baby on her chest. Upon hearing of his death warning the maid has replied him that Now in my heart my faith is so strong that I can see my baby s corpse in the blood so for this reason I will never leave my faith in the God of Moses (peace be upon him). So for this reason the king has ordered to kill the baby on the chest of the maid brutally. Upon killing the small baby the Pharaoh has told her that now he will kill her then she has replied the king that You can do whatever you will like but I never leave the religion of prophet Moses (peace by upon him) in this matter. At last the king ordered to kill the maid for not accepting him as her God and not to worship him. Upon killing of the housemaid the Pharoah reached back his palace and he told his dear wife Hazrat Asia about the details of sever death penalty of the housemaid.Upon hearing the details of penalty she scolded him You should die and see the bad fate as you have killed a milking baby and an innocent lady.So the Pharaoh told her that he has given her severe penalty because

she did not accept him her God and she did not worship him. So the Hazrat Asia told him that She also did not accept him as her God as you a normal person and not the God the all mighty of prophet Moses (peace be upon him). Upon hearing the reply of his wife the Pharaoh was surprised in this matter because Hazrat Asia was his dear and lovely queen of the Pharaoh. Allah has given her a wealth of beauty and wisdom so for this reason she was well known as most beautiful and charming queen of her time in the old dynasty of the Pharaoh of Egypt .The Pharaoh has selected as his queen upon checking all beautiful women among the Egyptian ladies and for this reason the Pharaoh used to love her very much. So for this reason he told her that why she is talking like this ? So she told him that She is talking rightly and it is the fact that you are a liar and actually the God is the one from whom Moses (peace be upon him) has brought the message of right path. Upon hearing the reply from his queen Asia the Pharaoh became angry and upset and warned her that he will also give her a severe death penalty which he has given to the housemaid of the palace. So she replied him To do whatever he likes as my God is with me so I have decided in this matter so I will not leave my Lord but I will leave everything of the palace. Upon hearing all arguments of his wife the Pharoah came to the court and has called his courtier and told them that Look the great conspiracy which made by Moses (peace be upon him) which caused the reason to mislead my wife . So for this reason today I will kill my wife or she will leave the God of Moses. He has called her wife in the court not as queen but as an accused one . He told her that You were living in the grand palace and in luxurious life and I am your beloved lover and kind husband. Due to your faith you have left your luxury life of

the palace. So for this reason it is better that you should leave the Lord of Moses and accept me as your Lord of the mighty. But Hazrat Asia replied him that She has accepted the Lord of Moses (peace be upon him) so she should not leave her faith in this matter. Due to this reason the Pharaoh decided to give her the death penalty for her belief in the God of Moses . The Pharaoh has ordered his first punishment to disrobe her to enable him to insult her in the royal court and also order to put her face toward the royal palace so that till her last time she can watch her royal palace residence to enable her to understand and she should also know very well that upon leaving the royal luxury life she is undergoing such disgrace in this matter. As per order of the Pharaoh she was laid down on the ground and her hands and legs were fixed by nails so that she will not make a movement there. Again the Pharaoh has ordered his courtiers to remove the skin of the queen. Due to the kind help of Allah she still hasn't died upon removing of the skin from her body but they're full of blood on her body. Still the Pharaoh was not satisfied by his severe punishment in this matter so he ordered his courtier to pour chilli on her body so for this reason she began trembling like a fish on the earth. In that condition she has prayed with his Lord Oh Lord of Moses (peace be upon him) the palace of Pharaoh is before me and the king says he has removed me from his palace and so from today onwards I cannot go to the palace of the Pharaoh . Oh Lord of Moses (peace be upon him) grants me a grand palace in lieu of the palace of Pharaoh and free me from the penalties and atrocities in this matter. The queen of Pharaoh was dead in the worst condition and her martyrdom was well known in the history of Israel community and religion of prophet Moses (peace be upon him).

As per record of the tradition of Allahs last apostle during the

event of Miraj (the prophets accession) the Allahs last apostle told the angel Gabriel when he was passing from a valley in Jerusalem

that he was smelling some strange fragrance in that valley so to explain the reason in this matter and from where it is coming then the angel replied him that Oh the beloved of Allah there was one housemaid in the palace of Pharaoh and her grave is situated here and the fragrance is coming from her grave.
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