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Gurbani Guidance

Sikhing the light.

Gurbani Guidance is a collection of quotes from the Guru Granth Sahib along with the English interpretation and meaning. Its aim is to inspire, enlighten, give daily guidance, allowing you to refind your path. It is by no means a replacement for the Guru Granth sahib it only serves as a stepping stone towards the divine wisdom. It is primarily aimed for those who are not fluent in Punjabi and wish to grasp an understanding of the meaning of the Guru Granth Sahib, for teenagers who are searching for the guru within and are looking to start a spiritual foundation in life, for young mothers who are so busy and caught up in the daily chores they do not have time to attend the gurudwara. Choose a page at random to receive Wahegurujis guidance.
(Please print, laminate and cut the page in half to create a card or simply print and fold to create a booklet)

Guru ~ enlightener

Sach ~ truth

Gur Giaan Prachandd Balaaeiaa Agiaan Andhhaeraa Jaae || The Guru has lit the brilliant light of spiritual wisdom and the darkness of ignorance has been dispelled.

Sach Milai Sachiaar Koorr N Paaeeai || Through Truth, one meets the True One; He is not obtained through falsehood.

~~~~~ ~~~~~ "Gu" signifies darkness and "Ru" denotes Light. Together the word Guru is formed. If we are in a dark room we wont be able to push darkness away w ith our hands or with our minds. We need to turn on the light. If we open ourselves to the inner light of our soul and acknowledge the true feelings and intentions of our ego, all darkness will start to transmute. The true Guru or teacher within is illuminated and this is the first step to connecting with the great Waheguru. It is important to be truthful about ourselves. We realise our own truth when we look within and examine our own feelings ,thinking, reactions and attitudes in response to a particular experience. Truth is born of intuitive and compassionate understanding towards ourselves and others, the more we allow this energy to vitalise us, the more the soul truth of our lives is manifested. Through truth, one becomes free and meets the true Waheguru.

Khima ~ forgiveness
Khimaa Gehee Brath Seel Santhokhan || To practice forgiveness is the true fast, good conduct and contentment.

Dheeraj ~ patience

Breham Giaanee Kai Dhheeraj Eaek || The God-conscious being has a steady patience

~~~~~ A powerful feeling of freedom emerges when we open our hearts to forgiveness. When we forgive someone we no longer hold them mentally accountable for their past actions against us. We blame them no longer and we free than of the karmic attachment that tied us together. Through Gurujis blessing we obtain the strength to forgive.

When we use our haumai (ego-mind) to conduct our lives then very often we are pushed and pulled in all directions leaving us impatient and frustrated. If we allow a loving patience to come through into our lives then we realise that there is a natural flow of energy to events and the creator will provide us with whatever is needed at the right moment in time.

Miharavaan /Kripa ~ compassion

Gurmukh ~ one who faces the guru

Dhaeiaal Purakh Miharavaanaa || The Lord is merciful, kind and compassionate.

Guramukheeaa Sohaaganee Thin Dhaeiaa Pee Man Aae || The Gurmukhs are the happy soul-brides; their minds are filled with kindness.

The lord is always merciful, kind and compassionate. He waits patiently for us to turn to him for grace. The Lord does not judge or criticise. Only our ego-mind (haumai) judges and criticises and prevents us from merging with the true lord. Overcome this fear and and be compassionate like the Lord towards our nearest and dearest and accept them as travellers on their individual karmic journeys.

There are two types of people. A Gurmukh, who is a follower of the Gurus ways and a manmukh who is a follower of the ego-mind. The Gurmukh learns from the hearts intuitive wisdom and has become soul-centred. A manmukh learns from the mind and is ego-centered. Anyone of any caste, creed or religion can be a Gurmukh because the real change takes place within. A true Gurmukh is a being that offers no resistance to following gods path , to kindness or giving unconditional love simply because he knows that love is abundant and everyone is worthy of it.

Haumai ~ ego


Hanoumai Andhar Kharrak Hai Kharrakae Kharrak Vihaae || In egotism, one is assailed by fear; he passes his life totally troubled by fear.

Boojhai Karam S Sabadh Pashhaanai || One who understands karma, realizes the Word of the Shabad.

~~~~~ Ego arises out of the thinking mind. The thinking mind creates fear and drama in order to be heard and thus drowns the voice of the soul. We can change our thinking mind - to align ourselves with our inner Guru. Each time we surrender the thinking mind to the Guru, the ego experiences a death, a new light enters our heart and we become more aligned and enlightened.

~~~~~ Karma is the result of acts, deeds or even thoughts created in the past or present. To understand your Karma, bring your awareness into how you think, act and feel during the day. It only through understanding yourself from within that you can be aware of the quality of karma you create. Whatever you sow, you shall reap.

Simran ~ meditative in god/rememberence

This Gur Ko Simaro Saas Saas || I remember the Guru with each and every breath. ~~~~~ Simran means to remember the Waheguru which already exists within us. It also means to be in mediation or communion with god in each and every thought, action, task, and word. When one pours the energy of Waheguruji into each thought, action, task and word the rewards are truly amazing! The result is kindness, compassion, patience, serenity, joy and love.

Sangat ~ group consciousness

Saadhh sangath Man Vasai Saach Har Kaa Naao || In the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, the True Name of the Lord comes to dwell in the mind.

A single person is limited in what he/she can create. When one or more person sits in the presence of the divine Waheguru, a shift in consciousness occurs. When Waheguruji is remembered within a saadhh sangat, every being sheds their ego and all merge together as one in unity to celebrate the presence of the divine. The result is the creation of an atmosphere of oneness which uplifts the spirits of all those involved.

Nindhaa ~ gossip

Man ~ Mind

Par Nindhaa Mukh Thae Nehee Shhoottee Nifal Bhee Sabh Saevaa || Your mouth has not stopped slandering and gossiping about others. Your service is useless and fruitless ~~~~~ When one gossips about another, it is usually to make themselves feel better, more supreme and to cause ill-intent. Gossiping creates poor quality karma which defeats the purpose of selfless service and love to Waheguru. The alternative to gossip is to have empathy and compassion and to understand that it is precisely these qualities we would wish to receive from others if we ever found ourselves in a similar situation. Whatever we send out to the universe, we receive in return.

Gur Parasaadhee Man Jinai Har Saethee Liv Laae || Those who conquer their own mind, by Guru's Grace, lovingly focus their attention on the Lord. ~~~~~ A busy cluttered mind is a sick one and a clear, still mind is a divine one. The mind is the only obstacle between a person and their soul. The mind is constantly busy, thinking, scheming, planning, worrying, fearing and creating ego dramas. The mind distorts reality , creates fears and creates a psychological barrier stopping you from living your life from your soul perspective. If for a moment, you surrender the mind and bring your attention towards the Gurus presence, you will then realise that you are not your mind. You are more than that. You are a soul and a droplet from the vast ocean of god waiting to be reunited.

Kaaj ~ Purpose

The Khanda symbolises oneness with god. On the left is the sword of Piri, representing Bhagti or Devotion. On the right is the sword representing Miri which is also Shakti or Power. In the centre is the Khanda which represents Gian or Wisdom. Surrounding the Khanda is a circle which symbolizes oneness with god. ~~~~~ To strengthen Bhagti or Piri one should practice divine devotion/ love or selfless seva . To strengthen Shakti or Miri one should practice divine power or courage and selfless leadership. To strengthen Gian or Wisdom one should practice divine understanding, Simran or the Gurbani. Integrating the three qualities in life the brings about acceptance, union and oneness with god. = .

Kavan Kaaj Sirajae Jag Bheethar Janam Kavan Fal Paaeiaa || For what purpose were you created and brought into the world? What rewards have you received in this life? ~~~~~ We are spiritual beings on a human journey. The purpose or goal of life is Spiritual Realization through physical existence. . The purpose of your soul's evolution on earth is to grow in self-mastery, balance your karma, consciously create and spread good karma, become one with your internal Guru, and fulfil your unique divine plan (dharma) so that you can attain moksha, your ultimate liberation through union with god.

Anthar ~ infinite
So Anthar So Baahar Ananth || The Infinite Lord is inside, and outside as well.

Gian ~ Wisdom

Gur Maeraa Giaan Gur Ridhai Dhhiaan || The Guru is my spiritual wisdom, the Guru is the meditation within my heart. ~~~~~ Wisdom emerges in the heart that has opened itself. We transform attachments and doubts into the certainty that we have all we need to know when we tune into our soul. It is possible to have plenty of knowledge and no wisdom. Wisdom is knowledge applied - and is a pure quality that comes from Waheguruji, inspiring loving attitudes, uniting and empowering people and creating abundance moment by moment.

~~~~~ Waheguruji is infinite. The rational mind is finite. The rational mind cannot perceive what is beyond the five senses, it only serves the ego. By creating a quiet space through stillness and peace - listen to yourself. Tap into your intuition or inner tuition and you can meet with your true Guru. Your soul speaks in soft whispers whereas the ego usually shouts to be heard. By facing your divine consciousness you will realise that all the answers to your problems exist within you.


Seethal ~ Serenity

Gur Thae Giaan Paaeiaa Ath Kharrag Karaaraa || Dhoojaa Bhram Garr Kattiaa Mohu Lobh Ahankaaraa || From the Guru, I have obtained the supremely powerful sword of spiritual wisdom. I have cut down the fortress of duality and doubt, attachment, greed and egotism. ~~~~~ The Kirpan is religious symbol of spirituality and the constant struggle of good and morality over the forces of evil and injustice, both on an individual as well as social level. At an inner level the kirpan is a reminder that we have the power to cut away the egotism and cords of attachment that reside within us and to replace them with loving spiritual ties that allow Wahegurujis divine energy to flow freely and abundantly.

Seethal Saanth Sehaj Sukh Paaeiaa Thaadt Paaee Prabh Aapae Jeeo ||1|| Serene tranquility and peaceful ease have come; God Himself has brought a deep and profound peace.

Serenity comes from the soul. It is the steady centre that nourishes us and helps us to understand that the good and the bad moments of life do not last and that they are part of our spiritual growth. The quicker we recognise the lessons we need to learn, or the choices we need to make during a particular experience, the more peace we accumulate within our lives. Serenity is knowing peace in the middle of chaos.

Dhharam ~ Courge

Akalapath ~ Free from desire/attachment

Dhheeraj Dhharam Guramath Har Paaeiaa Nith Har Naamai Har Sio Chith Laavai || Through the Guru's Teachings, I have obtained courage, faith and the Lord. He keeps my mind focused continually on the Lord, and the Name of the Lord.

Akalapath Mudhraa Gur Giaan Beechaareealae Ghatt Ghatt Saachaa Sarab Jeeaa || Consider freedom from desire to be the ear-rings of the Guru's spiritual wisdom. The True Lord, the Soul of all, dwells within each and every heart. ~~~~~ A great freedom is felt when we release the tension created by the lower consciousness that traps us in attachments of power over other people, money and sensation. When we simply allow the guidance of Waheguru to direct our lives, we understand the freedom of being constructive, positive, and empowering others, accepting people and situations as they are in the here and now, free from the side effects of negative and judgemental reactions.

Courage is an action that springs from the heart. All action inspired by a centre of true love brings with itself security and firmness that cannot be disturbed. Divine courage is dependent on the use of divine power to bring about progress and higher understanding for all concerned. Divine power is never over someone or something. It is a power shared with all involved. The best spiritual warriors always strive for a win/win outcome bringing about peace and harmony. To be courageous is to know that fear offers no resistance to love.

Gumaan ~ pride

Gumaan ~ pride

Jhoothaa Laahi Gumaan Man Than Arap Dhhar ||1|| Lay aside your false pride, and dedicate your mind and body to Him ~~~~~ An egoistical proud person can be boostful, overbearing, arrogant and judgemental. There is an element of rigidity in their thinking and behaviour and they often lack flexibility and leniency. The opposite of pride is humility. Humility is when we bow down to Waheguruji and accept that our pride does not serve the path we take. Humility then becomes divine respect respect for being a servant of the divine light.

Jhoothaa Laahi Gumaan Man Than Arap Dhhar ||1|| Lay aside your false pride, and dedicate your mind and body to Him ~~~~~ An proud person can be boostful, overbearing, arrogant and judgemental. There is an element of rigidity in their thinking and behaviour and they often lack flexibility and leniency. The opposite of pride is humility. Humility is when we bow down to Waheguruji and accept that our pride does not serve the path we take. Humility then becomes divine respect respect for being a servant of the divine light.

Thaath ~ jealousy

Moorakh ~ Stubborn

Jis Andhar Thaath Paraaee Hovai This Dhaa Kadhae N Hovee Bhalaa || One whose heart is filled with jealousy of others, never comes to any good. ~~~~~ Jealousy comes from a desire to have what another person has or what another person is able to do. A jealous person feels resentful and lacking in some way and usually plans to pull down the other person down so that they feel more superior. This is usually accompanied by ill speaking, badmouthing, gossiping and backbiting. The opposite of jealousy is love, compassion and acceptance. To be in acceptance of another is to hold a place of compassion and allow the other person to just be . With Wahegurujis grace we can accept ourselves and be tolerant of others.

Binasiou Man Kaa Moorakh Dteethaa || The stubborn foolishness of my mind is gone.

The mind is stubborn and resists change. When we are in tune with Waheguru, we get the inspiration that will help us to change and not to harden or crystallize ourselves in relation to our thoughts, concepts, habit patterns or conditionings. The alternative to stubbornness is flexibility. When we are able to follow the flow of our soul in the daily affairs of our lives with flexibility we create an openness for Waheguruji to come within us and to come and make our burden light.

Saajh ~ Partnership
Saajh Kareejai Guneh Kaeree Shhodd Avagan Chaleeai || Let us form a partnership, and share our virtues; let us abandon our faults, and walk on the Path. ~~~~~ When there is partnership between two people, there is no domination. The parts involved in a same situation share their abilities and talents together to create a shared goal. To walk together toward that goal is to know that both sides support and complement each other. To be in a spiritual partnership with Waheguru is to know that the universe will provide for us, by sending us the right people to advise , support and complement us just when we need it.

Krodhh ~ anger

Binasae Krodhh Khimaa Gehi Lee || Anger has been dispelled, and I have grasped hold of tolerance.

Anger comes from frustration which we experience when we dont get what we want. The feeling of frustration comes from our own limitations, actions, choices, actions of others and motives of others. Anger is a feeling upset in response arising from non-fulfillment of desires or expectations The alternative to anger is love and tolerance. Love and tolerance transmute anger bringing about an atmosphere of acceptance of whatever the outcome will be. The mind no longer takes control in order to create expectations because we realise that life is a just a learning experience for the soul.

Ekta ~ Unity

Gur veechar ~ meditative reflection

Guramukh Jaath Path Sabh Aapae || To the Gurmukh, the Lord Himself is social class, status and all honor. ~~~~~ A Gurmukh knows no caste or race distinction. In our heart and soul we know a feeling of perfect union that inspires compassion and empathy towards all beings. When two or more people are united in the name of love and truth, there is an overflowing of spiritual energies. The power of union removes barriers, dissolves indifferences and creates a oneness with god amongst all those involved.

Eis Jug Mehi Nirabho Har Naam Hai Paaeeai Gur Veechaar || In this age, the Lord's Name is fearless; it is obtained by meditative reflection upon the Guru. ~~~~~ We can very easily get caught up in the fast pace of life while we lead our daily lives and before we know, we have forgotten our soul purpose and our connection with our Guru. It is necessary to take time -out for reflecting on our thoughts, feelings and actions. By doing this we can recognise if we operate from our ego or our soul. Through meditative reflection upon the Guru one is reminded of the souls purpose.

Chinth ~ Worry

Veechar ~ thought

Naanak Saach Kehai Veechaar || Naa Kar Chinth Chinthaa Hai Karathae || Nanak chants the true thought. Don't worry - let the Creator take care of it.

~~~~~~ Worry is a deep rooted fear of the unknown. Anyone who worries excessively has a somewhat lack of trust in the future and believes in the worst possible outcome. With worry your mind is constantly in the future, it is difficult to be present. You lose the capacity to experience life in the here and now. With worry you create a psychological barrier which uses up time and energy . The solution to worry is to bring your attention to your blessings in the present moment. Have faith in Waheguruji whatever the outcome is, it will be for the highest good as the outcome will present an opportunity to broaden your understanding of yourself, your mindset and your personality. The mind is always busy in monkey chatter creating thoughts. Ego based thoughts come from the mind and are tinged with emotion, desire and adrenalin ( which creates a mental anger causing the person to constantly roll over the thoughts in their mind). Divine thoughts come from Waheguruji and are loving, joyful, compassionate, inspirational and accepting of others. Divine thoughts turned into good deeds are for the betterment of everybody, empowering and helping others to realise their true potential.

Lobh ~ greed

Moh ~ attachment
Baajh Guroo Hai Mohu Gubaaraa || Without the Guru, there is only the darkness of attachment.

Lab Lobh Parajaaleeai Naam Milai Aadhhaar || Burn away all my greed, and give me the Support of the Naam, the Name of the Lord. ~~~~~ Greed is the excessive desire to have. The desire can be for wealth, power, food, social status, love or even knowledge. Greed comes from the fear and insecurity that the universe will not adequately provide for us or that whatever we have gained will one day be taken away from us. When we connect with the divine Waheguru we come to realise that through courage, faith and trust the universe will spiritually fulfil and nourish and sustain us.

Attachment arises from fear. One can have attachment to money , work , social status, religion, power, husband, wife, children or parents. The opposite is detachment. To to be detached does not mean running away from life, family, society, ones duty and responsibility, or being less sensitive or loving, etc. A truly detached person does not neglect any of this; but rather selflessly loves and serves the Divine in them and expands that love and service to all other beings without any sense of bondage or emotional attachment.


Niaao ~ Justice

Anik Bhaath Maaeiaa Kae Haeth || The many forms of attachment to Maya shall surely pass away

Thaerai Ghar Sadhaa Sadhaa Hai Niaao || Within Your Home, there is justice, forever and ever.

The sense of one's existence separate from the divine essence Waheguru is Maya. Anything which takes us away from our soul path or divine consciousness becomes Maya. Eg if too much wealth takes us away from god, then the wealth becomes the maya. If too much thinking takes us away from god, then the thinking mind becomes the maya. Maya can also be greed, anger, attachment and even conditioning of the mind to think in a particular way. Maya is created as a result of separateness dissolve the separateness and unite yourself with Waheguruji in your daily life.

Justice means freedom, equal opportunities, balance, fairness, and harmony for all. We must also remember to exercise justice towards others in family , work and community , avoiding discrimination, unfairness and favouritism. Divine justice is a knowing that Waheguruji will take care of wronged affairs for everyone fairly and equally one way or another. The universe automatically seeks to restore balance by bringing people together.

Dhanvadh ~ Gratitude

Vaesaahi ~ Faith

Manamukh Loon Haaraam Kiaa N Jaaniaa || The manmukhs are false to their own selves; they feel no gratitude for what they have been given.

Kahu Naanak Gur Kai Vaesaahi || Says Nanak, place your faith in the Guru. ~~~~~ Faith is a powerful quality that moves mountains.

All too often we get caught up in the daily affairs of life and forget to thank the great Lord for giving to us and guiding us. Wahegurujis guidance is to count your blessings. When you say thank-you to the universe from your heart, it bestows more on you for gratitude is the key to opening the doors to universal abundance.

Having faith is knowing that all is unfolding in divine order according to your highest good. Faith is defined as perfect knowing and believing that nothing will stand in your way on the divine path. It is a belief that as you follow Gurujis guidance all unfolds in divine order. Faith opens doors which fear and ego attempt to keep closed. Place your faith in the great Waheguru.

Rajaa ~ Surrender

Avakhadhh ~ humbleness

Man Maerae Gur Kee Mann Lai Rajaae || O my mind, surrender to the Guru's Will. ~~~~~ The thinking mind can sometimes make life very hectic, confusing, pushing and pulling you in all directions leaving you physically and mentally exhausted. Find a quiet place and ask Waheguruji to dissolve all resistances of your inner ego (the inner conflict and struggle, the rigid mindsets and habits) so that your life may be flooded with truth and joy. When you surrender to the guidance of your soul, all the energy that you have been using in resistance becomes available to you. Vitality, inner peace, harmony and love are your spiritual rewards.

Naam Avakhadhh Jin Jan Thaerai Paaeiaa || Your humble servant, who obtains the Medicine of the Naam.

A humble person does not display egoistical pride. Humility resides in the heart of those who have let go of their egoic mind and given their power to their own soul. A humble person allows the inner Guruji to inspire and conduct their life. There is a knowingness that whatever experiences that life presents will be in service to the divine.

Bharosaa ~ Trust

Saaj ~ Share

Ab Kahu Raam Bharosaa Thoraa || If I say now that my trust is in You alone, Lord. ~~~~~ When we trust our inner souls potential, we never waste energy. Whenever we are motivated by the deepest truth within ourselves and not by others expectations we will be giving the living example of trust. The more we allow the light of Waheguruji to flow through us, the stronger the foundations of trust will be to support our actions in life.

Sabhae Saajheevaal Sadhaaein Thoon Kisai N Dhisehi Baaharaa Jeeo || All share in Your Grace; none are beyond You.

All share in the grace of Waheguruji. Sharing is a beautiful moment. To give and receive becomes the most divine communication between two or more beings. Sharing and cooperation are both healing for isolation. It is impossible to remain isolated form Waheguruji when we share our talents, abilities and work together towards a common goal.

Shenshakti ~ Tolerance


Binasae Krodhh Khimaa Gehi Lee || Anger has been dispelled, and I have grasped hold of tolerance.

This Bhee Khalaasee Hoee Sagal Sidhh || One obtains release, and attains total perfection.

~~~~~ ~~~~~
Tolerance means having a fair, objective, and a permissive attitude toward those whose opinions, differ from ones own. Lack of tolerance comes from frustration, impatience and anger and an inability to lovingly accept and respect another persons point. This is because ego takes hold of the thinking mind and judges. When we are tolerant of others we know that he or she are on their own karmic journey. At the level of the ego, a perfectionist comes from the thinking mind and strives to have everything immaculate, in the correct order and is has a element of control in their personality. At the divine level, one who has obtained moksha (liberation from the egoic mind) attains total perfection for he or she has let go of control and knows that everything is exactly as it should be divinely perfect.

Jog ~ worthy


Naam Araadhhan Hoaa Jog || I have become worthy of worshipping the Naam in adoration. ~~~~~ Everyone is worthy of Wahegurujis grace. Being worthy bestows a sense of confidence , expectation of success and the ability to be compassionate towards others. When you value your soul purpose, you become open and friendly, slow to take offence, quick to forgive and make others feel comfortable in your presence. At a divine level, everyone from all cast and creed are worthy of Waheguruji.

Har Kaa Naam Dhhiaae Kai Hohu Hariaa Bhaaee || Meditate on the Lord's Name, and blossom forth in green abundance. ~~~~~ We spend a lot of time praying for an abundance of health, wealth, success and happiness. To lovingly accept people and situations, knowing that here and now all is here in the right place and right time is to be aware of abundance. Abundance is not a great quantity of things, but the awareness of quality of things within we all have. True abundance is found within and is a measure of the spiritual light one radiates.

Aagiaakaar ~ Obedience
Thaakur Kaa Saevak Aagiaakaaree || The servant is obedient to his Lord and Master.


Man Rae Nij Ghar Vaasaa Hoe || O mind, dwell in the balanced state of your own inner being.

The only true obedience is to our soul. From that dimension within our own being come all signals, guidance, and intuition to be obeyed. Our soul is like our spiritual parent - and knows what is best for us. When we obey in that way with all our attention, we are serving the great Waheguruji.

When our soul has conquered our ego there is no struggle in life and there is a flow of balanced energies through our bodies, feelings and thoughts. The mind-body connection is strengthened and we are physically , emotionally and mentally strong. Through this feeling of inner balance we free ourselves from the minds limitations and allow our inner Guru to take charge of our lives.

Bharosaa ~ Trust

Seva ~ Selfless Service

Ab Kahu Raam Bharosaa Thoraa || If I say now that my trust is in You alone, Lord. ~~~~~ We are connected to Waheguruji, we trust our inner potential, we never waste energy. Whenever we are motivated by the deepest truth within ourselves and not by others expectations we will be giving a living example of trust. The more we allow the light of our soul to flow through us, the stronger the foundations of trust will be to support our actions in life.

Kar Saevaa Bhaj Har Har Guramath || Do seva - selfless service; follow the Guru's Teachings, and vibrate the Lord's Name, Har, Har.

Seva is a practical, humble service to Waheguruji which opens the heart . When one focuses too much on intellectual activities or is accumulating too much knowledge, the mind becomes overused in preference to the heart. Seva takes the focus away from the thinking mind and into practical service. Selfless seva has no afterthoughts of criticism, judgement or resentment.

Sunder ~ Beauty

Ardas ~ Prayer

Nav Khandd Prithhamee Saaj Har Rang Savaariaa || Creating the world of the nine regions, O Lord, You have embellished it with beauty. ~~~~~ Waheguru has created a beautiful universe. All nature is beautiful and through its order and rhythm we know the truth of its laws. To feel the rhythm, to notice the sacred order in our lives is to see the beauty in a grain of sand or behind a challenging experience. Inner beauty is found within ourselves. When we truly accept ourselves for who we are, or what we can create, and where we are in life then we will sense the beauty of our soul.

Karo Binanthee Maan Thiaago || I offer my prayers-I have forsaken my pride.

To pray means to ask God for something with intense yearning. Through a prayer a one surrenders the ego mind, expresses his helplessness and endows all control to Waheguru. Giving up control means that we acknowledge that God is helping us and getting the task done. We trust that Waheguru will bring forth helpers and messengers to alleviate our pains and worries. To pray means to let go and let god.