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Name: Cora Warren GPS: MA4A4a,b,c Unit/Chapter/Lesson: Functions Class: Math 4 August 15 - Sept 2


Learning - Focus
(with key questions if necessary)

How do I compare and contrast properties of functions? How do I apply transformations to functions? How do operations to functions such as, sum, difference, product, quotient, and composition? Graph the parent functions using the given points.

Essential Question(s): 15 days

Activating Thinking Strategies:

(ex: kwl, word maps, wordsplash, etc)

Acceleration Strategies:
(focus on content maps and key vocabulary)

Relation, function, function notation, Vertical line test, independent variable, dependent Variable, Evaluating, piecewise functions, domain, range, roots, zeros, Parent Function graphs Operations graphic organizer Transformation graphic organizer Evaluate the given functions. (Board work) Difference Quotient (Board Work) Find the domain of the given functions. (Board work) Determine the domain and range of a function given the graph of the function(power point) Use the vertical line test to determine if a relation is a function. (power point & clickers) Determine range of increase/decrease of a function (graphing calculator) Locate relative maximum/minimums from the graph of a function (Graphing Calculator) Greatest Integer function Evaluate and Graph by hand Graph and Evaluate Piecewise functions Determine if functions are even or odd Transformations rigid/non-rigid (graphic organizer) Arithmetic combinations of functions Composition of functions

Teaching Strategies:
(graphic organizers)

(distributed practice and distributed summarizing)

Summarizing Strategies:
(ex. Ticket Out the Door, 3-2-1, etcAnswer the essential question)

Ticket out the door Evaluate the piecewise function, identify the graph, state the transformation

Extending/Refining Activity:
(thinking skills and/or writing prompts)

Tell why the graph of the given function would have a hole in it. Write the equation of a function that meets the given criteria. Orange Book p 96 23-35 odd, 47-69 odd Domain and Range from Graph WS Quiz Review WS Symmetry worksheet Transformation Worksheet Even, Odd, Neither worksheet Yellow Book p 169 3-11 odd, 27-37 odd, 41 a-d, i,j,43 Yellow Book p 196 1-17 odd Yellow Book p 151 33,34 Functions Worksheet Tests 1 Cumulative review After school tutoring available Before school tutoring available

Assignment and/or Assessment:

Re-Teaching Focus and Strategy:

(if necessary)

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