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: The Perception of Selected Sophomore Students about the Level of Pollution in StarSci during School year 2012 to 2013


: Rea B. Hachac, Julienne Faye C. Nael, Klari Alena M. Batrina, Jeremae Ross B. Alboro

Degree Institution Year Adviser

: Second Year high school : Sta. Rosa Science and Technology High School : 2012-2013 : Dr. Socorro Escape

The Problem The main problem of this study is to assess the level of pollution in StarSci as perceived by the selected sophomore students during school year 2012 to 2013.

Research Methodology This study made use of the descriptive method using the survey questionnaires intended for the respondents respectively which were supplemented with analysis, unstructured interview and observations.

A total of 146 respondents which a25 are from the Pasteur, 25 are from the Linnaeus, 24 are from the Mendel, 24 are from the Watson, 24 are from the Hooke, and 24 are from the Darwin. Data were distributed to the target respondents and retrieved personally by the researcher. After the raw data have been gathered, the subsequent results were organized, tallied, presented, interpreted and analyzed with the use of different statistical tools such as t-test for dependent samples (paired test), percentages, and weighted mean. Weighted mean was computed to

determine the extent disobedience to the school policy while the t-test is a tool to determine the significant difference on the level of the disobedience to the school policy as perceived by the respondents.

Summary of findings From the analysis of data, the following findings were drawn: 1. Result of the level of pollution in people that surrounds StarSci: 1.1 Students are also greatly affected by the level of pollution and usually that effects are harmful for the students. They are distracted and they receive negative effects for their health by the level of pollution in StarSci. 1.2 Teachers are also affected by the level of pollution just like the students. Noise coming from the noise of students inside or outside the room can affect their teachings or discussion that may result to students confusion as well as low academic performance. Health of teachers are also affected as they cannot attend classes during their class hours because of illness that pollution brig to them.


As to the level of pollution in StarSci as perceived by the selected sophomore students the following domains: 2.1 Students involvement The level of pollution in StarSci are mostly caused by the careless students that just throw improperly their trashes in some places. Students can greatly affect the level of pollution that they can help to increase or even to reduce the level of pollution in StarSci.

Conclusions In the light of the findings, the following conclusions are hereby presented. 1. Students have a great involvement in the level of pollution in StarSci as they can reduce and increase the level. They are affected by the pollution s they cannot concentrate well with their studies. Also, health of students are negatively affected by the pollution by the illness it can result for their health and can continue to their consecutive absences. 2. Teachers discussion as well as methodologies of teaching are highly affected by the level of pollution, specifically by the students themselves. Sometimes, teacher intentionally do not attend classes because of the main disturbance of the noise of the students inside. In the other hand, sometimes, they cannot attend classes because of the headaches, cough, fever, or colds that pollution may result to their health. 3. Along with the result of the assessment of the level of pollution in StaSci must be lessen and the cleanliness of the surroundings as well as the discipline of the students in terms of proper keeping of orderliness must have improvement.

Recommendations Based on the foregoing summary of findings and conclusions drawn, the following recommendations are forwarded for consideration. These recommendations are specifically meant to reduce the level of pollution in StarSci to reduce the harmful effects of the pollution and observe the cleanliness to the surroundings of StarSci. 1. Students must observe, follow, and abide school-base policies to keep the cleanliness and orderliness of StarSci. 2. More trash bags or trash cans on the corridor to avoid overflowing trashes. 3. Janitors or school maintenance must strictly follow their time-schedule in cleaning the surroundings of StarSci. 4. Trash bags or trash cans must have a separate containers for the paper, plastics, and biodegradable trashes. 5. Teachers must be stricter in keeping the silence inside the room and outside the room.