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Bala, you can feel the sweetness when you utter this name.

She is such a sweet girl form of the all-powerful goddess Sri Maha Tripurasundari. Sri Balas worship is a stepping stone to Sri Vidhya Upasana. Tripura rahasyam, a treatise on Saktham, highlights that goddess Maha Tripura sundari is indulgent in child-play as she portrays herself in the form of a little girl. In Lalitha Sahasranamam both bala(965 mantra) and leela vinodhini (966th mantra) reconfirms the child status of the para brahma swarupini. The divine play of the goddess is none other than the triple functions of creation, preservation and destruction of the prapancham(world). Sri Balas story is enunciated in lalithopakyanam and illustrated as a youthful princess of a kingdom as an ever-green 9 year old. Why Sri Bala is worshipped as a child deity? Because, with children we can be close. We tend to take liberty with them. Our affection is abundant with children. With Bala, the child we can open our heart, do the sweet talk with her and indulge in her innocence. The more you look at her as the sweet child, the more your heart abounds with joy. You become a child yourself and turn out to be childish. What could a child do? A question often arises in our mind. In our puranas, surapadman asked Balamurugan what he could do and met his fatel end. Lord Krishna, in his child form destroyed kakasuran and boodhana. In Lalitha Sahasranamam, it was the child Bala, who annihilated the 30 sons of panda asura in the 74th line pandaputhra vadod yukta, Bala Vikrama Nandita So

we should not take children as playful or easygoing types because a child, till its desired task is accomplished, doesnt give up. Dear Friends Let us Sri Balas dyna slogam Aruna krana jalaai ranchida saavakassa Vithruda japspatika pusthaka peedihasta Idara kara varatya buhla kahlaara samstha Nivasadu hrutibala nithya kalyana seela Here Sri Bala is depicted as one, having in her mind, rosary bead garland, book of learning and showing mudra(holy finger marks) signifying that She is the seat of learning. The last line Nitya kalyana seela declares that she is invincible and eternal. Thats her swarupa. One can visualize her in the form of child.

Sri Bala in green color is devotion which is kept at your pooja room and the red color is for protection which can be kept in living room or kitchen. The meaning of the sloka Nivasathu hruti Bala is the one who loves in our heart is Bala.