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To, The Chairman, Haryana Khadi and Village Industries Board, PANCHKULA.

April 15, 2013.

Subject: Appeal against office order No. HRB/Admn/EA-1/9558 dated March 28, 2013 regarding. Sir, Kindly refer to the Haryana KVIB office order No. HRB/Admn/EA-1/9558 dated March 28, 2013 along with the Shaw cause notice No. HRB/Admn/EA-1/18028 dated January 22, 2008 which was not received by me in past and now copy of this letter arranged by me from the HO. It is humbly submitted that undersigned is a well qualified, hardworking and honest official of the Board and I always try to work in the interest of Board, public as well being a public servant but better service condition along with sufficient subbordinate staff avalibality is always expected from the HO, where as required subbordinate staff never posted in the field offices by the Board and due to lac of sufficien man power, no one can work properly and supply of any information is a routine work and as per work load required subbordinate staff should be deployed by the Board. As per Shaw cause notice reply is as under: 1. Recovery under CBC scheme amount draft is required in favour of HO, if any amount recovered through draft, same always be sent to the HO at once with out any further delay and this information always conveyed on telephone to the concerned official of the HO and same proceduture was applied, there was no question of disobidience. 2. I am not able to rembember MS letter No. HRB/CBC/Report/19184 dated March 1, 2007 and if this letter was received then no question arise to keep unattended at my level, might be this letter was not received, if any reply is not avalable with the HO and I always regularly made request to the HO to depute sufficien subbordinate man power to work but sufficient man power never provided by the Board. 3. Might be during the period of 1-4-2006 to 30-6-2006 no amount was recovered under the CBC scheme, if any amount draft in favour of HO was received under CBC then definitely prompt action always been taken by me. In fact few benificaries are left under CBC scheme, from them amount yet to be recovered, I always tried to recovered the Borad dues, my track record may kindly be considered because under

CBC scheme Board dues are recovered due to serious efforts of undersigned in case of Shri Vijay Singh of Rewari and Shri Tek Chand Goyal of Ballabgarh. If there any delay while dealing and processing the papers then lac of sufficient man power factor is responsible, in fact I have been incharge of six District Faridabad, Palwal, Gurgaon, Mewat, Rewari and Narnaul along with the Consignment agency at Faridabad and my performance during above said period may kindly be considered because I always work propmtly as hobby and efficiant official of the Board. So stopping of my two increament will effect my family along with the moral of undersigned, where as nothing was done willingly if any lapses are found but it was due to the lac of subbordinate staff, hence you are humbly requested to please reconsider the matter of stopping two increment and this order may kindly be set aside in the interest of public. It is humbly requested to give me apportunity to present my case in person before your good self, personnel hearing apportunity may kindly be given to the undersigned please in the interest of natural justice. I shall be highly thankfull to you for the act of kindness. Sincerely yours,

Naresh Kadyan, Technical Supervisor (Leather) cum DKVIO. A copy of this letter is forwarded for information and necessary action to: The Chief Executive, Haryana Khadi and Village Industries Board, Panchkula.

Naresh Kadyan, Technical Supervisor (Leather) cum DKVIO.