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Eqev 7/27/13 On the Heel of: Deuteronomy 7:1211:25.

The Hebrew student is immediately drawn to the title of this Parsha - ` eqeb, translated here as, If [you follow] or On [the heel of]. It is the root of the Nations Name, part of its prophetic identity Jacob, #3290, Ya`aqob, heel-holder or supplanter. However, the bias attributed to Esau when he called Jacob the deceiver has kept the true prophetic intent of this name from being embraced. If we expect to uncover what is hidden in this Parsha Eqev, then our efforts must focus on the origin of this Name. Though connected with the heel as the part of the body seen last or at the end, and thus hinting at consequence or reward, the wages which one receives as payment at the conclusion of something it is taken to refer in a fig. sense, to the way of life ones feet lead. The idea of supplanter comes from its usage of a person who attacks, withstands or accuses another. This is how Esau uses the term in the phrase, for he has supplanted (Jacobed) me these two times. I submit it is true - yet, is Jacob at fault? What is Jacob withstanding/accusing Esau of? In the Hebrew it reads: vaYaqovni zeh paamim. The word paam indicates a time or occurrence. However, the letter Pey means mouth as the source of WORDS. While Ayin-Mem rendered am, can mean nation or people it also means to withstand. The preposition these written ZayinHey, zeh, is also the word for Lamb! Isnt it quite possible Esau is mad (having hated his birthright) because Jacob (and the Nation in Jacobs loins) withstood him with the Words of the Lamb? The Torah, the way of life his feet-heel-eqeb indicated! The conflict between the seed lines has always centered on this! Is it possible that forensic evidence exists here in the encounter of Jacob and Esau that lends understanding to the title of this Parsha Eqev? Lets examine a Hebrew euphemism regarding the feet long considered by the ancients and embedded throughout Torah: 2Kings 18:27, Is. 7:20, 2Sam. 11: 1 11. Thus, to reference EQEV or Yaqov, the heel or I will Heel, hints at the seed line, the Word of YHVH which at the heel, at the last, the end days, would SEED Israel again! Hosea 1 tells us he has Jezreel or sown us! #3157, Yizra`e'l. Israel is the one sown, #3478, Yisra'el. YHVH will seed those who stand upright before Him!


Another Peculiar set of Hebraisms: In the encounter Jacob is seen in Gen. 25:29 engaged in cooking soup, sodding pottage. The Hebrew term uses the same root:


Y`aqov naziyd. The root is #2102, zuwd, to seethe, boil up. Here it implies the fervor or fierceness of a passionate mind. To add an interesting twist to the plot, the gematria of the above phrase equals 280, the same as #5894, `iyr, a masc. noun meaning Watcher! He is described as being faint, #5889, ` ayeph, faint, weary (worn out Dan. 7:25) this same root is also seen in `eypah, darkness, with the letter Hey to become fertile added. Does it seem possible that Jacob has calculatingly prepared this meal knowing his brother had been engaging the Seed of the Serpent, the Watchers in dark intimacy? Is Jacob preparing to protect the Birthright The Seed line just as he later does when placing the peeled rods in the water troughs of his flock? It is the seed of the Serpent who would bruise the heel of the Woman HER SEED WOMB OFFSPRING. The next verse, Gen. 25:30 Esau tells Jacob to feed (#3938, la`at, a verb meaning to devour greedily the root Lamed-Ayin, loa, hints at controlling ones appetite) him now, with that Red pottage, STOP! Esau seems overwhelmed with the lusts of his flesh, weak and somewhat remorseful at his actions, yet despising his position as progenitor of the Nation. The word min can mean from, out of, who (as in to persons) and MANNA the Living Word. Ha Adam The One I will Blood, Ha Adam-The One I will Blood, hazeh, the/that and also the word for Lamb. Is it possible that more than needing a physical meal, Esau realizes his mistake and asks to be fed by Jacob the One who spent time in the tents of Shem learning Torah to feed him the Torah/Manna/Living Seed the same One Whose Blood covered (atoned for) the Adam? Incidentally, the gematria of eqeb is 172, the same as the Hebrew word for a halfshekel, #1235, beqa`, the price of redemption. It was the Half-Shekel Messiah Yahshua, who intervenes at the heel at the last, the end, to eradicate the Serpents Seed. Now, to trace another lead, there are 83 letters in our beginning text, Deut. 7:12. 83 is written Pey-Gimmel. A Hebrew word for FIG. It is different from Gen. 3:7, fig, and #8384, Teen. The Tav indicates future tense you shall, while the Alef-

Nun-Hey refers to a vessel or garment of morning rather than a specific fruit! Their naked condition requires a garment and their efforts produce a House of Misery Bethany when the House/Beit/Bride is clothed with the figs leaves Bethphage! Mark 11:12. It is interesting to note that Bethany is where the encounter with Simon the Leper occurs, the raising of Lazarus, Yahshuas anointing by the harlot with the alabaster box, the place where the donkey/ass is procured for his entry into Jerusalem. Each of these incidents connects us to the restoration of the harlot bride who has exposed herself to the Serpent and now must is covered by the fig leaves of mourning, until the SEED OF THE WOMAN, MESSIAH THE WORD MADE FLESH, DESTROYS THE HEEL LOINS, SEED OF THE SERPENT! An interesting sign of the end is that FIG Tree: Matthew 24: 32 Now learn a parable of the fig tree; When his branch [G#2798, klados, posterity, offspring, from klao, to distribute or spread] is yet tender, and putteth forth leaves [G#5444, phyllon, leaf, but also, kindred, people] ye know that summer [G#2330 theros, summer, heat, indicating tribulation?] [is] nigh [G1451, eggys, near, from a verb meaning to squeeze or throttle, and akin to the curve or bend of the arm used to throttle or choke] It would seem here, that our paradigm of this verse must change. We must assume a connection to the serpents seed once again manifesting itself with the intent to bruise the heel loins, seed of YHVH. When we SEE this the heat will become intolerable almost throttling the Elect, yet the Arm of YHVH Messiah, Ben Yamin, will throttle the head of His ancient enemy. This is consistent with Matt. 24:37.