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MKULTRA: Government Mind Control Experiments, Part 8 Dr.

Harris Isbel, operated at various National Institute of Mental Health facilities to carry out mind control experiments and test many unproven drugs. The CIA funded him through Navy grants, and he had an infinite number of patients as subjects. The patient rumor mill had it that if they volunteered for testing, they would be rewarded with the drugs of their choice. He later told a Congressional committee that he had inherited the drug pay-off system when he came to Public Service Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky, where many of his experiments were conducted on captive black inmates. In 1975, he defended his practices before a Senate Committee and saw nothing wrong with rewarding inmates with high grade morphine. We do not know if his work was part of the Navys mysterious project Chapter. There were two Army projects in mind control that also remain complete mysteries: Third Chance and Derby Hat. Lt. Commander Thomas Narut told a conference of NATO psychiatrists in Oslo that the Navy, most likely Office of Naval Intelligence, has taken killers from military prisons, reprogrammed them and distributed them around the world, tying them to US embassies. He said they were assassins and hit men who were trained for various commando and black ops. Dr. Alfred Zitani, another American delegate, confirmed for the Times of London what Narut had said. Rodney Hadley Stark was working for the CIA when he furnished a group of West Coast ex-bikers known as Brotherhood of Love with LSD to peddle as they wished. Some think this was an effort to reduce the effectiveness of political activists in the 1960s. Timothy Leary was also tied to these people. Stark was multi-lingual, had ties to right-wing elements and intelligence people in Italy, and probably had something to do with the kidnapping and murder of ex-premier Aldo Moro. Scott Jones; CIA; mind control C.B. Scott Jones, a former ONI officer, is considered something of the Cardinal Richelieu of all these mind programs. He seems everywhere and nowhere at the same time. He is known to research the UFO phenomenon. Martin Cannon thinks that some subjects have been programmed to associate what happened to them with UFO abductions. These screen memories may have been created to cover experiment terminations with many subjects. It is known that amnesia can be induced and that new memories can be created to cover this lost memory. The army at Fort Dietrick has done mind control experiments, and Dr.Andrija Puharich was a major figure in this project since the fifties. In addition to the usual foci, it included electromagnetic experiments. In the Nixon years, there was much interest in electronic stimulation of the brain as well as the use of ultrasonics and radiation. In 1981, David Brinkley wrote in NBC Magazine about Russian experiments with the brain through electronic stimulation. By then it was known that the Russians were also working with

strong broadband transmissions. It is been known since the 1960s that brain implants can be inserted easily and at least produce feelings of pain and pleasure. Project Moonstruck began in 1952 and aimed at placing implants in the brain and teeth. It was also known since the 1930s that remote electronic waves can be used to hypnotize. In 1963, three scientists from Boston placed implants in the brains of three VC prisoners at Bien Hoa Hospital. The implanting was successful but the doctors were unable to make the prisoners attack each other, so the three were shot. How far this knowledge has been carried is unclear. There was also speculation in the late seventies, that electronic processes could not only wipe out memories, they could also wipe out large periods of time subjects. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is also involved in these activities. The experimenters are also interested in ESP, a defense mechanism found in some people which is probably a holdover from primitive times. There was also a strong interest in remote viewing (RV) and in training people to deliver messages exactly and then completely forget them. AS for remote viewing, a Freedom of Information request in 1972 turned up CIA Technical Services Contract 8473 with the Scientologists for remote viewing services. Attorney David Rosebaum found that about 100 employees at a Monaca, Pa. Chemical plant had died strange deaths. Members of their families who asked questions also had a high mortality rate. He found that men on the plants medical staff had subjected at least two women to hypnosis under traumatic conditions. Both men were in a cult called the Order of the Fourth Reich. Later he learned that other employees were subjected to this treatment and also that they were being taught how to remember to forget. Drugs were used to help victims regress to childhood. Some of the victims though they had dealings with Joseph Mengele, and whoever this Mengele really was, he told one person that he had programmed Lee Harvey Oswaldalmost certainly these comments were meant to be disinformation. They believed Mr. Halloran, a second torturer/programmer, was a CIA man. Second Generation Experiments CIA director William Colby said the agency stopped all the mind control experiments in the early seventies. However, CIA veteran Victor Marchetti was to establish that Colbys claim was untrue. The agency claimed MKULTRA had not been very successful, when in fact it had been very successful. Another veteran agent , Miles Copeland, said narcohypnosis had been taken so far it had been drained dry. The intelligence community had moved on into psychoelectronics. Yales Dr Jose Delgado, a native of Francos Spain, was the most successful experimenter in this new area, called ESB (electronic stimulation of the brain.). He placed small probes in the brain of a child and contacted it via FM radio waves with his stimocever. One of his subjects was trained to call him Herr Doctor. He once tested his invention in a Madrid bull ring. He entered the ring completely unprotected to face a raging bull that had been given a cranial implant. Delgado let the bull come fairly close before pushing a button on a black box he was carrying. The bull turned and walked away. He also experimented with cats, placing in them sound sensors that broadcasted conversations to remote receivers.

His major work was Physical Control of the Mind: Toward a Psychocivilized Society. By inventing implants, he sent mind control experiments off in a new director. In 1966, he said the day would come when brain control would be handled by non-human operators elaborate computers. The new thrust was upon cordless mind control. In this way, he could create many different emotions, including lust, rage, and fatigue. His work was funded by the Office of Naval Intelligence. He believed that through these techniques humankind could be psychocivilized and that 'humans can be controlled like robots by push buttons' The original implants from the fifties and sixties were bulky, but progress was soon made in miniaturizing them. Strides were also made in building tracking implants that would permit controllers to keep closer tabs on their subjects. Technology improved to the point where Joseph A. Myers of the National Security Agency suggested it would be useful put implants in half the people arrested in the United States, particularly urban dwellers. He thought experiments in this should begin in Harlem. Later, the University of Californias Dr Ross Adey learned that he could effect brain waves by using special radio waves. Allen Frey found that using radiowaves he could create different sounds in the brain and could induce sleep. Another scientist, Joseph Sharp of Walter Reed learned how to use electromagnetic impulses to make words be heard in people heads. This would help the deaf but also be of great use to the black bag boys and girls. In 1974, DOD scientist J. F. Scapitz began combining drug techniques with electromagnetic experiments to effect the way people thought. His techniques did not require implanting devices to receive and decode impulses. Moreover, the target or subject would have no idea what was taking place. However, the intelligence agency still works with nanochips and microchips, which can do far more intelligence work. Some of the chips emit radiation and are triggered by nuclear energy. Nanochips are so small they can be ingested with food. The techniques that do not depend upon implants are more useful for warfare and influencing the health of enemies. They are the basis for many non lethal weapons. There is some evidence, particular coming from the United Kingdom, that microwaves or non-lethal weapons, are being used make life uncomfortable for dissidents. In the United States, FBI whistleblower Gerald Sosbee claims that microwaves are being used to disrupt his sleep and induce nausea. It is known that Project Pandora, begin in 1965, tested the effects of microwave stimulation on chimpanzees. Source: