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Nation Wide Interest in R osier ucianism

W hat is It?
H E present wide-spread interest in the subject of Rosicrucianism has aroused a nation wide demand for facts regarding this very old and intensely interesting fraternity of men and women. For instance, when the State of O kla homa a few years ago found itself in a contest between the constructive forces of the Rosicrucian organization in its environs and the destructive forces of its enemies, once again the historical achievements of the Rosicrucians in behalf of American ideals were brought to light.

Editors W ere M isled

T h e Am erican nation being thusly awakened to the true power of the Fraternity of the Rosy Cross, editors and publishers, magazine and pamphlet writers rushed into print with stories and speculations about the brotherhood. Old encyclopedias with their antiquated guesses about the Rosicrucians were taken down from dusty shelves and consulted. M ore modern books with even more weird tales of the Fraternity and its purposes were also given a careful reading, and to this mis inform ation some popular literature emanating from pseudo Rosicrucian bodies added the last words of fanatical description about an organization which has for centuries been free from all the sensational tommyrot that constitutes the very body and soul of modern cults and schools of personal philosophy. Soon many newspapers and magazines discovered their mistake. T h e readers of many of the leading pub lications of Am erica protested against the erroneous and misleading statements made about an organization [3 ]

which they held in high esteem. T h e editors sought newer inform ation. T hey found they were freely ad' vertising and actually pro m otin g the insane teachings and doctrines of several commercially operated schemes which cater to the lancies and superstitions of the illiterate and gullible.

Editors Sought the Truth

A notable example is the action of the editors oi the Okmulgee T im es-D em ocrat who devoted several whole pages of their paper to explain the purposes of the true Rosicrucian O rder with its honorable history closely allied with the early foundations of the American nation, and with outlines o f its true principles. This was for the purpose of refuting the false charges made by various Oklahoma newspapers. T hen came the editors of the weekly T im e stating that their reference to the Rosicrucians in the issue of December 5, 1927, had brought many criticisms and complaints leading to an investigation of the facts stated and an appeal to the real Rosicrucian O rder for correct inform ation. T h e Associated Press, the U nited Press, and other news syndicates and bureaus beseiged the headquarters of the Rosicrucian O rder for its real history and a true outline of its purposes. From every part of the country came the appeal for the facts to contradict the false propaganda that had been broadcast for several years.

regarding persons, places and things unknown to them. But, while many subjects are carefully re-written from edition to edition in these encyclopedias, and other articles are prepared after consultation with eminent authorities, it may seem strange to the users of these works that on the subject of R osicrucianism the average encyclopedia or dictionary has been about as wrong in its statement as it could be.

Common M istakes in M ost Reference Encyclopedias

T h e cause of this state of affairs is the fact that nearly all such books have copied the original state ments on the subject of Rosicrucianism made in the first issue of encyclopedias published in England years ago, the first works of their kind. It apparently accepted someone's opinion of the Rosicrucian Order and pub lished it; and all recent books, except the N E W E D IT IO N S of the New Standard Year Book, Modern Encyclopedia, Encyclopedia Britannica, W ebster's NewInternational D ictionary published by G. 6? C. Merriam C o., Doubleday Encyclopedia, T h e Colombia Encyclo pedia, copied the old story, with modifications. And that old, unreliable, worthless and false story o f the Rosicrucians finds its way into the newspapers of today. If someone writes to the editor of a newspaper asking W h o and what are 'T h e Rosicrucians? " , if they do not have any o f the recent authentic sources above available, we find the answer the next day in the Q ues tion and Answer column of the paper taken verbatim from the unreliable source, while the above dependable sources could be easily contacted.

Reference Books in Error

Few of the editors or writers who printed the recent stories of the Rosicrucians were aware of the misstatements contained in their explanations; nor did they know that several pseud o Rosicrucian organizations in A merica were fostering the misconception and filling their coffers with the fruit of the propaganda being carried on by the writers and editors. T h e real responsibility for this condition of affairs lies with the publishers of some of the modern encyclopedias. These reference books are the sole source of inform ation for busy editors and writers who must turn quickly to some dependable guide for information

An Exam ple of Serious Misunderstanding

U nder the subject of Rosicrucianism one reads that the O rder started in Germ any in the 17th century through the strange story invented by one man named C hristian R o se n \re u z . However, in looking up allied subjects in another part of the same books, one reads of the Illum inati as a part of the Rosicrucians existing

in the 13th century. At once we wonder how there could have been Rosicrucians four centuries before the m an in Germ any started the organization. T h e truth of the m atter is that the O rder did not start in Germany, nor in the 17th century; and there was no man by the name of C h ristian R o se n \re u z , although all the old, and most of the new, encyclopedias say so, and even the pseudo Rosicrucian bodies in Am erica say they trace their origin and authority ( !) to the foundation started by C h ristian Rosenl{reuz. W hence came the name? Several pamphlets about the Rosicrucian Order were written in the 17th century and signed with the symbolical name of C h ristian R o se n \re u z , meaning in language o f the time, Christian Rosy Cross the adopted name of one o f the leaders of the organization. So little do these pseud o Rosicrucian bodies know the real history o f the body they are im itating, that they do not know that Sir Francis Bacon and his brother, and several others, were the heads o f the O rder in Europe at that time, and the pamphlets signed C h ris tian R o se n \re u z were actually w ritten by Sir Francis Bacon and contained the same cipher systems of identi fication as found in other Baconian works.

the sane and sensible things common to decent society; it d oes not conduct nation-wide fortune telling plans and sell horoscopes, life readings, psychic delin eations, tea-leaf prognostications nor astrabclairvoy an t predictions.

And, Remember This - - it does not deal with sex practices and indulgences in any form, nor refer to them under the guise of oriental developm ent exercises, Yogi systems, and spiritu al awakenings. M any forms of sex per version and questionable indulgences are subtly offered by so-called mystic bodies attempting to use the term m etaphysical; it does not have oriental experiments for members, requiring them to do things and live according to rules which men, their wives, sons and daughters, could not decently do in the presence of each other; the Rosicrucian O rder does not promulgate any secret, oriental or fanatical systems o f any kind whether called Y ogi, Hinduism, Sufism, Sandolism, or any o f the other fifty-seven va rieties of ancient or modern fanaticism; it does not teach that there are seven planes or w orlds beyond this one, each divided into seven sub-divisions and each inhabited by Salam an ders or microscopic beings which descend upon us at times and tempt us into sin and at the same time furnish us with an alibi for our transgressions; nor does it teach that we have six (o r how many m ore?) astral, psychic, mental, spiritual, desire, and physical bodies all vying to control our actions and offering us avenues for escape from conviction for any error; it is not a reform school, a hidden society, nor a sectarian schism of some kind.

Some Surprising F acts

Perhaps at this time it may be easier to alter the wrong opinions about the Rosicrucians in the minds of so many, by stating first what the Rosicrucian O rd er and Rosicrucian m em bers are not. T h e Rosicrucian O rder is not a philosophical cult; it is not a religious movement nor the expounder of a new creed; its membership is not limited to those who pledge allegiance to some personal leader or group of leaders; it does not look forward to the coming of awor!d m aster, nor collect funds for the education of world Saviours or a v atars; it is not anti religious, anti church, an ti prohibition, a n ti meat-eating, anti-vivisection nor anti any of

it is not fanatical in any sense, enjoins no strange methods of living or thinking upon its members, nor caters to the uneducated and gullible as do so many of the bodies which have tried to adopt its name and symbol. All the foregoing tells you but a few of the things which the real Rosicrucian O rder is not. Naturally the question follows:

W hat is the Rosicrucian O rder?

It is a fraternity in the truest sense operating as do the other old and honorable fraternities on a Lodge system. But, since the earliest days of its existence, the Rosicrucian O rder has had this one outstanding point of d istinction: Instead of dealing with some speculative philosophy and purely symbolical ritualism, it deals with the practical sciences and arts necessary to enable men and women to live more useful lives, here and now. T o carry on this work efficiently, the Order operates as a College or U niversity and in some of the States of America is incorporated as a College as well as a Fraternal Order. Its instruction is limited to members within the Order -and to these members the instruction in various courses of study is given without the pay ment of tuition fees. T h e very nominal membership dues cover all costs of tuition. T h e work is not carried on in a commercial manner, and is supported mainly hy the voluntary contributions of prominent business men in every section of the country who find the O rder of benefit to themselves and the members of their homes or business institutions.

European Congresses. T h at one body is the A M O R C . It has a United States patent on the name of the Order and the true symbol of the Order a cross with a single red rose in its centre. (V ariou s so-called R osi crucian bodies in Am erica use different names, and to avoid misrepresentation, use a symbol consisting of a cross with several roses, or other simulations of the true ancient sym bol.) T h e Rosicrucian Order, A M O R C , is also a part of the Federation Universelle des Ordres et Societes Initiatiques, known by its abbreviation F U D O S J, an international F ederation o f the fourteen largest arcane, mystical a n d philosophical organiza tions of the world, holding their annual conferences in Brussels, Belgium.

The American Order

T h e A M O R C in North and South America consti tutes the American authority of the International Order of the same true name. Its jurisdiction covers the whole North and South American continents and the depen dencies of the United States. In this jurisdiction there are hundreds of active branches, Grand Lodge, local lodges, colleges and classes. It owns much property, has libraries and Lodge Temples in Egyptian style, and con ducts much public well arc work by means of public discourses and the radio, and through various educa tional channels. It contributes liberally to all the fine arts and sciences, for the advancement of scientific knowledge and even for excavations in Egypt to bring to various national museums some of the art of that land. T h e leaders of the branches of the work are business men and women, deriving no income from the Order but paying their small membership dues like all other members.

A W orld-W ide Organization

T he Rosicrucian O rder is an international body existing in every civilized land, and with a traditional history covering many centuries. All allied jurisdictions send their representatives to the international Rosicrucian congresses; and there is but one Rosicrucian o r ganization in North and South America which is a part of the international body with representation in the

Benefits are Practical

Members are given every opportunity to develop their latent talents, preparing them to live better lives, be more healthy and successful in their vocations or professions, or in the conduct of their homes. Only the

p ractical affairs o f life are dealt w ith, without extremes or unnatural divergencies from the proper course in life. T h a t the organization has accumulated great funds, possesses sufficient power to carry on its activities and continues to be the oldest and largest educational move ment for the inner development o f men and women in North and South A m erica, is simply due to the organi zation's sane and rational foundation.

Honorable American Record

And lastly, the O rder is closely allied with the early history of America and is one hundred per cent A m er ican in this land. It was first established in Am erica in 169 4 and its original buildings still stand in Fairm ount Park, Philadelphia. Among its early officers were B en jamin Franklin and Thom as Jefferson. Since then the most prominent men and women of progressive edu cation and development have been members and officers of the O rder, and, as Lord Bulwer Lytton said in his book Z an on i, a halo of glory still continues to sur round the name and ideals of the Rosicrucian O rder the real order. Further inform ation, including the new free book T h e Secret H eritage, regarding the O rd er can be secured by addressing a letter to :

R o s ic ru c ia n P ark

S A N JO S E , C A L IF O R N IA Bear in mind the O rder never uses the names Rosicrucian Fellow ship, R osicrucian Society, R osicrucian F ratern ity or R osicru cian C entre. It has but one name, the intern ation al nam e, T h e A n c i e n t a n d M y s t i c a l O r d e r R o s a e C r u c i s (O rd er of the Rosy C ross). T h e initials of this name, A M O R C , are used for brevity. D o not be misled by names that seem similar.