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Siddharth K Patel


5, Shreeji Bunglows Nr. Siddhnath Park Isanpur, 382443 Ahmedabad Phone: +91-9687082588 Email id:

I intend to work in challenging and dynamic environment where my skills are put to test for constant and never ending learning and improvement.

Resourceful and focused engineer with ability to adapt new technologies to design, implement and deliver projects that require creative engineering capabilities. My interest is inclined towards subjects of computer science and electronics. Im competent in all the subjects of Electrical Technology apart from that Ive have technical knowledge in the fields of: HTML CSS PHP MySql Javascript C and embedded C Wordpress framework Open-source Technologies Arduino and Processing Micro controllers 8051 and c8051f120 Digital and Micro-electronics Artificial Intelligence Digital Signal Processing Embedded systems Personnel Strengths
Analytical Thinking Problem Solving Cross-cultural Communication Negotiation Team Player attitude Presentation Skills

Education Charotar University of science and technology Changa May13

Obtained degree of bachelor of Technology in field of Electrical Engineering from Chandubhai S Patel Inst. Of technology with CGPA of 7.07/10

Divine buds English School

Obtained distinction with 75.2% in Class XII


Divine buds English School

Obtained distinction with 76.46% in Class X


Relevant Experience

Home Automation System (2012-13)

I developed Home automation Systems using various wired and wireless methods for college project. This was my introduction to coding and tweaking LEDs. This project taught me several things like thinking out of the box, importance of team and most importantly it provided me with an opportunity to work in a completely new environment.

IEEE -CSPIT (2012-13)

I was treasurer for academic year 2012-13 for IEEE-CSPIT. During my tenure we organized workshops and seminars for the benefit of students of CSPIT. This work has helped me to develop marketing skills.

Cognizance12 (2012)
Cognizance is Technical festival of my university. I was event co-ordinator for the event Fox-Hunt during this tech-fest, so I designed and build FM- transistor. I was also part of finance and advertisement team. At the end of our campaign we managed to raise twice as much of previous year. This event taught me to think creatively in unfavourable situations. I also honed my managerial, negotiation and presentation skills. This event also made me a team player.

Chess-Fide rated player (2010-present)

Im FIDE rated chess player with personal best of 1823. I also have been university chess champion. Several International chess tournaments have taught me to think out of the box creatively and to work under high time pressure situations.

Bio diesel project (2005)

Synthesized bio-diesel for a UT level science fair. This project sparked the love of science and technology that I still have.

Personal Information
Date of birth: 8th January 1992 Languages known: English, Hindi, Gujarati. I also have little familiarity with Portuguese and German. Hobbies: I share passion of reading books, gyming, music and chess.