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July 24, 2013

To all parties concerned, be it known that I, Eternal Essence in-bodied, known in this life time as Robert Allen Wright, intend to deposit some of my value, in full transparency under my terms and conditions as true/full custodian of my body and being. You may use my signature to underwrite this application to use my account 564020988, from which I will receive units designated in any representation I choose in a 1:1 value to value exchange in complete transparency 100% liability and responsibility. Under my terms and conditions the Bank will receive a one time discount transaction fee of 10%. Also my value is NOT to be used for trade in or on any trading platform. I shall make a deposit of 3.5 million units of my value into the aforementioned account. After the Bank has converted my deposit of value to money of account USD, a representation that I choose, I shall receive $3,150,000 USD and the bank shall receive $350,000 USD as a discount transaction fee for their use. My value which is the energy stored in my vehicle (body) represented in Gold (eternal essence) and Silver (the body) is prepaid, pre-authorized. and pre-approved secured under UCC filings, Universal and International Record No. 2013032035, under perpetuity UCC Record No. 2000043135, all restated and incorporated in full by reference as if set forth in full, without prejudice.

Without Prejudice

________________________________ Robert A. Wright,