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29th - 30th March12 (Thurs-Fri): Melia Hotel, Jalan Imbi Kuala Lumpur Malaysia: A 2-day Professional Program on:

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Made it very affordable for you (HRDF Claimable)... International trainer with excellent expertise... Outstanding tools for RCA implementation...

Root Cause Analysis

A Method to Search For and Identify the Underlying Causes of Production Problems, Instead of Responding to Just Symptoms

Your international Facilitator Mr. Michael Wader: ... has more than 30 years of extensive experience in implementing Lean practices tools including Value Stream Mapping in many countries around the world... He has designed and delivered programs in Lean practices for corporate clients throughout the world, including Malaysians, Continental Sime Tyres PJ, Renesas Semiconductors Penang, Vacuumschmelze Kuantan, Sara Lee Johor and many more...
The Objective of Attending this course;

The Keys Why you Should Attend this Interactive Course; Root Cause Analysis helps identify what, how and why something happened, thus giving you the opportunity to prevent Recurrence. Root Causes are underlying, are reasonably identifiable, and can be controlled by management if people are allowed to generate useful recommendations that can be implemented. The Root Cause Analysis process should include Data Collection, cause charting, root cause Identification, corrective action generation, and measurement for continued sustainability. Increase the number of tools in your Problem Solving toolbox by adding Lean techniques to Quality Management Systems and your existing company procedures. Forgetting to use Human Leadership skills will definitely slow down the improvement process and hide many of the real root causes.

This course will cover all areas of the Root Cause Analysis (RCA) , concentrating on the methodologies, tools, and techniques specific to RCA that can be deployed into your organization. Participants will learn powerful strategies of acquiring efficient business processes, discovering the potential savings and results in high quality service level for a Global Success.

What some of our past Clients who have attended courses with Mike have to Say; "Great trainer, real life examples and very simple to understand, Mike is a great facilitator IP Manager Nestle Manufacturing (M) Sdn Bhd An experienced trainer, well conducted and very useful tips for my everyday job Manager Western Digital (M) Sdn Bhd

Expitris Worldwide programs are tailored to provide passionate and practical training. Our approach:
Mixture of instructive presentations, dynamic in-session coursework and collaboration of the participants to absorb implementation learning steps. To get the most out of the program we have a strictly limited number and fashionable mingle with the trainer. Comprehensive course materials.

Very good information that can be implemented right after I return to my working place, Mike is an excellent trainer

Manager Intel Products (M) Sdn Bhd Each participant will leave with comprehensive steps for implementing Root Cause Analysis strategies within their own organization that can be used immediately after they return to their working place.

Day 1 Thursday 29th March12

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Worldwide Sdn Bhd (641332-X)

About Your Course Facilitator: Opening Remark MORNING SESSION Overview and Expectations Introduction to Why Root Cause Analysis is needed in all organizations Understanding why most problem solving does not cure the root cause Introduction to a systematic Problem Solving approach Understanding how analytical and creative thinking must be integrated Identifying and reviewing the tools needed for Root Cause Analysis Classroom exercise to establish a problem to be solved for classroom measurements opportunities (breakout exercise)
Mr. Michael Wader has more than 30 years of hands-on experience in implementing Lean principle plus 10 years of teaching and consulting experience throughout the world including Malaysia in-house/onsite and public. He is a Certified Quality Manager, Quality Auditor and Lean Practitioner who has taught and mentored managers and work teams in the electronics, aviation, mini steel mill, warehousing, consumer products, automotive industries etc. He is frequently requested as a speaker at Quality Conferences in the U.S. and has presented trainings for public and in-house / onsite in Taiwan, Korea, England, India, Sri Lanka, Russia, Thailand U.S. and many more. Mike has developed customized Quality Awareness, Excellence in Customer Services, Value Stream Mapping, 5S & TPM, Rapid Improvement Processes, Leadership Responsibilities and Lean practices courses for manufacturing, warehousing distribution, maintenance, servicing organizations of 10 to 10,000 employees. His impact as a trainer and the catalyst for action has consistently produced substantial cost savings results during Kaizen events and Action Work Outs. Apart from pleasing his customers around the world he is also an award winning leader & recognized motivator of Champions for Quality! Helping potential leaders recognize their roles in implementing Leadership tools and Lean practices along with understanding the challenges of global quality standards is a skill that Mike excels at.

AFTERNOON SESSION Development and discovery of root causes and their difference from symptoms Developing a clear and measurable Problem Statement (Exercise) Learning to build the 7-Step systematic Problem Solving technique Apollo Methodology 3 different ways to use a Cause and Effect (Ishikawa) diagram Understanding how to use the 5-Whys for maximum identification of root cause Problems Using Nested Pareto Charts for root cause identification
Mr. Wader is also a professional trainer on:
Lean Manufacturing Lean Office 5S & Total Quality Management Rapid Improvement Process Leadership Excellencies

Past Clients List Malaysian / International

Continental Sime Tyres (PJ) Western Digital (M) S/B Infineon Technologies S/B Texas Instruments (M) S/B Sony EMC (M) S/B Intel Products (M) S/B Dowell Schlumberger Int. Inc Silverstone Bhd J.K Wire Harness S/B LCL Furniture S/B B Braun Medical Ind, S/B F&N Ice Cream Mfg (M) S/B Petronas Dagangan Bhd Perodua Manufacturing S/B Proton Holding Bhd Freescale Semiconductor (M) S/B Lam Soon Edible Oils British American Tobacco (M) S/B JTI Tobacco S/B OYL Condair Industries S/B Q L Foods S/B Yeo Hiap Seng (M) S/B YEOS Automotive Industries S/B Sime Darby Industrial Sdn Bhd Segamat Panel Boards Sdn Bhd Lafarge Cement Sdn Bhd Weng Meng Industries S/B Kimberly-Clark Products (M) S/B and many more at: www,

Day 2 Friday 30th March12

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Worldwide Sdn Bhd (641332-X)

Why You should Attend this practical course:

MORNING SESSION Using Logic Tree analysis Classroom exercise to review the problem and apply root cause analysis tools (breakout exercise) Applying Value Stream Mapping tool

This training course will open your mind to the new ideas and thinking to embrace the most advanced Root Cause Analysis Strategies and Methods for Global Success. Mr. Wader will share his expertise as a practitioner, consultant and principal in the past 30 years, which has helped many companies implement Lean tools including RCA for any business. The course will help to identify RCA service opportunities, measuring strategic performance results and leveling against best practices. You will Learn a

Applying Basic Quality Management tools Planning for Corrective Action Report

AFTERNOON SESSION Understanding the Human side of finding root causes for problems Managements involvement in supporting this Root Cause Analysis Development of an Action Plan to implement Corrective Actions Identifying Leadership requirements to Make the Corrective action Determining how to continuously measure the Corrective Actions for sustainability From Mr. Micheal Wader table...
Malaysia has a long history of following international standards like ISO 9000. These Standards require problems or defects to be tracked and eliminated from processes. Root Cause Analysis is a key tool used to dig deeply into problems and defects to discover the root causes. Too often teams respond to symptoms instead of root causes because it is quicker and easier. But fixing only the symptoms will allow the problem or defect to occur again. Asking the right questions, taking time to analyze the real problems, and making changes that are tested and will last is the correct action to take. The Corrective Action Report (C.A.R.) should not include just the temporary fix to stop the symptoms form recurring. The C.A.R should have analysis results and tested recommendations in the report that demonstrates the problem or defect has permanently eliminated. Michael Wader

Systematic approach for digging into processes to reveal real causes of delays and errors. How to avoid responding to symptoms of reoccurring problems instead of finding a long term cure A six (6) step approach that expands the traditional PDCA model and provides a more in depth analysis

Who Should Attend This course is designed for Managers / Executives/ Staffs from all departments: Operations Directors / Mangers / Executives. Quality Management Directors / Managers (QA/QC). Operation, Purchasing, Admin, HRs Directors / Managers. Process Improvement Directors / Managers. Engineering Directors / Manager. Production Process Engineers Directors / Managers. Factory / Plants Directors / Managers. Lean Managers Production and Engineers. Facilities / Maintenance Directors / Managers. Supply Chain and Logistics Directors / Managers. Simply all cross-functional departments Managers and Staffs

Course Schedule: 08:30 09:00 10:40 11:00 12:50 14:00 15:30 15:45 17:00 Registration & Coffee/Tea Workshop commences Refreshment and Networking Workshop continues Lunch Workshop continues Afternoon Refreshment Workshop continues Workshop concludes For both dates

Satisfaction Guaranteed As part of our professional commitment to quality we offer a satisfaction guarantee. If, at the end of the first day, you feel the workshop is not adding value for your organization, simply let us know and we will credit your registration fee to any other program or service offered by Expitris.