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BUILDING BRAND FROM THE INSIDE OUT: Connecting People, Purpose & Performance

July 11, 2013

Leaders are Activating Their Employees Around Purpose to Build Brand from the Inside Out

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The End Of Trust

PurPle The Rise Of Shared Value Power To The People


The End Of Trust

PurPle The Rise Of Shared Value Power To The People

The Trust Deficit

Trust in all organizations is at an all-time low.
Communications Implications: Credibility, authenticity and transparency of information are even more critical Systems and channels that enable real-time communications Activate all four generations in the workforce

cite a loss of trust in their employer

2010 Deloitte Ethics & Workplace Survey

Power to the People

People believe that only they themselves can come up
with innovative solutions to our most pressing problems, not governments or corporations.
Communications Implications: Culture of participation and two-way dialogue must be fostered Involve employees in process early to articulate, refine or validate purpose Co-create and iterate purpose content to increase buy-in Create brand ambassadors

The Marketing or Development Department does not own our brand; the whole organization is involved. John Pfeiffer, CEO, Inspiration Corporation

The Rise of Shared Value

People are demanding that organizations not only
rediscover their social purpose but also put it at the core of how they conduct their business and engage with their stakeholders to create shared value.
Great companies nurture a dialogue to keep social

Communications Implications: Replace rulebooks with shared beliefs

Demonstrate alignment of purpose, business strategy and outcomes Adapt or adopt recognition and reward to link with purpose Create opportunities for employees to live purpose outside their job function

purpose at the forefront

of everyones mind and ensure that employees use the organizational values as a guide for business decisions.
How Great Companies Think Differently, HBR, Nov. 2011


PurPle + Profitability

Built to Last, James Collins and Jerry Porras

Firms with shared values-based cultures enjoyed: Purpose- and Valuesdriven organizations outperformed the general market and comparison companies by 15:1 and 6:1, respectively.

400% 1,200%
Higher Revenues Higher Stock Prices Global Job Growth


- Corporate Culture and Performance, John Kotter and James Heskett


Inside-Out Branding: A Checklist

Can your employees articulate your purpose?

Is it integrated across your organization?

Have you educated your leaders? Have you inspired employees to be ambassadors? Trained and equipped them? Are you sharing stories and celebrating success? Are employees empowered to share their stories?

Thank You

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