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Welcome to the Pureit Family

Removes 1 Crore virus in 1 Litre of water *



Removes 1 Crore virus in 1 Litre of water*



Welcome to the Pureit Family! We thank you for the trust

you have shown in our product and we guarantee you that
our product will live up to your expectations. Pureit is
trusted by millions of users around the world for providing
safe drinking water for their loved ones.

{] { +{E Mi ! +{x =i{n V S

nJ< =E B vxn + M] ni E
=i{n +{E +{I+ { J =iM* +{x |Vx E Ii
{x E {x ={v Ex E B nx J ={H+
x {] { E *

Our product is developed by experts and is designed to

give you water that is As Safe As Boiled Water. Pureit
adheres to some of the toughest standards of leading
institutions both in India and abroad.
If ever you need to get in touch with us for anything, please
call us at 1860-180-1000.
We once again thank you for buying our product and we
look forward to a long and fruitful association with you.

=i{n E BC{] x Ei E + < i

bV<x E V +{E = {x Vix Ii
{x n E* {] i n E |J <]] E
E`x ]bb E {x Ei *
E Eh n +{E {E Ex E +Ei ,
i E{ 1860-180-1000 { x E*
+{x =i{n Jn =E B {x: vxn B +{
v xv xB Jx E + Ji *


Pureit advantages

{] E n ...........................................................................................3
Getting to Know Your Pureit

+{x {] E VxB ..................................................................................4

How Pureit Works

{] E E Ei ..............................................................................5
Setting-up Pureit

{] E l{x ........................................................................................6
Ordering & changing the Germkill Kit
VE E] Jnx + nx ..............................................................7

Cleaning & maintenance of Pureit

{] E < + J J ...................................................................14
Dos & Donts

C E + C x E .............................................................................21

pureit Advantages

{] E n
As Safe As Boiled Water

No continuous tap water needed

= {x Vix Ii {x

i {x E W i x

Auto shut-off

No harmful bacteria, virus & parasite

+] ]-+

E< xEE C], <

{<] x

Natural tasting water

No gas

|E iE n

M E W i x

Great after sales service

No boiling


{x =x E W i x

Indias No.1# selling purifier

No electricity

i E x 1# Ex {

V E W i x

Food grade plastic

No chlorine taste

Jt Ob {]E

Cx n x

Strong and durable


Wi + ]E>

B.B. E W i x

No plumbing

No undesirable odour

{M E W i x

E< nMxv x


+{x {] E VxB

1. Top Lid

9. Germkill Processor
VE |

2. Top Cover

10. Polisher

3. Window

11. Transparent Chamber

]{ b
]{ E


]{] S

Micro Fibre Mesh

<G <

5. Top Chamber



12. Tap


13. Cleansing Collection Chamber

]{ S


6. Activated Carbon Trap

BC]]b Ex ]{

14. Pedestal



7. Batching Chamber



8. Germkill Life Indicator

VE < <bE]


Technical specifications for pureit

{] E iExE VxE
Pureit / {]
Height / > S<

61 cms / 61

Width / Sc<

29 cms / 29

26 cms / 26
4.1 kgs / 4.1 E O

Depth / M<
Weight / Wx
Total purifier volume

23 litres / 23 ]

{ { E Ii
Water storage capacity /

{x bh E Ii

9 litres / 9 ]

Material of construction /

Food safe, non-toxic, engineering plastics /

xh O

Jt Ob, M +jE {]E

Germkill Kit / VE E]
Material of construction /

Food safe, non-toxic, engineering plastics /

xh O

Jt Ob M +jE {]E
The Germkill Kit has been designed to typically give 1500 litres of water
at a temperature of 25C, in moderate humidity conditions /
VE E] E 25C i{x { x +pi E li MM
1500 ] {x Ex E Ii E B x M

Purification capacity /

{Ex Ii
Expiry period / Vx


Germkill performance standard /

VE |nx xE

Three years from the date of manufacturing / xh

il ix

Meets stringent international criteria of the Environmental Protection

Agency (EPA), USA, for harmful viruses & bacteria removal / Bx]
|]Cx BV (< { B), B B, E xEE C] + < xx

Ec { nb { J =ii

Pedestal is an accessory which does not come with the original device, but is available for purchase separately.
{b] BE E +M V xB b< E l x +i, { +M Jn V E i

How Pureit Works


re Filter



ic r


{] E E Ei

visible dirt




l Pr


v + ^




ed Car bon

BC]]b E


harmful parasites
and pesticides

{]<b ]i

|Ob VE
]CxV E ={M E
xEE C] + <
E xEi


e r

chlorine and other
contaminants to make
water clear,
odourless and
natural tasting





Uses programmed
Germkill technology
to target
& remove invisible
viruses and bacteria

Cx +x
ni E ]i
V {x , Mvx
E ni n x
Vi *

SETTiNg up purEiT

{] E l{x

Open the box. Remove the thermocol and the

plastic cling film

Place the top chamber and batching

chamber on transparent chamber

C J* lE + {]E CM ]

]{ B SM S E ]{] S { J

Pour in water till the brim of the

Top Chamber and drain out all
the water that collects in the
Transparent Chamber.
Pureit is now ready for use

{x E ]{ S E i iE
n + ]{] S +x
{x E n* {] +
<i E B i

There is a bellow pump in the top chamber. Keep it in a safe place as you will
need it later for cleaning.

]{ S BE {{ * < Ii lx { J n CE < E
+{E <E V i {cM*

OrdEriNg ANd ChANgiNg ThE gErMKill KiT

VE E] Jnx + nx

When indicator shows white or partially

red, the Germkill Kit is working and its
safe to use
Safe to use

={M E B Ii

V <bE] n n E
, <E i VE E] E E
+ ={M E B Ii

When indicator shows mostly red, the

Germkill Kit is nearing its end of life and
its time to buy a new Germkill Kit
Time to buy a
new Germkill Kit
x VE E]

Jnx E

V <bE] n +vEi , <E

i VE E] Ji x +
x VE E] Jnx E M

When indicator shows fully red, the

Germkill Kit has exhausted and its time
to replace it
Time to replace

nx E

V <bE] n { i ,
<E i VE E] E Ii Ji
M + VE E] nx E

Once the Germkill life indicator turns fully red, please replace the Germkill Kit immediately.
As an additional measure of safety, Pureits advanced Auto shut Off mechanism shuts off the
supply of purified water which ensures that no member of your family accidently drinks unsafe water.
VE < <bE] { i Vx { E{ VE E] E ii n n* I E +iH

E i { {] E +vxE +] ] + ij { E B {x E {< n E ni V
xSi i E +{E { E E< n Mi +Ii {x x { E*


VE E] Jnx + nx
You can buy a Germkill Kit in any
of the following ways

+{ xxJi iE x VE E]TM
Jn Ei


Visiting a shop

Calling up Pureit helpline


{] {<x { x E E

Ordering on the

<] { +b E E

With Auto Switch off

The Germkill Kit consists of 3 parts

VE E] 3 {V i

Activated Carbon Trap

BC]]b Ex ]{

Germkill Processor
VE |


There are multiple Pureit Germkill Kits available. Please buy the one that is recommended for your Pureit model.
{] E +xE |E E VE E] ={v . E{ +{E {] b ] x
VE E] Jn*


VE E] Jnx + nx

Remove the top cover.You will see the Activated

Carbon Trap
]{ E E ] * +{E BE ]]b Ex ]{

Rotate the Activated Carbon Trap anti-clockwise

BC]]b Ex ]{ E B i PB

nJ< nM


Remove it from the device

= xE

Insert the new Activated Carbon Trap,

rotate clockwise and put back the top cover
xB BC]]b Ex ]{ E +xn bE nB

i PB, ]{ E E {x& J n

Please empty water from the top and transparent chamber completely before changing
the Germkill Kit.
E{ VE E] nx { ]{ B ]{] S {x { i xE n*


OrdEriNg ANd ChANgiNg ThE gErMKill KiT

VE E] Jnx + nx


Remove the Germkill life Indicator cover

VE < <bE] E E xE

Take out old Germkill Processor

{x VE | E xE


Insert new Germkill Processor and push to

ensure tightness
xB VE | E +xn b + n E

xSi E E E M

Refit the Germkill life Indicator cover

VE < <bE] E E {x:

M n


OrdEriNg ANd ChANgiNg ThE gErMKill KiT

VE E] Jnx + nx


Remove the Top and Batching Chamber and

keep it in a clean place

Wash hands thoroughly. Remove the wing nut by turning

it anti-clockwise

]{ + SM S E ] + E
VM { J n

l E +SU i v . M x] E i PE



Remove the transparent chamber

]{] S E xE

Turn the lid anti-clockwise to remove the

Polisher assembly
B i PE { + E xE

While washing the transparent chamber, please ensure hands and water are germ free

]{] S vi , E{ xSi E E +{E l + {x E]hH



VE E] Jnx + nx



Remove the base nut by turning it anticlockwise

xS E x] E B i PE xE


Remove old Polisher and insert the new one such

that the side with 'This side up' written goes in
{x { E xE E xB { E < i
b V E 'This side up' J < V +n





Tighten the base nut completely

xS E x] E { i E n

Insert Polisher assembly and rotate the lid to lock it

{ + E +xn bE b E PE

E E n


OrdEriNg ANd ChANgiNg ThE gErMKill KiT

VE E] Jnx + nx


Place transparent chamber and tighten

wing nut

Put back the Top and Batching Chamber

on the Transparent Chamber

]{] S E J E M x] E E n

]{ B SM S E ]{] S {
{x: J n


Pour in water till the brim of the Top Chamber

and drain out all the water that collects in the
Transparent Chamber.
Pureit is now ready for use

{x E ]{ S E i iE n + ]{]
S +x {x E n* {] +
<i E B i



{] E < + J J

Open the top lid and clean it with tap water

]{ b E J + x E {x =

Clean the Micro Fibre Mesh by gently squeezing it under a stream of clean water to dislodge
the dirt and grime
vv {x E E xS <G < E

J E E V v ^ n VB

Clean the top cover with clean water

]{ E E SU {x E

Separate the Top Chamber from the

Batching chamber

]{ S SM S E +M E n


Cleaning & maintenance of Pureit

{] E < + J J

Turn the Activated Carbon Trap

anti-clockwise to remove
BC]]b Ex ]{ E B i PE


Wash the Activated Carbon Trap using running

water by gently rubbing it with hands; this will
remove all dirt sticking on the outer surface.
Do not use detergent or any scrubber
BC]]b Ex ]{ E i {x E xS E l

P; < i { Vn ^ xE
VBM* E x Px E |M x E

Take the bellow pump

and fill it with Pureit water

{{ + = {] {x n

Insert the bellow pump into the

nozzle present at the bottom of the
Activated Carbon Trap firmly
{{ E BC]]b Ex ]{ E

xS Vn xW Vi `B


Cleaning & maintenance of Pureit

{] E < + J J


Hold the Activated Carbon Trap upside down over a sink

with one hand and squeeze the bellow pump with another
hand to force the water through the Activated Carbon Trap.
You can see dirt coming out of the Activated Carbon Trap
E { BC]]b Ex ]{ E =] {Eb + {{ l
nB V BC]]b Ex ]{ {x E
* +{ BC]]b Ex ]{ +i < MnM E

Rinse the top chamber with

clean water and leave to drip dry
in inverted position

{x ]{ S E vB +
= Jx E B =] E
E J n

nJ Ei



Remove the Germkill life indicator cover

VE < <bE] E E xE

Remove the Germkill Processor

before cleaning
< E { VE | E ]

You may observe some amount of water coming back through the bellow pump which
can be pushed into the Activated Carbon Trap again. Please clean the Activated Carbon
Trap with below pump multiple times for best results
+{ nJM E EU {x {{ { + = {x: BC]]b Ex ]{ V V
Ei * E{ BC]]b Ex ]{ E {{ Ex E |E E BE Vn

nB iE +SU i V*


Cleaning & maintenance of Pureit

{] E < + J J


Clean the batching chamber

with clean water

Wash hands thoroughly. Remove wing nut

from the Polisher assembly by
turning anticlockwise
l E { i vB* M x] E {

{x SM S E E

+ ]x E B B i PB



Lift the transparent chamber

]{] S =`B

Wash the transparent chamber with

Pureit water and drip dry

]{] S E {] {x vB +
Jx E B J n

While washing transparent chamber, ensure hands and water are germfree.

]{] S E vi xSi E E l {x E]h+ H *


Cleaning & maintenance of Pureit

{] E < + J J


Empty the water in the

cleansing collection chamber

Replace the Transparent Chamber

]{] S E {x& J n

CVM ECx S {x J E n



Replace the wing nut and turn it

clockwise. Ensure tightness

M x] E {x: J + nB i PB*
xSi E E E M

Insert the Activated Carbon Trap and

rotate clockwise
BC]]b Ex ]{ E +xn bE nB

i PB



{] E < + J J


Put back the Top and Batching Chamber

on the Transparent Chamber

Insert Germkill Processor and push to ensure


]{ B SM S E ]{] S {
{x: J n

VE | E +xn b + n E
xSi E E E M



Refit the Germkill life Indicator cover

VE < <bE]E E {x:

M n

Clean the mouth of the tap with a dilute disinfectant like

bleach/hypochloride (50 ppm available chlorine). Discard the
first 2 litres of Pureit water that flows through the tap after

x E J E V i E]hxE V E
S/{E<b (50 {{B ={v Cx) E*
< E {Si x V {] V +B = |l 2 ]


Cleaning & maintenance of Pureit

{] E < + J-J
General Donts

General Dos
Clean the top lid, the top chamber, the batching
chamber and the tap regularly

Clean with water and then leave the components

to drip dry

Clean the tap with a mild hypochloride solution

If necessary, use a plastic brush to aid cleaning
Remove the Germkill Processor while cleaning
and keep upright in a separate dry plate

 not clean with soap or detergent, or
any abrasive cleaners or tools like wire

 not twist the Micro Fibre Mesh
while cleaning

 Micro Fibre Mesh might change its

color over period of time.

In case this happens do not remove the
Micro Fibre Mesh instead continue using it.

C x E

]{ b, ]{ S, SM S + x E < xi
{ E

x, b]V] E Mcx i

{V E {x E + { i Jx n

v< E <G < E x

{E<b P x vB
n +E i < {]E E nn
< E VE | ] n + = +M J
{] Jc J

i E V E ={Eh x E
E l <G < E M n

Ei . n B i
<G < E x xE


dos & donts

Pureit has been specially designed to give you water that is As Safe As Boiled Water as long as the Pureit
system is used in the way as prescribed in this manual. Listed below are the things that you must take care of:



The Pureit guarantee of getting water that is As Safe As Boiled Water

applies only if you ensure that the transparent chamber of the purifier
and the tap are hygienically kept, and that germs are not introduced due
to contact with hands, drying with a cloth, wash or any other means.
You should only store water in the Pureit purifier, and not use other
bottles and containers.
If you do so, water may get re-contaminated
While washing the transparent chamber ensure that you have separated
the Polisher from Transparent chamber and cleansing-collection
chambers, so that there is no chance of water going into the Polisher
Always use all three components of the Pureit Germkill Kit together.
Dont drink water from the purifier if any one of the Germkill Kit
components is not fitted
You should ensure that the area around and beneath the purifier is kept
clean at all times
Keep all components of the Pureit Germkill Kit out of reach of
children at all times
Ensure that the purifier is placed on a flat surface at all times, and
never tilt the transparent chamber to take out water
If you ever want to shift the purifier, do so only after both the top
chamber and batching chamber are empty. Otherwise the purifier may
leak, and the purification process may get affected
Ensure that the nut in the transparent chamber is fully tightened by
turning clockwise. If not, water may leak
Always rely only on the red indicator to replace the Germkill Kit. The
Auto Shut Off is only an additional assurance of safety in some
cases, the input water quality may prevent it from functioning
Freshly purified water should be used for drinking
Output water may continue to have flora which are harmless and pose
no health hazard to normal healthy adults and children

Always clean the Pureit system only as described in the section on cleaning.
Do not use any soap or detergent. Ensure that you dont inadvertently
introduce germs into the transparent chamber or the tap e.g. through your
hands or by using a drying cloth. Always use purified Pureit water for doing
the last rinse of the transparent chamber, and then let it drip-dry
Do not normally wash the Cleansing-Collection chamber
Dont pour boiling or hot water (more than 50C) into, or on the Pureit
system. Similarly dont pour freezing cold water (less than 10C) into, or on
the Pureit system
Do not pour hot water directly from an overhead tank or any other source in
your Pureit as hot water uses up the Germkill Kit faster than normal. If
required, allow the water to cool to room temperature before pouring it in the
top chamber. For the same reason do not keep your Pureit in hot surroundings
like direct sunlight, near a stove or near a fridge
Never buy the Pureit system, or a Pureit Germkill Kit from an
unauthorised source. You can visit a store near you to buy a Germkill Kit
Remember all you have to do is call us at the Pureit helpline, and we will
deliver a new Germkill Kit to you at your home for a minimal delivery
Dont in any way try to open the three Pureit Germkill Kit components.
Never use the system once the Pureit Germkill Life Indicator shows a full
red colour in the window, with no white colour visible
Dont expose any of the components to fire
Dont drop any of the components, or the purifier as a whole from a height.
This may cause the components to fracture or break, and the guarantee of
getting water As Safe As Boiled Water will no longer be valid
Dont put any chemical fluids in the Pureit system. This is meant strictly for
drinking water only.
If the transparent chamber is full, please do not fill water in the top
chamber, otherwise water will overflow from the transparent chamber
Do not try to open the Germkill Processor
Do not pour water in purifier after Germkill Life Indicator turns fully red.
This will prevent water overflowing due to Auto Shut OffTM. This ensures no
one is accidentally hurt by slipping on the water. Also, no household item
kept near purifier would get damaged by leaked water
Do not use the Germkill Kit after expiry which is post three years
from the date of packing
Do not keep the Pureit purifier in direct sunlight as it may trigger growth of
algae if input water is significantly contaminated
Do not use water not intended for drinking in Pureit system e.g., from
abandoned or abused water bodies or water sources in which human,
animal or industrial wastes are disposed, or water that is excessively acidic
or alkaline
Water stored for more than two days should not be consumed


C E + C x
{] E < |E bV<x E M E V iE +{ =E |M < {iE E +x EM i iE +{ E
= {x Vix Ii {x i M* xxJi SV { vx n*


= {x Vix Ii {x x E {] Mx] E i
M M +M +{ xSi Ei E { E ]{] S
il x l J MB , il l, E{b Jx, vx +x
E iE E]h+ E {E x + *
+{ E {<] { {x V E Jx , +x i
il ix E <i x E. +M +{ B Ei , {x n
E]h+ |ni Ei
]{] S Ei xSi E E +{x {
E ]{] S il CVM ECx S +M E , iE
{ {x | Ex E E< MV< x
{<] VE E] E ix {V BEl <i E.
VE E] E E< {V M x B li {
{x x {B
{ E <nMn E Ij Jx E +{ xSi E
{<] VE E] E {V SS E {S n J
{ i { Jx E xSi E, il {x
xEx E B ]{] S E E x ZEB
+M +{ { E n VM Jx Si i xSi E
E ]{ S il SM S nx J . +xl {
Ei , il {Ex E |G vi Ei
xSi E E ]{] S li x] E nB i
PE { i E n M * +M x, i {x E
VE E] nx E B E <xbE] {
J* +] ]-+ E I E BE +iCi
EU , +x {x E Mhk =E E E]
{x E B iV vn E {x ={M x SB
i {x } Ei V xExE x + V x
l E E E l E B E |E E Ji
x i

C x E

{] ] E E < E Cx EB MB hx E +x
E. E x b]Vx] E <i x E* xSi
E E ]{] S x +xVx E]h | x E*
=n&- +{E l Jx E{c * ]{] S E +J
vx E B {<b {<] {x E <i E, +
Jx E B J
CVM ECx S E + i { x E
{<] ] , ={ =i + M {x (50C +vE
i{x) x b. l {] ] , =E ={ V nx
`b {x (10C E) x b
+{E {<] E +b ]E +x E i v M
{x x b CE M {x VE E] E J{i x +vE
Mi Ei * +E i {x E ]{ S bx {
= x i{x iE +x n* <B +{E {<] E v V E
x , ] E V E { x J
E E +xvEi i {<] ], {<]
VE E] x Jn* +{ +{E E ` VE E]
Jn E i *
n J +{E {<] {<x {E Ex , +
xj b E { BE x VE E] +{E P
{S nM*
{<] VE E] E ix {V E E iE Jx E
E x E
VE < <bE] { i nJ , + n
M E nJ< x n i < ] E Ei< <i x E
{V E +M n J
E< {V, < { E >S< x MB* < {V CS
Ei ]] Ei , + = {x Vix Ii {x
x E Mx] +M v x M
{<] ] E< EE x b* E {x E {x E
+M ]{] S M , i E{ ]{ S {x x ,
+xl {x ]{] S x MM
VE | E Jx E | x E
VE < <bE] E M Vx E n {
{x x b* < +] ]-+ G Vx {x +}
xM + {x { EE x E { E + {
J E x E J x E x x M
VE E] E Vx +v Ji x E n =E <i x E
{EM E {Si ix iE +v i
{<] { E v V E x x J* {x +vE ni
x E li < E E Ei
V {x {x E B x = {<] ] x b =n., +ivE
+ I {x <i x +x J V
Vi E B {x Vx x, |h EJx E ES b
n nx +vE +v E Oi V ={M x



There is condensation in the transparent

chamber. Is this a problem?
This normally happens because of temperature
differences. It does not affect the working of your Pureit
and you will continue to receive water that is
As Safe As Boiled Water.
What happens if some part of the Pureit
breaks accidentally?
If some part of Pureit breaks accidentally, please
call Pureit helpline. We will arrange to send you a
replacement part.You will however have to pay for the
replacement part.
What should I do if it takes a long time
to purify water?
You will need to clean the Activated Carbon Trap.
Please refer the Cleaning & maintenance of Pureit section
for this.
Pureit didnt fully remove the colour from the
input water. Is the water safe to drink?
In some cases, as with colloidal clay suspensions and with
soluble salts of calcium, magnesium, iron etc., the turbidity
and colour may not be completely removed. In these
cases please ensure that there are no deposits or scales
in the transparent chamber if these are there then
clean them by using a disinfectant. Rinse the transparent
chamber thoroughly with Pureit water. Once this is done,
the output water will be microbiologically As Safe As
Boiled Water even if some colour persists.
Can there be scaling in Pureit?
Dissolved chemicals in water can occassionally precipitate
out of the water, and deposit inside Pureit. This however
does not in any way affect the Germkill capability
of Pureit. To avoid scaling, rinse the Top Chamber &
Transparent Chamber once in a while/If scaling happens
in the Top Chamber or Transparent Chamber, you
should gently remove it with water (descaling). Do not
use any abrasive cleaners or tools. Refer to Cleaning &
maintenance of Pureit section for details.
Will Pureit remove salt and oil?
Input water may contain many materials which affect the
taste of water. Of these, Pureit removes materials like oil,
sand, soil, clay, dirt, decayed animal and plant waste, and
harmful pesticide impurities and is therefore likely

to improve the taste of water. However, Pureit does not

remove some dissolved salts that may contribute to
taste like sodium chloride salt, calcium and magnesium. In
fact, Pureit retains some good dissolved salts present in
drinking water. This may affect the taste of water.
Can one pour brackish water into Pureit?
Yes, the water will be free of harmful germs, but there
may not always be an improvement in taste. However
by pouring brackish/sea water into the Pureit, there may
be a risk of choking the system, and the Auto Shut Off
mechanism may mal function.
Can there sometimes be particles in the water
stored in the transparent chamber?
The first batch of water that gets purified in your new
Pureit, or from a new Germkill Kit, should be drained
away when it collects in the transparent chamber. This
batch of water may contain some black particles that have
got loosened from inside the PolisherTM during transit.
Black particles may also appear as a result of shifting or
tilting Pureit or when you are using Pureit after several
days. It should be noted that these black particles are a
part of the Polishers specially designed porous filter
derived from natural coconut shell and are therefore
completely safe, even if accidentally swallowed.
To remove these black particles pour the collected water
back into the top chamber and rinse the transparent
chamber with Pureit water to remove any particles that
may be stuck to the sides.
Sometimes there is a chlorine like smell near the
Germkill Processor. Is this a problem?
No, this is not a problem.You will continue to get
absolutely safe, odour free, great tasting water from the
transparent chamber.
My water is overflowing from the front
of the purifier?
This happens when the Germkill Life Indicator turns fully
red.You need to change the Germkill Kit immediately
as Pureits Auto Shut Off mechanism doesnt allow
unsafe water to pass to the transparent chamber.
How long does it take for the water
to get purified?
It depends on the quality of water that is put into Pureit.
Typically 9 liters of water gets purified between 1-5 hrs.
Cleaning the Activated carbon Trap regularly can also
improve the flow rate.


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Removes 1 Crore virus in 1 Litre of water*

Warranty Registration Card

Serial no.
Date of purchase
Purchasers name
Telephone no.

Dealers name

Dealers Signature
(with rubber stamp)
1. Please retain the bill of purchase.
2. Please quote the serial number, model & date of purchase in all your correspondence.
3. Call Pureit helpline to upate your details into our database.


pureit warranty details

Product waararanty
The Pureit purifier guarantees that you will get As Safe As Boiled Water as long as the purifier is used in the manner specified in this manual.
In addition, we cover your Pureit purifier with a six-month warranty against manufacturing defects.

For the purpose of this warranty, the following expressions shall have the following meanings respectively:
The purifier shall mean the purifier described in the invoice.
The customer shall mean the purchaser of the purifier from the company or the companys authorised dealer who is a party to the invoice.
The company shall mean Hindustan Unilever Limited.
Invoice shall mean the Invoice issued for the purifier by the retailer to the customer describing the purifier and indicating, inter alia, the total purchase price thereof,
the name and address of the customer.
User manual shall mean the instructions for installation, use and maintenance contained in the leaflet published by the company, and delivered to the Customer at the time of
sale of the purifier.

This warranty is subject to the following conditions

The customer will notify the company in writing or by calling the helpline promptly of any defects noticed and give the company or its authorised agent adequate opportunity
to inspect, test and remedy them for which the customer will deposit the purifier if so required by the company, with the companys office/service centre/authorised dealer along
with the original invoice, in the city where it was sold.
The companys obligation under this warranty shall be limited to repairing or providing replacement of parts, found to be defective. The company or its authorised agent will be
entitled to retain any defective part replaced under the warranty.
Inspection and test report of the companys office/service centre/authorised dealer will be final and binding under the warranty for determining defects, repairs/alterations
required or carried out, or certifying working of the purifier thereafter.
The companys liability under this warranty shall in no event, and under no circumstances, exceed the price paid by the customer.
This warranty is confined to the first purchaser of the product only and is not transferable.
In the event of repairs of any part/s of the purifier, this warranty will thereafter continue and remain in force only for the unexpired period of the warranty. The warranty is
issued at Mumbai, and courts at Mumbai shall have exclusive jurisdiction over matters covered or flowing from this warranty.
The companys obligation is only for effective repairs of any defective part of the purifier, and not for purifier replacement as such. Repairs or replacements will be carried out
by the companys office/service centre/authorised dealer from whom the purifier has been purchased.
For purifiers installed beyond the municipal limits of the jurisdiction of the authorised service centre/authorised dealer, all expenses incurred in collecting the purifier/s, or
parts thereof from the companys service center/authorised dealer, as well as expenses incurred with deputising of service personnel/technicians towards conveyance and other
incidentals etc. shall be borne by the customer.
The warranty is void if any repair work is carried out by persons other than those of the company, or its authorised dealers.
The warranty is void if the serial number is deleted from the bottom of the purifier.
This warranty is valid in India only.
Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in, or implied by this warranty:
The companys liability under this warranty shall be limited only to defects in the purifier which occur under the conditions of normal operation of the purifier and it's proper
and prescribed use as per this user manual. This warranty does not cover or extend to defects which are determined by the company or its authorised agents as occurring or
resulting from or attributable to negligence, abuse, misuse, faulty care, operation or maintenance or repairs, alterations to the purifier or any part thereof by others.
The three components of the Germkill Kit are not covered by this warranty, and have to be separately bought by the consumer once their life is over.


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Germkill Kit

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As Safe As Boiled Water


Germkill Life Indicator

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Setting benchmarks in
water purification

- india
- Mexico
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No.1 choice of
families Worldwide
pureit is the worlds
largest selling water
purifier brand#

*Representation of the US EPA torture test of 4 log virus removed from 1 ml of contaminated water.
Based on Unit shipment sales for 2010. Excludes pitchers and faucet mount systems sales and includes only in-home point-of-use drinking water treatment systems