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1) Meeting Agenda for April 10,2003

2) President's Letter to Speaker Hastert

3) Minutes from March 20,2003Meeting

4) Compensation Memorandum

5) Memorandum to Eleanor Hill

6) Workplan Memorandum

7) Current Commission Staff

8) Additional New York Materials

9) Proposal for Next Public Hearing

10) Team #2 Workplan

April 7, 2003





Tom Kean and Lee Hamilton


Our Meeting on April 10

As we regularize our procedures, you will see that this document is marked "For Official Use Only." This indicates formally that these memos are government documents which, though unclassified, are only for you, as government employees. We will tend to rely more on hard copy distribution of these documents, as they will often include material that is unclassified yet sensitive.

As we prepare for our next meeting, we can indeed rest assured of being adequately funded. On April 3 the White House made good on its funding commitment to the Commission, allocating $9 million to the Commission from the Emergency Response Fund that Congress created in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. The President's letter to Speaker Hasten informing him of this allocation has been made public. The text is attached at Tab 2.

Meanwhile the supplemental appropriations bill passed by the Senate, S. 762, adds $11 million for the Commission. The House bill, HR 1559, adds none. We do not know what, if anything, will emerge from conference.

Our meeting will run from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. We hope to conclude all regular business during the first two hours, leaving the balance of our time for briefings on some of the issues. We now turn to our planned agenda.

I. Approval of the Minutes

Chris's draft of the minutes from our last meeting is attached at Tab 3. The draft has already been made edited by those commissioners who wished to make particular statements for the record.

II. Compensation and Special Government Employee Issues

We asked Dan to prepare a memo on this topic. It is attached at Tab 4.



III. Commission Access to Information

This work is proceeding on two paths at the moment. One involves a triangular set of negotiations to arrange for review of the information compiled by the Joint Inquiry. Philip's April 7 memo to Eleanor Hill reviews the current status of those issues. It is attached at Tab 5 (cover memo only, without its SECRET attachment).

The other path involves arrangements to work directly with all of the relevant executive departments and agencies. Philip and Dan have been working these issues with the President's designee to coordinate assistance to the Commission, Adam Ciongoli. The situation with CIA, FBI, and NSA is being addressed in connection with the Joint Inquiry negotiations discussed above, and is moving forward without any apparent difficulty so far. Ciongoli plans to talk this week with the designated POCs for those and other concerned agencies and confirm their understanding of their responsibilities. He will then give us their names (two domestic agencies have been slow to respond to the White House order of March 19) and facilitate prompt, direct meetings with each to go through our needs and get down to work with their people and papers.

IV. Plans for Next Public Hearing

We have been thinking about trying to schedule another public hearing relatively soon, in D.C. The staff has been developing ideas about possible focus. One possibility would spend a day hearing from members of Congress and concentrating on the topic of aviation safety and transportationsecurity.

V. Administrative Updates

We hope that all, or almost all, of you will have your security clearances and have received your securitybriefings by the time we meet.

We hope all of you can move over to use of your Commission e-mail addresses for Commission-related business. We will have more information about this for you at the meeting.


the documentsand interviews they now think will be critical. The memo to staff on the

development of these workplans is attached at Tab 6.

nine staff teams are developing concrete workplans identifying issues and prioritizing



With this meeting we begin the process of bringing all commissioners to a common baseline understanding of the issues we are examining. We hope to spend two hours on


April 10 with a staff briefing on the issues of Team 2, to touch on the following seven topics:

Overview of the U.S. Intelligence Community (and the foreign-domestic divide) (Zelikow and Scheid)

Collection Issues (MacEachin and Zelikow)

Analysis (Zelikow and MacEachin)

Management (Zelikow, Scheid, and Kojm)

Resource Allocation (Scheid and Kojm)

Oversight (Scheid and Kojm)

Workplan of the Team (Scheid)

We plan to cover each of these subjects in prepared presentations of no more than ten minutes apiece, leaving nearly an hour for commissioners to pose questions across the board.