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Tour The Planets Project!

Project is due/Presentation is on: _____________________________________ Your mission: Imagine that you are a travel agent working for Off-World Planetary adventures. You have been hired to promote tours to one of the planets (or moons) other than Earth. In this project your job is to design and produce a travel brochure that will attract tourists to the planet you have chosen. Then you will present the brochure to your classmates and try and convince them to go on your vacation package. Remember: You are trying to sell vacations and holiday tour packages to your planet. Make your brochure exciting and interesting! Find out information about your planet to sell your tours. You can work in partners or individually, but you want to work with someone that you work well with. We will be going to the computer lab next class to help start you on the research. On the brochure I would like to see the following details: Exciting and interesting brochure with a colourful and creative cover page. An accurate description of the planets physical features (ex: diameter, mass, gravity, elements found on the planet etc.). Give climatic information about your planet (ex: atmosphere, temperature, weather conditions and surface features, solar wind etc) An interesting map showing your flight route to the planet. You can include interesting stopovers along the way. Special attractions: What are some of the features of the planet that would make it special to visit? (Ex: Craters, mountains, valleys, volcanoes, clouds, etc.) For the tour you want to Include special activities that you could be enjoying on the planet. These activities should be related to the planets special characteristics. Use your imagination! For the tour you want a description of what they travelers need to bring to prepare themselves for the trip. What kind of clothing or equipment do they need to survive? What kinds of accommodation will you provide to protect your guests from the planets conditions? Use your imagination! Include any other bits of information that you think is interesting and would make people want to visit your planet. Remember: 1. Do not give details you do not understand.

2. Use your imagination, but this is Science you must be able to explain why your ideas would work.

Presentation: You will have 5 minutes to present your planet and your tour. The idea
is to be a travel agent! You are trying to sell your classmates the tour. Project: Tour the Planets! -Rubric Names: Planet: Category Information Scoring Criteria Include basic physical information Include climatic information Include special attractions information Include the route (map) that you will take to get to your planet Include what activities will be included in the tour Include what accommodation is provided in the tour Include what items you would need for the tour Brochure Include title page Include colour and images Overall effort in the Points 5 5 5 Evaluation

5 5

5 5

2 3 5

appearance of brochure Presentation All presenters are knowledgeable and ready to participate In character of a travel agent Presentation is heard in the back row Key points of planet are summarized Key points of tour are summarized Being attentive and respectful during other classmates presentations Total 10

5 5 5 5



Fill in the following before you present. Indicate the work done by each member of the group as a pie chart. All the group members must agree before handing this in prior to the presentation I agree to the work distribution show to the left, and acknowledge the fact that my marks will be affected based on this distribution. Signatures of group members: _________________________ _________________________