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Into the World represents stages of growing up and maturation similar to a rite of passage.

The transitional journey involves gaining knowledge, understanding and insight with difficult and challenging consequences which can be both positive and negative. Barriers and problems may exist and overcoming these barriers can be voluntarily or forced upon an individual. Concept and meaning of Into the World are explored in the play Educating Ritas by Willy Russell and a poster Animals in the Workplace produced by Anti-Discrimination Act NSW. Ritas cigarettes are symbolic of risk-taking, thus highlighting Ritas willingness to change. Franks admiration of cigarettes, yet his subsequent refusal, suggests that Frank is limited by the boundaries he has superimposed on himself. The opposite qualities they display suggests them to be beneficial to one another. Russells social commentary implies that the rich and poor are on benefit to each other and not binary opposites like some may misinterpret. Frank and Ritas initial apprehension to the course, Henry James and Degrees for Dishwashers highlights that though the individuals may be currently ignorant to the benefits of the opposite class, all is not lost. Russells eventual portrayal of a prospering Rita-Frank relationship is symbolic of upper-lower class relations, thus furthering the message he is attempting to convey. Ritas education has an oppressive effect on her personality. Her one unique attribute is consumed by her apparently self-evaluated vital education. The juxtaposition between Ritas pompous tone, familiar with the American poets and casual tone, dead proud suggests that Rita is putting it on and has lost touch with her real self. As Rita stood up in front of two-thousand people she was metaphorically separating herself from the masses portraying herself as an enlightened figure, achieving what was hitherto, her objective. Ritas conclusive reply, packed it in suggests her to have completed her change and that her risk-taking is done, falsely believing that she is a member of high society and her life and has been infinitely improved. Ritas actions are contrary to her earlier openness to cigarettes, furthering the notion that her risk-taking is over and she is, in her mind at least, a well-rounded individual. The subsequent argument to follow portrays Frank as an omniscient and authoritative figure, Found have you? Its this attitude that Frank possesses that encapsulates the monotonous lifestyle Frank has brought upon himself, with his precedent values and general stubborn nature superimposing a limit on his life. His mocking of Rita, Charlotte suggests that he is discontent at the thought oh her departure, she is of great importance to him and symbolic on his sole outlet of any joy/verve. Ritas misinterpretation of education, little is underlying the value Russell attempts to convey. That education does not substitute culture nor human personality. In Animals in the Workplace poster produced by Anti-Discrimination Act NSW reflects moving in to the world involves different pathways. It presents unpleasant experience of being sexually harassed in a mildly amusing manner. It uses the term Groper to describe sexual perpetrators and uses scientific texts to describe offender. It uses commanding languages such as Talk to your manager or Dont put with it to urge the victims to take necessary action. In this way poster represents moving in to the world. Furthermore, People reading this poster can realize that they have some bit of responsibility at Home, school or any workplace.