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Complex Worksheet
Complete the following sentences with appropriate link words. Options are given beneath the exercises: A.
1. My friend has just bought herself some new shoes.she already has some 20 pairs. 2. We decided to walk from coast to coast.our lack of training. 3. Giving up was not an issue.the situation got more confusing by the day. 4. The children behaved like angels .the long drive and the hot weather. 5. The hotel wasn't really idyllic. ,we had a great time there. 6. I love wife prefers walking. 7. ..the weather forecast spoke of wind and rain, we really enjoyed a warm and sunny afternoon. 8. I don't really believe everything he says. ., I thoroughly enjoy being with him. although Although although despite despite However whereas Yet

B 1. ....he's 6 already Steve still can't ride a bike. 2. Hans finished.his leg injury. 3. Nothing will ever grow on this plot (= piece of land)in the 60s a nearby factory dumped its waste here. 4. A. is a fine person to be with ., what she thinks herself, she has great listening skills. 5. John never apologizes real friends need not apologize all the time he says. 6. We arrived at the hospital soaking wet the fact that we were all wearing waterproof jackets. 7. The evolution of modern technology never ceases to amaze me. , I'm pretty sure the mysteries of life will never be revealed. Although because because because in spite of in spite of in spite of Yet

Complete with a correct preposition. 1. My children dont approve . my smoking. 2. The poor girl burst . tears. 3. Who is responsible .. this mess? 4. I look forward seeing her again. 5. Marvin was arrested and charged .. murder. 6. Al Capone was sued . tax evasion. 7. I get very annoyed people who dont queue at bus stops. 8. He was in London .. business. 9. Help! The house is . fire! 10. He did it deliberately, .. purpose. 11. Ill have a beer. No, . second thoughts, give me a whisky. 12. You are in charge . this group. 13. The senator is opposed this new bill. 14. The slot machine is order. 15. You will have to cheer her a bit.

16. Add some milk and sugar your tea. 17. Are you familiar .. the work I do ? 18. I am fed .. .. his behaviour. 19. So well see each other the hotel. 20. Helen lives Harley Street. 21. The sick man was brought the room. 22. He got promoted the 4th of July . 9 a.m. 23. I havent seen my elder brother 2 years. 24. I havent seen John 1996. 25. Nobody can stand being laughed . 26. You should apply .. the local council .. that position. 27. Everyone agreed .. Johns proposal. 28. Elton insisted being called Sir. 29. The house smelled . vanilla and lavender. 30. Gianni relied .. Johan to set the pace. 31. Helen resigned .. her job months ago ! 32. Until the latest scandals, Bill Clinton was a man John could identify . 33. I told Tim to look . his big sister while I was away. 34. I expect you to report . me . this matter as soon as possible. 35. In spite of all the difficulties they did succeed . crossing the South Pole on foot. 36. How can two people differ . each other so much and still live together ? 37. All expenses were paid . by the company. 38. Letters should be replied . within two days. 39. Friends often dont agree . each other. 40. They live ......................a nice flat on the second floor. 41. Our main office is ...................Oxford Street. 42. I'm afraid Tom is not in at the moment. He will be .................holidays for a fortnight. 43. .......................Christmas Eve we all joined to have dinner together. 44. I worked in a bank ........................ three years. 45. Someone phoned us twice.......................... the night. 46. The president lives ....................10, Downing Street. 47. The weather was so hot that we spent our holidays sunbathing ................... the beach. 48. Our house is ................... a small street, just off the main road. 49. No, we don't have a house; we live ........................ a block of flats. Add a word that is derived from the one between brackets: You can rely on Jane. She is very.. (depend) English is a .. easy language for us to learn. (compare) That rule is not . in this case (apply) Dont tell anyone. This is . (confide) Librarians spend a lot of time their books (class) Despite his Stevie Wonder managed to become a top pop singer. (able) In wartime there are often .. of food. (short) See Mr Baker. This matter is his (response). The company got more than 20 (complain) People who smoke .. their children to do likewise. (courage) It is . to take credit for other peoples ideas. (moral) The pavement was . due to the thin layer of ice that had formed. (slip) The price is 5, excluding . and packing. (post) I spent my .. in the country. (child What .. do you need for this job? (qualify)

Fill in a fitting word.

1. This is rich farmland. The is very fertile. 2. When my uncle died, I .. all his possessions. 3. How much do they for home delivery ? 4. Viewers are people who TV. 5. Theres tough .. between these two firms. 6. Stop spreading these . These stories may not be true. 7. The flu is a disease. It is easily passed on. 8. Yet, finding a .. candidate is not an easy matter. 9. Its the personnel managers job to look for the person with the best .. 10. Drinks are increasingly sold not in bottles but in .. 11. Speaking of drinks, another word for a drink is a ..

Link up to the appropriate nouns.

1. a bundle of ................................... 2. a crowd of................................... 3. a fleet of ................................... 4. a flight of ................................... 5. a gang of ................................... 6. a bunch of ................................... 7. a string of ................................... 8. a heap of................................... 9. a herd of ................................... 10. a flock of................................... 11. a pile of................................... 12. a school of................................... 13. a row of................................... 14. a team of................................... 15. a swarm of................................... A. flowers B. ships C. bees D. players E. blankets F. fish G. stairs H. workmen I. sticks J. cows K. houses L. stones M. sheep/birds N. people O. beads

Idioms and proverbs

The following pairs of nouns always occur in a fixed order. Find the partner of the nouns in the first column. 1. Friend or 2. Bow and 3. Flesh and 4. Head over A. tear B. water C. dale D. arrow

5. Wear and 6. Hill and 7. Use and 8. Body and 9. Without rhyme or 10. Fire and Idioms of comparison. Match. 1. As black as 2. As blind as 3. As bold as 4. As brittle as 5. As busy as 6. As cunning as 7. As drunk as 8. As hungry as 9. As quick as 10. As sharp as

E. reason F. heels G. blood H. foe I. abuse J. soul

A. a bee B. glass C. lightning D. a fox E. the Ace of Spades F. a hunter G. a bat H. a razor I. a lord J. brass

1. to have something in black and white A. to owe more than you have 2. I blew your money 3. to be browned off with something 4. to have green fingers 5. out of the blue 6. to see pink elephants 7. to catch someone red-handed 8. to be in the red 9. to tell a white lie 10. to show the white feather 11. to feel blue 12. a green belt B. I spent all your money wastefully C. to be drunk D. an area of woodlands and fields around a city E. to show fear F. to have it on paper, in writing G. to twist the truth in such a way that someones feelings are spared H. to be bored, irritated I. to be good at gardening J. to catch someone in the act of doing something wrong K. suddenly, unexpectedly L. to be sad and miserable

Make or do ? 1. This is all that is left. Will it ? 2. You must . your homework ! 3. Lets . another exercise. 4. He a lot of money last year. 5. Why cant you him his work properly. 6. Jimmy B can . tricks with his ears. 7. You have little time left, so . the most of it. 8. Is it time already. I still have to my hair. 9. The team . a big discovery. 10. Why dont you simply an attempt ? 11.This car 250 km/h. 15. We Rome in 2 days. 12. Please, an effort ! 14. They many useless experiments with animals 13. He . made her a promise he would never smoke again. Do and make in fixed expressions: 1. That will do! A. to manage

1. I was done. 1. Mom did/made the beds. 1. Make a move 1. Make a go of things 1. That simply wont do! 1. I can do without you! 1. Yesterday I did my room out.

A. to arrange A. to be unacceptable A. to do ones best A. to clean A. to be enough A. to be cheated A. start to go

Eating and drinking complete (if possible with a word derived from the one between brackets): There is a of white or brown bread with salad and crisps. (to choose) For starters we could order the prepared soup of the day. It is served with a bread roll. (fresh) Or we could order two rounds of sandwiches with a drink. (simple) As a main course we could have char grilled chicken with vegetables and potatoes. (season) For dessert we could take the fresh fruit served with cream.

It all happened rather quickly--the doctor realized that I needed to have my appendix out immediately, to 1______ things from getting any 2 ______ , and they operated 3 ______ me straight away. But I'm not feeling too bad and I'm getting 4 ______ all the time. The doctors say it will take about a week for me to 5 ______ the operation completely. I'm in quite a large ward with about 20 other people, and 6 ______ I would 7 ______ to be somewhere a bit smaller, we all 8 ______ with each other quite well. Still, I do find it a bit 9 ______ here -- there's nothing to do. They say I 10 ______ get up unless it's absolutely necessary, so I can't even get to the TV room. Unfortunately I didn't have the 11______ to get home before coming in, so I haven't got any money. 12______ I'm sure one of the nurses would probably 13 ______ me enough to buy a paper, I'd 14 ______ not ask as I'd 15______ it a bit embarrassing. 1. a) prevent b) forbid c) block d) avoid 2. a) bad b)dangerous c) serious d) worse 3 a) on b) up c) at d) in 4. a)improved b) good c) finer d) better 5. a) get at b) get through c) get over d) get along 13 a) owe b) lend c) borrow d) debt 6. a)although b) despite c) unless d) except 7. a)better b) want c)more d)prefer 8. a) get down b) get on c) get by d) get out of

9 a)annoying b)irritating c)entertaining d) boring

10. a) don't have to b) needn't c) mustnt

11. a)opportunity b) possibility c) occasion d) permission

12. a) In spite b) Despite c) Unless d) Even

14. a) better b) rather c) prefer d) want

15. a) fell b) see c) think d) find

d) don't need to Supplythe missingparticles


1. I came . some old photographs while I was tidying the attic in across up down for 2. Not many people turned ... at the party. up down away in out 3. He was a liar and took all his friends ...................... down away back round in 4. He had been formally invited to the dinner, but he turned the invitation . back up off out down 5. It has started to rain slightly, but I don't think that we'll have to call .......... the tennis match. through on off up round 6. When I saw all that blood covering his face I nearly passed ........................ away out off by aback.

Idioms using comparisons

Directions: Match each statement with the proper term. Make your selection for each match to the left of the statement. a. lightning b. a fiddle c. toast d. a post e. a ghost f. leather

1. My father is well over seventy but he's incredibly healthy. He says he wants to join the London marathon-he's as fit as ________________. 2. Quickly! Find a chair for his patient, nurse. He's as pale as _____________ and I think he is going to faint. 3. If you want Granddad to hear you, you'll have to shout louder than that; he's as deaf as _______________ . 4. Phil has a marvelous head for figures. We were working on some invoices together. I was using a calculator but he's as quick_______________ and knew the answers before I did. 5. I'm as warm as_______________ in these new boots. Look how thick the fur lining is. 6. Anne invited me over for a meal last night, but it was a bit of a disaster. It took me so long to cut my steak and even longer to chew it; it was as tough as ___________________.

Fill in the words in brackets as adjective or adverb like in the example.

Example: Answer: Peter works ____________ (slow). Peter works slowly.

1. He .(quick) reads the book. 2. Mandy is a .(pretty) girl. 3. The class is (terrible) loud today. 4. Max is a .(good) singer. 5. You can .. (easy) open this tin. 6. It's a (terrible) day today. 7. She sings the song .(good). 8. He is a (careful) driver. 9. He drives the car .. (careful). 10. The dog barks. (loud).

Rewrite the sentence putting the adverb given in brackets into its proper position.
Example: He plays on the computer. (always)

Answer: He always plays on the computer. 1. He listens to the radio. (often) 2. They read a book. (sometimes) 3. Pete gets angry. (never) 4. Tom is very friendly. (usually) 5. I take sugar in my coffee. (sometimes) 6. Ramon is hungry. (often) 7. My grandmother goes for a walk in the evening. (always) . 8. Walter helps his father in the kitchen. (usually) . 9. They watch TV in the afternoon. (never) . 10. Christine smokes after dinner. (seldom) ..

Fill in the word in brackets as gerunds:

Example: Answer: They go on ______ (read) the book. They go on reading the book.

My friend is good at .(play) volleyball. They are afraid of . (lose) the match. She doesn't feel like (work) on the computer. We are looking forward to. (go) out at the weekend. Laura dreams of. (live) on a small island. Andrew apologized for. (be) late. Do you agree to .(stay) in a foreign country? The girls insisted on .. (go) out with Kerry.

Fill in the word in brackets as gerund or infinitive.

Example: Answer: They go on ______ (read) the book. They go on reading the book. I can't imagine Peter (go) by bike. He agreed .. (buy) a new car. The question is easy (answer). The man asked me how . (get) to the airport. I look forward to . (see) you at the weekend. Are you thinking of . (go) to London? We decided .. (go) for a walk in the forest. The teacher expected Sarah .. (work) hard. We decided ................................(buy) a new car. They've got some work................................... (do). Peter gave up ....................................... (smoke). He'd like ....................................... (fly) an aeroplane. I enjoy .................................. (write) picture postcards. Do you know what ................................. (do) if there's a fire in the shop? Avoid ......................... (make) silly mistakes. My parents wanted me ......................... (be) home at 11 o'clock.

Write the verbs in brackets into the gaps in Conditional I. Use the will-future in the main clause.
Example: If I __ (to go) to the cinema, I ________ (to watch) an interesting film. Answer: If I go to the cinema, I will watch an interesting film.

1. If I (to learn), I (to pass) the exams. 2. We ..(not/to swim) if the weather (to be) bad. 3. If he ..(to have) a temperature, he. (to see) the doctor. 4. I .(to be) very happy if my friends ..(to come). 5. If I (to earn) a lot of money, I (to fly) to New York. 6. If we . (not/to come) home in time, we (to miss) the film.

7. The teacher (not/to be) happy if I ..(to forget) my homework again. 8. If our class (to go) to England, I (to visit) the Tower of London. Write the verbs in brackets into the gaps in Conditional II. Example: If I ____ (to go) to the cinema, I _________ (to watch) an interesting film. Answer: If I went to the cinema, I would watch an interesting film.

1. If they . (to have) enough money, they .. (to buy) a new car. 2. If he ..(to be) my friend, I . (to invite) him. 3. The Smiths .. (to go) on holiday if they .(to have) time. 4. If Susan . (to learn) more, she .(to be) better at school. 5. We .(to call) the police if we (to see) a burglar. 6. If the pupils (to have) no school, they .(to play) football. 7. If I . (to come) home early, my father . (not/to be) angry. 8. If I . (to be) you, I (not/to go) to the party.

Write the verbs in brackets into the gaps in Conditional III.

Example: If I ________ (to go) to the cinema, I ______________ (to watch) an interesting film. Answer: If I had gone to the cinema, I would have watched an interesting film.

1. If the weather (to be) nice, we .(to play) football. 2. The car . (not/to break down) if you .(to check) it. 3. If we (to go) to McDonald's we ..(to have) more to eat. 4. You .(to understand) the film if you .(to read) the book. 5. The water in the pool .(to be) warmer if the sun .. (to shine). 6. If John . (to learn) more words, he .. (to write) a good report. 7. My parents . (to buy) the house if the man .(not/to sell) it to someone else. 8. If the police . (not/to stop) me, I (to reach).

Fill in the verbs in brackets as participles (present participle or past participle) into the gaps.
Example: Answer: I talked to the man _______ the newspaper. (to read) I talked to the man reading the newspaper.

1. He saw his friend . out with Sue. (to go) 2. The bus crashed into the blue car ....down the hill. (to drive) 3. Peter hurt his leg .. karate. (to do) 4. The umbrella .at the bus stop belongs to John Smith. (to find) 5. The people . in the street are all very friendly. (to dance) 6. I heard my mother .on the phone. (to talk) 7. My uncle always has his car . (to wash) 8. We stood for the taxi. (to wait) 9. down from the tower we saw many people walking in the streets. (to look) 10. The people drove off in a (to steal)

Rewrite the sentences in Passive voice. Remember the punctuation.

Example: Answer:

Peter writes a letter. _________________ A letter is written by Peter.

1. They built a house. .. 2. Our uncle takes Susan to hospital. 3. We have cleaned the car. 4. They speak English. 5. The policemen help the children. .. 6. A robber broke the window of the shop. .. 7. My mother sends me to the butcher. .. 8. Peter will look after my little brother.

Fill in the correct form of the passive into the gap. Mind the tense written in brackets.
Example: Peter __________ a letter. (to write - Simple Present) Answer: A letter is written by Peter.

1. The words the teacher today. (to explain - Simple Present) 2. We ..a letter the day before yesterday. (to send - Simple Past) 3. This car. . It's too old. (not/to steal - will-future) 4. This street ...because of snow. (already/to close - Present Perfect) 5. A new restaurant next week. (to open - will-future) 6. He to the party yesterday. (to invite - Simple Past) 7. The blue box by anyone. (can/not/to open - Simple Present) 8. I ..the book by my friend today. (to give - Simple Present)

Finish the sentences using Reported speech.

Example: Answer: Peter: "Clean the black shoes." Peter told me to clean the black shoes.

1. Teacher: "Do your homework." The teacher told me .. 2. Andrew: "Clean the blue bike." Andrew told me ............ 3. Jessica: "Write a letter." Jessica told me ..

4. Nelly: "Help Peter's sister." Nelly told me .. 5. Anna: "Open the window." Anna told me .... 6. Ben: "Come home at 8." Ben told me .. 7. Tom: "Dance with me." Tom told me .. 8. Sabine: "Meet Sandy at the station." Sabine told me .

Finish the sentences using Reported speech. Always change the tense, although it is sometimes not necessary.
Example: Answer: Peter: "I clean the black shoes."

Peter told me that he cleaned the black shoes.

1. John: "Mandy is at home." John said that 2. Max: "I often read a book." Max told me that ................... 3. Susan: "I'm watching TV." Susan said that .. 4. Simon: "David was ill." Simon said that .............. 5. Stephen and Claire: "We have cleaned the windows." Stephen and Claire told me that . 6. Charles: "I didn't have time to do my homework." Charles remarked that .. 7. Mr Jones: "My mother will be 50 years old." Mr Jones told me that .. 8. Jean: "The boss must sign the letter. Jean said that .

Fill in something, someone, somewhere or anything, anyone, anywhere.

Example: Answer: I need _________ to drink. I need something to drink.

1. I've got in my eye. 2. There is the door. 3. We haven't heard .about Peter. Is he ill? 4. Do you live near Mandy? 5. . wants to see you. 6. Has seen my bag? 7. Can I have drink? 8. Don't worry. can tell you where the post-office in this town is.

Fill in some or any.

Example: Answer: There are ____ apples on the table. There are some apples on the table.

1. We need . bananas. 2. You can't buy . posters in this shop. 3. We haven't got .. oranges at the moment. 4. Peter has bought books. 5. She always takes . sugar with her coffee. 6. I've seen .nice postcards in this souvenir shop. 7. There aren't . pencils in my bag. 8. I've got ..magazines for you.