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What Old Testament Joshua willingly followed Gods command to conquer the Canaanites to allow Gods people to settle in this territory. He faithfully asked Gods direction in the challenges he faced.


1. Joshua

He was able to bring the people into the promised land. He became a role model because of his effective leadership skills.

2. Joseph

He kept doing what was right despite betrayal, sexual Joseph was made ruler of Egypt temptation, and imprisonment. In and he became known for his the midst of hardships, he personal integrity. remained faithful to God. He became one of the greatest David had great respect for Saul kings of Israel and was described even though Saul continually tried by God as a man after His own to kill him. He showed justice, heart. Under Davids leadership, mercy and fairness to all. Israel grew rapidly. New Testament Barnabas was an encourager and was Pauls first missionary partner. He was one of the first to sell his possessions to help the Christians in Jerusalem. Paul transformed from a persecutor of Christians to a preacher of Gods Word. He exemplified humility, faith and dependence on God amidst the oppression from the Roman authorities. God used Barnabas relationship with Paul and Mark to help them in spreading the Gospel. His encouragement led several people to become believers.

3. David

1. Barnabas

2. Paul

Paul became Gods ambassador to the Gentiles. His missionary teams eventually carried the gospel across the Roman empire.

3. King Herod

He gave the order of killing John He regretted his decision and lost the Baptist to avoid being his integrity. His poor decisions embarrassed in front of his guests. ended the life of John the Baptist. Philippines

1. Jose Rizal

This intensified the Filipinos He chose to die for his country and burning desire to fight for their tirelessly fought for the nations freedom. Jose Rizal became our freedom through his writings. national hero. Cory Aquino stood by her convictions by fighting for the Filipinos freedom against the Filipinos gained freedom and Marcos administration. She sought hailed Cory Aquino as the Mother justice for her husbands death and of Democracy. exemplified nationalism, credibility, justice, and faith in God in her decisions. Initially, Henry Sy was not a wealthy man. He started in a small sari-sari store and worked hard for many years before he was able to establish SM. World Nick Vujicic was born without arms and legs, but he refused to allow his physical condition to limit his abilities to share the message about Jesus. Nicks life inspired a lot of people. He now travels around the world to share his story to diverse groups of people, both young and old. His persistence and determination brought him success. Henry Sy has now become the richest man in the Philippines.

2. Cory Aquino

3. Henry Sy

1. Nick Vujicic

2. Mother Teresa

Mother Teresas life reminds us to She decided to leave the convent be sensitive to the needs of others. and devoted herself to work for She was able to put up The the poor in the slums of Calcutta. Missionaries of Charity which has spread all over the world. She was blind and deaf but that did not stop her from reaching her full potential. She worked hard to learn and overcome those adversities with the help of her teacher, Anne Sullivan. She was able to graduate from college with flying colors and she became one the 20th centurys leading humanitarians. She founded a non-profit organization dedicated to

3. Helen Keller