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CCIE Data Center Storage Networking Introduction

Presenter Introduction Brian McGahan, CCIE #8593


Online Classroom Overview

Adjusting your bandwidth
Multiple bandwidth streams available Auto adjust available off by default

Asking questions
Questions during presentation Q&A after each section

Classes are recorded

Recording access available ~ 1 week after class completion

Class Format Start time is 9:00 PDT (GMT -8)

~10 min break every hour Class duration ~5 hours daily

Class is mixture of slides, diagrams, and hands-on CLI examples


INEs CCIE DC Training Strategy Overall topics are too large for a single 5-day bootcamp INEs strategy is three main topic domains
Nexus Switching Currently available as VoD Storage This Class Computing


Intended Audience
Class assumes solid foundation of LAN Switching & Routing Class assumes basic knowledge of SAN components
Disks, File Systems, Storage Protocols, HBAs, etc.

Class does not assume prior knowledge of implementing SAN Switching on NX-OS/SAN-OS

What To Expect Out Of Class What this class is

SAN within the scope of CCIE Data Center Small scope compared to Nexus Switching and Unified Computing

What this class is not

Detailed coverage of everything SAN I.e. this class is not CCIE Storage

High Level Class Topic Flow Three main topic domains this week
Fibre Channel Switching IP Storage Converged Ethernet


Fibre Channel Switching

Fibre Channel (FC) Protocol Components FC Port Types SAN Port Channels SAN ISLs and Trunking Virtual SANs (VSANs) FC Fabric Services FC Zoning FC Security


IP Storage iSCSI FCIP IP Storage High Availability IP Storage Security


Converged Ethernet Unified Fabric Components Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) N_Port Virtualization (NPV) N_Port ID Virtualization (NPIV) Data Center Bridging (DCB) Data Center Quality of Service (QoS)


Storage & Unified Computing System (UCS)

UCS storage topics will be covered in UCS class

Server profiles, boot from SAN, FI in NPV mode, etc.

Chicken & Egg problem with UCS Storage

Cant understand UCS Storage without understanding Storage Cant understand UCS Storage without understanding UCS Learn Storage first, then UCS, then UCS Storage

CCIE Data Center Blueprint Details at


DC Lab Exam SAN Hardware & Software

MDS 9222i v5.2(2) Nexus 5548 v5.1(3) Nexus 7009 v6.0(2) w/ SUP1, 10GE F1, 10GE M1 UCS-6248 Fabric Interconnects v2.0(1x) Palo & Emulex mezzanine cards Cisco Data Center Manager software v5.2(2)

Recommended Resources
Introduction to Storage Area Networks Storage Networks Explained: Basics and Application of Fibre Channel SAN, NAS, iSCSI, InfiniBand and FCoE Cisco Storage Networking Cookbook Cisco Documentation
Design guides, configuration guides, command references, etc.

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