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Seaside apartments are particularly prone to damage.

Diagnostic testing determines the cause(s) of the problem.

Repairs and maintenance maintain and improve property values.

Materials Technology Group

Strata Building Inspection Services

Design and specification of remedial works

Selection and design of remedial works include:
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Brief inspections Site inspection and testing Condition investigation Repair method statement Repair specification Technical specification Repair supervision Contract documentation Repair of floors damaged by magnesite

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About GHD
GHD is an international company providing leadership in management, engineering, environmental and planning services with a commitment to balanced sustainable development. One of GHDs key strengths is our large, integrated network of local, regional and international offices. As established leaders with a full range of services, GHD is able to provide complete solutions to our clients requirements. GHD is committed to continuously updating its technical skills and to providing independent, innovative solutions. All GHD offices operate under a Practice Quality Management System that is certified to AS/ISO 9001:1994.

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Typical apartment block with balconies requiring repairs and maintenance.

GHD is a multidisciplinary international consultancy providing management, engineering and environmental services. Our Materials Technology Group has an international reputation for excellence in the condition investigation of building facades, specification of technically and financially appropriate repair strategies, supervision and contract administration of repair projects.

and a network of local offices throughout Australia and the Asia-Pacific.
CMS 043/03

Reconstruction of balconies on a heritage-listed facade.

Specification and supervision of repairs to over 60 units.

Concrete spalling in local areas of low cover to steel reinforcement.

Severe concrete damage (spalling) caused by corrosion of reinforcing.

Concrete spalling showing through paintwork.

The staff of GHD Materials Technology Group, through their former association with Taywood Engineering, have been undertaking condition investigations of strata building facades in many different environments throughout Australia since the early 1980s. Our services include investigations, tender documentation and repair supervision based on unique experience working with owners, strata managers and contractors both on small residential blocks and on some of the largest buildings in Australia.

GHDs professional teams include civil, structural, materials and corrosion engineers who routinely perform building condition investigations, develop appropriate remedial strategies, prepare specifications and obtain competitive quotations for remedial work. Our role can be as simple as a brief site inspection or up to full project management of a repair contract, depending on the level of involvement requested by the strata managers and owners. The aim is to provide engineering services and solutions to suit the buildings maintenance budget.

Repair specification
A detailed specification used for more complex jobs requiring increased quality control and competitive pricing from contractors.i It includes inspection and testing requirements to ensure compliance with the specification. Typically suitable for projects of $20,000$100,000.

Our expertise
GHDs strata building inspection teams have conducted condition surveys and investigations of many strata building facades throughout Australia. The condition investigation comprises a full visual survey and select non-destructive tests in representative areas including: delamination survey, depth of concrete cover to reinforcement, electrochemical potential mapping, depth of carbonation, concrete electrical resistivity testing and chloride content analysis. GHD is a corporate member of the Institute of Strata Title Management (ISTM) and Australian Concrete Repair Association (ACRA). Our NATA-accredited research laboratories are at the forefront of predicting materials deterioration, evaluating deterioration mechanisms and assessing the performance of construction materials.

Technical specification
Detailed specification with strict quality controls for large or complex jobs and includes strict inspection and testing criteria to ensure compliance with the specification. Typically suitable for projects over $100,000.

Our services
Our consultancy services are tailored to the size and budget of the building, enabling the most appropriate allocation of funds.

Repair supervision
Supervision of the repair project allows the quality of the remedial work to be monitored and tested at various stages. Varying levels of supervision are adopted according to the requirements of the project, the strata managers and owners requirements, and the experience and skills of the contractor.

Brief inspections
Used to quickly and cheaply ascertain whether a building requires further investigation or whether a scope of work can be prepared based on visual assessment only.

Condition investigations, site inspections and testing comprise visual surveys, defect mapping and appropriate non-destructive tests in representative areas. Assessments include:
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Site inspection and testing

Allows a brief assessment of the condition of a building and diagnosis of the cause(s) of the deterioration. A scope of work and estimated quantity of remedial work required can then be developed.

Contract documentation
Contract documents can be prepared and administered for each level of project and are recommended by the Institute of Strata Title Management (ISTM) for repair projects over $20,000. GHDs contract documents also include the requirement for the contractor to provide proof of currency for all insurances required to perform the work, provision of securities and dates for completion.

Concrete cracking, rust staining, delaminations and spalling Expansion joints and sealants Cementitious toppings and renders Brickwork, flashings and paintwork Steel lintels and steelwork generally Handrails and handrail fixings Roofing condition

Condition investigation
Provides a thorough assessment of the buildings condition and the scope and quantity of remedial work required, enabling an accurate estimation of repair budgets and reducing the likelihood of budget blow-outs during the work.

Repair method statement

Used for simple remedial works, allowing contractors to
Exposed elements tend to deteriorate faster than protected elements.

competitively price a defined repair and giving owners control over workmanship. Suitable for projects of $2,000$20,000.