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is safety

Clean, safe, reliable portable heat wherever you need it - indoors or out!

Tent Heating
Unlike a direct fired heater, the Frost Fighter contains a heat exchanger, which allows the fumes and products of combustion to be vented away from the area being heated. Indirect heat eliminates combustion products, which can cause dizziness, burning eyes and nausea. The unit can be kept a safe distance away from party tents by connecting ducts to the front capoutlets.

Concrete Curing
Indirect Fired heat is the best way to cure concrete and finish drywall there is no excess moisture or contaminants. Drywall will not yellow and concrete will set at the proper temperature. (Aremote thermostat allows the user to set desired temperaturelevels.)

Temporary Heat
People and equipment work in comfortable, clean, breathable air without fumes and exhaust contaminants. Flexible ducts can be easily connected to existing ducting work while the heater remains outside nointerference to valuable workspace.

Equipment Preheating
With a barrier from a direct flame, expensive equipment can be easily thawed without damage or the risk offire.

 Drying and curing concrete, plaster andpaint  Shipyards repair and maintainships  Preheat aircraft and equipment  Tent heating and special events

 Road and freeway construction  Curing and baking epoxies for tank cleaning and industrial painting  Hoarding and temporary spotheating  Moisture control

Meets OSHA Standards. No Open Flame!

Railroad Car Drying

 Recondition rail cars  Decrease drying time after cleaning railway cars  Clean air prevents grains and other fragile cargo from contamination

Hazardous Conditions

Pipelines, Oil Patch, Mines

An indirect fired unit can be used in applications where the job site has potentially dangerous and combustible fumes and dust. The heat exchanger provides a barrier from an open flame, making it safer than other units. Indirect fired units meet the necessary safety and environmental standards.

Industrial Painting & Sandblasting

Indirect heaters provide clean, dry heat essential requirements for accelerated drying and curing applications.

is versatility

is performance
Oil Fired Indirect
Model Max Capacity Heated Air Discharge Temp.* Tank Capacity Burner Motor Fan Motor Shipping Dimensions Crated (LxWxH) Shipping weight Approved IDF 200 OIL 210,000 BTU 2,800 CFM 150F 24 IMP/29 US Gal 1/7 HP 1/2 HP 83 X 37.5 X 52.5 405lbs ETL IDF 350 OIL 350,000 BTU 2,800 CFM 200F 35 IMP/40 US Gal 1/4 HP 1/4 HP 83 X 37.5 X 52.5 575lbs CSA IDF 500 OIL 500,000 BTU 3,100 CFM 220F 35 IMP/40 US Gal 1/4 HP 1 HP 83 X 37.5 X 52.5 575lbs CSA

Propane/Natural Gas
Model Max Capacity Heated Air*(w/o duct) Discharge Temp. Manifold Pressure Burner Motor Fan Motor Shipping Dimensions Crated (LxWxH) Shipping Weight Approved IDF 200 LP/NG 210,000 BTU 2,800 CFM 150F LP/NG 1.1w.c. 1/4HP 1/2HP 83 X 37.5 X 52.5 405lbs ETL IDF 350 LP/NG 350,000 BTU 2,8w00 CFM 200F LP/NG 1.8w.c. 1/4HP 1/2HP 83 X 37.5 X 52.5 550lbs ETL IDF 500 LP/NG 420,000 BTU 3,100 CFM 210F LP/NG 2.8w.c. 1/4HP 1HP 83 X 37.5 X 52.5 550lbs ETL

*Discharge Temp. (@50F ambient)