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Lords Harvest

UCW, Faith & Evening Circles

Pie & Ice Cream Social for Missions

August 1, 7:00pm @ the Archer United Methodist Church Come for a great evening of food and fellowship! A free-will offering will be taken.

108 days until the Lords Harvest. How do you plan to show youre thankful? Mark No August Meetings your calendar for To all of you that attended Guest Day & to those who helped November 16th
prepare food, worked and decorated. It was a very successful afternoon. Soles 4 Souls Check out your closet. Have your kids outgrown their shoes? Are your shoes wholly? Do you have shoes that you are not wearing anymore? Deliver them to church and put them in the big box. We will deliver them to Village Northwest Unlimited for you. Shoes have been delivered to over 125 countries on 5 continents, including the U.S., Honduras, Guatemala, Haiti, Dominican republic, Swaziland, Uganda, Iraq, Peru, Thailand, and Nepal. Also check out www.give Shoes of any kind of shape9Good or bad). Or even if you just have one shoe.

Newsletter of the United Church of Primghar

August, 2012 - Volume 8

Stretched too thin??

Have you ever felt worn-out, that you have given everything you can of yourself and you just feel like you cant give anymore? Have you felt pulled in so many different directions that you didnt know what to do? Have you been so busy, running from place to place, doing remodeling projects, going to games, work, school, etc., but yet feel that there is something missing? If your answer is yes to any of these questions currently, the best answer can be spending time with God in prayer, and reading scripture. You might be thinking, but I all ready feel stretched so thin, wont that just make matters worse, adding one more thing to the to-do list? Perhaps at the beginning it might seem like it. But when we answer yes to any of the questions at the beginning what we are saying is that our soul is hungering for something more. That something more I believe is God. When we as Christians do not renew our spirits we feel worn out, that we cant give any more. So, how do we renew our spirits? I believe we do this through prayer, scripture reading, and then being a part of small groups to help us grow in our relationship with God. Isaiah 40:31 says: but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength; they will fly up on wings like eagles; they will run and not be tired; they will walk and not be weary. ~Pastor Cory _______________________________________________________________________________________ Even though it may seem that November 16th is a long time for now, we are making plans for the upcoming Lords Harvest. We want the day to be a family friendly day no matter what the size of your family might be. It is our goal to have special participation in the worship service from people of all ages. Then from the end of worship until the auction begins we are planning to have games and activities for the children to do. Then at 1:00pm when the auction begins children can either participate in the auction, or we are planning to show a movie with popcorn during that time. Auction: it has come to our attention that the auction has gone a little long the last couple of years. So we are contemplating having a silent auction as part of the day. Then, the items that we would live auction would be items brought from our talents, such items could be anything from providing a soup a month, to a dinner hosting a number of guests with individuals able to buy one plate, two plates, etc., to being willing to detail someones car at a time they choose, to a night of babysitting, to anything that you could do for someone else (taking someone for a ride on a motorcycle or convertible). The possibilities are endless! Again this year, plans for lunch, and the Bazaar room are underway. Any thoughts, suggestions, questions are welcome! We are looking forward to Lords Harvest 2013, so mark your calendar now and attend on November 16th! Mission & Social Action Committee

August Ushers 11th Mike & Shirley Jones & Kim Tewes 18th Mike & Shirley Jones & Kim Tewes 25th Rodney & Myrna Heimensen & Jim Bernal

11th 18th 25th

August Liturgiets Brad mcDowell Shirley Fernstrum Emily Waund

Lords Harvest

AUGUST GREETERS South Door 11th Mike & Shirley Jones 18th Brad & Jane McDowell 25th Barb & Terry Morris West Door Frank & Jeanne Davis Sue & Bobby McCauley Brian & Darcy Fritz

11th 18th 25th

AUGUST NURSERY WORKER Joni & Victor Irwin Jen & Jordan Nieuwenhuis Courtney & Ashley Vander Pol

11th 18th 25th

AUGUST ACOLYTE Payton steffens Jackson Enger Mercedes Moss

If you are aware of someone in need of a pastoral call, please inform Pastor Cory at the office, 9574960 or cell 404-788-4997. She would rather hear from multiple sources than from no one at all. In these times of privacy rights, hospitals and nursing homes may not divulge information relating to a resident or patient, so it is very important that members and/or their families let the Pastor know of all needs for pastoral care.



Jeff Roberts Matthew Edwards Jody Edwards Dale Reese, Mr. & Mrs. Lee Irvine 7 Tim Ebel 8 Terry Morris, Jenna Wittrock, Brandt Steffens, Brenda Harms 9 Jim Edwards, Harriet Tewes, Marney Norman, Mr. & Mrs. Joel Tewes, Mr. & Mrs. Tracy Wittrock 12 Adam Ruschmann 13 Joan Thompson, Mr. & Mrs. John Meyer 14 Mike Jones, Mr. & Mrs. Rick Ginger, Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Mars 16 Cindy Jansma, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Davis 17 Mr. & Mrs. Fred Wittrock 18 Terry Wittrock Mr. & Mrs. Terry Morris 19 Mr. & Mrs. Dale Reese 20 Bob Bonath, Daisy Blazek 21 Mr. & Mrs. Brian Fritz 22 Tom Edwards 24 Mr. & Mrs. Darrell DeBoom 25 Mr. & Mrs. Peter Eldridge, Mr. & Mrs. Michael Wright 26 Donna Dawson Mr. & Mrs. Jim Rosenboom 27 Barb Mars, Shonda Wittrock 29 Lee Irvine, Mr. & Mrs. Garry Sampson 30 Victor Irwin, Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Wittrock, Mr. & Mrs. Josh Rieck 3 4 5 6

School Kits
Dont forget to buy supplies for the Mission & Social Action School Bags during the August Back-to-School Sales. 40 School Bags is our goal this year. Kits include: 3 Notebooks, 8 1/2x11 wide ruled (210 to 250 sheets total) spiral or bound; 1 30 cm metric ruler; 1 box of 24 crayons (ONLY 24); 1 2 1/2 eraser, 1 blunt scissors; 1 hand pencil sharpener and 6 unsharpened pencils with erasers. These items are on sale in many stores so it is a great time to purchase them. Remember NO political or religious icons, slogans, emblems or sayings on ANY of the items.





1 7:00pm Archer Ice Cream Social

2 Primghar Quasquicentenial 9 5:30pm Wedding Rehearsal

3 Primghar Quasquicentenial 10 Ginger/ Lamburtus Wedding

Sewing Kits include: 3 yards cotton (1 piece), 1 new spool matching thread, 5-8 matching flat buttons on card, 1 sewing scissor, p pkg. hand sewing needles. Foster independence rather than dependence. Cottage industries often grow out of sewing classes where these kits are used to practice skills.

4 10:00 Quasqui Worship Service on the Square 10:30 Archer Worship

5 Noon Pastor Cory @ H.C.I. in Primghar

6 7 8 9:30am Archer 6:00pm Worship Team Meeting Mtg. 7:00pm Christian Ed Mtg. 8:00pm Confirmation Parent Mtg. 8:30pm Care Team Meeting 13 14 15 Pastor Cory at Board of Pensions in Des Moines

Health Kits: Help disaster victims reclaim their dignity & selfrespect , also used as teaching tools. 1 new hand towel 15x25), 1 bath sized bar of soap (3 oz) in wrapper, 1 large, sturdy comb (not pocket size), 1 new toothbrush in original sealed wrapper (not child-size), 1 nail file or fingernail clipper (No emery boards or toenail clippers), 1 new washcloth, 6 band aids (3/4). Confirmation Classes If you are a parent of a student who will be in 8th Grade in the upcoming school year and you would like them to be in confirmation, please plan to attend the meeting on Wednesday, August 7th at 8:00pm. Class days and times will be decided during this meeting. It is important for parent(s) and student to attend.

11 9:00 UCP Worship Communion & Scholarship/ Loan awards 10:00 Archer Worship Quilt s of Valor Presentation

12 7:00pm Spiritual Concerns Mtg

16 5:00pm Wedding Rehearsal

17 Veenstra/ Noteboom Wedding

INCOME 2013 January $6,121.50 February $9,738.50 March $8,725.93 April --$11,147.34 May$11,420 June$10,254.41 July 3rd-21st$6,318.40 Budget for 2013$132,745.39 Average Monthly Expenditure $11,062.12

If you know of someones Birthday or Anniversary that should be in the Newsletter please let the Office know.

18 19 9:00 UCP Worship 10:30 Archer Worship Archer Congregational Meeting following Worship 2:00pm Prairie View 25 9:00 UCP Worship 10:30 Archer Worship 26


21 SOS School Begins

22 7:00pm Parish Council Mtg.

23 24 9:00 Newsletter Assembly




30 SOS Home Football Game


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