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"An idea is something you have; hat has you." an ideology is something t M o r ris Berman


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If Id eas Were
Consider the T-phage virus. A T-phage cannot

us es?

replicate itself; it reproduces by hijacking the DNA of a bacterium, forcing its host to make millions of copies of the phage. Similarly, an idea can parasitically infect your mind and alter your behavior, causing you to want to tell your friends about the idea, thus exposing them to the ideacommunicate to others. Garbled virus. Any idea versions of a useful meme would presumably be selected out. which does this is called a "meme" (pronounced `meem'). So, in theory at least, the ability to understand and communicate Unlike a virus, which is encoded in DNA molecules, complex memes is a survival trait, and natural selection should favor a meme is nothing those more than a pattern of information, one that happens who aren't too conservative to understand new memes. Or does it? to have evolved a form memes include In which induces people to repeat that pattern. Typical practice, some people are going to be all too ready to commit any new meme individual slogans, ideas, catch-phrases, melodies, that comes along, even if it should turn out to be deadly nonsense, icons, inventions, and like: fashions. It may sound a bit sinister, this idea that "Jump off a cliff and the gods will make you fly." people are hosts for Such memes do evolve, generated by crazy people, or through mind-altering strings of symbols, but in fact this is mis-replication. Notice, though, that this meme might have a lot of what human culture is appeal. all about. The idea of magical flight is so tantalizing -- maybe, if I truly believed, As a species, we have co-evolved with our memes. I just might leap off the cliff and...

Imagine a group of

This is a vital point: people try to infect each other with those early Homo Sapiens in the Late Pleistocene epoch. memes which they find most appealing, regardless of the memes' They've recently arrived objective with the latest high-tech hand axes and are trying tovalue or truth. Further, the carrier of the cliff-jumping meme might show their Homo never Erectus neighbours how to make them. Those who actually take the plunge; they may spend the rest of their long lives can't get their heads around infecting other people with the meme, inducing millions of gullible the new meme will be at a disadvantage and will be fools out-evolved by their smarter cousins. to leap to their deaths. Historically, this sort of thing is happening all the time. Meanwhile, the memes themselves are evolving, just Whether memes can be considered true "life forms" or not is a

as in the game of

topic of "Telephone" (where a message is whispered from some debate, but this is irrelevant: they behave in a way similar to person to person, being life slightly mis-replicated each time). Selection favors the forms, allowing us to combine the analytical techniques of memes which are easiest to understand, to remember, and to epidemiology, evolutionary science, immunology, linguistics, and semiotics, into an effective system known as "memetics." Rather than debate the inherent "truth" or lack of "truth" of an idea, memetics is largely concerned with how that idea gets itself replicated. Memetics is vital to the understanding of cults, ideologies, and marketing campaigns of all kinds, and it can help to provide immunity from dangerous information-contagions. You should be aware, for instance, that you just been exposed to the Meta-meme, the meme about memes...

Glenn Grant, Memeticist from A Memetic Lexicon

{{{Share-Right (S), 1990, by Glenn Grant, PO Box 36 Station H, Montreal, Quebec, H3C 2K5. (You may reproduce this text, only if your recipients may also reproduce it, you do not change it, and you include this notice}}}

earworm: A tune or melody which infects a population rapidly. a hit song. (Such as: Don't Worry, Be Happy.) (f. German, ohrwurm=earworm.)

eyeworm: A picture o r style which infects a po pulation rapidly. (Such as: Grunge.) (f. German , augenwurm=eyeworm.)

My head used to swim from the perfume I smelled. My hands kind of fumbled with her white plastic belt. I'd taste her baby pink lipstick and that s when I d melt And she d whisper in my ear tonight she really was mine. Get back in front, put some hair oil B u d d yo n Holly was singing his very last song. With your arms around your girl you'd try to sing along. It felt pretty good. Woo You really had a good time. Hot patootie, bless my soul, I really love that rockn roll. I t f e l t p r e t t y g o o d . W o o Y o u r e a l l y h a d a g o o d t i m e . H o t p a t o o t i e , b l e s s m y s o u l , I r e a l l y l o v e t h a t r o c k n r o l l .

and here in Spain w e m o s e r e . r ca You w visit you by I wanted to the suburbs of an As I reached n I became aware of w unknown to t I had lost my way a h t t c .I a th e f where to goa e id o n d a oute and h p to get a r gendcalled you u and you said: Take the Du warst ir n und n io n t e h ip t and descr wo in Spanie over Sevilla dem R4 to Paris on, didnt find the R4 h wollte mithren. ic e v e o r m d a fa u bec to... I Auto zu dir auf dem ou again. Yo i n o and called y I should stay away if h c Ich war s er mir angry, said to find the way on my adtring einfernen t S le b a e v t ha wasnt n und t we wouldn unbekannte h bemerkte, own and tha for us anyway. ic Stadt, als ja gar nicht enough time ause I had no sleeping dass ich uss. I agreed bec ich fahren m ie w , s is e I u w d r fen, n bag. be dich ange in the car a city a d h le h t c t I a r eine s Bottle damit du mir his foreign ccident h g u o r h ib t g st. drove eyes and a autoschreibung , dann y e b m g e in W s r a e e R4 of th with t erst auf die wrong lane Du sagtest: ber Sevilla nach....Ich tally on thearks were red and gliund rief bahn. The m use of the tears. htung Paris die R4 aber nicht und dass ic R y a c it e n b u d end, , fan ppor t stened fuhr weiterl an. Da sagtest du wt ht alleiing me the o me ic a n Without givrd, the police stopped m dich noch llte, weil ich den Weg r uns htto say a woe pay 350 DM. I tried to I enug Zeit f egbleiben so ten. and made m elf and explained that on- ich w e und wir auch nicht g s d c y in n gar m I f . h e defens h habe auc hen d no money ch my ne a ic h , e d h n e a t s s s r e le c v r to sea was job rten Flas e, Ja, ich ey started Auto klappe n durch diese Und ich sagt m I . k c a s sequence th s. Test for alcohol. I f g keinen Schla it Trnen in den Auge rkt, dass ich car for dru the policewoman thatnd m t geme und ich fuhr . Die t, habe nich tobahn auffuhr d a adressed to eep me from fleeing a uld t S e d m e r u f A e k o h o in die s t e hold me falsch auf ngen waren in rot auf die er that she nd had h e c in v n o c e u durch arkier boyfir tried to Richtungsm und glnzten leuchtend en Augen. because my tead in have mercy p, but she had not. Insnt e alt Trnen in m hne mich zu Strasse gem just split u pression that she did s o d n u t rt. estopp I had the im She said: "that happen mir geforde i hat mich g e n z o li v o M P D . ie , 0 n D t as 5 e a d 3 t even lis care for th ." I kept n zu lassen, ich arbeitslos sei und legt e t n m a m c o e k w t , r y o W , dass to zer jobless every da mich, sagteufhin haben sie das Au olizistin, ot if youre forgivable."II e n t r y h ll e ia w c e h c p P s a e htte- dar crime is un blasen. Der high quiet. "Your nd cars passsed by at Geld nicht n gesucht. Ich musste gestern mitgenommen ht ich ach Droge n kept quiet a do nn u mperin, die festhielt, damit ich nic a Tr ie w d a d ie t , a w speed. I`m glad thdie aussah d sie mich haben msste mit mir be. n d e n r a h m w a , e r h d . ic a coffee An awful habe, sagte te, dass man Verstnisade Schluss gemacht h ass nd can drink a e k d r n a , e n w k g o c a k d u n n r m u e I abhau den Eind mein Fre h hatte ich mir nicht zuhrt. c u a , t h ic n sie ine hatte sich nne man keIch k f Verstndnis u a r a d , h losen." gtglic passiert tanicht bei einer Arbeits schwieg. s a d " : e t g a Sie s recht " bar ehmen, erst n ist untragbei. e h Rcksicht n c e r b r e V "ihr ir vor rasten an m s o t u A d n fee trinu f Ich schwieg jetzt wach bin und Ka ken kann ass ich , bin froh, d m u a Tr r e r a furchtb

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Der Hase sitzt freudestrahlend im Schaukelstuhl. Hereinkommt Gott verkleidet als Tod und will dem Hasen das Fell brsten. Brsten mochte der Hase noch nie und jetzt erst recht nicht, wo der Tod ihm das Fell brstet. Dem Hasen fllt auf, dass er dem Tod nicht einmal was zu trinken anbieten kann, auch keineSitzgelegenheit, hat ja nur den Schaukelstuhl, doch das Freudestrahlen ist ihm vergangen. Der Tod hat jetzt auch genug vom Fellbrsten und sagt zumHasen: Dein Fell ist hbsch und glatt und der Hase denkt, dann geh doch bitte gleich wieder, doch er sagt das nicht, weil er schlielich den Tod vor Augen und in seinem Einzimmerapartement hat, und der ist ja dann doch wirklich ne Respektsperson und bietet dem seinen einzigen Schaukelstuhl an. Gott kann sich in seiner albernen Verkleidung wegen der Sense gar nicht setzen ohne was kaputt zu machen und zieht sich aus. Als Gott dann nackt ist, merkt auch der Hase, da das gar nicht der Tod war, der da reinkam, sondern nur ein alter Mann, der splitterfasernackt im Schaukelstuhl hockt, die Knie anzieht und schchtern die Hnde auf seine Fuzehen legt, weil die Ngel ungeschnitten sind. Gott fngt dann an, ein paar Geschichten aus dem Leben zu erzhlen und der Hase spitzt seine Ohren.


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