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0 First Phase- The Rising of Ottoman Empire

High Developed Military

Fall of Byzantine Empire Charismatic Tribal Chieftain

Tolerance to Minorities

Rise Of Ottoman Empire

Good Leadership Structure

Ottoman had lot of successful than others

Good Political Management Ottoman had a Strategic Place for his Empire

Summary for The Rising of Ottoman Empire

Ottoman was one of nomadic warrior tribes who sweep across in central Turkey. When the Ottoman was rising, the Byzantine Empire was falling because Ottoman Empire had high developed military. Then, Osman was a tribal chieftain who raises the Ottoman Empire. He had good leadership to lead his empire in battle and manage political well. Afterward, the strategic location played a role in early Ottoman Empire. Then, Ottoman Empire had lot of wastes and successful than others. So, the Ottoman Empire was control Middle East and northern Africa and the south Eastern Europe. The Ottoman Empire had tolerance to minorities in order to recruit smarter and ability people to build the empire.

3.0 Second Phase- The Expansion and Glorious Period of the Ottoman Empire

Constantinople conquered on 1453

Europe was a collection of fragmented warring state Sultan was official defenders of faith

Middle East conquered on 16 century Expansion and Glorious Period of the Ottoman Empire Expand territories on North Africa and eastern Mediterranean

People under Ottoman was enormous

Granting province amount of autonomy

Ottoman Empire navy had fought in Indonesia

All World Government deferred to Ottoman Empire

People longevity is higher

Summary for The Expansion and Glorious Period of the Ottoman Empire

The expansion of Ottoman Empire was the Ottoman Empire had conquered the Constantinople on 1453 and took over the Middle East like Mecca and Medina on 16th century. The empire had expanded its territories on North Africa and eastern Mediterranean and the empire navy had fought in Indonesia. Afterward, when Ottoman Empire reaches its territorial apex, Europe was a collection of fragmented warring state. People under Ottoman were enormous and sultan was official defender of faith. The empire also grant province amount of autonomy to other tribes as taxes rolled. Longevity of people were greater due to better sanitation facilities, food and security live. All world governments deferred to Ottoman Empire.

4.0 Third Phase- The Old Sick Man Of Europe

Western Europe grow powerful Group of minded military officers force sultan to abdicate

Europe Become Economic Threat

Sick Man Of Europe

Borrow much money from Europe to reform its empire

Nationalism grow within Ottoman Empire

Ottoman military were not undefeated again

Ottoman lose ground in Balkan

Summary for The Old Sick Man of Europe

Tsar Nicholas I applied the old sick man of Europe to Ottoman Empire. It is because the Western Europe invented new technology and grow wealth from colonies. So, the Europe was economic threat to the Ottoman Empire. Then, Ottoman Empire borrows much money which cannot pay back the debt to Europe to reform its empire. Ottoman had lost its ground in Balkan and its military were not undefeated again. Besides that, the nationalism introduced by Europe grows within empire and people of Ottoman no to pledge loyalty to sultan. Afterward, a group of minded military officers, young Turkish had forced sultan to abdicate. The more power of Ottoman lose to Europe, the harder to grow the Ottoman Empire.