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Aldi's 13 scotch wins gold medal at industry awards after experts praised its 'complex nose'
Highland Black 8 Year Old Scotch Whiskey received the top prize Awarded a gold medal at the International Wine and Spirits competition Third award for Aldi's own brand alcohol in the past three months
By Sara Smyth PUBLISHED: 19:06, 26 July 2013 | UPDATED: 20:26, 26 July 2013

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Aw ard-w inning: Aldi's Highland Earl Black Label Scotch Whisky w ill be flying off the shelves

Budget supermarket Aldi, the go-to shop for the recession-hit middle classes, has won a prestigious gold medal award for its own brand scotch. Experts at the International Wine and Spirits competition awarded the chain the top award for its Highland Black 8 Year Old Scotch Whisky, which costs 13.19. The accolade is the latest in a long line of awards given to the chain's world-class alcohol range. A bottle of Aldi's Monsigny champagne, which costs just 12.99, beat some of the world's most renowned champagnes in a blind taste test in May. Its 10 gin was praised in April for its 'clear, crisp, complex flavour' which beat well-known brands up to ten times the price.

Judges of the supermarket's whiskey said it has a, 'super balance, and super smooth flow leading into long, fruit filled finish.' The Highland Black is made from a blend of grain and malt whiskies and previously secured top prizes at the Scotch Whisky Masters and International Spirits Challenge earlier this year. Tony Baines, MD Buying at Aldi, said: 'Its a massive achievement to win just one gold medal for our own-label whisky, but three is just fantastic. 'Weve always been very proud of it, but its great to see the worlds leading drinks experts agree with us. 'It just goes to show that buying world-class drinks doesnt have to cost the earth.' Aldi has benefited from the economic downturn as hard-up shoppers defected to the cheaper supermarket chain for affordable, high quality goods. The store beat the 'big four' chains- Tesco, Sainsbury, Asda and Morrissons- to be named Britain's best supermarket by Which? last month. Which? said it was named the winner for its range of best buys, quality food and good pricing. The consumer champion said: 'Its low prices don't seem to compromise on quality. Within Aldi's keenly priced range it has produced a number of best buys.

Middle class haven: The budget superm arket has becom e popular w ith shoppers w ho w ould traditionally buy their groceries from Waitrose

What to buy: The Grocer m agazine nam ed Aldi Grocer Of The Year and gave 16 products a coveted gold m edal

Proud: Managing director of Aldi Tony Baines said the aw ard validated their soughtafter product. He said: 'We've alw ays been very proud of it, but it's great to see the w orlds leading drinks experts agree w ith us'

'We've seen everyday items, such as Magnum Eucalyptus Antibacterial washing-up liquid and Almat with Stain-Lift Bio Powder, do better than costly rivals.' Aldi has made huge efforts to attract Middle Britain shoppers by introducing a range of superior products at budget prices from fine wines and spirits, to coffee, olive oil and Aberdeen Angus steaks. The group slims down its overheads and profit margins to the minimum with minimalist stores, fewer staff

and charges for plastic bags. It does not stock any of the big brands, like Kelloggs and Heinz, however it has run into trouble for creating its own cheaper copycat versions.


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Newest Oldest Best rated Worst rated View newest 10 I regularly but genuine scotch whisky ( Pipers 100) here in Thailand for 7 quid a 70 cl bottle or 10 quid a litre, was 7.50 per litre before the pound crashed. The shop thaat I use have loads in stock, some which is years old, and she has one scotch brand that is 42% proof - guesswho, hammock, Thailand, 26/7/2013 23:19 Click to rate Report abuse I have been doing all my shopping at Aldi and Lidl for the past 8 years, their foods are brilliant, the cakes and chocolate are very good also their frozen salmon is brilliant. - Captain Dave, Dijon, 26/7/2013 23:04 Click to rate Rating 5 Rating 1

Report abuse Blasted Germans - know how to brew a good wee drum (or at least sell at Aldi). - noyber, amersham, United Kingdom, 26/7/2013 22:55 Click to rate Report abuse I have just moved close to an Aldi, I always shop at Asda, hate Tesco, must try Aldi, seems to get rave reviews. - Abigail, manchester, United Kingdom, 26/7/2013 22:39 Click to rate Report abuse Blended grain whisky = Gunwash ! - Very Very Grumpy, Edinburgh, 26/7/2013 22:22 Click to rate Report abuse DM clearly has ties to Aldi. Editorial advertisements promoting "award winning" products on an almost daily basis - JDT, London, 26/7/2013 22:16 Click to rate Report abuse Aldi French Brasserie lager is 3.49 for 10 bottles. And it's excellent.. As is their gin. hic... - Madasafish, Stoke on Trent, United Kingdom, 26/7/2013 22:10 Click to rate Report abuse as a Scotsman...there are NO.... "E'S"... in whisky - bigdel, milton keynes, 26/7/2013 21:55 Click to rate Report abuse The British Aldi seems to have better offers than the German. I neither get the praised Gin nor the whiskey in a German aldi and I cannot follow the praise of aldi vegetables - vielnick, kln, 26/7/2013 21:54 Click to rate Report abuse 'Whiskey' as spelled in your article refers only to the Irish product. Scotch has no 'e' - please be accurate. - John Howells, Seaview, 26/7/2013 21:44 Click to rate Rating 13 Rating 3 Rating 12 Rating 9 Rating 7 Rating (0) Rating 3 Rating 1

Report abuse Another blow for Nigel ALDI is German and he does not wnat anything from Europe. well he does employ his Wife who is German, Next week we will learn that the Beer from Aldi or LIDL are top quality as well. - Bob bielefeld, Bielefeld, Germany, 26/7/2013 21:01 Click to rate Report abuse The fresh vegetables Aldi sell are cheaper and far superior to the selection at most of the Supermarket chains. All staff are product knowledgeable you can ask any member about a product, they will always assist without giving 'I don't know or not sure' response. Checkouts are fast moving and staff will always divert a long queue to open up another to ease congestion. - Atlas, Liverpool, 26/7/2013 20:55 Click to rate Report abuse I know this'll sound like an ad, but shopping at Aldi saves me about 1000 a year compared to shopping at Tesco - save 20 a week or so. - Andrew44P, Northampton, 26/7/2013 20:45 Click to rate Report abuse Scotch is called WHISKY not whiskey. Whiskey is the Irish imitation spirit. - McQueenUK, London, United Kingdom, 26/7/2013 20:34 Click to rate Report abuse How many free cases did you get for that bit of editorial advertising DM? - ENJAY, WIRRAL, United Kingdom, 26/7/2013 20:19 Click to rate Report abuse People who buy more expensive varieties are just trying to display wealth. - King of Europe, Newport, United Kingdom, 26/7/2013 20:18 Click to rate Report abuse Share this comment The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Rating 30 Rating 19 Rating 21 Rating 44 Rating 34 Rating 2

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