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June - July 2006
Essen and

Up towers, down shafts

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Willkommen! E S S E N T I A L C I TY G U I D E S

Glossary 5
In Your Pocket begrüßt in seiner Reihe der Stadtführer auch diese The basics
schöne Stadt. History 6
Cities and mines
Die In Your Pocket City Guides verstehen sich als kostenlose Stadt- © Dortmund-Agentur Cornelia Suhan
führer.Unsere Zielgruppe ist klar! Unsere Leser besuchen die Stadt Events 8
und wissen weder was die Butter in Hamburg kostet, noch warum Music, concerts and industry
die Münchner blasse Wurst essen und wo diese wirklich schmeckt. World Cup Fan Fest 10
Have a ball
Unsere Leser sind Touristen und Geschäftsreisende: sie möchten
sich die Stadt ansehen, Vorführungen genießen, Essen & Trinken, Industrial tourism 11
Postkarten schreiben, oder in ihrer freien Zeit Ausstellungen be- Clamber over smelters, dive into gastanks
suchen und ein typisches Souvenir kaufen. Dortmund 14
Main city of the Ruhrgebiet
Aber unsere Leser sprechen kein Wort Deutsch!
Gelsenkirchen 16
Wir geben den internationalen Reisenden ausführliche Informa- Transformed mining town
tionen über Ihr Unternehmen und präsentieren Ihre Leistungen in
englischer Sprache. Essen 24
Cultural Capital of the region... and Europe

Bochum 26
Mining, nature and nightlife

  #     Hotels Restaurants Cafés Nightlife Sightseeing Events Maps Hotels Restaurants Cafés Nightlife Sightseeing Events Maps Hotels Restaurants Cafés Nightlife Sightseeing Events Maps Hotels restaurants Cafés Nightlife Sightseeing Events maps Hotels Restaurants Cafés Nightlife Sightseeing Events Maps

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Football events

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Hotels Restaurants Cafés Nightlife Sightseeing Events Maps Hotels Restaurants Cafés Nightlife Sightseeing Events Maps Hotels restaurants Cafés Nightlife Sightseeing events maps Hotels Restaurants Cafés Nightlife Sightseeing Events Maps Hotels restaurants Cafés Nightlife Sightseeing Events Maps

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June - July 2006 June - July 2006 June - July 2006 June - July 2006 gelsenkirchen, June - July 2006
Essen and

Up towers, down shafts

Visiting Mercedes and
going medieval Porsche
A tour through the old
Football events
Win or lose, this is
Football events where to party
Win or lose, this is
where to party

Football events
Football events Win or lose, this is
Win or lose, this is where to party
where to party
Brought back to
Going Palatine life
Strolling in the forest Plagwitz’ industrial

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© Dortmund-Agentur Benito Barajas Sco

June - July 2006

tel: +49 (0)30 27907981,,
4 ForeWord gloSSArY 5

The Ruhrgebiet area hasn’t had it easy. After all the

Beer or Culture?
industrial development, incredible immigration and
urban growth, wartime desctruction and bland Germany has a brilliant network of Autobahn (motorways,
rebuilding efforts, the industries that powered prefixed A) and Bundesstrasse roads (major roads, prefixed
by B. Traffic drives on the right with speed limits of 130km/h
Germany for so long turned out to be too inefficient or 100km/h outside built-up areas, and 50km/h in built- In Prague, you don’t have to choose.
and the workfoce too expensive to compete with up areas. And indeed, there are really no speed limits on We have it all.
others. More recently, the development of the Autobahnen which makes for some fun driving and some And we have it all in Prague In Your Pocket.
area away from heavy industry and towards a truly ghastly accidents. Keep a close eye on the rear mirror Keep it where it belongs.
high-tech economy seems to have paid off, and the if you’re planning to overtake or if you’re in the left lane,
as those headlights in the distance behind you may get
Ruhrgebiet is witnessing something of a revolution. uncomfortably close very quickly. Seatbelts must be worn
And finally, the decaying industrial landscape is at all times and children under 12 years can only travel in
being opened up for the public, with many exciting the front seat with a child restraint. German laws are strict
sights now accessible to clamber over, dive into or by many accounts when it comes to driving after you have
simply gawk at by night. had a few pints, glasses or snifters full of booze. The legal
maximum alcohol to blood ratio for driving is 0.05%.
This Ruhrgebiet In Your Pocket guide focuses on the
World Cup cities Dortmund and Gelsenkirchen, and Language    $   ! 

the regional heavyweights Essen and Bochum. If Sco The German language has been somewhat misrepresented in 

the foreign media over the past decades, and when you hear it

you’re here for the World Cup, don’t be deterred by

spoken it’s not as harsh as you may expect. Although you won’t
the endless built-up areas you see from the highway
or the train window - there’s a wonderful new post-
Welcome to Dortmund be able to learn it on a short trip, it’s always nice to memorise
a few key terms like thank you (danke), please (bitte), hello
industrial world out there that’s well worth a visit.

Welcome to our city. Dortmund (gutentag) and goodbye (auf wiedersehen). You’ll notice


that written German has some odd characters, such as the


is happy to receive visitors to


Enjoy the Ruhrgebiet, and let us know what you the city who are to watch the ß, the ü, ö and ä. Annoyingly, these are interchangeable with
World Cup football matches. combinations of letters and can (and often are) replaced by ss,
thought of the place, and this guide, at ruhrgebiet@ ue, oe and ae respectively – which explains why the website
Here, you’ll see that we’re very close to football - it’s only of Cologne (Köln) is spellt PIYP s.r.o., V Jámě 1, 110 00, Praha 1
3km from the main station to tel. (+420) 224 947 601,
the stadium, and just 500m Money
Cover story to the Fanfest venue on Frie-
densplatz. The best way to get cash in Germany is to use an ATM
Essen’s glorious Unesco-
Enjoy many exciting games in
Dortmund, a vital city; a city that’s dressed up from head
machine, of which there are plenty all over the country.
German banks do not charge for using foreign cards in Safety
listed Zeche Zollverein their machines, so check with your own bank if you’ll pay Germany is a very safe country to travel in, and other than
mine basks in evening to toe, ready for football. Celebrate in a worldy way with
light. The mine was close the inhabitants of Dortmund. any commission. Even if you do have to pay a euro or two the usual precautions against pickpocketing, there are no
decades ago, but now is Of course our city has more to offer than football - first to use an ATM, it’ll be better value and easier than going to special preparations you should make. Although Germany
renovated and houses class hotels and restaurants, sport, entertainment, and a one of the banks or train station exchange offices (like the has been in the news recently for racist attacks, these
a fascinating museum diverse cultural offer. Welcome, and enjoy our city. Reisebank chain) as they have worse exchange rates and incidents are quite rare and are by no means a purely German
complex. Dr. Gerhard Langemeyer will charge a commission. phenomenon. Germans are aware that their country is more
Mayor of Dortmund Germany ditched the Deutsche mark in 2002, adopting the closely scrutinised than others when it comes to this, and
euro, pronounced locally as oi-ro. Germany’s economy is racism and violence is not tolerated, witness the impressive
the largest in Europe, and therefore the majority of coins level of security around synagogues and Jewish institutions:
in circulation now are German ones; you’ll see Berlin’s sturdy barriers and round-the-clock armed guards.
Brandenburg Gate on the €0.10, €0.20 and €0.50 coins,
Editorial Copyright notice
and the German eagle flapping around on the €1 and €2. the
banknotes, if you’re wondering, are the same for the whole of Time
Editor-in-Chief Jeroen van Marle Text and photos copyright In Your euroland, and are adorned with generic European bridges. Germany uses the 24-hour clock system, known as military
Editorial Contributors Pocket GmbH 2006. Maps copyright time in some places, but as simply as ‘the time’ here. By
E S S E N T I A L C I TY G U I D E S Sco, Ali Lemer cartographer. All rights reserved. No part

In Your Pocket GmbH

Research Morwenna Parkyn of this publication may be reproduced
in any form, except brief extracts for
Shopping practicalities doing away with all the am, pm, noon and midnight nonsense,
it’s really quite useful for avoiding confusion, and Germany
Layout & Design Tomáš Haman German retail laws were incredibly strict in the past, with is one of the few places where the 24-hour clock is even
Axel-Springer-Str. 39 Maps Kartographie Eichner,
the purpose of review, without written
10969 Berlin permission from the publisher and shops not even regularly opening on Saturdays a year just used in spoken language. You may be told that the museum copyright owner. The brand name In Your a decade ago, and still are not as flexible as elsewhere. On closes at sixteen-thirty, or that the train departs at twenty-
Tel: (+49)(0)30 27 90 79 81 Photos Sco
Fax: (+49)(0)30 24 04 73 50 Pocket is used under license from UAB Sundays nearly everything shuts down, with perhaps just a thirtyeight.
Cover photo: In Your Pocket (Vokieciu 10-15, Vilnius, The Zeche Zollverein mine lift tower few shops at the train station open, and on Saturdays you’ll
Lithuania tel. (+370-5) 212 29 76). © EMG/Peter Wieler
Editor’s note
see many smaller shops closing around 14:00. Though it
may thwart your purchasing plans, it does result in a special Visas
© In Your Pocket GmbH, a company
of UAB In Your Pocket Sales & Circulation The editorial content of In Your Pocket relaxed feel to the Sundays, which is quite nice for a change. Citizens of EU and EEA countries do not need visas to enter
Vokieciu 10-15 guides is independent from paid-for Credit cards are still to be embraced by most shops, much to Germany; most others do. For more details, visit the website
General Manager Stephan Krämer advertising. Sponsored listings are the annoyance to big-spending foreigners. This is due to the of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, www.auswaertiges-amt.
Vilnius, Lithuania Accounting Martin Wollenhaupt
tel. (+370-5) 212 29 76 clearly marked as such. We welcome all system of electronic debit card payments that was in place de. Germany is part of the Schengen treaty, which allows
Advertising Manager readers‘ comments and suggestions. in Germany and other mainland European countries much free flow of goods and traffic between member states. This
Printed by Druckteam GbR Berlin. Sebastian Rudolph, Philippe Krüger, We have made every effort to ensure earlier; this is a safer and cheaper system than credit card as means that your passport only gets checked when entering
June/July 2006, 150.000 copies Corina Alt, Notker Hilbrenner the accuracy of the information at the
time of going to press and assume no it always requires PIN identicication rather than a signature, and leaving the Schengen area, and once you’re in, you
responsibility for changes and errors. and is free of the 3% commission for the shopkeepers can travel overland from Portugal to Finland without being
(eventually paid by you, dear shopper). stopped at the borders.

Ruhrgebiet In Your Pocket June - July 2006

6 hiStorY hiStorY 7

The area between the Lippe, Ruhr and Rhine rivers in 1931 — The workers and industry management go head
northwestern Germany was recognized for its strategic Europe In Your Pocket to head in a bitter lockout and strike movement. The
location as far back as Roman times. Like much of the government, stepping in to end the crisis, forces the workers
continent, for most of the Middle Ages it was primarily back into the factories at reduced wages and rights.
a rural area - but its true destiny would be fulfilled in the 1932 — Essen’s Bauhaus-designed Zeche Zollverein XII
19th century as it became the country’s premier industrial colliery is opened.
region, primarily through coal mining, steel and iron pro- 1933-1945 — Wealthy Ruhr industrialists give financial
duction. The industrial crises of the mid-twentieth century, support to Hitler’s seizure of power. Hitler responds by giving
however, would see “the Coal Pot” (Ruhrpott) struggle to the industries large national subsidies and contracts for
redefine itself and keep its economy strong through other public construction works and arms manufacture, making
labour-intensive areas such as manufacturing. In the past the Ruhrgebiet a booming mainstay of the German economy.
few decades, it has bounced back by concentrating on the Steel production rises around 400% during this time.
service and technology sectors and actively promoting Unemployment disappears almost overnight, destroying the
innovative and vibrant tourist and cultural centres - many workers’ resistance movements.
of them built into the defunct factories that once made 1938 — The nationwide “Kristallnacht” pogrom in November
Ruhrgebiet the powerhouse of Europe. causes the destruction of synagogues across the Ruhrgebiet,
including in Essen, Gelsenkirchen, and Duisburg.
58 C.E. — The Rhine river becomes the northeastern border 1941-45 — Cities in the Ruhrgebiet are heavily bombed
of the Roman Empire. by Allied forces to cripple the Nazi war machine. The bombs
5th century — Duisburg, one of Europe’s largest inland destroy huge parts of civilian areas (especially in Essen,
ports, is a major stop on the Hellweg, an important medieval Dortmund and Gelsenkirchen) in addition to some industrial
trade route. targets, although in the end production is not that badly
700 — The area around Gelsenkirchen is settled by affected.
Saxons. 1946 — The Morgenthau Plan for the Allied occupation of
800 — Charlemagne sets up a royal court near the trade post-war Germany calls for all industry in the Ruhrgebiet to
route, at the site of the present-day centre of Bochum. be shut down and the area controlled by international forces,
852 — Essen is founded as a monastery for women of in order to turn Germany into a “primarily agricultural and
noble blood. Future abbesses would include Mathilde, pastoral” country; the plan is eventually shelved
a granddaughter o f Emperor Otto I; Theopanhu, a Sco 1953 — Hassel Kokerei, the first new coking plant since
granddaughter of Otto II; and Sophia, a sister of Otto III. the war, opens in Gelsenkirchen.
880 — The first mention of Dortmund (as “Throtmanni”) 1847 — Alfred Krupp makes his first cannon from cast steel, mid-1950s — The demand for coal begins to diminish as the
appears in official documents. launching the Krupp company’s long and successful career world starts to turn to crude oil, and the Ruhrgebiet’s factories
883 — The Normans conquer and occupy Duisburg. In Your Pocket continues to expand, launching no less as Germany’s #1 arms manufacturer, and earning him the start to feel the pinch. Within a little more than a decade,
1120 —Duisberg builds its first city wall (better late than than eight new city guides in Germany, in time for the soccer nickname, “The Cannon King”. almost 80 mines and factories in the area will be closed
never). World Cup. All World Cup host cities now have their own In 1848 — Industrial workers join in nationwide revolts in down, representing over 50% of the production capacity.
1150 — The first church in Gelsenkirchen is built. Your Pocket, in print and available locally at hotels, and also March, demanding shorter hours and better living conditions; 1961 — Adam Opel car manufacturing company opens a
online as both browseable text and a free downloadable the revolution will eventually fail. plant in Bochum.
PDF guide. Apart from that, there’s the free Football In Your 1854 — The Ruhrgebiet’s first blast furnace is built at the 1963 — The first major east-west highway of the area, the
Pocket insert guide which can be found in all In Your Pocket Henrichschütte Iron and Steel works in Hattingen. Ruhr-Schnellweg, is opened; it follows the path of the Hellweg,
guides in Germany - the booklet has information on teams
1860 — The first coal mine in Herne opens. a major trading route since the Middle Ages.
and stadiums and has a nifty fixtures table. Elsewhere,
new guides will hit the streets of Kosovo, Macedonia and 1860-1890 — Hundreds of thousands of immigrants from 1965 — Ruhr University, the first modern university in the
Montenegro this summer. If you would like to be a part of Germand and Poland stream into the Ruhrgebiet for factory Ruhrgebiet, is opened in Bochum.
the Pocket group, publishing your own guide, contact us at jobs, increasing the population twentyfold in just 30 years. 1973 — The last of the 17 collieries still operating in Bochum for more details. You can also 1892 — The first theatre is built in the Ruhrgebiet. after WWII closes down.
keep up to date with the latest developments by logging on 1898 — Dortmund’s Art Nouveau-inspired colliery Zeche 1974 — Westfalenstadion, now Signal Iduna Park, the
to Zollern II/IV is opened. largest football stadium in Germany (with a seating capacity
1902 — A federal delegation investigating the Ruhrgebiet’s of 82,932), is opened in Dortmund.
massive industrial pollution describes the water of the Ruhr 1987 — The Henrichschütte blast furnace is closed down
1152 — The Emperor Barbarossa rebuilds Dortmund as containing excessive amounts of “ammonia, chlorine, despite bitter protests from workers.
(which was previously destroyed in a fire) and resides there saltpeter and nitric acid”. 1987 — Pope John Paul II is made an honorary member
for two years. 1902 — The first art museum is built in the Ruhrgebiet. of the FC Schalke 04 football club after he hosts a mass in
1226 — The town of Hamm is founded by Count Adolf I. 1904 — The football club FC Schalke 04 is founded (originally its home stadium.
13th c. — Dortmund joins the Hanseatic League, a major as Westfalia Schalke) by a group of high school students 1988 — The musical Starlight Express opens in a specially
European trading alliance. from Gelsenkirchen. built theatre in Bochum that cost over €12 million and seats
1321 — The city of Bochum is founded. 1906 — The city of Bochum has an annual coal output of 1,750, and is still running today.
1469 — Hamm joins the Hanseatic League, which will soon 5 million tons. 1999 — The Hassel Kokerei closes down, marking the end
make it one of the most powerful towns in the Ruhr area. 1917-18 — The Krupp factory makes seven “Paris Guns” of 117-year-old history of coking in Gelsenkirchen.
1655 — A medieval university is founded in Duisburg; it will - the largest guns used in World War I - to be used against 2000 — The last colliery in Gelsenkirchen closes down.
be dissolved in 1818. France. 2002 — Sri Kamadchi, the largest Hindu temple in Europe,
1811 — Friedrich Krupp opens a small foundry in Essen, 1923 -24 — French and Belgium troops occupy the is built in Hamm.
the beginnings of what his son Alfred will eventually turn into Ruhrgebiet in retaliation for Weimar Germany’s failure to 2003 — The Ruhrgebiet has a population of roughly 5.3
one of the largest corporations in the world. make war reparation payments incurred during World War million people, making it the 4th largest conurbation in
1824 — The industrial age begins in Duisburg with the I; the citizens of the Ruhr area meet the occupiers with an Europe.
construction of its sulfuric acid factory. organized program of passive resistance. In the face of 2004 — Duisburg is damaged by a freak tornado on 19
1828 — A dockyard for steamships is built in Duisburg to economic collapse, the new coalition government eventually July
accommodate the burgeoning inland shipping trade. calls for an end to the strikes a few months later. 2006 — “Essen for the Ruhrgebiet” is declared the European
1839 — The first German steam locomotive is manufactured, 1929 — The US stock market crashes, causing American Capital of Culture for 2010
and construction begins on a regional railroad system. investment in the Ruhr industries to disappear. Within the 2006 — Germany hosts World Cup football championships;
1840 — Major seams of hard coal are discovered in the area, next four years, more than half of the Ruhrgebiet’s mining German football mainstays Dortmund and Gelsenkirchen are
Sco soon to launch the Ruhrgebiet as an industrial powerhouse. and iron production will shut down. among the host cities.

Ruhrgebiet In Your Pocket June - July 2006

8 eVentS eVentS 9

Classical music
7 June, 20:00
6th International Dortmund Bach-Symposium
Friedrich-Henkel-Weg 1-25, tel: 90 71 24 79

18 June, 11:00
Berufsförderungswerk Dortmund, Hacheneyer Str. 180,
tel: 502 32 50

19 June, 20:00
10th Philharmonic Concert: “Musical paintings”
Gunther Schuller, Johannes Brahms, Paul Hindemith © Agentur Lutz Kampert
Konzerthaus Dortmund, Brückstr. 21, tel: 502 72 22
Exhibitions 28 June, 20:00
23 June, 19:30-23:00 Other events Until 20 August Status Quo
Choir night, UNICEF charity 11 June, 13:00 Caspar David Friedrich. The invention of the romantic Glückaufkampfbahn
St. Reinoldi-Kirche, Ostenhellweg 2-4 Musik im Park – Music in the park Museum Folkwang, Goethestraße 41, tel. 0201 88 45 301
1200 amateur and professional musicians play in the 29 June, 20:00
8 July, 20:00 open air. Until 5 July Gipsy Kings
World of Gospel Westfalenpark, An der Buschmühle 3, tel: 502 32 50 Art from the 20th century: pictures, objects, sculptures Glückaufkampfbahn
Westfalenhallen, Rheinlanddamm 200, tel: 947 19 40 Galerie Neher GmbH & Co. KG, Kaninenberghöhe 8, tel.
0201 26 69 90 02 July, 20:00
Concerts ESSEN 11 June - 9 July
Bob Dylan
Amphitheater Gelsenkirchen
4 June, 15:00 - 17:00 Deutscher Fußball in aller Welt – German football
Peter Weisheit Band Classical music around the world 3 July, 20:00
Fredenbaumpark, Lindenhorster Str. 6 2 June – 24 September Zeche Zollverein, Schacht XII, Halle 5, Gelsenkirchener Straße Die Fantastischen Vier
European Classical Music Festival Ruhr 181, tel. 0201 83 03 636 Glückaufkampfbahn
06 June, 19:30 Various locations, tel. 0201 813 50
John Watts 27 June - 23 July 7 July, 20:00
Subrosa, Gneisenaustr. 56 10 July - 18 August The Red Dot award: product design Bryan Adams
Piano-Festival Ruhr (in Essen) Red Dot Design Museum, Gelsenkirchener Straße 181, tel. Glückaufkampfbahn
11 and 12 June, 20:00 Various locations, tel. 0201 896 68 42 0201 30 10 40
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Westfalenhallenm, Rheinlanddamm 200, tel: 120 46 66
Concerts Other events Until 08 July, daily 08:00-18:00
4 June, 20:30 23-25 June Brasil in Gelsenkirchen, Paintings
Jeff Cascaro - Soul of a Singer Tour” Ruhr in Flammen (The Ruhr in flames) Wissenschaftspark
RWE Pavillon, Philharmonie Essen, Huyssenallee 53, tel. Essen-Steele, tel. 0201 24 88 800
0180 59 59 598 18 June - 20 August, Tue-Sun 11:00-18:00
14-16 July Ballkünstler:Künstlerball
Korn Wine festival in Essen-Borbeck Städtisches Museum Gelsenkirchen
7 June, 20:00 Essen-Borbeck, tel. 0201 68 10 24
Grugahalle Essen, Norbertstraße, tel. 0201 72 44 290
Other events
07 June, 20:3 GELSENKIRCHEN 15 July, 21:00
Kevin Forbes & Friends, Jazz, pop and soul Sensation White
Landhaus am Staadt, Ruhrtalstraße 111, tel. 0201 490 Classical music Veltins-Arena
24 24 7 June, 19:30
“Der Messias”
15 July Kammerchor Stuttgart, Matthäuskirche Buer-Middelich Bud or Bit
Peter Maffay
Grugapark Essen, Norbertstraße 2, tel. 0201 88 83 104 12-13 June, 20:00 So you came to Germany to taste the famous local brews?
Sibelius: Sinfonie Nr. 2 D-Dur op 42. Ravel: La Valse You’re in for a bit of a surprise if you’re planning to order
28-20 July Musiktheater im Revier, Großes Haus beer in any of the stadiums or public viewing areas, as one
© Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord Grugaparkfest, Grugapark of the main sponsors of the World Cup is Anheuser-Busch,
23 June, 19:30 the US brewery responsible for Budweiser and whose
Extraschicht Il trovatore interpretation of what beer should taste like differs a bit
Dramma von Giuseppe Verdi from the European viewpoint. As exclusive beer sponsor
Extraschicht is the Ruhrgebiet’s night of industrial culture; Musiktheater im Revier they have the sole right to promote their beer in and around
one €10 ticket is valid for many cultural performances the official venues. Thankfully, after years of legal battle,
in various industrial locations. A complimentary shuttle Concerts Bitburger, Germany’s second-largest brewer, is allowed to
bus service links them. sell their brew here as well, though not advertise it. Outside
17 June, 18:00-02:00,, 8 June, 20:00 of the official venues, local bars are allowed to sell whatever
tel. 0201 17 670. Simple Minds beer they like.

Ruhrgebiet In Your Pocket June - July 2006

10 World cuP FAn FeSt induStriAl touriSm 11

In the Ruhrgebiet’s two World Cup host cities, Dortmund The area between the Ruhr, Lippe and Rhine rivers consisted
It’s Brazil’s Cup to Lose and Gelsenkirchen, you can expect myriad events during the mainly of rural villages until the 19th century, when the Ruhrgebiet Tourism Centre
tournament. Fans without tickets are still welcome to travel to Industrial Revolution turned it into one of Europe’s largest
The idea that this could be the match cities, as there are plenty of viewing possibilities centres for coal mining and steel production (which soon Gutenberg Str. 47, Essen, tel. 0201/176 70, info@
one of the most open and and other activities. earned it the nickname Ruhrpott, or Coal Pot). Hundreds of, www.ruhrgebiettouristik.
fiercely contested World In both city centres, many pubs and restaurants will be thousands migrated from all over Germany, Poland and other de.
Cup tournaments in history
has been doing the rounds
screening the matches in televisions and screens, while countries to work in the Ruhrgebiet’s collieries, coking plants,
in the press – especially large public viewing screens are set up in parks and city and foundries. Today, its population of over 5 million (who
the UK press – ever since
England beat Argentina in a
In Dortmund, fans can find both cheap accommodation
live in cities like Dortmund, Duisburg, Essen and Bochum)
makes it one of the largest conurbations in Europe. Today’s The Industrial Heritage Trail
rather meaningless friendly and party atmosphere at the huge Fan Camp (www. workforce is concentrated more in manufacturing and Zeche Zollverein XII Colliery & Red Dot Design Museum
match, held in Switzerland in the Westfalenhallen complex technology, but the former industrial sites have since been Gelsenkirchener Str. 181, Essen, tel. 830 36 36, www.
at the end of last year. (The opposite the stadium – here you can find 4000 beds and renovated and reborn as vibrant tourist attractions and Open 10:00–19:00. Admission
match was also memorable quality food and sanitary facilities. Pay €35 per night for a cultural centres on a route called the Industrial Heritage €6/3.
for England captain David bed, a public transport ticket for the region, and admission Trail. In recognition of this, Essen and the Ruhrgebiet were Formerly the largest coal mine in Europe, this beautiful
B e c k h a m’s p r e - g a m e to the Fan Hall party zone, right next door. The Fan Hall itself recently named the “European Capital of Culture” for the piece of industrial Bauhaus design — now a lively arts and
comment that ‘it is a neutral has live transmissions of all matches, concerts, cinema, year 2010. cultural centre — made it onto the UNESCO World Heritage
venue for both teams.’) comedy and more. Admission is free; for more information list in 2001. The jewel of the Ruhrgebiet Industrial Heritage
Since then the idea that Fresh from Champions see Trail, this complex features the Zollverein Museum (guided
the tournament is ‘open’, League success with
in fact code for ‘England Barcelona, Ronaldinho
Ticketless fans in Gelsenkirchen can join a smaller but no RuhrTOPCard tours only), the famous Red Dot Design Museum, an art
have a chance’, has been
less grand Fan Fest party while still experiencing a stadium gallery and ice-skating rink in the former coking plant, and a
Get free and discounted admissions to almost 120 at-
increasingly winning friends will be looking for another atmosphere at the Glückauf-Kampfbahn grounds, the fine-dining restaurant. Take tram N°107 from Essen to the
World Cup triumph with football pitch used for training Schalke reserves. You can tractions across the Ruhrgebiet with the RuhrTOPCard, Zollverein stop.
and influencing people.
To p u t a n y E n g l a n d Brazil.” © Mediafax Foto watch every game live on a large videowall, and in between including museums, cinemas, theatres, music festivals,
supporters reading this matches and on non-match days there’s an entertainment amusement parks, hotels, tours and transport. Valid until The Gasometer / Centro
out of their self-induced hubris: England have absolutely programme. The grounds fit 22.000 people – mind that the 31 December 2006, the card costs €33 (€23 for children) Am Grafenbusch 90, Oberhausen, tel. 0208 850 37
no chance whatsoever of winning the World Cup; with or car park does not fit as many cars, so take tram N°302 from and has two levels of service. First, choose any three 30, Open 10:00–18:00, closed Mon.
without Wayne Rooney. Indeed, the now legendary Rooney the main station or the well-signposted Park & Ride car parks individual days throughout the year to get free admission Admission €6/4.
metatarsal injury has given the English press a ready excuse to get there. For more information visit www.fifawm2006. to any attraction displaying the green “Eintritt Frei” (Free This “industrial cathedral” began life as a blast-furnace
when England do indeed crash out of the tournament. It Entrance) sign. Furthermore, a blue “Extra Frei” (Extra gas tank in 1929, but has been turned into a 117-metre-
should not, however, hide the enormous failings that England Free) sign means free entrance any day of the year when high exhibition hall and art gallery. Besides the annual art
currently suffer from. They still lack a proper goalkeeper, they you show your card, while a red “Ermäßigung” (Reduced) exhibition (past artists include Christo and Jeanne-Claude,
have little depth up front, no genuine left-sided wide man, and
in Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard and David Beckham too World Cup Language Guide sign means you’ll pay discounted rates - and neither of
these will use up any of your three selected days. Buy
although they didn’t wrap it in fabric), there’s also a glass
elevator that will take you to the roof for a panoramic view
many square pegs in round holes. England lack balance. the RuhrTOPCard from any area tourist centre, or from
Tourist industry workers in Germany generally speak of the Ruhr valley and next-door Centro, the largest shopping
Other nations in this tournament do not, and Brazil is one the website. Both of these also have more information
English well, but thanks to the annoying habit of dubbing mall in Europe. Accesible by bus or tram from Oberhausen
of them. Though the wealth of talent they have does – as it
everything foreign on television and in cinemas into on participating attractions and cities. to the Neue Mitte stop, plus a short walk.
has to – mask their own failings, there is no question of their
German, the average local is not exposed to English very Info Hotline: 0 18 05 - 18 16 180 (€0.12/min),
coach Carlos Alberto Parreira using all six of his best attacking
much. That’s why we’ve composed a little list of terms
players at the same time. Indeed. His decision to name his
that may be of use during your trip.
first XI as long ago as April was classic one-upmanship: the
rest of the pack now knows exactly what it has to beat.
England as we have discussed, are not qualified to do so. One/two/three/four/five Ein/zwei/drei/vier/fünf Bier,
With their original tactic of ‘keep it tight at the back and hope beer, please. bitte.
Wayne knocks one in from 30 yards’ now out of the window. No thanks, I’ll have a Bit Nein Danke, ich hätte lieber
They have woken up to discover there is no plan B. Expect beer instead. ein Bit.
then, a variation on plan A: ‘keep it tight at the back and hope So, who do you think will Was glaubst du, wer
Frankie/Stevie/Becks knocks one in from 30 yards.’ Hardly win? gewinnen wird?
the stuff of legend. Where is the toilet? Wo ist die Toilette?
Is any other nation prepared to meet Brazil’s challenge? Of Where is the stadium? Wo ist das Stadion?
the traditional ‘big guns’ Argentina looks frail and lacking in Where is the train Wo ist der Bahnhof?
cohesion, Italy – amid scandal at home – look less capable station?
even than England of putting together a decent run in the That was offside. Das war Abseits.
tournament, the host nation Germany currently possesses The referee is biased. Der Schiedsrichter ist
the worst team in their memory, Spain – crippled by the bizarre parteiisch.
selection policy of its coach – will underachieve once more, He should have scored Das Tor hätte er schiessen
and France are an ageing, wilting team hardly set for one last there. müssen.
glorious hurrah. Only Holland, conspicuously absent from all He’s hit the post/ Er hat den Pfosten / die
talk of potential winners, look capable of mounting a decent crossbar! Latte getroffen
challenge to Brazil. And even that will depend on their mood. Take off (player name)! (player name) abziehen!
Indeed, the In Your Pocket prediction is that Brazil’s likeliest Bring on (player name) (player name) einwechseln!
challengers will be an outsider. We – for no reason more Penalty! Elfmeter!
scientific than a hunch – think the Ukraine will do well. We also Goal! Toooooooooooooor!
like the look of the United States, and if they can find the net
often enough Portugal will do well. Yet none of these three
will beat an on-form Brazil. And Brazil are the best team in
Germany. Not since Italy surprised even themselves to take
the trophy in 1982 has the best team in the World Cup gone
home empty handed.
The cup then is Brazil’s to lose. We doubt very much that they
will do so. But as we said four years ago (while we were heavily
tipping France) in a cup competition, anything can happen…

Ruhrgebiet In Your Pocket June - July 2006

12 induStriAl touriSm induStriAl touriSm 13

Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord
Emscherstr. 71, Duisburg, tel 0203 429 19 30, www. Open 24hrs, admission free.
A former industrial wasteland has been turned into one of
the most popular destinations in the Ruhrgebiet. Besides power homes, farms, factories and transportation. Your
acres of beautiful greenery and wildflowers, old factory eyes will light up at these exhibits detailing the history of
buildings house musical performances and art exhibits, electricity and how it changed the world. Housed in an old
former ore silos have rock walls and a “climbing garden”, a transformer plant built back in 1928, the museum features
massive gas tank is the largest artificial scuba-diving centre hands-on demonstrations and electric-era artifacts to
in Europe, and an old blast furnace has been turned into an explore. Take bus N°205 from Herne or Recklinghausen to
observation deck. Accessible by tram from Duisburg to the Hochlarmarkstraße.
Landschaftspark Nord stop, plus a short walk.
Zeche Zollern II/IV Colliery
German Mining Industry Museum Grubenweg 5, Dortmund, 0231 696 11 11, www.zeche-
Am Bergbaumuseum 28, Bochum, tel. 0180 587 72 34, Open 10:00–18:00, closed Mon. Admission Open 08:30–17:00, Sat, Sun Stiftung Industriedenkmalpflege Manfred Vollmer €3.50/2.
10:00–17:00, closed Mon. Admission €6.50/3. Opened in 1898 as the Gelsenkirchener Bergwerks’ model
Go from the abyss to the heavens on a tour of the largest colliery, this mine features beautiful Art Nouveau-designed
coal-mining museum in the world. Comprehensive exhibits Altes Schiffshebewerk Henrichenburg (Henrichenburg marble panels and doorways. It’s currently the headquarters
and collections of artifacts teach you the history and science Ship-Lift) of the Westphalian Industrial Museum, and the restored
of coal and iron ore mining and let you understand the life Am Hebewerk 2, Waltrop, tel. 02363 970 70, www. buildings feature temporary and permanent exhibits on 19th-
of the brave miners who put their lives on the line every day. Open 10:00–18:00, century coal mining. A housing settlement on site shows the
The galleries take you 20 metres underground, and then the closed Mon. Admissions €3.50/2. living conditions of workers and their families. Accessible
trip up the 68-metre gear tower offers a spectacular view. Kaiser Wilhelm II inaugurated this ship elevator lock in 1899, by train N°43 (Emschertalbahn) from Dortmund or Herne to
It’s located in central Bochum. and for over half a century it was used to lift barges of up Bövinghausen stop, plus a short walk.
to 600 tons – until replaced by a larger, faster one still in
Hansa Coking Plant use today. Learn more about lock and ship lift technology Henrichshütte Iron and Steel Works
Emscherallee 11, Dortmund, tel. 0231 931 12 20, and the crucial role inland shipping played in the growth Werksstrasse 25, Hattingen, tel. 02324 924 70, www. Open 10:00–18:00, of the Ruhrgebiet, and see historic steamships and work Open 10:00–18:00, Fri
closed Mon. Admission €5, under 12’s free. boats on display. Take bus N°231 from Recklinghausen to 10:00–21.30, closed Mon. Admission €2.40/1.50.
Once the largest coking plant in Europe, the Hansa plant Kanalstraße. Built in 1854, this giant plant employed more than 10,000
(which included a coalmine and iron and steel works) workers, who mined ore and coal and produced iron, coke
is now the headquarters for the Ruhrgebiet’s industrial Umspannwerk (Electricity Museum) and steel, all under one roof. The blast furnace – the oldest
preservation foundation — an “accessible megasculpture” Uferstraße 2-4, Recklinghausen, tel. 02361 38 22 in the Ruhrgebiet – was shut down in 1987 despite angry
with an “adventure trail” which you can take to discover © RVR - Swakowski 16, Open protests, and now features exhibits for adults and children
the evolving flora and fauna that have since taken over the 10:00–17:00, closed Mon. Admission €2/1. on the history and science of iron- and steel-working in
defunct factories. The coal tower gives a fantastic view of Thyssen, founder of the company that would eventually Besides coal mining and steel production, one of the major the Ruhrgebiet. Accessible by bus from Hattingen Mitte or
Dortmund. Accessible by tram N°47 to Pasevalstraße stop, become ThyssenKrupp AG, one of the largest steel inventions of the industrial revolution was electricity to Bochum to Henrichschütte or Industriemuseum.
plus a short walk. producers in the world. Now it’s an award-winning museum
featuring 14 levels of interactive, multimedia exhibits on
Schwebebahn (Suspended Monorail) water, its place in the environment, and the importance of
Oberbarmen–Vohwinkel stations, Wuppertal, www. protecting it (plus a fantastic view from the top). Accessible Open 05.20–23.22, check website for by S-Bahn S1 or S3 to Mülheim Styrum.
timetables. Tickets €1.80/1.15.
It’s not just a Shelbyville idea – the monorail is alive and well Museum der Deutschen Binnenschifffahrt (Inland
in Wuppertal, a city just south of the Ruhrgebiet. Opened in Waterways Museum)
1901, the Schwebebahn travels suspended from a track Apostelstraße 84, Duisburg, tel. 0203 80 88 90, www.
twelve metres above Wuppertal and its river, taking about Open 10:00–17:00,
35 minutes to complete its twenty-station trip. The system closed Mon. Admission €3/2 (ships €21.50).
has been completely renovated and modernised, and carries Duisburg is the largest inland port in Europe, and this
almost 23 million passengers every year. Less than two museum, housed in the old city baths, exhibits the history of
euros will let you take this moving observation deck along inland shipping from its beginnings through to modern times.
the entire line. The real showstopper is a 1913 freight yacht under full sail.
Two antique ships are moored nearby and can be toured
Aquarius Wassermuseum (Water Museum) during the summer months. Accessible by bus or tram from
Burgstraße 70, Mülheim an der Ruhr, 0208 443 33 90, Duisburg or Oberhausen. Open 10:00–18:00,
closed Mon. Admission €3/2. Westfälisches Freilichtmuseum (Westphalian Open-
This beautiful old water tower was built in 1892 by August Air Museum)
Mäckingerbach, Hagen, tel. 02331 780 70, www. Open April–Oct, 09:00–18:00,
closed Mon. Admission €5/2.
To understand life in the Ruhrgebiet before coal and steel
changed everything, visit this recreation of an 18th-century
village in the Mäckinger Valley, near Hagen. Trained artisans
will teach you about almost 60 old trades such as forging,
brewing, baking, and printing, and you can watch nails, rope,
honey, bread, paper and more made right before your eyes.
There are free workshops on weekends. Take bus N°512
© Dortmund-Agentur - Jürgen Wassmuth from Hagen to Freilichtmuseum. © RVR

Ruhrgebiet In Your Pocket June - July 2006

14 dortmund dortmund 15

Where to stay Symbol key Cafés Indian

Café Kleimann B-1, Petrikirchhof 8, tel. 14 49 21, www. Taj Mahal B-1, Kampstr. 82, tel. 53 46 18 01, www.tajmahal.
P Air conditioning A Credit cards accepted A quaint spot for a coffee break or takeaway de. A classic Indian restaurant similar to many you’ll find on any high
Over €200 O Casino H Conference facilities cakes and buns, Café Kleimann is a charming family-run busi- street in the UK, this place specialises in Tandoori food as well as
City Hotel Dortmund B-2, Silberstr. 37-43, tel. 477 96 ness full of delicate ladies nibbling and chattering away with as offering a wide choice of vegetarian dishes. Run by a charming
60, fax 47 79 66 69,, www. T Child friendly U Facilities for the disabled each other. No better or worse than anywhere else, the two family, some of whom speak fairly good English, the food is excel- A nice non-mainstream hotel in the R Internet W Wi-Fi L Guarded parking things that should be noted here are their to-order cake range, lent. There’s Cobra, Kingfisher and Anokhi beer too, and those on a
heart of the city, small and friendly, a bit boutique with lots of include chocolate sponge mobile phones and the toilets that budget should certainly take advantage of the great value €5 lunch
art lining bright yellow and orange corridors, big fluffy pillows, F Fitness centre G Non-smoking rooms clean themselves, occasionally when you’re still sitting on them, menu. Q Open 12:00 - 15:00, 17:30 - 23:30. A
cable television and your old friend the wireless hotspot. K Restaurant M Nearest metro station and usually just before the automatic air freshener over the
door quirts you in the face as you leave. QOpen 08:00 - 19:00,
In a state of constant renovation some of the bathrooms
remain a bit old fashioned, but that only lends to the overall D Sauna C Swimming pool Sat 09:00 - 18:00, Sun 13:00 - 18:00. AS International
character of the place. Q (7 singles N59 - 250, 41 doubles Turm Restaurant C-4, Florianstr. 2, tel. 138 49 75.
N79 - 280). AGHLW Kamps B-1, Hauptbahnhof. Your industry standard train sta- If you’ve always wanted to eat expensive gourmet food in a
Park Inn C-2, Olpe 2, tel. 54 32 00, fax 57 43 54, dort- tion café unremarkable if it wasn’t for the fact they open so early. revolving restaurant 139 metres in the air then your wishes will
Hilton C-4, An der Buschmühle 1, tel. 108 60, fax 108 67, Regal You’ll need at least three cups of coffee here to get the full effect be granted to the full here. But think about it a minute. You’re up
77,, Located carpets and lots of elegant stripes set the tone for this classy from the caffeine, but they do at least serve hot croissants and in the sky going round and round. Do you really want to eat? If
next to the marvellous City Park, the Hilton’s ugly exterior be- upper end business class hoThe standard singles all come with other small tasty treats to get the ball rolling before the train you can stomach the gimmick then by all means go ahead, but a
trays the delights hidden within. Ignoring the fact they call the Pay TV, some rooms with showers and some with baths, and does. QOpen 05:45 - 21:00, Sun 07:00 - 21:00. much better option would be to get your thrills in the observation
restaurant Rhapsody, everything is done with exquisite taste. there’s a trouser press in every room for gentlemen who never tower (which is actually higher up than the restaurant) and eat in
The large lobby and reception area has a children’s check-in, the learned to iron. Best of all is the Kaiser Suite, deliciously over the Wenkers B-2, Betenstr. 1, tel. 52 75 48, www.wenkers. the restaurant at ground zero. QOpen 12:00 - 22:00. A
rooms, especially those overlooking the park, are awesome, top with its own Jacuzzi. Extras include snazzy meeting rooms, de. Neither a typo nor an indication of the sort of clientele inside,
coming with minibars, thousands of television channels and a posh restaurant and whirlpool. Q (83 singles N90 - 129, 23 Wenkers is a good-looking café-
baths in all the rooms. A great choice if you can afford it and doubles N104 - 148, 8 suites N). ADFGHKLUW bar in the heart of the city serving
don’t mind the trek into the centre. Q190 rooms (singles appalling espresso and food such
N99 - 198, 185 doubles N124 - 223, 5 suites N229 - 353) Stiftshof C-1, Stiftsstr. 5, tel. 52 47 01, fax 52 47 as potato wedges, chicken wings
Breakfast 19 €. ACDFGHKLPUW 02,, A and burgers from a daily black-
strictly no frills budget affair, Stiftshof offers a choice of more board menu. Two large screens
Mercure Dortmund City B-1, Kampstr. 35-37, tel. 589 or less identical rooms containing the absolute minimum of also make this place a good place
70, fax 589 72 22,, www.mercure. things a place can have if it really wants to call itself a hoThe to relax and sink a few cold beer
com. A confusing entrance requiring a trip in a glass lift that rooms are small and a little tatty, with showers only in the in front of the football. QOpen
whooshes you into a small reception area staffed by nice young bathrooms, cable television and beds that look like a job lot 09:00 - 23:00. AB
ladies in the usual Mercure costumes. The rooms are standard from an old hospital. In fact the whole place looks a bit like
Mercure stuff, geared towards the business traveller and includ-
ing nice big baths, enticing minibars and wireless internet. A
a hospital, but at these prices and in this location it would
be mean to grumble. Q (4 singles N98 - 119, 8 doubles Chinese
good location and late drinking in the bar finish things off rather N159 - 198, 1 suite N309 - 330). AGKL Wok-Man B-1, Brückstr.
nicely. Q84 rooms (10 singles N60 - 120, 72 doubles N90 - 15, tel. 52 60 99. Top class
150, 2 suites N100 - 200). ADFGHLUW hhh
Hostels rapid Asian nosh in a top class
canteen setting including a
Youth Hostel B-2, Silberstr. 24-26, tel. 14 00 74, fax 14
€75-150 26 54,,
fixed menu plus, best of all, a
help-yourself buffet of spicy
nH Dortmund B-1, Königswall 1, tel. 905 50, fax 905 mund. A good central location, spotlessly clean and almost Eastern food with noodles or
59 00,, www.nh-hotels. snazzy, this is yet another German youth hostel that breaks rice. If you’re in a hurry between
com. A swish modern beast next to the hauptbahnhof with the youth hostel mould. With a choice of singles, double and church and museum and can’t
free copies of the FT (in German) in the lobby and nothing dorms and stark hospital corridors, amenities are basic but afford to wait two hours for a
but suites, suites, and more suites. One of the new type good. The dorms sleep from four to six, some coming with cold schnitzel then this is the
of hotels who push the envelope just that little bit further, en suite facilities and others with classy shared showers. place for you. QOpen 11:00 -
choices come in such guises as special suites for women The best bargain in town are the singles, which resemble 23:00.
(they have women’s magazines in them) and the meticulous nothing like a youth hostel and come with their own quality
bathrooms for little more than a handful of peanuts. Q125
selection of modern art to make your stay just that little bit
more comfortable. Some suites are nothing more than large rooms (singles N20 - 40, doubles N20 - 34). AGHL German
rooms with extra furniture, whereas others are veritable Pfefferkorn A-2, Hoher Wall
apartments complete with mini kitchens are bathrooms
the size of a house. Q190 rooms (190 suites N65 - 145)
Restaurants 38, tel. 14 36 44, www.pfef-
ferkorn-dor Run
Breakfast €14. ADGHLPTUW
Asian by a charming, very hands-on
lady, this beautiful old-world
Tayman C-2, Olpe 39, tel. 206 51 35. A large Asiatic German restaurant features
Tourist information barbecue joint as seen throughout most of the civilised world lots of carved wood, oil paint-
these days with classic modern décor, a rich mix of diners ings and a slightly snooty air.
Tourist Information Centre B-1, Königswall 18a, and a pleasant laid back atmosphere. For those who’ve been The German-only menu offers /UREXCLUSIVELYFURNISHEDHOTELROOMSANDAPARTMENTS FOUR STARSERVICE
tel. 18 99 91 22, spaete@dortmund-tourismus. living on the moon for the last 10 years the deal here is you a good choice of fish, steak and ANDFASCINATINGSURROUNDINGSWILLMAKEYOURSTAYSOMETHINGOUTOFTHE
de, Thousands and pick up a bowl, fill it with meat, fish and vegetables and hand schnitzel, with lots of stodgy ORDINARY"ESIDESTHENORMALHOTELSERVICESSUCHASCLEANING RECEPTIONAND
thousands of really helpful brochures just so long as you it to the chef who works his magic on it and gives you back puddings to round everything LAUNDRY WEPROVIDEANUMBEROFAMENITIESLIKESHUTTLESERVICE BIKERENTAL
speak German, at the time of going to press Dortmund something quite delicious. Eat as much as you like for €16.50. off nicel y. The clientele are ORSHOPPINGSERVICE
was offering little in the way of promoting itself in English. QOpen 11:30 - 01:00. A mostly just off walking stick 4AKEAVACATIONFROMTHEORDINARYnWETAKECAREOFALMOST EVERYTHING
But they’re a friendly and helpful bunch all the same. This age, comprising of lots of well WWWHOME SUITE HOMEDE
is also the best place in town to arrange guided tours, dressed, serious-looking Ger-
and to help find accommodation when everything is full. mans. QOpen 11:00 - 24:00,
Fri, Sat 11:00 - 00:30. A

Ruhrgebiet In Your Pocket June - July 2006

16 dortmund
Yörük Obasi B-1, Kampstr. 30, tel. 95 29 06 58. Dishing
Culture Enjoy your stay at the
up the full range of fast Turkish food from an ungodly hour
Art Galleries
suitable for early risers as well as late-night clubbers, try
the stewed meat dishes with large pieces of aubergine and
pepper and lashings of hot bread. They have a good in-house
Little National Gallery Hanstastr. 3, tel. 53 46 92 71.
Charting the history of painting and sculpture in the city and
NH Nürnberg-City!
bakery too, and despite being little more than a regular can- beyond this charming little gallery has one or two surprises
teen it hits the mark perfectly, being cheap, cheerful, fast and amidst the usual dreary oil paintings and bronzes. Of particular
friendly. QOpen 05:30 - 01:00, Fri, Sat 05:30 - 02:00. note is Wilhelm Trübner’s hilarious 1877 study in oils of a dog
with a string of sausages on its nose, and one or two examples
of work by some of the minor 19th-century Expressionists.
Nightlife QOpen 10:00 - 18:00, Thu 10:00 - 20:00. Closed Mon.
Close to the historic railway station and the pedestrian zones of „Breite Gasse”, „Königsstraße” and
Bars Theatre, Opera & Dance „Kaiserstraße”, the NH Nürnberg-City offers you a warm welcome. The city’s most lovely museums invite
Alex C-1, Ostenhellweg 18-21, tel. 589 78 50. Jaw-drop- Konzert Haus B-1, Brückstr. 21, tel. 22 69 62 00, www. you to a cultural experience. At christmastime, a visit to the famous Christkindlesmarket for Mulled Wine,
pingly football this one. Loud, tasteless, brimming with 17- A good modern theatre in the Lebkuchen and Nuremberg Sausages is a must. The trade fair and the airport are quickly reached as well.
year-old girls in miniskirts and boasting its very own exclusive city centre putting on everything from babershop festivals to
entrance to C&A. Actually a great breakfast spot before the ageing rock legends to Beethoven. A complete list of concerts
hoi polloi turn up, with the added bonus of lots of summer out- in available on their website. Our rooms are generously equipped and offer lots of room to relax. In addition
door seating for the ultimate people-watching experience, it’s to a bath/shower and WC, all rooms have satellite TV, a mini bar, hairdryer,
also not a bad place for a mid-afternoon coffee break. Think air-conditioning as well as high speed internet access. In the fitness area with
twice before drinking one of their ridiculously named cocktails
here in the evening though, it really is a bit of a meat market.
Sights its sauna, solarium and steam bath, you will find an opportunity to relax and
QOpen 08:00 - 01:00, Fri, Sat 08:00 - 03:00. rejuvenate. Revitalize yourself for the day at our generous and healthy break-
Main sights fast buffet.
CU Bar B-1, Kampstr.41, tel. 950 49 48. A happening little Florianturm C-4, Westfalen Park. Built between May
hangout on two levels, full of young and not-so-young profession- 1958 and April 1959 the 211.36m Florianturm (Florian
als burbling into their mobile phones and pouring large cocktails Tower, or Florian for short - Florian being the patron saint
inside themselves in an attempt to forget the woes of the day. of gardeners) is the fourth tallest structure in Germany. A
Décor is of course minimal and modern, with sci-fi televisions positively divine piece of concrete that has rather impor- The various business services of our hotel are at your
set into the walls. The food leans in the direction of fancy pasta, tunely become a top spot for advertisers, of interest to
demand whenever you require them for a seminar, mee-
and it gets incredibly, incredibly noisy. QOpen 12:00 - 01:00, Fri visitors are the three floors open to the public. Viewing
12:00 - 03:00, Sat 18:00 - 03:00, Sun 18:00 - 01:00. galleries offering superb views of the city can be found ting or large event. 7 function rooms for up to 290 people,
at both 141.88m and 144.7m, and there’s an expensive fully air-conditioned and equipped with the latest in con-
Loiusiana C-2, Kleppingstr. 20, tel. 52 20 02. Featur- revolving restaurant underneath at 137.54. The large ference technology offer ideal conditions. Our business
ing more special offers that a Harvard graduate whore, this rectangle sticking out was used for bungee jumping from service team will assist you in every detail of planning and
enormous hole in the centre of the city comes complete with 2000 until 2003 when tragedy struck and somebody died
a ridiculously over the top North American theme as the name when the bungee came undone during a jump. organization.
suggests. The young and the not so smart of Dortmund
frequent this place, sat amid the stars and stripes, tucking
into Cajun food and burgers and taking full advantage of the Churches
daily happy hour and other offers already as above. QOpen Reinoldikirche C-1,. The oldest surviving church in Experience “nhube”, our new Discover the new multifunctional
11:30 - 24:00, Fri, Sat 11:30 - 02:30. Dortmund and named in honour of the patron saint of
the city, Reinoldikirche stands on the ground of a for- restaurant idea that’s simply area created by Ferran Adrià and NH
made for watching TV, surfing Hoteles, where restaurant services,
Pubs mer wooden church believed to have been built around
800AD. The current building dates from 1250-1270 and the internet, enjoying culinary leisure and entertainment are com-
Church A-2, Hoher Wall 34, tel. 166 26 63. Irish pub meets features examples of Romanesque, Baroque, Gothic and delicacies, reading or simply bined.
cocktail bar meets church here. The usual rubbish adorns the other architectural styles. The 112m Gothic tower was
walls alongside ghastly green lamps, candles on the tables and once known as the Wonder of Westphalia, and has been relaxing.
a huge screen for live football. There’s a good range of whiskey rebuilt in the mid-15th century and again in 1701 after the
behind the bar plus the usual Guinness and Murphy’s, plus live earthquake of 1661. Impressive but somewhat lacking in
music every first and third Thursdays of the month. QOpen altars, the stained glass is rather austere and was made
19:00 - 24:00, Fri, Sat 19:00 - 05:00. Closed Mon. in Stuttgart in 1969. Excellent brochures in English are Enjoy the exceptional cuisine Feel the pleasure of reading,
available inside the church. which Ferran Adrià has listening to music, having a
exclusively prepared for you. meal… in a setting which
Museums Varied, simple and exquisite. has been designed to cater
Art & Cultural History Museum B-1, Hansastr. 3, for all your needs.
tel. 502 60 28, All the usual
detritus that goes into a city museum can be found here from
pots and other stuff dug up during archeological excavations
to the prerequisite old town model. A fascinating voyage of
discovery if this is the sort of thing that toots your flute but
otherwise just like every other museum of its type on the
planet. Of note however if you can make it all the ay up the NH NÜRNBERG-CITY
stairs is the exhibition of 20th-century furniture. Check it Bahnhofstraße 17-19 | 90402 Nürnberg
out. QOpen 10:00 - 17:00, Thu 10:00 - 20:00, Sat 12:00 - T. 0911 9999-0 | F. 0911 9999-100
Sco 17:00. Closed Mon.

Ruhrgebiet In Your Pocket

18 dortmund gelSenkirchen 19

Cookbook Museum C-4, An der Buschmühle 1, lighting, terrifying carpets and rooms that time forgot. The
tel. 502 57 41. Just when you thought they’d run out
of ideas for museums along comes one dedicated to
Where to stay renovated and comfort rooms offer the best choice here,
thoughtfully renovated and with balconies overlooking the
the long and fascinating histor y of the cookbook. With
examples of early 17th-centur y cookbooks and a small Over €200 city. Just a bit out of the centre in a small park, this one wins
hands down for style and that something just a little bit dif-
exhibition of reconstructed kitchens through the ages Schloss Berge Adenauerallee 103, tel. 177 40, fax ferent. Q (70 singles N90 - 113, 146 doubles N115 - 158).
this place is really only for people with a serious inter- 177 42 99,, www.schloss- ACDGHKLPU
est in the subject or those caught in the wrong par t Originally part of the town of Buer before it was
of the park when it’s raining. Q Open 10:00 - 17:00.
Closed Mon.
incorporated into the municipality of Gelsenkirchen, and now
neither here nor Buer, this luxurious hotel in an old stately €75-150
house in the middle of the City Park has rooms that are Ambient Zum Schwan D-2, Urbanusstr. 40, tel. 31
Museum am Ostwall B-1, Ostwall 7, tel. 502 32 bright and modern, with a distinctly designer feel to them, 83 30, fax 318 33 10,, www.
47, Exhibiting big white baths and wireless internet. On a direct bus route Just west of the centre of Buer in a quiet
a vast pile of potato chips and several small shopping to both parts of the city, it’s a little out of the way but has by leafy neighbourhood, this small hotel features individual, spa-
trolleys full of eg gs recently, this museum and gallery far the best setting of all the hotels available. Q11 rooms cious rooms created by a local designer. Lots of wood and
showcases the best in contempompar y ar t. As well (singles N95 - 110, doubles N125 - 160, 2 triples N165 - 180). splashes of modern art help set it apart from the herd. Some
as shor t-term shows there’s also a small permanent AGHKLW of the rooms come with large flat screen televisions, and some
display upstairs featuring the work of people with real even have fireplaces. There’s the German rarity that’s a cable
DSL connection in the restaurant too. Q (6 singles N50 - 71,
talent as well as having something to say, including Max
Beckman’s thought-provoking image of a B52 dropping €150-200 8 doubles N70 - 99, 1 suite N90 - 109). AGKLW
lollipops. Q Open 10:00 - 17:00, Thu 10:00 - 20:00, Sat Courtyard Marriot Parkallee 3, tel. 86 00, fax 86 01
12:00 - 17:00. Closed Mon. 11. Not that long open, tucked away in a secluded park, and Hotel am Stern F-3, Bismarckstr. 70, tel. 81 26 03, fax
offering all of the trimmings you’d expect from a member of the 84 82 2, A good looking pension
Resistance & Persecution Museum B-1, Steinstr. Marriot group. The rooms are large, modern and bright, com- undergoing massive renovations at the time of writing. The
50, tel. 502 50 02. Built in 1928 as both a police station ing with expensive minibars, ergonomic furniture and those finished rooms looked good, with peach walls, pine furniture,
and jail, this building, which now houses one the city’s best fabulous little extras such as voicemail for those who can’t cable television and shower cubicles in the actual rooms
museums, was under the Nazis one of the most notorious drag themselves out of the huge baths. The best hotel in the themselves. In a quiet neighbourhood, the door is often locked
places of torture in the Third Reich. Now all five floors have city as far as luxury goes, with prices to match. Q198 rooms and the proprieter elsewwhere. Ring the doorbell hard, and
been transformed into an exhibition using the original cells (singles N89 - 140, doubles N89 - 153). AGHLTW of you don’t have any luck nip into the Celebration bar next
and charting the history of the little known about opposition door, order a drink and ask them nicely to call somebody to
to Hitler’s cronies from 1933 to 1945. At times gruesome, if Maritim D-4, Am Stadtgarten 1, tel. 17 60, fax 176 20 come and let you in. Q18 rooms (singles N30 - 45, doubles
you visit one museum whilst you’re in town make sure it’s this Sco 91, info.sge@maritimde, If you ever N50 - 80, triples N78 - 85). A
one. Please switch your mobiles off before entering. QOpen
10:00 - 17:00. Closed Mon. Parks & Gardens wondered just exactly where the Soviets ever got all those
crazy ideas for their hotel designs this behemoth might
Westfalen Park An der Buschmühle 3. Just to the south- well have been the original inspiration. About as quirky as
east of the city centre a couple of stops on the U-bahn is the it gets, the Maritim is positively brimming with weird glass
wonderful Westfalen Park. Covering 70 hectares the park is
the home of the German Rose Society as well as hosting the
212m Florian Radio & Television Tower, the quirky Cookbook InterCityHotel
Museum, a cable car and an outdoor theatre. A superb place
to relax and take in a bit of culture at the same time. With 135 sound-proofed
rooms, the InterCityHo-
Zoo Mergelteichstr. 80, tel. 502 85 81, zoo.dortmund. tel Gelsenkirchen of-
de. A self-proclaimed contemporary Noah’s Ark, Dortmund fers comfortable accommodation right in the heart of
Zoo houses some 2,500 beasts of all shape and sizes from Gelsenkirchen.
every corner of the globe. Like all German zoos they thankfully
have enough money and brains to make life for the inmates Rooms are equipped with shower, toilet, hairdryer, mini-
as bearable as possible, and may even do some good by way bar, cable and pay TV, ISDN telephone, fax and internet
of the educational and conservation projects they run. To find connections, and wi-fi. Guests can make use of the hotel
out more have a look at the nifty webcams on the German restaurant, bar, terrace, underground parking and the
language section of their website. four conference rooms. We’re pleased to welcome you
to Gelsenkirchen.

Places of interest InterCityHotel Gelsenkirchen

Union Brewery A-1, Rheinischestr.2. With a rich history Ringstraße 1-3, D-45879 Gelsenkirchen
of beer making and a beer (the Dortmunder Bier no less) being tel. (0209) 925 50, fax (0209) 925 59 99
brewed in its honour all over the world, in the 1960s Dortmund
was, after Milwaukee, the second largest beer-producing city
in the world. Much of the city’s beer was made in the huge
former Union Brewery (know to the locals as the Dortmunder
U), which can be see from just about anywhere in the city
centre thanks to the huge letter U on the roof. Built in 1927
and empty since 1994, the building is in the early stages of a
massive redevelopment programme that plans to transform
it into the headquarters for the massive Brau & Brunnen AG

brewer as well as office space for other companies. The
Richard Rogers design also plans to turn the space inside
the famous tower on which the U is located into a combined
arts centre and restaurant as part of a larger plan to attract
more visitors and investment to the city.

Ruhrgebiet In Your Pocket June - July 2006

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Hotel zur Post E-2, Rathausplatz 6, tel. 373 82, fax 37

66 97,, Symbol key Latin American Nightlife
An often-deserted lobby full of old sofas and a treasure chest El Sombrero F-4, Weberstr. 72, tel. 538 84 06. A sort of
P Air conditioning A Credit cards accepted
for a reception desk await guests in this unrenovated master-
piece in the throbbing heart of Buer. Rooms come in choices E Live music S Take away
Tex-Mex version of an Irish pub, this place is beautifully over
the top when it comes to decoration. Ponchos, sombreros, and Bars
of singles, doubles and triples and feature green carpets, cacti everywhere, exciting smells coming from the kitchen and a Breakpoint F-4, Ringstr. 101. Essentially a huge pool
dilapidated furniture and flowery wallpaper. The Hilton it isn’t, T Child friendly U Facilities for the disabled good atmosphere. The menu features everything you’d expect hall with a bar, this blue-collar establishment for a distinctly
but at these prices you’d be a fool to expect anything else. Q G Non-smoking areas L Guarded parking with no surprises, such as nachos, chicken wings and chilli con younger crowd isn’t the most pleasant of places to sit and
(20 singles N39 - 44, 20 doubles N62 - 81). AGL carne. QOpen 17:00 - 01:00, Sun 16:00 - 23:00. A drink in, but you will get a game thanks to the 12 pool tables,
O Casino M Nearest bus station plus there’s table football too. An interesting way of wasting
Ibis F-4, Bahnhofsvorplatz 12, tel. 170 20, fax 20 98 82, a few hours to be sure. QOpen 15:00 - 01:00., Your typical Ibis as
R Internet W Wi-Fi connection Spanish
seen in every city throughout Germany, close to the train and bus El Patio F-4, Hauptstr. 50, tel. 81 29 11. Attracting diners from Celebration F-3, Bismarckstr. 70, tel. 800 85 59. A large
stations and nearly always full thanks to its location. Featuring their mid 20s and up, El Patio (and it really does have one), is a smart bar with lots of floor space and not many tables, extremely
charming staff, free internet in the lobby and identikit comfortable
and more than adequate Ibis rooms, this is a fine base if you’re
Restaurants Spanish bistro with a classical guitar on the wall, crisp white tablecloths
and little else. Famed in these parts for its fish, the menu also includes
local and decidedly German. Serving draught indigenous
Veltins beer, find a couple of dartboards in the room at the
mad enough to stay in town for more than a few hours. Q104 steak, tapas and a great wine list. QOpen 17:30 - 24:00. AB rear and a small beer garden during the summer. QOpen
rooms (singles N69 - 89, doubles N69 - 89). AGLPW Buffet express 15:30 - 23:00, Fri, Sat 15:30 - 03:00. Closed Sun.
Asia Hung F-4, Bahnhofsvorplatz 5, tel. 147 84 68. A
InterCity F-4, Ringstr. 1-3, tel. 925 50, fax 925 59 99, small selection of mediocre Chinese stir-fry dishes with a choice Turkish Central F-4, Weberstr. 18, tel. 14 65 41,, of either rice or noodles, cooked in front of your eyes and eaten Belli Grill F-4, Ringstr. 94, tel. 179 17 74. Will Belli Grill’s kebabs Gelsenkirchen’s so-called Home of Football
Fall out of your train or bus into the reception and be greeted by in a plain canteen atmosphere. Filling, good value, and right next make your bellies dance is the question to be answered inside this (so-called by the bar that is) is actually just another working
a gaggle of sweet ladies who treat you far too well for the price. to the bus and train stations, but little more than that. tiny little Turkish fast food joint. The hordes of young Turks who class bar. Close to the main bus and train stations and a num-
A fine mid-range choice with clean, basic rooms, cable television, hang about the place seem to be voting in the affirmative with their ber of good hotels, what it lacks in style it more than makes
good bacon with the buffet breakfast and a free public transport
pass for the duration of your stay. Until recently there was free Cafés stomachs, and it has to be said the food is fairly decent for the price.
Go for a large doner with lashings of chilli sauce. q QOpen 07:00 -
up for in location. Serving good beer and bad coffee, come
and watch the football here if you can’t get a ticket for the real
internet in the lobby too, but somebody stole the computer. Café Extrablatt E-4, Arminstr. 1, tel. 155 13 60. Vast and 24:00, Fri, Sat 07:00 - 01:00, Sun 10:00 - 24:00. thing. QOpen 10:00 - 23:00, Fri, Sat 10:00 - 02:00.
Make sure your room is locked before you go out. Q (singles utterly enjoyable, Gelsenkirchen’s very own Café Extrablatt is one
N61 - 191, doubles N72 - 202). AGHKLPUW of the better-looking versions of this large German chain. Wait- Topkapi E-4, Neumarkt 6, tel. 20 71 10. Rows and rows Copas E-2, Luciagasse 7, tel. 37 75 43. Bamboo chairs,
resses flitter hither and thither, ice cream menus are interactive of ready-to-eat Turkish food in a canteen the size of a small dangerously swivelly barstools, buxom barmaids and too many
Monopol E-2, Springerstr. 9, tel. 93 06 40, fax 37 86 75, and the coffee is appalling, but this is about as sophisticated as factory right in the heart of the city. Excellent value food includ- teenagers trying to look smart and failing here we’re afraid to, A beauti- it gets. A leisurely café by day, the place turns into a frenetic bar ing spicy bean dishes, rice, lamb and Turkish pizza served by say. But remember, this is the Ruhr Valley, not Hollywood. DJs
fully preserved 1970s masterpiece retaining much of its original during the evenings, and offers some great opportunities to meet a team of young people who wouldn’t last five minutes in a help things along at the weekends, when a more mature crowd
charm and wallpaper, the Monopol greets you with a resident some of the town’s more colourful individuals. QOpen 08:00 - real restaurant but who you have to love for their extremely of lively divorcees turn up to dance the night away. QOpen
mannequin in the entrance hall, sweets in a jar and lovely Eng- 24:00, Fri, Sat 08:00 - 03:00, Sun 10:00 - 24:00. AB laid-back approach. QOpen 08:00 - 24:00. B 08:00 - 01:00, Fri, Sat 08:00 - 04:00, Sun 08:00 - 24:00.
lish-speaking receptionists. Gradually clawing its way out of the
Stone Age, facilities include cable television, minibars, safes and
wireless internet. Within easy walking distance of the cream of Croatian
Gelsenkirchen’s nightlife, this is a good choice for those in town Dubrovnik E-4, Munckelstr. 3, tel. 250 00. Utterly preposterous
for the booze rather than the culture. Q30 rooms (singles décor inside the St Petrus Hotel restaurant, featuring the very worst of
N50 - 65, doubles N72 - 85, triples N87). AKLW German kitsch including cuckoo clocks, appalling stained glass, moth-
eaten plants and very silly lights. The Croatians thankfully save the day,
St Petrus E-4, Munckelstr. 3, tel. 250 00, fax 178 25 first with a 150-year-old Balkan tiled stove in the front room (the only
20,, www.hotel-gelsenkirch- part of the restaurant that doesn’t make you feel queasy) and second A good old-fashioned pension-style hotel close to with a menu that features the very best of Croatian and Balkan food.
the Tourist Information Centre and the U-bahn, with spacious And make sure you wash it all down with the house special jaluska,
and partially renovated singles, doubles and suites. Facilities made by combining a shot of slivovitz with an equal measure of pear
include cable television, showers in all the rooms, lots of chintz liqueur. Marvellous. QOpen 11:00 - 24:00. A
and the promise of wireless internet any day now. The other
big bonus here is the in-house Croatian restaurant, Dubrovnik
(see Where to eat). Q18 rooms (singles N45 - 60, doubles Indian
N60 - 85, triples N80 - 95). AGL Shere Punjab F4, Elisabethstr. 7, tel. 20 67 63. Like
something from a Bollywood weepie, an Indian boy comes
to a strange country to study, falls in love with a local girl and
opens a restaurant. Specialising in Punjabi cuisine, you’d pay
just to walk inside this place and have a good sniff. Wonderfully
decorated, go for a full-blown meal or try their excellent value
vegetarian lunch buffet (Mon - Sat 12:00 - 15:00). Q Open
12:00 - 15:00, 17:30 - 23:00, Sun 17:00 - 23:30. A

La Piazza E-4, Von-der-Reckestr. 14, tel. 120 56 56. Fun
bright colours, classic lighting and a large menu of antipasti,
pasta, fish and pizza in one of the city’s better Italian restaurants.
There’s a good wine menu too, with bottles of very respectable
reds setting you back somewhere in the region of €15. Unfortu-
nately the coffee isn’t as good as it could be, but this is something
the Germans are still working on. Recommended all the same.
Sco Q Open 12:00 - 14:00, 17:30 - 23:30. A

Ruhrgebiet In Your Pocket June - July 2006

22 gelSenkirchen
Pubs Hier kommt das (inoffizielle) Rahmenprogramm zur

Fußball-WM 2006
Oisin Kelly Gallery E-1, Brinkgartenstr. 25, tel. 318
77 32, Mention this place to
a local and watch their eyes light up. Pop in yourself and
your heart drops. In an attempt to take the Irish pub theme
to giddy new heights they’ve added rubbish to the menu
Mozart, Jazz und Beckenbauer:
such as Donegal Salad (as if Donegal was a major olive-
growing region). The piped music was obviously bought at
a petrol station too, and do we really want to know about
their Guinness Hygiene Award? Shouldn’t looking after your Vier Wochen spielen die besten der Welt
beer be something a bar does without even thinking about
it? QOpen 19:00 - 01:00, Fri, Sat 19:00 - 03:00.
in den WM-Stadien Deutschlands und
in der der Philharmonie Essen. Gönnen
Sights Sie sich eine Spielpause in einem der
Museums besten Konzertsäle Europas!
City Museum E-2, Horsterstr. 5-7, tel. 169 43 61. Not
really a city museum at all, this bright modern space is primarily
an art gallery. During the World Cup expect to find a baffling ex-
hibition of footballs and other spherical object, organised by the Sa 10. Juni 2006 | 18:00 Uhr So 18. Juni 2006 | 18:00 Uhr
Kronski E-2, Springemarkt 2, tel. 702 25 35, www.kronski. former Schalke player and artist Yves Eigenrauch. Aimed among In Residence Christian Tetzlaff Bach: Brandenburgische Konzerte
de. Long and thing and tucked away inside the indoor market, Kro- other things at encouraging fair trade, the balls will eventually be „Mozart zum 250.“ Kölner Kammerorchester
nski starts at one end as a gourmet restaurant and slowly works auctioned and the proceeds donated to an education, art and Christian Tetzlaff, Violine & Helmut Müller-Brühl, Dirigent
its way to the other via a cocktail bar and café until it reaches a sport charity in South Africa, the host nation of the next World Die Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Di 20. Juni 2006 | 20:00 Uhr
dance floor. On the way meet the cream of Gelsenkirchen’s A-list Cup in 2010. QOpen 11:00 - 18:00. Closed Mon.
busily chatting away and pretending they’re in Hamburg. Several Bremen Sommerkonzert – Essener Jugend-
evenings a week see the place turned into a venue for such ex- Shalke Museum Arenaring. Inside the extraordinary Mozart, Webern Symphonie-Orchester
otic events and karaoke, house DJ nights and cabaret. QOpen VELTINS-Arena, a small museum dedicated to Gelsenkirchen’s Mi 14. Juni 2006 | 17:00 Uhr Wolfgang Erpenbeck, Musikal. Leitung
09:00 - 01:00, Fri, Sat 09:00 - 04:00, Sun 10:00 - 01:00. pride and joy. Tracing the history of the club from its origins to the
present day, you’ll be a bit lost if you can’t read German. Serious
Mozart – Folkwang Musikschule Lanner, Lutoslawski, Thärichen,
La Vida F-4, Weberstr. 64, tel. 389 67 72. To get a real connoisseurs should call in advance and book an English-speak- Orchester der Folkwang Musikschule, Mozart
taste of life as it’s lived from day to day in Gelsenkirchen no ing guided tour of the museum and the arena itself. QOpen Christian de Witt, Musikal. Leitung, Fr 23. Juni 2006 | 20:00 Uhr
visit to the town is complete without a trip to a typical small 10:00 - 19:00, Sat, Sun 10:00 - 17:00. Closed Mon. Gesangssolisten der Folkwang Hoch- „Mozart zum 250.“ Mozart Loops II:
bar. This one is like plenty of others, complete with a few schule Essen und der Robert „Kleine Nachtmusik – vom
nooks and crannies for serious drinking, a huge Shalke flag on
the wall and a sprinkling of middle-aged men propping up the Parks & Gardens Schumann Hochschule, Düsseldorf Leben der Nacht – night songs“
bar. Note the joyful opening hours. If only all countries were Schloss Berge Adenauerallee 103, tel. 177 40, Do 15. Juni 2006 | 20:00 Uhr Matthias Klink, Tenor
as civilised as this one. QOpen 16:00 - 06:00. Set in a lovely 73-hectare park „Zauber der Musik“ Wolfgang Muthspiel, Jazz-Gitarre
with a large lake Schloss Berge was first mentioned in Von der Operette bis zum Musical Münchener Kammerorchester
Two Faces E-1, Hochstr. 60, tel. 386 24 43. African 1264 although the rather austere-looking building that Gesangsolisten, Michael Quast, Christian Muthspiel, Dirigent
masks on the wall, potted palms, ceiling fans, scatter cush- now stands on the original site dates from the period
ions and coconuts lend a tropical air to one of Gelsenkirchen’s between 1700 and 1788. With a fancy restaurant and a Moderation, SWR Rundfunkorchester Do 29. Juni 2006 | 20:00 Uhr
more sophisticated set-ups. There’s African music too, and of classy hotel the Berge is not actually that interesting, but Kaiserslautern, Peter Falk, Dirigent In Residence Carla Bley
course the obligatory cast of a thousand cocktails to make the does offer a refreshing alternative from the grey industrial Offenbach, Millöcker, Lehár, Dostal, Carla Bley &
place swing. QOpen 16:00 - 01:00, Fri, Sat 16:00 - 03:00, city it finds itself in. The park is a popular place in the Raymond, J. Strauss u.a. The New Carla Bley Bigband
Sun 16:00 - 24:00. summer, and holds concerts as well as a summer festival
in July. There’s also a small sculpture park across the road Fr 16. Juni 2006 | 20:00 Uhr Carla Bley, Klavier, Arrangements &
Zutz E-2, Rottmannsiepe 1, tel. 37 63 80. Hands down directly northwest of the building. To get there take N?302 In Residence Petersen Quartett internationale Jazzsolisten
the best bar in town for atmosphere and smart people, every bus from the Hauptbahnhof or the main stop in Buer and Petersen Quartett Mo 3. Juli 2006 | 20:00 Uhr
night sees the place heaving with a happy-go-lucky crowd of get off at the Berger See stop. „Mozart,Beethoven,Schostakowitsch“ Mahler-Zyklus der Bochumer
Germans and Turks. There’s quality food, colourful cocktails
and a smashing terrace overlooking the small park too. Get Symphoniker IV
here early if you want a seat. QOpen 09:00 - 01:00, Fri, Sat Tourist information Sa 17. Juni 2006 | 20:00 Uhr Steven Sloane, Dirigent
09:00 - 03:00, Sun 10:00 - 01:00. Großes Orgelkonzert – Ives, Mahler
Tourist Information Centre E-3, Ebertstr. 20, tel. Roland Maria Stangier, Orgel Fr 7. Juli 2006 | 20:00 Uhr
Beer halls 999 47 47,, Not surpris-
Gürzenich Kammerorchester „Schumann zum 150. Todestag“
Brauhaus Hibernia F-4, Bahnhofsvorplatz 2, tel. 20 85 Celso Antunes, Dirigent ChorWerk Ruhr – Robert Schumann
ingly for a town as small as Gelsenkirchen that has
31, A roomy wooden beer hall nothing but a world famous soccer team at its disposal Händel, Haydn, Britten, Hoyer, Poulenc „Romanzen und Balladen“
full of tress in the centre of the city, popular with the over 40s to promote, tourist information in English is hard to come So 18. Juni 2006 | 11:00 Uhr Michael Faust, Flöte, Frank Lloyd, Horn,
for the food as well as the beer. The Grubergold beer sold Robin Gritton, Dirigent
here is the main reason for visiting, being somewhat different
by. The main tourist information centre in Gelsenkirchen Klassik im Pavillon
is an extension of the Shalke 04 supporters shop, and
from many beers in the region. A light and cloudy beast with was at the time of visiting hardly worth the bother. When
Signum Quartett Schumann mit Zwischenspielen von
a taste somewhere between a traditional lager and a weiss we asked them for information we were advised to use Wolf, Widmann, Beethoven Pousseur, Varèse, Messiaen, Scelsi
beer, it’s clean and cold and can be drunk in reassuringly large Google. Q Open 09:00 - 18:00, Sat 09:30 - 13:00.
quantities. Live music some nights. QOpen 09:00 - 24:00, Closed Sun. Karten an allen bekannten Ticket Online-Verkaufsstellen
Fri, Sat 09:00 - 01:00. Philharmonie-Hotline: 0180/59 59 59 8 (0,12 € /Min.) ·
Ruhrgebiet In Your Pocket
24 eSSen eSSen 25

food, veal, lamb, beef, a large variety of pastas and pizzas, and
Where to stay of course grappas and other Italian wines. An Italian crooner Tourist information
offers live piano music on Sunday nights. Reservations recom-
mended. Q Open 12.00–15.00, 17.30–24.00. E Touristikzentrale Essen (Tourist office) Am
Upmarket Hauptbahnhof 2, tel. 194 33, touristikzentrale@
Arosa Rüttenscheider Str. 149, tel. 72 260, fax 722 61 Chilli House Rüttenscheider Str. 49, tel. 87 91 98 89., Conveniently located next
00, This luxury hotel south of the A modern mélange of Chinese, Japanese and Thai cuisine to the main train station, in the heart of the downtown
city centre features stylish, modern at quite reasonable prices, presented in a minimalist décor of stylish black tables and shopping district, the tourist information centre offers the
but the real draw is the comprehensive list of services offered lacquered parquet flooring. No sushi, but specialities include lowdown on the city’s tourist sights, cultural events, res-
by its beauty and wellness spa. Take a “Cleopatra” bath in fish, duck, a variety of udon noodle soups and imaginatively taurants, bars and accommodation – plus maps, trans-
donkey’s milk and essential oils (alone or with a friend), or make named meat courses (Lost Pig, anyone?) As the name implies, portation timetables and taxi and car hire information.
like a sundae and get a hot-chocolate massage. Q (55 singles if you can’t stand spicy food, Chilli House isn’t for you. Q Open QOpen 09:00 - 17:30, Sat 10:00 - 13:00. Closed Sun.
N66 - 83, 35 doubles N76 - 135, 1 suite N189 - 490). 12:00–15:00, 17:30–23:30, Sub 12:00–23:30.

Essener Hof Am Handelshof, tel. 242 50, fax 242 57 Fährhaus Rote Mühle (Red Mill Ferry House) Rote Menehune Wehmenkamp 3, tel. 959 93 93. Escape to the
51,, This Mühle 1, tel. 46 76 13, tropics for a night in this warm, funky Cuban/Hawaiian-themed
central hotel was built in 1887, but the individually-furnished This 18th-century mill house on the banks of the Ruhr used to bar. Conveniently located in the heart of the Rüttenscheid, it’s well
rooms have all the mod cons, like internet access and private serve as a waystation for busy ferrymen, but now you can spend known for its attractive waitresses and super-sized fruity tropical
bathrooms. If you’re in a nostalgic mood, try the Midnight a lazy summer afternoon on the terrace watching life float idly by cocktails. Groove to Soul, 70s, Latin and lounge music while you
Express cocktail lounge, which recreates an Art Deco railway a perfect place to rest after a stroll or bike ride along the river. snack on tapas. QOpen 19:00 - 03:00, Fri, Sat 19:00 - 04:00.
carriage from the train station across the street. For extra The restaurant inside serves standard German fare. QOpen
peace, ask for a room facing the courtyard. 11:00 - 23:00. Open summer only, closed during bad weather.

Schloss Hugenpoet August-Thyssen-Str. 51, tel. 120 Stop-Club vis à vis Schmiede Str. 5, tel. 23 54 53,
40, fax 12 04 50,, www. Popular year-round for its Alte Synagoge (Old Synagogue) Steeler Str. 29, tel. 884 Indulge your inner nobleman with a stay at beer garden and large fireplace, the Stop-Club has a range 52 18, Completed in 1913,
this lavish 17th-century castle, located a short drive out of of options to suit most palates with a rotating menu of inter- this was the largest synagogue in Northern Europe and home
town. Stroll around the castle grounds before dining on haute national cuisine, from a variety of tapas to a seasonal menu to a vibrant Jewish community – until it was attacked during the
French cuisine and your choice of 300 regional and imported of fresh asparagus dishes to a massive raw seafood platter. infamous Kristallnacht pogrom in November, 1938. Since restored
wines. History buffs will appreciate the black marble staircase Vegetarian options are available; reservations recommended. and preserved, it now serves as a cultural centre and houses
and late-Renaissance sandstone fireplaces, while more QOpen 17:00 - 23:30. B permanent exhibits on Jewish life in Essen before and during the
modern folk will be glad for the rooms’ newly renovated baths war. QOpen 10:00 - 18:00. Closed Mon. Admission free.
and wireless internet. Q (6 singles N195 - 210, 25 doubles Tablo Huyssenallee 5, tel. 811 95 85, www.tablo-essen.
N235 - 280, 5 suites N375 - 550). ADLW com. Just around the corner from the main train station, this Plakat Museum (Poster Museum) Rathenau Str. 2, tel.
slick café presents an inexpensive and modern twist on Turk- 884 51 08, One of
Mid-range on weekends — handy if you’ve been up late making merry,
ish cuisine. It’s a good place to sit and chat with some friends
while unwinding over a gourmet coffee or a glass of Turkish
the world’s largest museums of classic and contemporary poster
art, this unique collection contains more than 340,000 pieces
Atelier Nieder Str. 13, tel. 83 21 90/832 19 66, info@ sloshing about in the special waterbed suite. Q (16 singles wine. A central open kitchen and light wood décor gives offers of commercial, cultural and political formats. Both German and, Thirty years old, N122, 12 doubles N152, 8 suites N171 - 184). AFW an airy atmosphere. QOpen 11:00 - 23:00. international artists are represented, including masters of the
this city centre hotel is easily found next to the university. form such as Toulouse Lautrec and Thorn-Prikker. Temporary
Twenty-five rooms feature comfortable, mid-range furnish-
ings, wireless internet connections, free coffee and tea, and Budget Bars & Clubs exhibits organized around special themes rotate on a regular
basis. QOpen 10:00 - 20:00. Closed Mon. Admission €2.50.
en suite WC and showers (some with a bath), and there’s a Goalfever Guesthouse Hessler Str. 37, tel. 34 72 Daktari Julius Str. 2, tel. 269 85 95. This small, stylish
business centre for doing some work. Q (16 singles N52 - 72, fax 33 21 64,, www.goalfever- cocktail bar in the southern quarter has a dark and cozy
60, 9 doubles N60 - 70). UW Features clean, basic rooms (2, 4 or 6 beds)
located a 10-minute S-Bahn ride from the centre. If you’re
atmosphere. Reasonable prices and a variety of large, tasty
cocktails – served with glow-in-the-dark (plastic) ice cubes
The Cannon Kings
Korn Hoffnung Str. 19, tel. 221414, fax 221400, info@ feeling the fever yourself, you can play indoor football/soccer, – make Daktari a popular spot with the locals, who claim it Essen’s industrial success couldn’t have happened with-, This family- badminton, squash or table tennis, or else just watch the pros serves the best Mojito in Essen. QOpen 19:00 - 04:00. out the Krupp family’s steel-making empire. Like many
owned hotel is located in a quiet part of the centre, and has on the sports bar’s big-screen TV. There’s also a restaurant other German companies, Krupp has a long history with
basic modern facilities. Rooms feature wireless internet, cable and car park on site. Bedlinen included. Q (singles N33 - 37, Lighthouse 21 Hilger Str. 21, tel. 0178 414 68 53, a few not-so-secret skeletons in its closet.
TV, and ensuite shower and WC; singles, doubles and king-size 4 doubles N23 - 27, 12 quads N16 - 22, 4 6 N13 - 19) Beds A multi-roomed nightclub that fea- In 1826, Alfred Krupp inherited a five-man steel foundry;
beds available. There’s also a breakfast buffet and a Mediter- from €16.50 per person. Breakfast €3.75. KL tures a rotating list of international DJs spinning Electronica, when he died in 1887 it was among the largest com-
rean-themed bar and restaurant. Q (32 singles N67 - 95, 16 progressive House and minimal Techno. A large dance area panies in the world, revolutionising labour practices by
doubles N82 - 104, 1 apartment N108 - 490). Restaurants and smaller lounge space each have their own bar, and there’s
a large beer garden in summer. The neon-coloured lighting
offering sick pay, pensions, housing estates and free
medical care to its 20,000 workers. They initially built
Ruhr Krawehl Str. 42, tel. 77 80 53, fax 78 02 83, American Essen Steak & Fun Hessler Str. 23, tel. 289 scheme gives the white walls a cool, fluid atmosphere that can locomotives and other railway materials, but Krupp soon, A quiet hotel in the 50 90, Playing on the fact that change with every beat. Q Open Sat 23:00-04:00. realized where the real money was weapons.
museum district with a stylish reception area and tastefully ‘essen’ also means food, the name says it all. This American- “The Cannon King” Krupp outfitted the 19th-century
decorated rooms that include en suite shower/WC, satellite style restaurant, in a restored industrial building (replete with German and Prussian armies, and his successors later
television and, for the beauty-conscious, a cosmetic mirror. über-hip exposed brick walls), features whopping steaks, BBQ Culture built the first German submarine and the largest guns
Continental-style breakfast buffet available. Located a few chicken wings, burgers and fries, and an All-You-Can-Eat Ribs of WWI. Hitler contracted them to manufacture tanks,
minutes away from highway connections and the main train Night on Thursdays. Veggie burgers and salads are available Philharmonie Essen Huyssenallee 53, tel. 812 22 artillery and munitions a disastrous move for Essen,
station. Q (18 singles N72 - 103, 11 doubles N87 - 144). for the carnivores’ grazing pals. Just down the street from the 00, This spectacularly which became a prime Allied bombing target.
Goalfever Guesthouse. QOpen 12:00 - 01:00, Fri 12:00 - modern, multi-function music hall, opened in 2004, can In 1945, the ruined factory was confiscated and Alfred’s
Ypsilon Müller-Breslau-Str. 18-20, tel. 89 690, fax 896 91 03:00, Sat 15:00 - 03:00, Sun 10:00 - 01:00. hold an audience of 1,900. Its massive new Kuhn organ great-grandson convicted as a slave labourer. Years later
00,, has over 4,500 pipes. Built on the site of the previous he was given back the firm and rebuilt Krupp as an industry
The central location, gymnasium, and in-room wi-fi should make Capobianco Rott Str. 7, tel. 22 66 03, www.ristorante- municipal auditoriums in the middle of the city park, it’s leader. A 1999 merge with their largest competitor created
up for the blandly decorated (but comfortable) rooms. Your Upscale, well-regarded restaurant presenting where Esseners have gathered for cultural events since ThyssenKrupp AG, the fifth-largest corporation in Germany,
pets are welcome to join you (even cats) and there’s a public authentic Italian-Mediterranean fare in a pastel dining room 1864. Michael Kaufmann is the current music director. and one of the largest steel manufacturers in the world.
swimming pool across the street. Breakfast is served till 13:00 decorated with Renaissance murals. The menu features sea-

Ruhrgebiet In Your Pocket June - July 2006

26 Bochum Bochum 27

swimming pool. It’s also conveniently located on the western

Where to stay edge of the city centre. Children under 15 sleep for free. Q
(25 singles N58 - 65, 13 doubles N68 - 78). CDK
Park Inn Massenberg Str. 19-21, tel. 96 90, fax 969 22 Budget
22,, www.park-inn-bochum. Aleppo Hostel Nordring 30, tel. 58 83 80, fax 588 38 29,
de. Just across from the main train station, this twin-towered, A boutique
hotel’s standard rooms feature funky, modern décor, wireless hotel located in the city centre, the Aleppo has turned one of its
internet and a trouser press; the deluxe option offers a safe floors into a hostel for the budget-conscious, featuring bright
for valuables, bathrobe, snacks and a view of the city, and the and sunny single, double and shared dorm rooms with basic
suites have a separate living room. A mini-gym offers fitness furnishings and TV sets. Guests share a bathroom and a small
machines, sauna and a solarium. Q (61 singles N136 - 195, kitchen/lounge with pay phone. An internet terminal is located
97 doubles N164 - 255, 2 suites N383). ADFW in the café. Q (1 single N36, 7 doubles N46, 4 Dorm beds
N21 - 22) Bedlinen and towels included, breakfast €7.
Renaissance Bochum Stadionring 20, tel. 610 10,
fax 610 11 11, Despite its name, the
Renaissance is sleekly modernist, with high-end furnishings
and all the services you’d expect from a five-star hotel. A €5
shuttle will take you to the city centre, 1.5 km away. The res- Dönninghaus Kortum Str. 18, tel. 68 42 70. You haven’t really
taurant and piano bar offer international cuisine, and nearby been to Germany until you’ve tried a currywurst, a classic fast-food
tennis, golf and jogging trails complement the hotel’s small dish of pork sausage drenched in ketchup and curry powder
fitness centre, sauna and solarium. Q (177 doubles N115 - — the perfect snack after a night of beer drinking. This all-day
128, suites N165 - 178). ADFGKUW hhhhh and late-night kiosk, situated in the heart of the pub district, is a
cult favourite for the best currywurst in the Ruhrgebiet. QOpen
Wald- und Golfhotel Lottental Grimberg Str. 52a, tel. 09:30 - 24:00, Sat 09:30 - 03:00, Sun 11:30 - 24:00.
979 60, fax 979 62 93, buchung@wald-und-golfhotel.
de, Situated by the university, Livingroom Luisenstr. 9-13, tel. 953 56 85, www.liv-
a five-minute drive from the city centre, this countryside hotel An airy, stylish place with white walls
offers rooms and suites with tasteful modern furnishings, all and modern art, Livingroom offers an eclectic international
with terraces and free wireless internet and premium TV. menu of meat and fish dishes with Mediterranean and Asian
Their bistro serves light meals until 23:00. The fitness centre influences, and an extensive wine list. Depending on your
features an indoor pool; you can also play golf nearby or go mood, you can sit in one of several different areas of the huge
sailing on Lake Kemnade. Q77 rooms (22 singles N75 - 110, space: a bar, a lounge, or casual or fine dining areas. QOpen
53 doubles N90 - 140, 2 suites N150 - 195). hhhh 11:00 - 01:00, Fri, Sat 11:00 - 03:00, Sun 18:00 - 01:00.

MangOlive Asia Brüderstr. 15, tel. 579 28 81, Matrix Bochum Hauptstr. 200, tel. 610 68 00,
Mid-range This popular, sophisticated restaurant and lounge puts With four different areas spread out over several
trip back in time at the Farmhouse Museum next door; built around
1800, it recreates how European farmers lived and worked in
Achat Kohlleppelsweg 45, tel. 925 90/925 99 99, bo- a twist on buffet dining. Choose your meat, fish and vegetables and floors, this nightclub will appeal to any number of musical tastes at centuries past. QOpen 12:00 - 18:00. Closed Mon., A comfortable one of eight sauces (chili basil, Red Apple Curry, etc.); it’s sautéed once — Electronica, Trance, ‘80s New Wave, Indie Pop, Goth Rock,
hotel 10 km away from city centre, it’s just down the road from fresh and brought to your table with a side of rice. Try exotic meats Industrial, Hardcore Metal, Classic Rock and more. Live bands and MediTherme Kohlleppelsweg 45, tel. 51 65 70, www.
the MediTherme superspa. Rooms come in three price tiers: like kangaroo and rattlesnake, their a la carte menu or Sunday themed music nights are held every weekend, along with concerts A massive health-and-beauty super-
economy has basic furniture and wireless internet, business and brunch. Q Open 11:00–17:00, 17.00–23:00. from international acts on various other nights. Q Open Fri, Sat spa featuring numerous pools, massages, beauty treatments
comfort offers more luxurious décor and room accessories. Q 22:00-04:00, from 17:00 on band nights. Admission from €5. and 13 different types of saunas. QOpen 11:00 - 23:00, Sun
(108 doubles N84 - 104) Weekends €51, breakfast €12. W Tapas Kortum Str. 3, tel. 96 43 64 00, www.tapas- 11:00 - 21:00. 3 hours €16.50, day ticket €18.50. Spain’s signature dish has made its way to the Sausalitos Kortum Str. 13, tel. 239 94 30, www.sausali-
Acora Nordring 44–50, tel. 689 60, fax 689 67 00, bo- Ruhrgebiet at this stylish tapas and wine bar. If you can’t make This Mexican bar and cantina might not be the most Zeiss Planetarium Castroper Str. 67, tel. 516 06 13,, Located on the northern a choice from the three dozen vegetarian and meat/fish selec- authentic South of the Border experience, but for a night of drink- You’ll have stars in your eyes
end of the city centre, the very new Acora features rooms tions in the menu’s tapas section, try one of the rotating weekly ing their giant cocktails and margaritas are hard to beat — and — about nine thousand of them — at the planetarium, which
with basic, generic furnishings, wireless internet, cable TV specials, with or without the specifically recommended Span- after 23.00, the margaritas are half-price. They’re also available features a giant projector made by the world-famous optics
and ensuite facilities, as well as larger apartments with self- ish wines. QOpen 17:00 - 01:00, Fri, Sat 17:00 - 03:00. for take-away if you feel like stumbling down the road for some manufacturer Zeiss. The main auditorium has a 600-square-
catering kitchenettes. A small fitness centre is free of charge. currywurst. QOpen 16:00 - 01:00, Fri, Sat 16:00 - 02:00. metre dome measuring 20 metres across, and different
RuhrTOPCard holders get a 10% discount on room rates. Q Taverna Avli Luisenstr. 14, tel. 640 47 78. Bochum’s first daily shows for adults and kids present computer-animated
(59 singles N86 - 150, 146 doubles N102 - 200). FW Greek restaurant offers fresh, moderately priced dishes of fish, simulations of galaxies far, far away. QOpen 08:30 - 15:00.

Art Hotel Tucholsky Viktoria Str. 73, tel. 96 43 61 00, fax

meat and vegetables — no greasy gyros here — in a brightly-
coloured dining room that brings to mind a Mediterranean villa
Essentials Closed Sat, Sun. Tickets €5/€2.50.

96 43 64 36,, overlooking the wine-dark sea. You might even catch the jovial Eisenbahn Museum (Railway Museum) Dr.-C-Otto-Str. Named for journalist Kurt Tucholsky, this boutique host playing guitar for his guests. A beer garden offers al fresco 191, tel. 49 25 16, Tourist information
hotel’s rooms are individually designed in different styles of modern dining in summer. Q Open 12:00–14:30, 17:00–24:00. B The Railway Museum features historic locomotives and passen-
art. Yes, they’re small, but with the unbeatable location in the ger and baggage cars from different eras, many still operational. Tourist Info & Ticket Shop Huestr. 9, tel. 96 30
heart of the Bermuda Triangle entertainment district, you won’t be There’s also an engine shed, a maintenance shop with turntable, 20, fax 963 02 55, touristinfo@bochum-marketing.
spending much time in them. Breakfast is available downstairs in
the popular Café Tucholsky - and fittingly served until 18:00. Q
Bars & Clubs and permanent exhibits on local rail history. Take a trip into the
past on the nostalgic train trips throughout the Ruhrgebiet.
de, All sorts of informa-
tion on local sights, hotels, restaurants and bars can be
(12 singles N55 - 79, 22 doubles N98 - 108, 3 triples N98). Cotton Club Kortum Str. 1, tel. 68 28 70, www.cottonclub- QOpen 10:00 - 17:00. Closed Mon. Admission €5/€2.50. found here, along with the usual brochures and maps, This bar and billiards hall has over twenty pool and snooker and the staff can also help you book tickets to various
Ostmeier Westring 35, tel. 68 78 50, fax 68 78 56 66, tables on two floors, one with a retro 1940s feel, and the other Kemnade Castle An der Kemnade 10, Hattingen, tel. 516 music venues and theatres around Bochum. Or download, The modern. Jazz, swing and blues music plays in the background. 00 18, This brochures and book tickets through the designer website:
Ostmeier’s rooms aren’t huge, and the decorations are a They’ve also got darts, board games and nine TV screens. The romantic moated castle near the banks of the Ruhr dates back Starlight Express in German, anyone? QOpen 10:00 -
bit on the cheesy side, but the reasonable prices include en menu offers beer, imported spirits and a small selection of bar to the 17th century and features a large collection of old musical 19:00, Sat 10:00 - 18:00. Closed Sun.
suite shower/WC, breakfast, and use of the sauna and indoor food. QOpen 16:00 - 03:00, Sun 14:00 - 03:00. instruments, some almost five hundred years old. Continue your

Ruhrgebiet In Your Pocket June - July 2006

VRR Express Connections 2006 RE RB schwebebahn

Emmerich Bocholt Borken (Westf) Coesfeld (Westf) Münster (Westf) Coesfeld (Westf) Münster (Westf)


RE2 Regional express train



R B3 2
Dülmen Bork (Westf) Werne a. d. Lippe

RB RB33 Regional train
Marbeck-Heiden Reken

Dorsten Wulfen

R B4 2

R B5 0
R E2
S8 Local express train Spessartstr./
Rhade Lembeck Großer Ring
U41 Brambauer Verkehrshof
U17 Subway/tram Sythen Brambauer Krankenhaus
Suspended tram
Deuten Wulfen (Westf) Marl Marl- Herrentheystr. Lünen Hbf RB

60 S9 SB22 U42 Grevel
Hervest-Dorsten Dorsten ZOB SB25

R B3 5

R B3 2

Mitte Hamm Haltern am See

R E5
Express bus
RB43 RB44 RB45 Oetringhauser Str.
Neuss SB86
Wesel SB21 SB25 RE

R E14

R B4 5
S9 S9 S9 Brechten Zentrum
Dorsten Dorsten RB SB22

SB21 Castrop-Rauxel

S1 S2 U18 Terminal stop RB Marl-Sinsen

Kreis Recklinghausen
RB32 RB33 SB21
Schermbeck SB28 SB25 RE-Hbf Oer-Erkenschwick Münsterplatz Wittichstr. Droote

R B3 5
Köln DO-Derne

R E5
Destination outside of the VRR area Wesel

GE-Hassel Maienweg
Marl-Sinsen Scharnhorst Zentrum

Marl Mitte

R B4 4
R E14

Park and ride Friedrichsfeld (Nrh) Waldesruh

Dorsten Wulfen

RE-Hbf SB26 SB26 Oer-Erkenschwick Flughafenstr.
Hamm (Westf)

(BOT) Freizeitpark GE-Buer Nord Marl Mitte Berliner Platz Grävingholz

R B3 3
Bicycle parking Wanne-Eickel Hbf
Dorsten ZOB/ Minden

R B4 3
GE-Buer Rathaus DO-Mengede Externberg

Voerde (Nrh) Dorsten S2 SB23 SB24 SB25

R B4 2

Recklinghausen Hbf Amtsstr.

R E2
Platform accessible to the disabled; Gladbeck-Zweckel RB43 RB43 RE-Hbf SB24 SB24

vehicles may not be accessible RE3 Zeche Minister Stein

R E R E6

Gladbeck Ost GE-Buer Süd GE-Zoo



R B4 4
Castrop-Rauxel Hbf
Schulte Rödding

GE-Buer Parsevalstr. U47
Güterstr. DO-Kirchderne


R E U 47
Dinslaken GE-Buerer Str. Rathaus
Bottrop DO-Nette/
Platform and vehicles accessible to the disabled RE RB Huckarde Huckarde Inster- Bauernkamp


GE-Schloss Horst Haltern Bf Fredenbaum
Gladbeck West

RE Bushof Abzweig burger Str.


R B4 2
Oestrich An den Teichen Nordbögge

R E2


U 41
Herne Buschstr.

OB-Holten Alte Landstr. Burgholz

U49 Hafen Immermannstr./

R E14
Stand: Mai 2006 BOT-ZOB Boyer Str. DO-Lütgen- SB22
Obernette Klinikzentrum Nord Eisenstr.


U 49
GE-Hbf Arenbergstr. dortmund Nord

DO-Westerfilde U47 Lortzingstr.


OB-Sterkrade SB91 GE-Buer Heßlerstr. Schützenstr.


S 3

RE RE 11
Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr GmbH (VRR) RE RB
DO-Böving- DO-Marten Münsterstr. Glückaufstr. Kamen


II. Schichtstr.

OB-Neue Bottrop Hbf DO-Huckarde

RB 2


1, 6

45879 Gelsenkirchen, Augustastr. 1

S B1 6
R B3 3 , R B3 5
Brunnenstr. U46



RE4 RE57 RB43 RB50
Mitte Schloß

Karlsplatz DO-Wischlingen Brüg-

R E3
RB51 RB52 RB53 RB59

U 47

U 41
E-HbfBOT-Vonderort Marl Mitte Strünkede mannplatz
DU-Ober- Altenessen BOT-ZOB Castrop-Rauxel DO-Huckarde Nord S1 S2 S5 U45

R E5
RB43 RB50, RB51
DU-Meiderich meiderich E-Katern- RE-Hbf Merklinde


R E14
RB46 SB29
OB-Osterfeld Süd DO-Germania

R B4 3

R B4 2
RE1, RE4, RE6, RE11 RE11 RE11

S B2 9

Gelsenkirchen Hbf

S B2 7

R E2

DU-Ruhrort Süd Wilhelm-Park berg Süd

S B2 0
DO-Dorstfeld Hamm

U 35

RE RB44 RB44 RE6 RE6

S4 S4 RB

RE3 RE3 RE3 RE2, RE3 RE2, RE3 RE3 Rauxel Süd DO-Lütgen- DO- S1, S2 RE1, RE3 RE1, RE3 DO-Kurl
RB DO-Marten Bergkamen (Westf)
DU- U79
DU- S2 S2 S2 S2 S2 S2
HER-Börnig dortmund Somborn Süd
S5 S30
Meidrich Bf
Meiderich Oberhausen Hbf E-Dellwig E-Berge- E-Alten- RB42, RB46 RB42, RB46 RB43 RB53, RB59
Dortmund Hbf

U 42, U 46

R E3, R E5


R E14
R B3 3 , R B3 5

DO- RE57
borbeck essen Wanne-Eickel Hbf Dortmund

U 11, U 17

U 35

R B4 2
R E2
RB36 RB44 S3 SB90


R B4 6

SB91 SB92 SB94 SB96
Herne Mitte
DO-Dorstfeld Süd

Städt. Kampstr.



S R E6
DO- Unna

Archäologie-Museum/Kreuzkirche DO- Kliniken Stadtgarten Reinoldikirche

R E7, R E13
E-Dellwig hausstr.

DO-Universität Möller- U42 U42, U46
DO- Asseln DO- Königs-

S5 1
S4 RB54
Xanten Ost Unna

Kleve GE-Rotthausen brücke DO-Körne Brackel Mitte Wickede born Lünern


Rheinberg Auf dem Damm Bamlerstr. BO-NOKIA HER-Berninghausstr.
(Rheinl.) BO-Rensingstr. DO-Oespel Kreuzstr. S4 S4 S4 RE
RB59 Soest
Geldern E-Ger- DO- DO-Körne DO-Knapp- DO- Massen Unna Hemmerde
R E10


U 41, U 45, U 47, U 49

Universität Riemke Markt Stadt-

West schafts- Wickede West


U 46

Essen Theodor-
Zeche Constantin haus krankenhaus West

SB30 SB30 Moers/DU-Hbf SB30 DU-Hbf Duissern BO-Hamme Fliedner- Frömern

Berliner Platz Feldsieper Str. DO- Am An der Saarlandstr.


R E7, R E13
Nieukerk Moers E-Kray Nord Beil- Palm- Märkische Voß- Max-Eyth-

E-Borbeck U18 Barop stück weide

R B5 9


Dt. Bergbau-Museum Polizei- Str. kuhle Str.
GeldernBf SB30


R E57
BO- U42 präsidium U41, U47 U47 U47 Stadtkrone Ost
Aldekerk Königlicher Hof

R E4
R E14

Geldern Bf/ BO-Rathaus Barop Kohl- Lübkestr.
an der Ruhr Langen- Hauptfriedhof

U 45, U 49

U 42

U 41
U45 U46
Neu- Moers


Rumeln BO-West gartenstr. Fröndenberg


E-Borbeck dreer
K ö S tein atan d s tr.


Kempen kirchen Eierkampstr. Vahleweg Holzwickede

R B3 3 , R B3 5

nig s c en



Nettetal SB87 U45
-H h e h o f
K a r un

R B5 2 , R B5 3 , R B5 9
R E3, R E5


S 1 E1,
RE16 RB40 RB42

R E7, R E13
R B5 9
falen- Allerstr./Westf.
Bochum Hbf RERB BO-Langen-
ein G a
rl- ew

E-Kray Remy- Karl-Liebknecht-Str.

S B3 0

M m er .



S2 S6 SB19
S B8 7

l el
K r s -S
Ja a l

U 49
ric s s

R B4 2

us s tr

Westfalenstadion damm Klinik f. Psychiatrie

R E10

Essen Hbf
e tr
rre d

Doerkesplatz KR-Rheinstr. Rhein- DU-Hoch-

R E2
KR- dreer West Hombruch
h- e

E-Frohn- Süd
f .

U 79


R B3 1

P la

(nur Stadionbetrieb)
(Ruhr) Hbf
RB46 SB37
Bottrop ZOB Hallenbad Westendorfstr.

U 42
U70 U76
Viersen Uerdingen hausen feld Süd hausen E-West

Berliner Platz SB16 RE16 RE16 RE16 Willem-van-Vloten-Str.

RE Grotenbachstr. Schürbankstr.
Krefeld RE2 RE2 RE2 RE2 RE2 RB RE1, RE2, RE6, RE11 RE RE1, RE2, RE6, RE11, RE14 RE
RE1, RE6, RE11 RE1, RE6, RE11 RE1, RE6, RE11

R E B4 0


RB RB33 RB33 RB33 RB33 RB33 S1 S1,S3 S1, S3, S9 RB40 RB40 RB40 RE57
Hbf DO-Kruckel

RE7, RE10 KR- Hohen- RB31 RB31 MH- S3 U18 U18 S1, S3, S9 S1 S1 RB53, RB59 RB59 RB59

R E4
KR-Oppum Rhein- Grunewald, E-Steele E-Eiberg Watten- BO- DO-Aplerbeck

Linn budberg- Duisburg Hbf Styrum MH- U18 RE14 RE14 DO-Westfalenhalle DO-Hörde DO-Sölde

R B5 2
iße n f .

ic k n tr.

U 1 S a eis er r.
ny brü r.
C h G ra tr.

ein s e h b he

./E e
E - uhr- eller m

B n b um
H e ühle ns tr
M s tia ht

n eld
U 70, U 76

R E7, R E10
R B3 3
R E2

b au s t
vig en S t

s tr c k

U 49

U 35

W Ze S
R E1, R E3, R E5, R E6, R E11


-R n d au

U 79

R E B5 3
R B3 5
R B3 7

ri c

R h R o E ic K irc
E-Steele scheid- Ehrenfeld

H o res l urg
hausen Ost West Ost RE14

e tr

U 11

U 41

S B1 9
S B1 5




Kulturstr. RB31 RB37 S2

Höntrop Ennepetal Oskar- Nord DO-Tierpark Rombergpark

Planckstr. Saalbau

SB10 SB30
Im Schlenk Bus Bf Hoffmann-Str.
DU-Wedau Gemarken- Rütten- E-Burgaltendorf
Neuer Friedhof DU-Schlenk Waldring
WittenHbf DO-Kirchhörde

S5 4 R
platz Hacheney Clarenberg


RE 6
Velbert/ Wasserstr. DO-Aplerbeck Süd

R E B4 0
Münchener Str. Stern U49 U41

Holsterhauser ruhr E-Horst

Dießem Heiligenhaus/ DO-Löttringhausen
Sittardsberg Platz Martinstr. Brenscheder Str.



S 5 E4
U 70, U 76


Mühlenkamp RE17 RB40 RB56

R E16
Halbe Höhe Messe Ost/ Markstr. Wetter
E-Holt- BO-Dahlhausen Wittbräucke RB91 S5 S8

R B4 0
Gruga E-Süd SB67
St.-Anna-Krankenhaus Laubenweg (Ruhr) HagenHbf

hausen Ruhr-Universität


R B5 3
R E57


DU-Kesselsberg Lennershof


Königshof U17 Margarethenhöhe U11 BO-Hbf RB52


D-Froschenteich DU-Bissingheim Messe West- E-Stadtwald Hattingen (Ruhr)
R E1, R E3, R E5, R E6, R E11

U35 Hustadt S5 S5 SB72 HA-Kabel



Wittlaer RE4 RE4 RE7, RE13, RE16, RE17 RE7, RE13, RE17, RE57 RE17, RE57




R B3 7

Hattingen (Ruhr)

S B3 8
Forsthaus Fischeln Am Mühlenacker E-Kupferdreh Wuppertal Hbf RE16 RE16 RB56, RB91 Schwerte (Ruhr) Fröndenberg

RB40 RB40
KR-Grundend Mitte Hagen Hohen-

S B B3 7

Kalkumer Schloßallee DU-Entenfang
U 7 76


Gevelsberg/ Hohenlimburg HA-Vorhalle SB71 SB71


Witten/ Wetter/Gevelsberg/

Kaiserswerth, Klemensplatz Angermund Ennepetal Bus Bf Wetter
v e er w e

Ennepetal Bus Bf

R E4, R E7, R E13

B o m p heid
R B3 3


R E2

Mb-Görgesheide Sprockhövel/ Wetter

K a o ter

R B3 5


D-Flughafen Velbert-Nierenhof






Kalden- Terminal Sportpark Alte Landstr. Ennepetal BusBf Hattingen/ HA-Heubing

D-Flughafen E-Werden
rs t M ee

kirchen Flughafenstr. Hohen-

RE13 Nettetal- Nord/ BO-Hbf


L a B -B aus

Europaplatz Mörikestr.

Venlo NS limburg
S B5 5
ec h ,


S B6 7

S7 SB51

D 1 s kn eric

Breyell D-Flughafen HA-


KempenBf U78 U78 Essen Hbf



S B3 7
5 d üd


D-LTU-Arena/Messe-Nord rathplatz Terminal Kettwig Sprockhövel

HA-Westerbauer Oberhagen
Meerbusch- D-FlughafenTerminal D-Hbf Velbert-Langenberg

SB n

Boisheim Stockumer Kirchstr.
U 7 U 76

Anrath Haßlinghausen Bus-Bf


S B1 9

16 91



Kettwig Wuppertal Velbert/ Gevelsberg-Knapp

S t ö ric k

Dülken Nordpark/

S B6 7
Lö -

L ric

Velbert Schwelm/ Letmathe

L o . er

SB66 Hbf

Willich- Stausee E-Hbf

S B8 7

S m

Ennepetal Bus Bf
us tern -

R E7, R E10


s ee

Brüggen Markt/ Münch-


inz eg

S a eer 77 allee

S B7 2
Reeser Platz D-Rath Wuppertal Hbf


P r hw

Kaarst RB56

S B6 6
U n

Elmpt, Mitte D-Rath Hösel SB72


R B3 3

R E13

Rathaus Kaarst SB51 Wülfrath
R E2


RE 91
S B8 8

R h ndb dter

Velbert-Rosenhügel Sprockhövel/ Rummenohl


B ein erg

S6 S6

Kaarster See Theodor- dorf

Gevelsberg Hbf

D o N ik


Mettmann Siegen

pla els e bah

Heuss-Brücke RatingenOst Mettmann

m o la

Kaarster Dahler-
ini u


D-Zoo Jubiläumsplatz Mettmann

z -
ku s - H e deke B85 er

Golzheimer Platz Ennepetal


R E1, R E3, R E5, R E6, R E11



Bahnhof Kluse/
s - K n es rk



S B6 7
Düsseldorf Wülfrath-Aprath BusBf
D r ken -P la tr.
Kr op e st


Wuppertal Schau- Land- linger Loher Adler-

an p ns r.
us ha tz

SB68 SB68 Pesta- Daum- Ohligs- Alter

tz ro

Kaarst Mitte/ Victoria Platz/ D-Wehrhahn

us us

pla arba

Neuss Neanderthal S28 lozzistr. Platz mühle spielhaus gericht Str. Brücke brücke Markt Schalksmühle
s tr

U 7 -U 7
R E2, R E13

Holzbüttgen Gevelsberg West


0 7

Klever Str. Westende Werther Brücke


ME-Zentrum Mettmann
S 1, S 6, S 7, S 11

R E4, R E7, R E13

S11 60 60 60 60 60
R B3 3


RE2 RE8 RB27 RB39 Nordstr. Erkrath Stadtwald Wuppertal Hbf

SB67 Sprockhövel/ W-Hbf SB67

IKEA Kaarst Neuss
Düsseldorf Hbf W-Vohwinkel
H a g es

S8 SB1 SB83
BO-Ruhr-Univ. Brügge (Westf)

D - R E10

Varresbecker Str.
S eis

U 7 8 ,U 7 9
n d en

Heinrich- Steinstr./

MG- Kleinen- Neuss
w s tr

RB47 RB47
R B3 5

Heine- Königs- S11


RE3 RE6 RE10 RE11 RB35 RB38 RE 60
S B8 5

S B5 5


RB48 RB48 RB48

gladbach RB48 RB48
S1 U70 U78 SB55 SB85 RB48
Tonhalle/ Allee allee Oststr.
S 28
R E7

Lürrip broich SB85 D-Hbf




Ehrenhof RE4 RE4 RE4 RE4 RE4 RE4 RE4


U75 U74-U79U70 RE
Hbf RB RE RE4, RE13 RE4, RE13 RE RE4, RE10, RE13 RE4, RE10, RE13 RB RE13 RE13 RE13 RB RE13 RE13 RE4, RE7, RE13 RE Lüdenscheid
SB83 S8 S8 RB RB38 RB38 S8, S11, S28 S8,S11 S8, S11 S8, S9 S8, S9 S8 S8 S8 S8 Ennepetal RB52
Niederkrüchten, Korschen- Büttgen S8, S11 S28 S8, S11, S28 U75, U76 U75 Kettwiger Str. D-Gerres- Erkrath Hochdahl Hochdahl- RE7 RE7 RE7 RE7 RE7 W- Schwelm (Gevelsberg)
S B1

Elmpt Grenze Handelszentrum/

broich U75
NE- D-Hamm D- D-Bilk D-Friedrich- Ronsdorfer Str.
Millrath W-Sonnborn W-Zoolo- W-Stein- W-Unter- W-Barmen W-Ober- Langerfeld West
U 74, U 77, U 79
R E1, R E5

S 6, S 7

R B4 8


Blücher- NE- Moskauer Str.
S 11

Lierenfeld Betriebshof
R E7
R B3 8

R B4 7
Rheinpark Völk- stadt gischer beck barmen barmen
R B2 7 , R B3 3 , R B3 9


Wickrath str. U76

Mönchen- Am Schlesische Str. Steinstr./ SB50 Haan Bettina- SB66

Center lingerStr. Ennepetal

Zoo/ Garten
R E7

(b. Neuss) Werstener Dorfstr./
R E4, R E8

Kaiser D-Volksgarten Oberbilker Markt/ Am Hackenbruch

SB50 von-Arnim-Str. Haan 60 60 SB68
W-Ronsdorf Bus Bf
Warschauer Str. Jägerstr. Vohwinkel, Bruch Hammer- Sonn- Stadion
Kapellen- D-Oberbilk (Philipshalle) S7 S7 S7 Schwebebahn stein borner Str.
MG-Hbf Wevelinghoven Neuss Süd
Kreis Kaiserslauterner Str. U79 Ellerstr. D-Eller D-Eller Hilden Hilden Süd SG-Vogelpark SG-Ohligs RB47 RB47 RB

U 75

MG- Norf
Neuss Mitte Solingen SG-Schaberg RS-Güldenwerth RS-Lennep RS-Lüttringhausen
R B3 8



R B4 8
R E7

Rhein- Hoch- Greven-


Neuss Provinzialplatz Alt Eller


Wegberg Hbf broich D-Reisholz

S B1

dahlen SB4
neukirch Allerheiligen Werstener Dorfstr.
Solingen Remscheid
RB39 RE RE8 RE8 RE Opladener Str. U75
Ickerswarder Str. Eller,Vennhauser Allee
Dalheim MG-Gen- RB27 RB27 RB