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SPEED Manifesting

-fast read, excluding The Method exercises-

Lori L. Mitchell

Copyright 2009-2013 by Lori Lynn Mitchell Gold Coast, Australia

All rights reserved. The use of any part of this publication reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, scanning, or otherwise is an infringement of the copyright law. SPEED Manifesting and the SPEED Manifesting Method are trademarked and cannot be used without express permission of the author. Personal stories in this book are true and some names have been changed to protect the privacy of the contributors.

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Mitchell, Lori Lynn Speed Manifesting: Speedbook

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SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell

INTRODUCTION .................................................................................... 8 SECTION I. ENERGY, BELIEFS AND WEALTH .............................. 15
Beliefs or Universal Laws? ....................................................... 15 How We Form Beliefs .............................................................. 16 1st Degree: Experience............................................................ 16 2nd Degree: Experience of others. .......................................... 17 3rd Degree: Dogma. ................................................................ 18 Beliefs Create All the Limitations in your Life. ........................ 18 Shifting Beliefs and Values ...................................................... 21 The Opposite of Belief is Possibility......................................... 22 Universal Laws ......................................................................... 24

Four Areas of Balanced Wealth .............................................. 26

Money...................................................................................... 28 How Do I Attract Money? .................................................... 30 Others ...................................................................................... 32 Self ........................................................................................... 35 Nature...................................................................................... 37

SECTION II. THE PROCESS 7 STEPS .......................................... 41

Whats all this got to do with SPEED? ..................................... 41

Step 1. Know What You Want ................................................. 43

Writing about the Outcome .................................................... 44

Playing Big ............................................................................... 47 Ideas for Writing ...................................................................... 49

Step 2. Imagine with Emotion ................................................. 54

Match Your Imagination Style ................................................. 54 Visual ....................................................................................... 55 Auditory ................................................................................... 56 Sensory .................................................................................... 56 High Tech Dreamboards .......................................................... 57 Imagination Time ..................................................................... 58

Step 3. FEEL Gratitude ............................................................... 60

Appreciation ............................................................................ 62 Happiness is an Inside Job ....................................................... 64

Step 4. Think Deliberately ........................................................ 66

Understanding Human Design ................................................ 66 Perception and Meaning ......................................................... 67 Beyond Your Five Senses ......................................................... 68 Thinking Zombies..................................................................... 69 Chattering Voice - Beliefs ........................................................ 70 Quiet Voice - Values ................................................................ 71 The Third Mind - Purpose ........................................................ 72

Step 5. Beware the Power & Poison of Words................... 74

Words Create Your Reality ...................................................... 74 Talking About What You Dont Want ...................................... 75 Powerful Questions ................................................................. 75

SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell

Affirmations ............................................................................. 76 I am .......................................................................................... 77 Keeping Your Word ................................................................. 79 Gossip ...................................................................................... 80 Words of Encouragement and Appreciation ........................... 81

Step 6. Take ACTION ................................................................... 84

Decision ................................................................................... 86 80/20 Rule of Actions .............................................................. 86 Creating a Vacuum .................................................................. 87 Orderly Actions and Inspired Actions ...................................... 88 Assumptive Actions ................................................................. 90 Time Integrity .......................................................................... 90

Step 7. Start Circulation for Increase ................................... 93

Increase versus Trading ........................................................... 93 Ebb & Flow............................................................................... 96 Allowing and Receiving............................................................ 97 Trading for Love....................................................................... 98 Circulating with People and Ideas ........................................... 99 Good Steward of Money ......................................................... 99 Compete or Create? .............................................................. 100 Its All Just Energy .................................................................. 101

The Key to SPEED ...................................................................... 103

Your Turning Point to SPEED Manifesting .......................... 104 The Paradox of SPEED Manifesting .................................... 107

SECTION III. WHEN IS IT GOING TO HAPPEN? ......................... 111

Gestation ............................................................................... 111 Denial of Reality .................................................................... 112 Identity .................................................................................. 112 Free Will................................................................................. 113 Beliefs .................................................................................... 115 Values .................................................................................... 116 Stuck Energy .......................................................................... 117 Shoulds .................................................................................. 118 Fear ........................................................................................ 119 Disbelief ................................................................................. 120 Resistance .............................................................................. 121 Disappointment ..................................................................... 123 Where There is a Villain, There is a Victim ............................ 125 Bad Company......................................................................... 126 Responsibility or Blame? ....................................................... 126 Where is Your Focus? ............................................................ 127 SPEED Wobbles ..................................................................... 128 Laugh, Move, Rest or Play ..................................................... 129

SUMMARY ........................................................................................ 133 FOOTNOTE REFERENCE ................................................................ 136 Book Reviews .............................................................................. 138 About the Author......................................................................... 148

SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell

To my husband Gary: your constant support and loyalty has made this possible. You are my perfect life companion.

To my mother Kathleen Baird: your encouragement and unconditional love allowed me to believe anything is possible.



Life flows naturally in the direction of your choices. Lori

Standing at my empty fridge, I realized that my life had to change. How did it come to this? It was Wednesday, and my husbands payday wasnt until Friday. In a few hours I needed to feed my kids after school and cook dinner for the family, but there wasnt even a carrot or potato rolling around the bottom of the fridge. I used to know how to make life work. I was at the top of my game. I used to earn more than my husband. I used to have my own independent income. The cash was gone. The credit cards didnt work anymore. The friends and family had already been asked before. And here I was again. Two years; its been two years of this crap. What am I doing wrong? I just dont know anymore. In that moment I recognized that I was back in my childhood, and my kids were going through what I swore theyd never have to experience. I thought about my childhood and everything leading up to this moment. When I was growing up in Detroit there wasnt an excess of money around and my sister and I knew it. Although we were raised in a loving environment our single mother worked hard to support us and my fathers child support checks didnt come often. When I was 12 my mother remarried a Canadian, and

SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell

everything in my life changed. We moved to Toronto and for the first time in my life we always had food in the fridge, a lovely home to live in, and beautiful furnishings. As I grew into a young woman I realized that I never wanted to go back to the old, scarce standard of living. It motivated me to get a good education and work diligently at my jobs in the computer industry with many opportunities available. I met my future husband and moved to New Zealand to be with him. I got a well paying job and again worked my way up the career ladder. I managed a national division of a computer company with eight offices. Then I ran my own computer supplies business successfully. Finally I worked for an Insurance Company as a database marketing consultant. I stayed in the best hotels, had a company car and all the freedom to travel around with a great income and a fantastic, stimulating job. Back then my mindset was focused on being out of debt and my husband and I were careful with our money, paying extra off our mortgage whenever possible. We had two children and moved into a beautiful home with a view over the city. Our children lived in a privileged neighborhood and went to a local state school in a wealthy area. I used to say that we bought there because we liked the view and had bought the worst house on the best street. Without knowing it I felt that I had to justify my wealth. When my second child started school we realized only one of us could work, because he had a learning disability and needed extra support. So I quit my job and started a small eCommerce consultancy. It didnt take off as quickly as I had expected, and our finances began to slip. Then it all got tighter, tighter and finally stopped. We had a two income mortgage on one income. My husband and I were both stressed, we were both arguing a lot and we eventually both went into depression. On top of everything, my Stepfather was suddenly put into palliative care. No one knew how long he had left. I lived in 9

New Zealand and he was in Canada. I wanted to see him again once more, so I quickly booked an air ticket to Canada at a travel agency and wrote a check. The next day, I discovered brutally that I almost didnt have enough credit available for one return air ticket. We had come to the end of our cash, and then we got to the end of our borrowing ability. Two hours before flight time I found myself negotiating with the bank manager for enough to cover that check. We got the extended loan, but to add insult to injury, I didnt even make it back in time to say goodbye to my beloved Stepfather. I stayed with my mother in Canada for a month, and in this time away from home I started to review the reality of my financial situation. I think the first thing that happens as you expand your awareness is that you begin to notice yourself doing things wrong. When I got home to New Zealand I noticed words coming out of my mouth as if someone else was saying them. I noticed that I was telling my children no, we cant afford that, no we dont have any money, no, were broke, no, no, no, you cant have that. My oldest son even needed braces for his teet h and I could not do anything about it. Now here I was, facing the stark reality of an empty fridge at the end of the road for everything I knew. Stunned, I wandered out of the kitchen and back to my home office to continue looking for new business customers. Turning Point #1 The Missing Pieces Then the phone rang. It was a friend. She said she was halfway through reading a book and intuitively thought of me. She said, I think you need this book more than I do right now. I was intrigued and interested, since she was the generous friend who had already put $7,000 on her credit card to help keep my business going. She drove over and dropped off the book. I immediately began reading it. 10

SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell

As I read the book I began to see some key principles that I had been missing. I began to ask out loud for what I wanted. I had begged for unseen help before, but I finally saw that because of my pride and the way I thought about wealth I was constantly saying no thanks when it showed up. This time I spoke a deep prayer of thankfulness. With certainty I thanked the Universe for showing me where I was going to get $50 for groceries for our dinner that night. Within 30 minutes of saying that prayer, I wandered into our study and found myself facing our file cabinet. Confused about why I was standing there, I remembered it was where we kept our bank account statements. It was at that moment that I suddenly realized we had over $1100 in our childrens savings accounts! I was filled with thankful tears as I realized my prayers had been answered. I suddenly saw that I had been thinking and talking myself into poverty, being so independent that I was unappreciative and ungrateful to what we actually had been given by Life and what wealth I had around me. I had been living in fear and had very little faith in anything other than my own efforts. In my realization I also heard the voice in my head as I resisted accepting this gift. I argued with myself: no, its wrong to take from my childrens accounts, no, thats their future, no, that would be admitting failure! Based on our real financial situation, that could be considered stubborn insanity, and it would have been again refusing the abundance that was suddenly, magically being offered to me. So I told that voice to sit down and be quiet. I drove straight to the bank and withdrew some money for the urgent cash we needed to buy food for dinner. This was the turning point for me, and my life has never been the same since that precious understanding came to me After this I began to practice creating and accepting abundance graciously: when I found five cents on the ground I


gratefully thanked the Universe as if I had just been given a hundred dollars. When I unexpectedly received a small government tax rebate in the mail I happily acknowledged the help being given to me. I stopped saying it was only a little, not enough, just a coincidence, timing or just luck. Nothing was taken for granted. Our wealth was locked away within the contents and equity of our house, and the immediate issue was to restart and increase our flow of cash. I began to have constant inspirations to create cash for us: I started selling my surplus books, clothes and equipment on eBay. It was amazing. Ten dollars, twenty dollars, more and more money began to be unlocked and flowed, and I was thankful throughout. The next stage was to make a decision to unlock the money contained within our home the equity we had accumulated over 10 years compared to the debt was actually quite healthy. But it was separated from us behind our mortgage. So we made a powerful decision to release our debt and reduce our stress. We could have made other choices increased our income, taken second jobs and arranged after school care. This was a personal choice, and for us, we had had enough of living house poor while pretending to be keeping up. For 10 years we had been dreaming of living in a warm place, and in the midst of this situation we made a decision to move to Australia. Things started to happen quickly, in perfect ways. We sold our home privately for an incredible profit. Within a few months we had created a completely new life for ourselves living where we truly wanted. We paid cash for a house, even when real estate agents told us it was impossible to get a house for so little money. But we were focused on being financially free, and we did it; we bought a lovely small villa within a resort complex. It was an instant community, and a fabulous way to start


SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell

in a different country. We began again, finally living our dreams in a beach paradise, just like I had desired for so long. Turning Point #2 SPEED As I began to practice some of these principles consistently over the next several years, I noticed that sometimes things happened fast, and sometimes things seemed to come slowly. I started looking for the similarities when things happened fast. At that point I began to see the same process working itself out continually and I began to document and test that process with others. Then finally, I had a significant insight as I watched the process happen so quickly and perfectly during a course I took with 100 people. We were all put into small groups and each group was required to manifest a specific outcome within about five hours. Along with six other people that I didnt know, in an unfamiliar city 5000 miles from home, we were sent out into the world without any support. I shared my process with the others and together we completed the internal (thinking) work, and then we got busy. We tried several different actions, some which worked and others which didnt. We followed the principles outlined here to you, and when we came back five hours later, we had accomplished our task; the only successful group. As we were acknowledged for our results and our group cheered, I turned back to look at my groups table. The sight in front of me overwhelmed me with emotion. You see, together five hours earlier, we had stopped and deliberately pictured that moment, and in front of me was like a dj-vu, with the same people in the same places, clapping and cheering with their arms up in the air. I became in awe of a power that worked so obviously, so simply and so naturally, when we followed the process. I could so clearly see the workings of the Universal Laws, and I could see it as a


repeatable process. Now, when I hear stories about very fast manifestations I can see the consistent components. We all live in a sea of abundance and yet some cannot seem to capture and use it. SPEED Manifesting has been written for you. I know why you were given this information. I know why you have stayed through to here. This is your story, too. Turning your life around is simple; really, profoundly simple. As you read and absorb the material in this book your life will begin to change. Watch for the changes. They will begin as clarity, simplicity, new ideas and opportunities. They will show up in how other people respond to you. Your new awareness of life and how it works will shift your reality. Read carefully to find the clues to distinguish between manifesting and SPEED Manifesting. Hidden throughout this book is one magical key concept. Can you find it? It appears more than 50 times. Within The Method are the essential understandings and actions to manifest your desires. The key is not one of the 7 Steps, but it makes the change in the speed of manifesting possible. To get the most out of your time and this teaching, contemplate what this one key could be. You will see your SPEED Manifesting come alive as your life responds quickly with more loving relationships, better health and vitality, a definite flow of money to you, a heightened appreciation of the beauty around you and your ability to be present in the moment. There is no mystery to creating the life of your dreams. It is simply a process, and when you understand that process, life flows naturally in the direction of your choices. Abundant blessings to you

Lori Mitchell 14

SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell


The way to powerfully use both Beliefs and Universal Laws is to know the difference. Be willing to challenge your Beliefs, while surrendering to The Way Life Works which is called Universal Law. Lori

The Universe is made up of a perfect matrix of pure energy. Everything is energy. Matter and mass are composed of dense energy. The space in between matter is energy. This energy is an intelligent energy and can be affected by thoughts and emotions. Understanding of this energy comes through awareness of Natural Laws or Life Principles that become obvious once we begin to distinguish them as working behind everything we do.

Beliefs or Universal Laws?

When I was 12 years old my family moved four hour s drive east, from Detroit to Toronto, Canada. So much in my world changed and something strange had happened; I crossed an invisible line called an international border and I felt like I was on another planet. People spoke with a different accent and sometimes they used different words; rubber band became 15

elastic, and tennis shoes became running shoes. Most people ended their sentences with the sound aye? Strangers spoke to us in elevators, they made eye contact walking down the street, and even people we didnt know smiled at us. Everyone was friendly. The place was clean and safe. The fear, hopelessness and distrust in my life near 8 Mile Road in 1970s Detroit opened up to the optimism of immigrants in the fast growing and accepting environment of Toronto. I was only a short drive away, but the place was clean, and when strangers said hello to you, that was suddenly safe and acceptable. It was odd that things could have changed so much and I thought about this from time to time as I grew up. Cultures may appear similar, but because of differences in their laws, their history and their perspectives they have different beliefs, different behaviours and different outer circumstances.

How We Form Beliefs

When we are newly born we begin to perceive and construct a view of the world through our physical and mental senses. A new baby lives in a world of no-belief. She is absolutely present, just being in the moment of wanting, needing, observing or just in total satisfaction and bliss. As she grows and learns about her physical body and the physical world around her she learns cause and effect action and reaction. Through this she experiences some of the Universal Laws filtered through beliefs. Our personal belief systems are built on three degrees of influence and this allows us to create an individual perspective to interact with, and relate to our world.

1st Degree: Experience.

After a period of experience and repetition, when the cause and effects are replicated the baby creates a First Thought about something. She uses her perception through her five senses 16

SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell

and then interprets this from her growing life experiences. This is how Beliefs are born. As she grows and gains more life experience this First Thought provides a useful tool for survival and building on what she has already learned. Each time she experiences more evidence to a particular cause and effect she interprets the evidence and has further layered thoughts. This is the natural way of designing and developing the Mind for safety and collecting data, to be able to learn and grow in the world. The interpretations of this storage of consecutive, repetitive experiences of cause and effect are called Beliefs. We continue to make 1st Degree Beliefs throughout life as we form interpretations and conclusions about life from repeated painful or fulfilling experiences; right or wrong, we begin to see life through a filter of these decisions and they gain power and momentum. I always... I never... become truth, for us.

2nd Degree: Experience of others.

However, once the new baby develops language, and through interactions with others she begins to acquire the interpretation of other peoples experiences. She may be told or shown what others expect of her behaviour, or what they have already experienced and believe. This is taught to her so that she may use the experience and knowledge of others to hasten her learning time. Our parents, teachers, friends and mentors influence us by their harsh or gentle guidance, by witnessing their repetitive behaviours and mistakes and by their stories. We hear their rules about how they think life works and we save time and pain. But their experiences are sometimes not up to date with our world nor in sync with our values. Yet their words are often recorded in our thoughts and replay on auto pilot without us recognizing the source or checking the relevance.


3rd Degree: Dogma.

Teachings, sayings and perspectives from another time long ago can be irrelevant. Religious indoctrination, some ancient teachings handed down, old clichs, sayings that are repeated but not understood and even some laws of the land do not apply to our urgent need to do things differently, right now. Beliefs cause problems when your personal experience or observation is replaced by someone elses previous beliefs and world views, generation after generation. You are told to believe their interpretations of cause and effect experience because they experienced it and so it must be true. When you blindly follow others because, thats the way its been done before you are not coming from your personal experiential beliefs around life. This attachment to a personal belief as Truth is righteousness. It becomes an oppressing disregard for Free Will when one says you are wrong and I am right. This is unconsciously saying I do not live in the awareness of Free Will. There is another way. This is a three way perspective on your personal beliefs: there is your way, my way and a way that works for both of us. When you can say in my experience I believe... then you are expressing a positive approach to using the strength in your Beliefs.

Beliefs Create All the Limitations in your Life.

No matter where it originates, once you accept a set idea about something, possibilities for new options are restricted or cut off. Conscious awareness of your beliefs can allow you to sift through them and open up to new frontiers in life. Beliefs are based on personal, changeable perceptions and are as unique as a fingerprint or a snowflake. Each of us puts together our interpretations of life and builds a supporting belief system to


SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell

perceive and relate to the world. As your programming is laid down in your memory circuits, it becomes your automatic ways of being. Using only past beliefs to guide you through Life is like driving down the street and trying to steer the car using your rearview mirror. Eventually when I learned about the Universal Laws and how life really works it occurred to me that the way people think forms their world, and it comes from something changeable; their beliefs. But when I finally figured out how to turn my life around, I also discovered that old beliefs had nothing to do with creating a new future. The beliefs of morality change approximately every 100 years. My 101 year old great-grandmother described how a woman lifting her skirts to show her ankles was considered of loose morals. Now we can look at any beach and see, well a lot more. This is not about right or wrong morality. Rather, beyond the changing whims, transient values and perspectives of humanity, the real rules are useful to know because they are Universal Laws. They cannot be changed or broken, and you would only slow down or break yourself if you tried to go against them. In any sport the players must know the rules. But in your own life, are you a spectator or a player? If you are a spectator you can get by with only superficial knowledge. Early in 1988 shortly after I arrived in New Zealand, my husband was trying to explain the game of Cricket to me. The World Cup was on and Sir Richard Hadlee was the captain. I was an avid baseball fan in Toronto and had watched almost every game the Blue Jays played since they began in 1977. It seemed to me that cricket looked a lot like baseball. He explained about overs and bowls and innings and ducks. He told me about LBWs and sixes and even tea break. After a while, I was still confused and frustrated. I could not understand why they just kept running 19

back and forth, never really getting anywhere. So I asked my husband what was the purpose of the game. He said to win, of course. No, I said, I mean, what are they trying to do? He said, To get the most runs. He didnt understand why I couldnt get the game. Even more frustrated, I stopped asking questions and just watched. After a while, I asked another question, what are those three sticks behind the batter? Incredulously he looked at me then explained about the wicket. After both of us had some hearty laughter I understood that was the goal; the bowlers target. What I also understood was that I should switch to Rugby, so I did. In the game of life, most of us were not educated in the real rules. Instead, through trial and error you learned some hit and miss rules intended for spectators. The rule book somehow got lost a long time ago and ever since, our teachers were doing the best they could but they were missing many pages. Are you willing to continue living your life with only the spectators incomplete rule book, when you are a player? If you dont volunteer, life will draft you. Unconscious living is the level of the spectator, and as your awareness grows you can choose to get into the game, your Game of Life. The Universal Laws are for the Players in Life. Once you know the difference between Beliefs and Universal Laws and how to use both to your greatest strength and abilities it will allow you to excel in life. As people generally walk through life they see the world through rose coloured glasses. Just as you can forget while wearing sunglasses that you have a filter coloring everything you see, you can also forget that you have taken on beliefs over your lifetime from many different sources through environment and experiences.


SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell

Shifting Beliefs and Values

When your personal beliefs and values are close to your family culture, ethnic culture or national culture you will be in agreement with those around you. When you question those views which came before you, then you have disagreements. The teenage years are the transition between what values you have accepted without question, into assimilating a blend of your parents or societys previous values, with your own experience and needs, forging your own, new values and beliefs. You continue to build on these unconsciously more or less for the rest of your life. In the book Conversations with God it is suggested that we review, but dont throw away our beliefs and values, because these make up the structure of our life and the fabric of our experience and it is not a good idea to unravel the fabric of your experience. Examine them one by one it is advised. Review them piece by piece. Do not dismantle the house, but look at each brick, and replace those which appear broken, which no longer support the structure.1 Once in a while we will have an experience or a new teaching which differs from our own beliefs and values, and we sometimes shift our beliefs or values to a new understanding. This is what you feel as an aha moment, an epiphany or sometimes even a crisis. Nothing is ever the same to you again because you have restructured a belief, which leads to a change in behaviour and therefore, results. Many years ago I was perpetually late for everything. Every appointment and even every morning to work was a struggle to be on time. Stress surrounded most of my life as I lived this way. I learned that no matter what your good reason or excuse was for being late, sometimes you missed out. I learned that planes dont wait.


Then one night I was very late to pick up my husband after his long overtime shift. I was so late that he ended up walking 20 minutes in the darkness to the point where I caught up with him. He was always on time, even though he had previously accepted my way of being perpetually late. That night he was not happy at all but he didnt say a thing when he got in the car. For me, the wakeup call was in his silence. At that moment I realized what it had been costing me to be late all this time; the stress, my self-worth, and most especially, his feelings of trust for me. I loved the way he was always on time, and I wanted to be the same for him. He didnt have to say a thing, and I realized that the cost of continuing to be late was too much. Something shifted within me, and I made a decision that night. I started being on time, all the time, without stress. I learned to easily say I have to go now. I set up a pattern and planned to be early. When I needed it I used the emotional pain of that night, that mistake and immediately received the discipline to carry out my new value. That was over 15 years ago, and I have had many demands on my time since then. I have had multiple responsibilities and conflicting business and family needs. But now my value of respecting my agreement with others has overruled any moment of indecision. This change was and still continues to be a strength, because I had an immediate and complete shift in my beliefs and values and I chose to act differently.

The Opposite of Belief is Possibility

What is possible when you consider new ideas and new beliefs? Its time to learn a healthy disrespect for beliefs, so you can choose which are useful, and expand or release any that are outdated. Knowing the difference can help you to clear out the old and learn that life is a creative process and old limits do not work in a world as fast moving as ours. Challenge your beliefs, and then find the ones that you want to be true, because your beliefs


SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell

become your life. Awareness of particular beliefs will become essential when you need to do things differently from the past. A woman was talking to me about The Secret movie she had just watched. She thought it was great, and began to discuss it with me. She explained that she had been a practising Wiccan for over 30 years, and she started to compare The Secret teachings to her faith. As she talked about what she believed and compared that to The Secret (the Law of Attraction), I found that we were having difficulty. Before we could have a useful and constructive conversation, I had to first help her to understand the difference between Universal Laws and beliefs. Once she saw the difference she felt free to learn about the teachings of Universal Laws and still hold to her personal and spiritual beliefs, without feeling that she had to defend them or choose between them. Beliefs can be the hidden, unseen filters that hold you back. In your unconscious attachment to them you become stuck in a recurring creation of the past. If you would like to create something different for yourself, then it is essential that you open up your mind to new possibilities and continually challenge your current beliefs. There was a time when I thought I knew how to make life work and how to be successful. When things stopped working it became apparent that I was missing something. I thought I was still doing all the same things. Yet I was missing some key wisdom, knowledge or information and it showed. It was a mystery to me When everything finally improved for me, this time I knew why. I was in the flow of Life, understanding and using the Universal Laws. If something stopped working, or I got off track or slowed down, I was able to review the basics about the Laws. Then I was free to review my current beliefs, challenge them and actively change my thinking and feeling, which then changed my behaviour, my results and therefore my world. 23

Universal Laws
Law of Attraction Energy vibrates at different speeds, or frequencies; slower vibrations produce physical matter, faster vibrations produce thoughts, fastest vibrations exist in the frequencies of emotion and light. One of the properties of energy is that each frequency attracts and tunes to all other energy waves of the same frequency (like a tuning fork). Therefore thoughts and emotions attract like energy. This is the primary Law of humanity. Law of Rhythm Life unfolds in cycles; tides flow in and out, day follows night, things get worse and things get better. Go with the flow. Everything has its season. Law of Gestation Every seed planted has its unique gestation period. Linear Time is a concept used by Man as a way of organizing activity and agreement. Patience and Faith assist in allowing the Universe to work out its perfect creation time. Law of Relativity Everything just is, until related to something else. Here cannot exist without the reference point of there. Law of Cause and Effect Every action has a reaction. You reap what you sow.


SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell

Law of Vacuum Nature seeks to fill a vacuum. By creating a vacuum you allow more to flow in. Law of Polarity Everything has an equal and opposite. There is no bad without good, no hot without cold, no dark without light, and no problem without a solution. Therefore the moment a desire is conceived in your heart, its counterpart, form, exists in the thinking formless substance ready to be born following the Law of Gestation. Law of Similarity As above, so below. As within, so without. Analogies are a powerful way of teaching in relation to the Law of Similarity. You can apply the way you observe life in one situation to other situations for a greater understanding of yourself within. You can use Nature to learn about yourself and reflect on your current obstacles. Law of Order You live in an orderly Universe, and by reflecting this principle you are working with the Universe to help you move toward your Intentions. Law of Motion Nothing stands still; nothing stays the same. Life is in continual motion. Do not fret about current unwanted circumstances. Appreciate what you have. It is an illusion to try to hold on to things, for even this shall pass.
Universal Laws are available on


Four Areas of Balanced Wealth

Be Wealthy so you can enjoy the things in life that money cannot buy. Lori

When people think of wealth, many people think purely of acquiring money and the things that money can buy. Have you ever heard of someone who sacrifices all areas of life to get money, only to end up alone, sick, unhappy and full of regrets? On the other hand, have you also known people who are loving and great to be around and have wonderful relationships but struggle to pay their own bills or lack extra money to give to people? They justify this circumstance of lack by repeating old phrases such as I just want to be comfortable. Money doesnt buy love... health... happiness. True Wealth is a balance of four complete areas in life: Others, Self, Nature and Money. Four Areas of Balanced Wealth






SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell

When you are out of balance in any of these four areas, you feel lack in your life. This lack is illustrated in unhappiness, confusing relationships or continual repetitive disappointments. It is a feeling of being on the wrong ship in the wrong ocean. It shows up in sickness, disease and poverty. Balanced wealth is very important, because when you pay attention to all four areas equally, your life expands and unfolds in satisfaction and fulfilment. You have more money to enjoy your loving relationships, you feel your own inner divinity, you are comfortable in your own skin and you feel whole in your connection to your physical origin, Mother Earth.


Your thought about money (it is bad) runs directly counter to your experience (its great to have money!) never occurs to you that your idea about money may be inaccurate.
Neale Donald Walsch

Conversations with God

Money provides the way to enjoy life more fully and give you more comfort. It allows you to take care of yourself and others and to keep your health through providing more than the basics of life. It also gives you the freedom to expand your knowledge, explore the planet and have more choices for a fuller expression of life. Wealth as Money is the experience of the increasing circulation and distribution of goods and services. It represents the physical expression of everything we convert from something else. So what makes us crazy when we think of money? Money is neither good nor bad. It obtains its value with the agreement of those who exchange it. Some believe the perspective that money is the root of all evil. The original Greek version of this common saying is different. Through time and verbal usage the meaning has drifted away. The full phrase is The love of money is the root of all evils2. I use this example because it is so often misquoted and misused as a justification to keep people in a poverty consciousness. It was never intended to be a quote supporting


SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell

poverty. The original idea of the complete passage explains about coveting using one of the four Greek words for coveting, oregomai (to stretch after). Coveting has fallen out of common usage, but it means wanting to possess what others have. As for the love of money, in the Greek language love is described variously as agape, eros, etc. Other languages also have many different words for love. There is infatuated love, family love, passionate love, obsessive love, and so on. Yet in English there is one broad word for love, with additional descriptive words and the sentence context to provide understanding. In the case of this quote the Greek word is actually philargyria, brotherly love of silver. Have you heard of The City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia? So taken this way in its fullness it could mean more about coveting and hoarding the coin of exchange, which in earlier days was pure silver, not cash. It might be a warning about possessiveness and being attached to ownership, rather than allowing the trading, increase and circulation of value. Yet this simple quote has been used for centuries to justify poverty and vilify wealth. Look around you at the world. What does your experience of poverty tell you? My experience of life is that possessiveness, lack and scarcity lead to wanting what others have and this coveting is truly a cause of evil. Money is really a magnifier of character, and the reason many people can immediately think of all the bad rich people is because of this simple truth: good, rich people do not often make the news. They generally just do what needs to be done and even by being wealthy they add to the abundance through not only donations but also by spending their money, creating jobs and opportunities for others. In their silent giving they make more of a difference in many lives by simply circulating more wealth. Working with financial advisors years ago as a database consultant I learned that their wealthiest clients were not often 29

visibly so. The advisers said you wouldnt know that their net worth was more than 98% of the people around them. These clients drove average cars and still lived in the same home they had occupied for years. Some people choose to show their wealth, and others do not. Some people have a public profile attached to their wealth and so fame and fortune seem to go together, but others are wealthy in silence and modesty. Free yourself and realize that even though we see the so called bad get rich, so do the great, the courageous, the stupid, the clever, the young, the old, the average, the genius, the slow and the diligent. There is more to learn about having abundant money wealth than you have been taught up to now.

How Do I Attract Money?

You may have already noticed that money does not flow just because you work hard, do all the right things or are a good person. The answer is so simple that most of us missed it: money is a fierce representation of a firm law; money comes to those who vibrate the expansion of value to others. Greater value = greater money. Wealth is not a measure of goodness; it is simply a measure of the value you express to like-minded others. Your beliefs about money may have limited your ability to vibrate the expression and expansion of abundant value, so you havent been able to manifest and accept your desires. Most people who lack enough money have given authority to their current reality. It becomes a self-feeding belief that this reality will continue. Let go of that authority and use your imagination to start thinking about the vibration of expanding abundant service and value to more people. Pay attention to abundance wherever you see it. Tune into abundance. Notice abundance everywhere around you. Traffic is abundance; nature is abundance; leaves, water, grains of sand. To change your mindset and align with abundance be happy when you see abundant people. When money 30

SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell

comes in as payment for your abundant mind, tied to expressing value to the world there is truly no need to chase money. So many people act as though money is in control of their life, and the results show up exactly like that. Imagine you had a large pet dog in your life and he was in control of the household. What would your life be like? Imagine a whole pack of dogs in charge. Would fear be the result? This is how people respond to money. Change your attitude toward your own power, and imagine how your life would change. When you call money through the practice of tuning into the vibration of your abundance, it comes, once you learn to be the match for abundance in your attitude and thinking. Money is an agreed value exchange of energy and provides for us to experience choices in life fully. Money wealth is a reflection of your vibration of sharing increased abundance, and your ability to align with accepting abundance from others. You will notice that even though I stress Balanced Wealth, my priority is to raise your abundance mindset and manifest money and the things that money can buy first. That is because you need to increase the amount of money flowing into your life so that you: 1. Pay your bills with ease, to... 2. Experience lifes choices fully, and finally... 3. Share your purposeful life Once you remove the fearful pressure to earn money for survival you can begin to live the life you are meant to live. Then you can rightfully direct it where it provides the most increase to all through spending it, saving it and sharing it like a fountain overflowing in balance. In the real fullness of wealth, having money allows you to enjoy the things that money cannot buy. Find your greatest vibration of value to others and do it with abundance.


If there is any one secret of success, it lies in the ability to get the other persons point of view and see things from that persons angle as well as from your own.
Henry Ford

Wealth with Others includes the quality of relationships. Lack in this area causes heartache or an empty lonely life. In your relationships when you try to control and dominate others to get what you want it causes conflict and unhappiness as people are suppressed and unable to fully express themselves, ultimately causing emptiness in your Self. Relationships can be the most challenging aspect of our development, and they can also be the most joyful. With children, partners, spouses, family, friends, employers and work associates the social part of our balanced wealth may sometimes seem complicated. Free Will reigns and yet we are all striving to agree while still achieving our own desires. In marriage for instance, even though I have been married only once for more than 20 years, there has been a mixture of conflicts and agreement, clarity and misunderstandings, anger and joy as well as coldness and warmth. As you raise your levels of awareness and work on what the other wants, your love changes and grows to a stronger and deeper state of appreciation for another and you can ultimately stay true to your values and get more of what you want by allowing the other to have what they want within a balanced relationship. 32

SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell

There was a time in my marriage when coldness set in. I say set in because like a winter season the distance between me and my husband seemed like it would not end. We disagreed about everything and we could not laugh at ourselves or the situation to break the stalemate. This went on for weeks, then months. It got intolerable. I tried everything to talk our way through it, but the more I tried to fix it, the more he withdrew. As Valentines Day came near I began to reflect on our relationship and what I really wanted. I was out in my garden admiring the beautiful miniature white roses and I saw a perfect new bud just ready to open. It struck me that what I wanted was for our relationship to open up, but I felt that it was frozen in ice. Then an idea occurred to me. I took that small white rose and submerged it in water in a small stemmed glass. Then I put it in the freezer. I arranged for a babysitter and booked a restaurant for Valentines. Usually my husband makes all the plans and bookings for our family, so this was very different. I waited until that night, and then I told him I had arranged everything and we were going out. We went to a lovely romantic restaurant by the sea and when we arrived I placed the glass with the small frozen white rose on the table. I told him I hope the coldness between us will melt by the time this ice melts, and release the love that is frozen within. It was only a gesture, but it was all I knew to do. Perhaps because it was so unexpected, perhaps because I stopped trying to fix things, but by the time that ice melted we were warmed too. It gave us the chance to begin again and reconnect with the love we have for each other. I still have that rose tucked away and it reminds me that sometimes just being, and expressing our love is the only answer. Until I became aware that the highest gift given to us by our Creator is Free Will, my unconscious desire was to control others so that I could do things well which meant my way. This caused much of my earlier heartache and conflict. My father was married 10 times and through observing the whole of his life 33

I could understand how devastating and destructive his will to control others was, both in his sad life and the lives of those he touched. When I realized that the expression of love and appreciation was more important than doing things the way I thought they should be, more and more peacefulness opened up around me. It also gave me the freedom to allow others to be responsible for their own choices. Yet I could still stay with my personal values if I felt strongly enough, and choose to disagree while still serving my needs for my highest self. Now, I prefer to allow others to be who they are, not who I expect them to be. Sometimes I may find it challenging to be around someone because we are vibrating at different frequencies, but then I can allow them to be, or choose to be someplace else. Relationships with children can be incredibly challenging at times, when you have expectations of behaviour, codes of morals, and your own values separate to theirs. Book 3 of The Celestine Prophecy3 (The Secret of Shambhala) suggests that our children choose us, that they are our teachers; and that we have it backwards. Our role is to express our love and care for them, protect them, nurture them and show them how the physical world works. They come to us as our spiritual teachers. Children are here to allow us to grow. They reveal ourselves to us. They are like a mirror and we get to see where we need to expand and grow by our feelings or reactions around children. They also are the perfect teachers for reconnecting us with our natural state of love and joy in a moment of perfect presence. Learn about other peoples values; study the four basic personality styles and think from their perspective. Relationship training deserves more time and priority in our education, but any sincere effort at personal growth with appreciation, good communication, seeing things from the others point of view, encouraging Free Will and exploring self responsibility is worthwhile and helpful and builds an abundant life with others.


SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell


You cannot travel within and stand still without.

James Allen 1903

Self Wealth represents your physical body as your temple and expresses your alignment with the holiness of your body. How do you treat it? How do you feed, decorate and develop it? Your body needs full use to give back to you. It is always giving, and when your mind is in alignment with the miracle that is your living physical entity, then you have balance and support for all that your Highest Self is seeking. Most people treat their vehicles with more care and attention than their body. Review how you feel about your body. Do you think about it? Could you see it as a living physical entity that is part of you, but not all of you? Do you see the pure service that your body exists as, for your benefit, awaiting the next request by the wonderful tool called your mind? Imagine if your body was a baby that you were given to look after. How would you judge your care so far? Would you be thrown in jail for abuse or punishment of it? Would you be guilty of pure unconscious neglect? Would you at the very least be guilty of over indulgence, or ruining it by spoiling it? In a way, your body is your baby, and you have that responsibility for the rest of your time in this physical life. With Free Will you have domain over what happens to your body, but you can understand


more about being a good steward of the vessel that is a part of you by relating to it in a caring, compassionate way. Self Wealth also means taking care of your personal development. To continue learning and growing intellectually with yourself and your potential, is just as important as developing other relationships. It means taking care of you, and knowing that you deserve it. Notice there is no separation of Spirituality in the four areas, as that would imply a segregation and separation from you. Instead, all areas are considered as supported and connected by the energy of Divine Spirit. However, your personal relationship with your source of power, energy and inspiration is an important and unique connection. It is a part of your Self Wealth because Self is within. Some spiritual being out there suggests a separation from you, and a more empowering belief includes the power of Life within you. Quantum Physics has shown that there is an energy that makes up the Universal fabric of life. This energy exists in the dense matter of physical life, and the space in between. That means within your body and your mind; with both the seen and the unseen. You are a spiritual being living in a physical body. You are thought energy and emotion directed by your individual perspective of the universe. The results will be great when you begin to direct your mind, thoughts and actions toward your own highest good within your physical and spiritual self and experience Self Wealth.


SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell


Every natural fact is a symbol of some spiritual fact. Every appearance in nature corresponds to some state of the mind, and that state of the mind can only be described by presenting that natural appearance as its picture.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Balanced Wealth cannot be complete without the connection to Nature. We are a sentient, walking version of the planet: our bodies are continually being created from the nourishment we take in. All foods ultimately come from the Earth, and these substances are converted through long enzymatic transmutations into cells. Our blood cells are renewed every 10 days, our tissue cells are created every 90 days, and our bone cells are shed and reformed over every 13 years. So your body is not even the same physical person you were 13 years ago. You are continually renewed as the Earth. You are an amazing, moving, active form of our Mother Earth, animated by the conscious spark of Life. Wealth in Nature includes awareness of this connection, and harmony with the Earths plant and animal kingdoms. It is also an appreciation of the energy and life that is in the elements of water, air, earth and fire as well as the skies above. 37

Nature is the master of lifes analogies, and as I worked in my flower gardens over the years I solved every conceivable corporate problem or challenge I had. As a divisional manager of a major computer company, I thought I was getting away from the stresses of work by getting out in my garden. However, as I saw the weeds taking over untended sections of my garden, and as I saw the new flowers failing when I forgot to water them, I got a multitude of employee problem solving messages from my greatest teacher, speaking through the perfect analogy of a living, growing garden. The Universal Law of Similarity states that As above, so below. As within, so without. Once you attune yourself to the messages of the world around you, you can learn to use this in your own life. Whether it is looking up at the stars or down into a powerful microscope, the same rules of life apply. After being raised as an urban chic in Toronto, living in New Zealand for 17 years helped me to connect back to the beauty of the planet. New Zealanders still kept their own vegetable gardens and they planted flowers all year around. The countryside is untouched in many places. It is an awesome experience to see the Remarkables at sunset, fly around the snow capped Mount Aspiring and enjoy the sunrise over eastern beaches. With the full moon rising I have stood on the beach in awe of the mysterious spherical Moeraki boulders. I have taken in the incredible energy walking the fern valleys of the Canterbury bush and then been gifted the view of a perfect triple waterfall. I have seen the retreating glacier at Frans Josef and the fiords of Milford Sound. I have been blessed to swim with the dolphins in Kaikoura and to immerse myself in the shattering cold of the Pelorus River. I have been to the mud pools of Rotorua and seen the perfect cone of Mount Egmont in Taranaki. In New Zealand, Nature is so accessible. It draws you in. The energy is reviving and transforming.


SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell

What around you can you relate to? Using Nature, you can expand your awareness and connection with life and learn to recharge your energy and enhance your emotions of joy, love and satisfaction. The experience is one difficult to describe because Natures language is feeling and it does not completely translate to words. To accept this part of your wealth, celebrate and learn from All-That-Is in its physical form. Being Wealthy in Nature means connecting with life as it was in first creation. Can you enjoy going out to the beach, the forest and the mountains? Do you know where the moon rises, and when? Do you stop and acknowledge the magic and magnificence of the sunrise and sunset, like the birds do in their birdsong? Can you wake up each morning and feel the glory of your new day as a part of planet Earth? In a beautiful Russian series of books called Anastasia, The Ringing Cedar Series 4, the author describes in detail how he met a young woman in the Siberian woods who is so completely in harmony with nature that she seems surreal. The books about her teachings and her way of life are so compelling: Anastasia teaches how to reconnect with the natural way of living in harmony with your source of physical life, which is the planet around you and the cosmos above you. These books explain a philosophy of using living energy and appreciating nature in a more simple life. Our lives can move smoothly through different obstacles with ease and flow, just like river water moves around and over rocks. We need to pay attention to all FOUR areas of life and make sure that we have tuned all of them.


Money is an exchange of energy and value and provides for us to further experience the material side of life. To have more than enough creates more for others as we share and spend. It is alright to be wealthy and you are free to challenge any beliefs you have that say something different. Money wealth is a reflection of your ability to give value and accept value from others. Others includes relationships, and each relationship reflects ourselves in our reaction to the actions of others. Respecting Free Will and practising tolerance teaches us the gift of choice and giving. To create abundant wealth in this area, practise appreciation. Self includes physical health and touch, learning and growth, knowing our own values and principles, standing up for ourselves and our needs, being true to our self and our purpose, and experiencing joy and peace within. To increase this area we need to fully experience love. Nature includes connecting to anything living on the planet; plants and what we eat, our pets and animals, the cosmos above and Mother Earth beneath our feet. It means being able to enjoy a sunrise or sunset, listen to the birdsong, be in tune with the cycles of nature and feel the energy of the planet. Balanced Wealth with nature shows in a connection with the Divine Spirit within all living things. The secret to money-wealth is providing value to others. The secret to relationship-wealth is appreciation. The secret to self-wealth is expressing love. The secret to nature-wealth is experiencing Divine energy connection. Be abundant in all these areas and your life will be extraordinary.


SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell


Manifesting is natural. We are born with the desire to create, we know how to ask, but we forget how to allow and accept. Lori

Whats all this got to do with SPEED?

Have you tried manifesting what you want, and wondered why it was not working? Have you pondered what ingredients were missing? Has your past success been like a start-stop cycle? Do you have areas of confusion in any part of your life? The following section is your recipe on manifesting your desires in life. These seven steps are the steps to build the life of your dreams. Each is an incremental step and yet all must be included. Individual steps are not necessarily speed. As you focus on your intended outcome you can bring the next step and the next quicker, with the result being a fast manifestation of your Intentions on an ongoing basis. Once you have completed the 7 Steps you will find out how to turn your knowledge into SPEED. Depending on your Intentions, SPEED could be creating the next step tomorrow, within a year, or within ten years. Working with the Law of Gestation, SPEED Manifesting is about working with the Universe to receive your Intentions in the quickest, most direct method. 41

Section II. The Process 7 Steps If you find any stumbling blocks as you begin to practice your SPEED Manifesting steps, the final part of The Method, Section III When Is it Going to Happen? will help you explore what might be the cause and inspire you to continue to manifest powerfully and quickly. You will be astounded, amazed and in awe of your own power to create once you apply these principles. The thinking is the start of creating and the feeling motivates your actions. The completion of the process is in letting go and allowing. In each step along the way you must pay attention to what you are thinking, as you take actions and direct your thoughts. Feelings are feedback on what you are thinking. When you are feeling good, you are on the right path for your own good. When you feel fearful look within and get back into the joyful expression of everything you do. Choose to be happy in whatever you are doing. Complete and master all the steps and finally infuse the special key. You will quickly release the abundance that is around you into the fortress of beliefs you have built until now.


SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell

Step 1. Know What You Want

Words are the lens to focus ones mind. Ayn Rand

Begin SPEED Manifesting by setting your Intentions in a definite, written format of the desired end result with a firm completion date. You start to communicate what you want by writing it down as if you are in the picture. Stay focused on your end Intentions, rather than listing a step by step plan yet. Until you master SPEED Manifesting the practice of writing your Intention reveals whether you actually know what you want, or if you need to go through a process to work it out. When I arrived in New Zealand in 1988 I had US$15 in my pocket and two suitcases with all my belongings. I got a job at a computer company within six weeks. At 26 years old I had telephone sales experience in Canada and in my new role I earned $25,000. That year I created my new Intention list for my new country. I wrote what I wanted, not what I thought I could do. The list was put away and I got on with settling in with my new man in a new home. Over a year later I found that list and I was astounded to see that I had accomplished something that had seemed an impossible Intention when I wrote it. It read, Be a manager with salary of $40,000. During that year I had worked diligently and when someone moved on I took her role handling all the computer supplies for the branch. Then the structure of the


Step 1. Know What You Want company changed and it took over eight other offices. I was offered the role to manage the complete supplies division, and the new salary was exactly $40,000. That possibility was created out of simply writing it down, because I knew what I wanted.

Writing about the Outcome

If you have not been used to writing down what you want, I recommend that you start generally about the type of life you would like to live, and then move to more specific desires. Start with a fanciful wish list. There is no need to share this list with anyone, just write things you have always wished to do, to be or to have. As a wish list it gives you permission to daydream without the commitment of having to do anything about it. The wish list time frame can be over your whole lifetime, to give you a starting point for writing. Sometimes when you begin the process of deliberate creation you dont know what you want. This could be for many reasons, including: Habit of focusing on what you dont want Taught that dreams are not real life Too busy dealing with current stressful circumstances Holding beliefs about unworthiness Unclear on your values

If you are stuck and only come up with what you dont want, just take note of your present state of mind, and allow yourself to move on. Write the list of what you dont want, and then cross it out. This is important to show your subconscious to disregard it. Then go through each item and think of the opposite, and write that down. If you have had failed relationships, for instance and you know what you dont want in a partner, use the Universal Law of Polarity to re-design it. I dont want someone who smokes then becomes I am spending quality time with my


SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell

loving companion who is committed to health and fitness and loves fresh clean air. Your wants and desires are based on values, and values drive beliefs. Finding out what you really want starts with awareness of what drives your wants, needs and desires. Uncovering your personal values can enlighten you to the Whys of your decisions and reactions. Youll also begin to understand why others that you love seem to be making bad choices; they are following different values. When you know your values and consciously use them to choose, then you can follow your heart with conviction. You can look at what you want with a clarity and purposefulness that will guide your life effortlessly. Your decisions become simple, even if they inconvenience others around you, because you are following your own principles and values. Firstly you can write down what you think may be some of your highest values, and then prioritize them. One thing to consider is that values are not Virtues. Some of the values you may find you have are not necessarily a moral statement. They are just your values; they are your way of deciding and choosing between going toward things and going away from things. Use the exercise (in the companion workbook available online) to distinguish some of your values and their priority in your life. Then look at aligning your Intentions and your actions to your values for more powerful manifestations. If listing your wants is new to you start simply. Be clear, be precise and be reasonable, and remember to say by when. Ask for small things first like a visit from a friend, a coffee, or a special book from the Universe. Then go look for it. This will begin to build your faith that this stuff works. Big or small, it still works.


Step 1. Know What You Want

I bargained with Life for a penny And Life would pay no more... However I begged at evening When I counted my scanty score. For Life is a just employer It gives you what you ask But once you have set the wages Why you must bear the task. I worked for a menials hire, Only to learn dismayed, That any wage I had asked of Life Life would have willingly paid.
-Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill


SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell

Playing Big
Are you are ready to play a bigger game? When you are, it is better to be unreasonable. Create Intentions that you or others would say are unreasonable or even unattainable, but you really want them to happen. Then begin to enjoy the ride. Dream big, if you are ready to take the actions to receive in a big way. Write about what you want with no boundaries or limits. The point of an Intention is not so much the achievement; it is what the achievement makes of you along the way. Julie had a childhood dream to be the first woman on the moon. She had not done well in science in school so she had grown up and moved on in life, and gave up on this unsuitable dream. When she looked at doing this Wish List writing To believe that what has not exercise without limits, she occurred in history will not put her childhood dream back occur at all is to argue disbelief on the list because after all in the dignity of man. these years she still wanted to Mahatma Gandhi go into space. She said she felt a little silly putting it there when it was impossible. Within a few moments of contemplating it, she suddenly got very excited. She realized that maybe it was still a possibility 30 years later, because she had recently read an article about Sir Richard Bransons bid to take a commercial flight into space. Remember you do not have to know how to do it to begin. You dont have to do it all by yourself. You may not even finish the job before you pass it on to the next generation of creators, but is that a reason not to use all your talent to get it started? I encourage you to reach for the stars. You might just make it to the moon. 47

Step 1. Know What You Want One of my Intentions may be considered big and others might say totally unreasonable. I will share it with you so you understand big Intentions. My Intention is to assist in the transition from the current calendar to a 28-day calendar so we can shift our consciousness and synchronize with the rhythm of the universe. I have not lost my mind, because after researching the idea for two years and trying it out, to me this is totally reasonable and makes much more sense than our current out of sync calendar. My life has taken on a natural flow since using this and I have come across businesses that are already using a 28 day, 13 month cycle for their reporting and sales cycles because it is more effective. Is it a wild Intention to change a widely used calendar? Others may find it as useful as I have. After setting my Intention and dwelling on it for a time, I decided to create, use and distribute a new diary planner so that individuals and businesses can have a better way to go with the orderliness of the Universe. This is my desire and you can choose any Intention you truly desire if you can be free from figuring out how to accomplish it before you commit to it. Just be willing to surrender to the work you are called to do out of your Intentions. Now, for your Intentions choose some that are worthy of you. Some will come from your desires, and some from your Purpose. Make some fun, make some personal, make some transitory and simple, and finally make one or two that you cannot possibly do. Then, after you have set them, spend time contemplating and meditating on how you might possibly start.


SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell

Ideas for Writing

1. Wish List & Intentions List. These are your main lists. Start with your general desires. Then once you have created a list, choose the ones you would like on this years Intentions List. Write in the present or continuous past tense, like I am, never I will... Future or conditional tense have no power in the NOW. You never arrive at a future! Use the suggested page worksheets (companion workbook available online) to brainstorm your desires and turn them into definite orders. 2. Diary Planner. Write what you desire within the next year and put it in the front of your diary. Regularly look at it, read it and feel the joy and satisfaction each item brings. 3. Intention Card. On a wallet sized card write one or two intentions and carry it with you to remind your subconscious. Read it out loud each day with grateful thanks for already receiving. 4. Dream Day. Write or record a detailed story of your Dream Day. Start with It is... (the date) and I am...(with...) (doing...) (at...) (in...). You are allowed to make it an unusually long day, with all your ultimate hearts desires to experience, have, do and be. Use emotive, descriptive language. Read or play this often and feel the happiness and joy as you read. Do you remember the 1980s movie, Groundhog Day with Bill Murray? He had to repeat the same day over and over again. If you had to live out this Dream Day for the rest of your life, what would it need to be for you to love it?


Step 1. Know What You Want

5. Family Wish List. We keep a sheet of paper inside our kitchen pantry door. When anyone in the family wants something substantial to buy or do, we put it on the list. We have completed several since we started this in 2005 and it has been fun and inspiring to watch as we realize our wishes. We check off accomplished items as we go. It also teaches my children to focus on what they want without the instant gratification of thoughtless buying. Yes, I teach them they can have anything they want, but it is still important for them to feel gratitude and understand their involvement in the process of creating.

In all of these ways be clear and precise. In Step 1, focus on the outcome, not the process. If you say I want $20,000 by this September, you may get it in a way you would prefer not to inheritances and insurance payouts are ways of getting this type of money. Remember that money is energy. You would never ask for 100 watts of electricity; instead you would ask for a reading lamp. What are you planning to do with the money? Perhaps what you really mean is that you would like to have that amount in the bank to be free to do what you want on a weekly basis. Then think of the freedom and feel the joy of experiencing every day like a Saturday.


SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell

Again, absolutely leave the how out of it while you are writing your wants. How is pondered and meditated upon after you have stated and clarified your desires. What do you want the money for? Focus on the purpose behind the lump sum, such as the way of life you can imagine, or the car, the holiday, a closet full of clothes, a great relationship, changing the planet or leaving a legacy. It's alright to ask for a weekly income sum, but you must state an amount. I know someone who wouldn't say a specific amount because he felt it was too limiting, he said, since the Universe is unlimited. Yes, the Universe is unlimited, but it needs a clear and specific request with a time frame in order to build the bridge for delivery. He still struggles at getting enough to pay his family's weekly bills, but he resists committing to a clear amount. If you were to go to the local hardware shop and order some wood, you'd need to tell them how much so they could arrange the shipment. If you told them you didn't want to say, the hardware shop would not send it until they could confirm what you expect. Are you building a house or table? The Universe is the same. Ask yourself what you would like to experience, be, do or have within each intention. Write down your general desires first, and then make it more specific. Continue to get more descriptive about your Wish List. Turn it into an Intentions list and put an approximate date of completion. Just as the archer must aim his sight higher than he intends in order to reach over the distance and hit his bullseye, you must be prepared to aim higher than the result you seek. We are taught a hit or miss mentality. Life is more like archery, as the closer you get, the better the prize, and anything on the target adds points.


Step 1. Know What You Want Once you have set your Intentions list ask yourself: Am I willing to take action to achieve it? Am I willing to do things differently? Am I willing to put sustained focus and effort into it? If not, then change the Intention. This is creating, not a free ride. You can create all you truly desire in life, but you must be willing to take action and do things differently than you have in the past. When you write a definite, specific list of what you desire you will speed up the flow. Things will come to you lightning fast, in their own order. You can have more stuff to play with, be free financially to live the life you dream about, have the experiences and the relationships. You can serve and work for very great causes. This step is so powerful that opportunities will come in front of you as a direct result of creating this list. But will you dismiss them, deny them or refuse them because you expect that the act of wishing for them will get them? Beyond the wish, your decision to focus on what you want, combined with the willingness to receive it by taking action will be the difference between the way it has been in the past, and the new future into which you are venturing now.


SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell

Review of 7 Steps

Fill in the blank: Step 1. Know What You _______


Step 2. Imagine with Emotion

Step 2. Imagine with Emotion

Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will.
George Bernard Shaw

Your next step toward manifesting is to use your incredible power of imagination to daydream and visualize your desires. This activates an emotional part of your mind and is the communication device to the Universe; Imagine with Emotion. This step involves both doing and being.

Match Your Imagination Style

Considering that there are three known learning styles, it is useful to discover your own and use that to imagine. Visual, Auditory and Sensory learning styles show the way our brain processes and integrates information. Using these you have powerful choices to engage your imagination. To find out which is your predominant style, think about which way is easiest for you to learn something new. Also, listen to yourself and your words.


SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell

Here are some ways of identifying your style through your predominant words: I see what you mean, It paints a good picture. (Visual) That rings a bell, That sounds great. (Auditory) That feels right, Thats touching! (Sensory) We all use these words and phrases, but you will use your predominant style most. When I used to teach software, I quickly found out someones learning style by asking if they preferred to listen, watch or drive the computer mouse themselves. Every single student knew immediately which way was easiest to learn, and that determined their style. When I matched my style to theirs they learned quickly.

If you primarily process through visual senses, then dreamboards and visionboards work quickly for you. Create dreamboards that you look at. Put pictures and photos on your phone, in your computer and on wall posters. Create a collage, a picture poster of what you want your life to be and to look like. Gather a large piece of paper, glue, scissors and magazines, holiday brochures or photographs. Look through the magazines and choose any images or words which appeal to you. Don't rationalise or think too much, just grab anything you like and place it on the board. Once it is complete, place it somewhere you can look at often. Another way to create a powerful visual dreamboard is on the inside cover of your diary. You can carry it with you all the time and whenever you get stuck waiting in a line somewhere you can take it out and look at it. It can be like an instant mini holiday. The point is to generate the feelings of anticipation and joy on a regular and consistent basis.


Step 2. Imagine with Emotion

As an Auditory you will listen to sounds more than most people. When you test drive a car, you tune in to the sounds of the engine, listen to the tone of the doors as they clunk or click when they close, hear the absence of road noise or flick on the stereo system and turn up the volume. Tune into these sounds when you imagine. Hearing the music and sounds will bring you into your desired state. Visualize and meditate with soothing music. Listen to anything in the world around you that sounds like wealth, love, closeness, joy, freedom and abundance. Record your spoken Dream Day into an audio and listen to it in your car, while waiting in lines, or any spare time to get yourself into a vibration while listening to your own Intentions. Use sounds to imagine with emotion and bring that into the NOW.

As a touch-feel person you use all five senses, so go out and experience your desires use test drives, walk-throughs, smells, sounds, tastes and touch. Try on the ring and feel the cool metal on your finger. Take a holiday giving you the lifestyle and feeling of the way you choose to live. Go to a wedding and imagine yourself in their place if you intend to attract your perfect loving mate. Go to a playground or play center and have a coffee there if you intend to have children. Have an actual experience of your desires. When you meditate and imagine, move your hands and body to reach for the Intention (no one else tells you to do this but you have permission and it feels right, because you are a Sensory). Optionally, feel free to doodle while you are listening! Or if you are an artist or enjoy painting and drawing, use your talents to create with your hands. Draw detailed images of your desires and then touch and hold them often. Put your energy of anticipation and joy into each stroke of the brush or pencil. Use 56

SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell

clay if you prefer to bring your thought image into the real image. Then use your imagination to make the piece come alive. Find and awaken the feeling within to make this happen using your body. You may be astounded at the fast results. We use all three styles, but you will have one dominant way of thinking. If you are not visual-dominant, that's probably why you find a standard poster visionboard doesn't work for you well. A coaching client said that vision boards never really worked for her. When we explored her imagination style she realized that she was strongly sensory and this helped her to use her imagination in a more powerful way. After understanding about differences in people she felt free to walk through her beautiful feeling garden and put herself inside of her own 3D vision board and from then on she had great success using Step 2. When you become aware of your own learning style you can SPEED the manifestation. The purpose of this is to allow you to connect your imagination with the feelings and positive emotions you associate through your dominant senses that help you with already being, having and doing.

High Tech Dreamboards

As mentioned, if you prefer you can keep a technology dreamboard on any device using graphical wallpaper, slideshows or screensavers. There are fantastic products on the Internet that allow you to put together an electronic collage or slideshows from stock photos too. Manifesting movies are an excellent way to combine all learning styles and easily create, and we have some samples available for you to use on YouTube. The point about Dreamboards is that you will watch them come true. Once I was standing at Kangaroo Point, admiring the view of the river in the beautiful city of Brisbane, Australia, near


Step 2. Imagine with Emotion my new job. Later that night I was looking at my dreamboard, and I was startled but quite pleased to realize that there was a picture from the exact spot I had been standing that morning. That Dreamboard had been put together before I moved to Australia, and when I placed it on my Dreamboard I knew it was a picture of Brisbane, but its a big city. I live an hour outside the city and I have never worked anywhere else in Brisbane except along that route. How interesting. There are many other things that I have received through my dreamboard; more family fun, more cash, more opportunities and more passion in my relationship. The dreamboard engages your imagination and feelings of desire. It focuses your vision. It allows your subconscious brain to work away in the background, watching for opportunities to deliver. It allows the formless intelligence of the Universe to prepare for delivery through activating your emotions and expectations.

Imagination Time
If you are practising SPEED Manifesting you will need to meditate or imagine quietly daily even for only 5 minutes multiple times to engage and align your subconscious mind with your Divine Source. This comes through the quiet listening to the Universe as you visualize your desires as already complete.


SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell

Review of 7 Steps

Fill in the blanks: Step 1. _______ What You Want Step 2. Imagine with ___________


Step 3. FEEL Gratitude

Step 3. FEEL Gratitude

The grateful mind expects good things, and expectation becomes faith.
Wallace D Wattles

Whats the magic word? How many times were you asked that as a child? Please and thank you are magic words. Your parents werent kidding. Think about it: if you use these words you are considered well mannered and polite. When you are travelling internationally, these are the two phrases in any language that help the most, besides where is the toilet? If you dont use them you would be considered rude. When people use them with you, how do you feel? Do you want to help more? Maybe, but when people dont use them you feel less inclined to help, dont you? The day my life changed forever, where I accepted and received my power and place in the Universe was the day I truly learned about feeling gratitude; it was gratitude in thanks for what I was about to receive. This is a critical part to manifesting, and gratitude connects you instantly to your Source and Creator, God and the Universe. Being centered on gratitude brings inner happiness, and being happy brings a sense of gratitude about life that is unshakeable. When I was young and my grandparents said Grace before dinner I missed the point completely. It seemed like a ritual then, but now I realize that this allows us a moment to stop and be in an emotional state, feeling the gratitude of receiving in advance.


SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell

In the past, only when I was at the end of my wits and needed help the most, would I beg and cry out for it. My prayers were something like, Please help me. Often my cries would be answered. But I went through a lot of suffering and then I got to a place of begging in sincere destitution. I didnt think I was supposed to bother the Universe for small, daily requests. I thought I was supposed to do it all myself. Prayer equals gratitude, and a more powerful prayer is thankfulness in advance. Praying is an intentional conversation of gratitude with your Source Energy. The feeling of gratitude is a warm content place. It is a place of deep heartfelt understanding and knowing you have already been blessed to receive, regardless of what circumstances are in front of your eyes, or have been in the past. It is from the imaginative perspective of being in the future, looking back joyfully at your desires as already accomplished, already complete and already in place. Even with incredibly challenging circumstances, find this gratefulness and you may start to get immediate relief from some of the suffering in which you may be involved. Sometimes you will even get a miracle of release, forgiveness and healing in a moment's shift, to give you a completely new perspective. Feel your gratefulness in the moment. Find your own way to change how you are feeling in the moment. Get up and dance. Listen to beautiful music. Hold a kitten or a puppy. Drive to a scenic area. Feel prosperous, feel healthy, feel peaceful, feel love. Be grateful to the Source of all that comes to you, the Universe. Do not get mixed up with the Source of all your good. If you pat yourself on the back, your gratitude is misdirected. Its good to appreciate yourself. But remember, as a co-creator, your part is Asking. Then direct your thankfulness to the Intelligent Energy that gives you all that you ask. Your actions, other people and perfect circumstances are the channel to deliver your 61

Step 3. FEEL Gratitude Intention, and thanks is always in appreciation of the whole process. Just remember to direct your constant gratitude to that Source Energy and know that it is truly not you who delivers all that you ask. That would be doing Life the hard way. The easy way is this: you ask, and the Universe delivers.

Appreciation feels like unconditional love, without attachment or requirement. It is the living experience of your connection to Source Energy. If you struggle with any of your relationships, find something that you appreciate. Have a look around at other people's circumstances, or watch the evening news (only this once) to see if perhaps you can be thankful and grateful for Begin where you are, something. Maybe your partner expressing love. is not perfect, but stop looking at what they dont do and begin Catherine Ponder to appreciate all the small, things that they are doing. In the movie Bridget Jones Diary she is trying to explain to her Thai prison mates how her boyfriend mistreats her, because he ignored her at a London dinner party and acted stuck up. They were concerned for her as they explained how their boyfriends mistreated them too by beating them up, making them prostitute themselves and take drugs. Bridget then saw how she had been so upset at small things until she saw a another perspective. Lets not focus on bad things in life, but instead be aware of how great you have it now. For me, it began with paying attention to the small things, so that I could begin to appreciate the huge things I did have in my life, but were being blocked out and eclipsed by my perspective, my judgements, my opinions, my disappointments and my expectations. What I realized was that 62

SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell

nothing ever seemed enough for me. The moment that I accomplished a task or an Intention, I would be onto the next level. I was not stopping to enjoy the flowers along the way, and I thought I had to do it all myself. Looking for more is a natural part of outward, ever unfolding growth. You achieve, and then a new desire is born within you. It isnt long before you have bigger dreams and Intentions. That is the natural order of things, but still be in appreciation and be grateful continuously. You could detail the things to come as if you already hold them and say to yourself: Thank you for... perfect health and vitality. calm and happy family life. partners love and support. wonderful home. caring parents. Wake up with gratitude. Brush your teeth in gratitude. Be grateful throughout the day. Go to bed in gratitude for today and tomorrow. If you are not sure how to start, use your own personal Gratitude Journal (in workbook version available online). Even if you think you are grateful, try this appreciation exercise: morning and bedtime write down or say out loud all the things you are grateful for in your life: 1. From Past 2. From Today 3. From Future 63

Step 3. FEEL Gratitude Put it in the present tense structure, just like you wrote your Intentions in Step 1. Note anything and be thankful for all the little things that you have. Begin now, and miracles are sure to occur from your gratitude. Exercise your mental muscles and give your imagination a work out. Go through your list of Intentions and feel what it is like to have them. Over time look at the previous entries to feel the gratitude for the things you have already received, big and small. Feel the joy and appreciation to the Universe for the help you are getting, always. This principle of gratitude is life changing, and if you only took this one step of feeling Gratitude, your life would expand quickly. It is that powerful.

Happiness is an Inside Job

The other side of Gratitude is Happiness. They are linked in a way that you need to experience to understand. Happiness becomes the starting point. Happiness is a choice. This is not an emotion of gratification or an electro-chemical burst of endorphins in your brain. That is something else. Happiness is not a destination. Happiness is a state of being, and it is inextricably linked to gratitude. You feel blessed to be alive and humbled by the love and support of the Universe and the people around you. You see the beauty in All That Is. You are not happy because of the beauty; you are happy and that gives you access to seeing the beauty of life through the eyes of gratitude. .


SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell

Review of 7 Steps

Fill in the blanks: Step 1. Know ______ You Want Step 2. ____________ with Emotion Step 3. Feel _____________


Step 4. Think Deliberately

Step 4. Think Deliberately

Every person has the natural and inherent power to think what he wants to think, but it requires far more effort to do so than it does to think the thoughts which are suggested by appearances.
Wallace D Wattles

Powerful creating comes from your thinking. To manifest quickly at will requires that you have a basic understanding of how you are designed to think. All your life you may have been working hard on setting goals and changing your behaviour and actions in order to change your circumstances and get results.

Set Goal Take Actions Deal with Obstacles Get Results (INCORRECT and INCOMPLETE)

Understanding Human Design

You are about to get the first shortcut to thought change, which is the blueprint to our thinking process:

Thinking Feeling Actions Results!


SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell

Deliberate thinking is a new mental muscle to exercise and when you put active thinking first, you begin to take control of the process and then direct your feelings, actions and results. Many people believe that feelings come first, and if they get control of their feelings, they can change. I mentioned it earlier: your feelings are your feedback to your thinking. So its the thoughts behind the feelings that create, and the power to take action comes from the feelings. It may take practice at first but to take control of your thinking is to take control of your life. You have to begin by understanding how you are wired to think.

Perception and Meaning

You can be acting the same way as the person next to you and be in the opposite mindset. What are you thinking, scarcity and lack, or prosperity and abundance? Your words and your circumstances will let you know what you are thinking. Jenny came to me for coaching because she knew that she wanted to be out of a scarcity mentality and yet she believed very strongly in helping the environment and recycling what she used. Living in a drought region she also needed to be aware of the water she used, but asked me how it was possible to be socially responsible without getting into a scarcity mentality. Living in the same drought region, I explained that I reuse water and practice recycling too. My mindset is not in scarcity, though. I told her that my thoughts on the same actions came from abundance. I have a joyful expression of respecting nature and the wish to increase its usage by enjoying it more than once. I am happy and grateful to the water as I pour my recycled washing water into the garden. I am also happy and joyful when it rains. There is no lack and the appreciation and expansion mindset creates more.


Step 4. Think Deliberately

Beyond Your Five Senses

The Five Physical Senses represent the only way you have been programmed to accept input from your body for perceiving. Although you are unknowingly doing much more, the authority you give to physical perceptions overrides new possibilities or fresh outcomes. This bias has come from a world which demands evidence of truth from only measurable five senses results. This requirement of material (physical) proof for evidence of reality has been out of balance and the result is the world we have created until now. Your known thinking faculties are the Five Physical Senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. Our five senses are like antennae to the outer world, but to exist in our thinking, other senses must also exist. These are your Six Mental Senses. Physical input passes through perception, then reason translates them into ideas. Once accepted they get stored away in Six Mental Senses our Subconscious memories. From then on, our Subconscious Perception acts out these as stored beliefs and Reason values through our Body as Memory actions, creating results in our world. Imagination What is important is to Will consciously mix your use of your Intuition Six Mental Senses with what you automatically use now, your Five Physical Senses. Strengthen your Imagination, hold your desire with your Will, hone your Perception, apply Reason, draw upon Memory and accept your Intuition into the mix. Develop these


SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell

and you move to a higher level of awareness and thinking power in life. Knowing the Six Mental Senses, or your intellectual faculties will raise your awareness of a non-physical, or unseen world to create from your thinking, and return the power away from the machine mind and back to us, as spiritual entities living in a physical and intellectual body.

Thinking Zombies
I have some good news and some bad news. Your thinking is also divided into two areas: Conscious and Subconscious. The good news is that your subconscious handles all the automatic programming and allows you to not think about most things your body has to do. The bad news is that your Subconscious runs your body. It is the gatekeeper. Thats the rule. So if you want to change something that your body does (like using Will to take new actions), youll have to get to your Subconscious Thinking first, or you exhaust yourself with mental resistance, procrastination and self-sabotage. Without knowing this, you are stuck in an automatic thinking mode, and your actions and reactions are based from your previous subconscious orders. Subconscious habits and memories are used to bypass your conscious mind and allow you to handle more and more stimulus from your physical senses. This automatic part of your mind operates from the past, and you have trained it to perform many tasks, such as riding a bike or driving a car. When you forget to get involved in your thinking you become a thinking zombie. As new information or a new experience is sensed, there is confusion and rejection from the subconscious. When you have a thought that you would like to change, or is not in the direction of your desires, tell your subconscious; give an order. Say thats not true, and laugh. Say next, or new thought please. You


Step 4. Think Deliberately will need to distinguish your thoughts before you can choose them or release them for another, more prosperous thought. Your conscious mind can then be free to move into awareness and apply Perception, Reason and Will to decide an appropriate response as the new experience gets stored in your Memory. In this way you can begin to tame your thoughts and create a new direction in your life as your thoughts obey your Will, your body obeys your thoughts in new actions and behaviours, and your circumstances begin to respond.

Chattering Voice - Beliefs

Imagine that you hear a voice chattering to you all day, every day. Until this very moment you thought it was you, but it is not. It is something else. It sounds like you, but be aware of its power over you until NOW. It is the somber voice of your past, and it is recreating your past well into your future if you continue to associate your Self as it. I became aware of this voice when I was watching myself in our family home videos. In real time I was laughing and commenting as we watched. Then moments later, the other me in the videos laughed and commented with the same words and tones in the same way. It was spooky, and afterwards I asked myself who am I? I felt like I was a recording stuck on playback loop. It was sobering and disturbing to realize how often I was being a reaction machine. Stop for a moment and listen to the voice. It is your opinions. It is your judgements of others and of yourself. Youll hear it asking questions, proclaiming its boredom, its dissatisfaction, its warnings and its condemnation of the world. In fact, this voice is a constant drone of noise and activity. It does not always stay inside. It is what often dribbles through to your speaking. You will recognise it when you realize that it is your automatic thoughts. It is your evaluation of everything around 70

SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell

you. It is part of your self-worth concept, and it never seems to shut up. It sounds something like this:
I agree with that. I dont agree with that. I wonder what time the game starts. Is there still time to get something to eat? Yes I have heard all this before. I like that shirt. I wonder how much it cost s. I cant afford that. When is this going to end? I just want to get out of here. Why do I always sit behind the tallest guy in the place? Why do I always end up near screaming kids?

Try to separate that part of you, and set it on your shoulder, allowing it to go on and on, but being able to see that it is not really who you are. Thinking in this way is automatic, and it comes from your small mind with the big voice. It is not deliberate thinking, and you will shift your life by distinguishing what is real thinking. This voice will create your future, until you reclaim the power to create by placing yourself back in your driver's seat. This is the key to raising your awareness and living a conscious life. All your beliefs and world views will still exist, but youll be able to say thanks for your input and then choose your own actions in the next moment. Could this be a powerful new way of creating your life?

Quiet Voice - Values

There is another voice to be heard. This is the silent nudge, the gentle inspiration, the clarity of a moment for what needs to be done. This voice is not loud, unless ignored at your peril. Tuning into your inner voice is having an open circuit to guidance. It is the guardian for your values. Slow breathing is a great way of receiving this clear thinking. Using intuition means you need to first open and receive the channel of communication. This comes through the small quiet voice when you are still and in a state of no-thinking. Every


Step 4. Think Deliberately day as you meditate on your Intentions you can receive more guidance from your inner teacher: your in-tuition.

The Third Mind - Purpose

The Third Mind is the Intelligent Energy of the Universe. It is the power behind aligning your thoughts for creating. It is the Divine Source, the heart chakra, the feeling mind or the God Within. It is experienced as faith, enthusiasm, joy, pure love, bliss, and true abundance. You can create using all the principles laid out here, but you will not be Talent hits a target no complete in your accomplishments. one else can hit; You will feel an empty glory if you Genius hits a target no have not caressed and folded this mind into your everyday thinking. one else can see. When you do, your beliefs, values Arthur Schopenhauer and purpose are in harmony. You may have been disconnected from this mind because of the effect of being told religious untruths about what to believe, knowing it was not in your experience. You only need to ask for this relationship to be healed to connect again. Once you begin your personal conversation with the Divine Mind you will understand what to do with your brilliant Five Physical Senses (your body) and your incredible Six Mental Senses (your intellectual mind). The perfect guidance will come from that which has been waiting to speak with you. Your thinking is the base from which you create your life. Begin with awareness. Learn about your design and practise to become a powerful, deliberate thinker.


SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell

Review of 7 Steps

Fill in the blanks: Step 1. Know What You ________ Step 2. ___________ with Emotion Step 3. Feel _____________ Step 4. ___________ Deliberately


Step 5. Beware the Power & Poison of Words

Step 5. Beware the Power & Poison of Words

"As you change your words, you change your world. As you improve your words, you improve your world. As you transform your words, you transform your world." Catherine Ponder, Open Your Mind to Receive

Powerful words have moved armies and stirred impossible dreams to reality. Yet as individuals we scarcely pay attention to our words as creations. Although actions speak louder than words, before they became actions or words they had to start from a thought. As an extension of your thoughts, words give away what you are truly thinking, to you and everyone around you if you listen to yourself. Aligning your thoughts, words and actions consistently will contract your power of creating like a laser.

Words Create Your Reality

When someone asks you how you are, consider this: you are a creator, not a reporter. When you speak, your words are calling forth the next creation. Speak no evil means that when you complain, or report disagreeable portions of your current circumstances, you are voting to continue them. This is how you get stuck in an endless loop of circumstances. Stop and think about this before you switch into the reporting mode. Choose 74

SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell

your next reality by only speaking about things you want to continue. Combine this with gratitude, finding the good in your current circumstances and you will see a pleasant stream of good things coming into your life as the old, unwanted parts drift away.

Talking About What You Dont Want

When I was in my early 40s I had a continuous anaemia problem. I was so tired that I had to go to bed at 7pm and I woke up tired at 7am the next morning. I spent two years being sick and tired. Once I regained my health and energy, I noticed how often I used that phrase sick and tired. Because it had been such an issue for me, I changed my automatic way of speaking. Now I am full of vitality and very thankful for it. So my words match my thoughts and feelings about my health as well as other areas of my life. Instead of sick and tired, I say that I have had enough of something I dont want to continue. Then I use the Universal Law of Polarity to say what I do want. That takes the place of the automatic response, relates the thought and aligns my words with my wants. When Harry Potters friend and teacher Hagrid said something he didnt want to say, he would walk away, usually saying I shouldnt have said that; I should not have said that. This is the way you can begin to retrain your speaking. Even midway through a sentence, catch yourself and reject the unwanted thought through words and say wait, let me start again.

Powerful Questions
Questions engage your mind and spirit simultaneously. That is what makes them so actively powerful. Your right brain is creative and your left brain is linear. When they work together you have a new solution from your whole brain. Focus on the resolution instead of the problem, and you can have an instant


Step 5. Beware the Power & Poison of Words turnaround in thinking. This can bring fast results, so learn to switch into asking a question of yourself when you are stuck. One method of using questions to change your thinking is to reframe the problem as a solution and start with the words How can I... I had a student who was finding life very difficult. Jennys small voice kept getting stuck in unproductive questions like why me or why do I always mess things up? Because questions engage both sides of your brain, you are sure to find an answer that correlates with the question. I taught her a better way of getting the answers she really wants by asking a better question. The next week she had an amazing turnaround in her creativity and ideas, and has been using this simple method ever since. Another way you can use questions powerfully is by shifting the question to ask to remove the block, resistance, or negative beliefs that hold us back. Sometimes it is too big a step to ask How can I be a millionaire? If you find that you are getting stuck, try asking for the barrier to be removed. How can I release resistance to being a millionaire? can be a powerful tool in bringing the midway step so you can then move on to creating more abundance once you have moved into a greater acceptance and less resistance to your hearts desires.

Vain repetitions are empty powerless words. The feeling behind the word is what gives energy to the creative force of actions. Turn affirmations into your thankful prayer of gratitude. Use them as a tool to quickly change your state of mind, release an unwanted thought and replace it with a more prosperous thought. If your affirmations feel like a lie, work on rewording them so you accept them. If it makes you feel the lack or want,


SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell

then you can look at what holds you back in your subconscious. Write them down or if you prefer, speak them out loud. Once I heard of a man who had resistance to writing down his affirmations multiple times. When Jonathon did some exercises to reveal his subconscious thoughts, he realized that in school he was punished for speaking in class by writing 100 times I will not talk in class. This experience held him back from accepting his written affirmations with a positive emotion, so instead he chose to speak his affirmations. Whichever way works better for you, just make sure your affirmations are in the form of thanks, and are meaningful positive words repeated with thought and feeling.

I am
The two most powerful words to start the power of creation are the words I am. In Conversations With God5 Neale Donald Walsch explains that this sets creation in motion and draws experiences to you, calling forth energy so powerful that it is fast and furious in its manifestation. I once met a woman who had a friend with Tattoos on his feet. One foot said I am cold, and the other Me too. After two years he had to get them removed because his feet were always intolerably cold. That was supposed to be a joke, but he experienced the power of the word. What do you habitually say after these words I am? Too many people have picked up words from other people in their lives that diminish who they are. I am such a klutz, I am stupid, I am such a jerk...twit, whatever. These words sound so harsh, yet many people say them about themselves. Turn it around and use this powerful principle to create something great about yourself.


Step 5. Beware the Power & Poison of Words Because your subconscious hears words and takes them as an order, words are creating the next move you make. Jokes and clichs are more powerful than you believe. In one of my classes, a man was having many years of serious financial hardship. Joe had gone bankrupt, got divorced and lost everything. He had previously been very financially secure with a good business, yet for 7 years he had not been able Dont expect what you to come back from his financial crash. He was telling us how he dont want, and dont was using the power of want what you dont visualization and had printed a expect. Check from the Universe and made it out to himself for a Raymond Holliwell million dollars. He had it on the fridge so he could look at it every day. Then he said, The trouble is, every time I open the door it falls off and bounces. Joe thought that he was helping himself get through his hard times by laughing and making light of a difficult situation. But in fact his constant joking about his lack in many areas of his life was keeping him in scarcity. Your subconscious doesnt have a sense of humour, so it takes everything seriously as a request to be fulfilled, like the genie in the bottle. Have fun, laugh and be merry for the things that are joyful in life, not the things you do not wish to continue. In his book Working With The Law, author Raymond Holliwell explained this in the most concise and simple way I have ever heard. He says, Dont expect what you dont want, and dont want what you dont expect.6 This is how you get a selffulfilling prophecy. We had a cat named Bounty for 16 years. She was named after a chocolate bar. We used to say Bounty, Bounty, Bounty, 78

SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell

three times as a fun way of calling our beloved pet. Our life was certainly bountiful when we were always calling her. Maybe my next pet will be called Goldie, because we understand the power of the spoken word. My husband and I were taking a scenic drive on an undulating road through a beautiful ancient forest near our home one day, and we found ourselves behind two trucks. They had to slow down at the steep hills, and the diesel fumes were not pleasant. But we enjoyed the ride and focused on using the slower speed to look around. They eventually allowed us to pass and we continued on our way. As the journey took us longer than we expected and we needed to pick up our child at school, we began watching the time. We were making good time and there was no one ahead of us. Then my husband said At least we are not behind a truck. Being with this man for over 20 years, I knew better than to try coaching him just then, so I said nothing. Within five minutes, guess what we were travelling behind? It was a slow truck that we could not pass. That is SPEED Manifesting. We had a laugh, as he became aware of it and I suggested that he manifest it out of his way too. And he did, shortly after.

Keeping Your Word

Integrity to yourself means keeping all verbal agreements you make with yourself and others. The Universe is a reflection of you, so if you do not keep your commitments and do what you say you are going to do, why would the Universe? This integrity is about the power of the consistent spoken word, not right and wrong. Demonstrate how you want the Universe to deliver to you by keeping your word. I once heard it described that The Christ could manifest from matter because he was so complete in integrity. When he spoke, his intentional Word was so pure that even matter moved for him.


Step 5. Beware the Power & Poison of Words Powerful words can help you create by being your bond, when giving your word as a promise. The word promise has a certain energy about it. When my mother spoke the words, I knew with certainty that it would happen. My sister and I had been moved seven times during our primary school years, and when we got to high school my mother talked about moving again one day. My sister and I invited her to our bedroom and told her that we wanted her to promise something to us. She looked amused and perplexed as she sat down, and we asked her to promise that we would be able to stay at the same high school for five years. With a look of understanding and determination she said I promise. Then we knew we could be secure in the knowledge that she would do whatever was possible to keep us at that school. In the future, even when she looked at moving, she only contemplated homes within our school zone and we were free to form friendships and commit to activities knowing we would be there throughout our high school years, all on the power of a word. In turning around my life, I made a promise to my 12 year old that in one year we will have all the money we need. He needed braces for his teeth and at that time even that looked impossible. I was selling excess belongings on eBay, and we had only just made the decision to sell our home. I had no idea how it was all going to happen, but with the strength of my word to my child, it gave me all the incentive I needed to make sure it happened, and the Universe came to my side to give with abundance. His teeth are now straight and we were given all the ways we needed to keep that promise.

Gossip is a conversation that undermines. Everything that goes around comes around, and it is more productive for your positive creating if you do not engage in gossip. If you would like to get out of negative influences around you but you are


SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell

committed to being with work associates or family members who gossip, there are ways of handling it so that you are being positive and increasing the attraction of good things and people. The moment you get involved in a conversation that undermines, you could try these responses:

Thats interesting. Who could you talk to that can do something about it? Will you excuse me please?

You can support those around you even if you dont agree with them. It is not about changing those around you. Only change yourself and you will find that your world changes.

Words of Encouragement and Appreciation

Appreciation is not flattery. It is a true acknowledgement of the things you like and appreciate in another. We live in a desert of appreciation and by speaking these encouraging words you can attract all manner of positive helpful people to you. Make a habit of looking for something to appreciate and then express it. Encourage the greatness you see in another so they can start to see it for themselves. I once heard that we live inside a box, and the instructions to get out of the box are on the outside of the box. This may be a good illustration for why it is so easy to see the problems and solutions of others while we cannot see our own. I believe those instructions are written in the language of encouragement and appreciation.


Step 5. Beware the Power & Poison of Words Practising deliberate speaking is equivalent to putting on a smile to change your attitude. You are starting with the outside to affect the inside. Through words this is one way to give yourself the awareness of your thoughts, and you can then choose to change within. Your desires are made manifest through your own experience of hearing yourself speak about them, and perhaps for the first time, hearing what desires you have. They lead you from your desires as a transition into actions, your next part of creating.


SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell

Review of 7 Steps

Fill in the blanks: Step 1. _______ What You Want Step 2. Imagine with _____________ Step 3. ___________ Gratitude Step 4. Think _______________ Step 5. Beware the Power and __________ of Words


Step 6. Take ACTION

Step 6. Take ACTION

"Having vision is not enough. Change comes through realising the vision and turning it into a reality. It is easy to espouse worthy goals, values and policies; the hard part is implementation."
Sir Peter Blake

When you are living in a partnership of co-creating with the Universe, the responsibilities are shared. Your part includes communicating where you are going, and getting busy to go in that direction. When my husband proposed to me we were on a plane flying to Toronto, Canada to spend a snowy white Christmas with my family. We had already lived together for three years in New Zealand and while we were on that 15 day holiday we talked about the logistics of two families getting together over 12,000 miles, or planning a wedding remotely, We realized that we were almost ready to elope. Luckily we decided to get married then. We had 10 days to plan the wedding and make all the arrangements during the busy Christmas Holiday season. We got involved in some serious SPEED Manifesting as we focused on our intention of the wedding. 84

SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell

We wrote a list of everything we wanted and took each step one at a time. First we checked if we could get a marriage license. Once we arranged our marriage license we found a Celebrant willing to marry us on New Years Day, our chosen date. Then my husband hired a tuxedo and I found a white wedding dress off the rack that was the perfect fit. We bought our wedding rings and finally looked for a place for the ceremony.

That was the only complicated step as I had imagined having the ceremony in a beautiful public conservatory surrounded by flowers while it was -20 degrees Celsius outside (-4 degrees Fahrenheit) and the ground was thick with snow. We stayed calm and firm in our intention and it worked out fine after a few phone calls to supervisors and making extra license payments for using the venue on a public holiday. All this came together in the most amazing way, plus my familys arrangements to fly in at short notice. With twenty of our closest family and friends we had a magical celebration, and we even got a surprise from my parents with a limo to take us back to the reception. I fulfilled my dream and got to wave to all sorts of surprised people as I stood up through the sun roof just like in the movie Big with Tom Hanks. We were both calm and focused at each step and we got help along the way. We had decided on the outcome and the rest were steps to be handled as we came across them. We didnt think of obstacles, only of our intention and our next orderly actions, assuming it was all going to work out fine.


Step 6. Take ACTION

For many frustrated people, the action step is the place of hidden resistance. Making only a few differences in your behaviour will have an astounding effect on your results. The action starts with decision. Although in Step 1 you have pondered and detailed what you want, taking action is deciding to receive. If you only write a list of your Intentions and create a Dreamboard, then lock yourself away just to imagine and feel, you will be wondering what happened and why didnt I get what I asked for, if this Law of Attraction stuff really works? Deciding to receive allows you to Take Action.

80/20 Rule of Actions

Think of the co-creation partnership as an 80/20 rule, where you begin with 20% and the Universe does 80%. You decide, imagine, feel and get busy, without worrying about the right way to do things. As you get busy and move around in your life, meeting people, going places and accepting opportunities you open the flow of life. The synchronicity of the Universe then has many chances to deliver all that you ask and more. Since your actions make up 20 percent of the work, be aware that you are already activating your desires. Keep busy, make plans and follow through. Ask in thoughts, words and actions and the Universe will do its part, at least 80 percent of the work, all in perfect time. Remember the story about the devoted believer who found himself caught in one of natures tantrums? As the storm grew worse a policeman came by his house and offered to give him a ride out. The man said he was a true believer in God, and he knew that God would save him. A short time later he had to move to the roof of his house as a raging flood rose up. A man in a row boat came by and offered him a lift. He said no thanks,


SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell

God will save me. Then a helicopter came by, and tried to airlift him out, but he said no thanks, God will save me. The waters rose up and up, and finally he was consumed by the floods. He perished there and when he got to heaven he demanded of God, Why didnt you save me? I believed in you so much that I lost my life. And God replied, What more do you want? I sent you a police car, a boat and a helicopter.

Creating a Vacuum
One of my favorite authors, Catherine Ponder, talks about the Vacuum Law of Prosperity. It is such an easy and accessible Law to take action and bring more into your life. Using it can speed your manifestation. My friends decided that they wanted to "Thought is the blossom; use this principle so they sold their large bulky lounge suite on eBay language the bud; action the fruit behind it." even without having a new one. As it was being loaded and taken Ralph Waldo Emerson away they were looking for another one on eBay. There and then for $100 more they bought exactly what they wanted. It only showed up once they physically moved the old lounge suite out. Where to begin? You can choose from this list to speed your results: Give away or sell clothes you havent worn for a year Move out large furniture too big for current room Throw away any items that are broken or chipped

Release all that is unused, unrepaired or unwanted. This begins a circulation of energy that will allow more to come into your life.


Step 6. Take ACTION

Orderly Actions and Inspired Actions

Your life can be orderly in a way that hastens attraction. Removing the clutter of your mind (within) and around you (without) can surprisingly deliver in an astonishingly quick way. Then be involved in orderly actions, like keeping a diary planner, writing out an action plan, completing a To-Do list and contacting specific people. Carry out these tasks without attachment to them. Decide what to do next, then act. Acting on plans in an orderly manner is following the perfect order of the Universe. Give yourself time to complete the following items and you will find an unbelievable peace and calmness as you lift the negative energy and stress of incomplete tasks from your life. You will be able to find things easier and you will be able to think more clearly:

organise desk empty email Inbox clean house wash windows weed garden clean car, inside and out get taxes up to date clean and organize closets

The ancient practice of Feng Shui reflects 5,000 years of Chinese knowledge and experience of order. Put simply, when your actions put your physical world in order, you are ready to receive. At first I thought Feng Shui7 was about de-cluttering for a visual effect. As I used the principles further I experienced immediate and undeniable results in several areas of my life. 88

SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell

When I cleaned and organized my office I was able to think more clearly and I found that new opportunities came to me within a week. Combined with inspired actions that occur to you along the way you have a powerful creative process occurring. When you are inspired to carry out your actions everything will flow, doors will open for you, and people will come to you. You will have an idea of something to try or do next. There is no hurry, no forcing an outcome. You do not have to do it all yourself, so just focus on what seems like the next step, and carry it out without delay. When we decided to sell our home and move to Australia, we contacted a real estate agent and put our house on the market. It was October and we always thought that was when our house looked the best and so it would sell quickly. As Christmas came closer and the house had no offers yet, the agent wanted to drop the price. We preferred to wait and decided to take it off the market and do some painting in the house. My husband spent the holidays painting one long hallway and we replaced some old spotlights with new updated fittings. This cost about $300 and it took about two weeks to paint. We got a professional valuation and put it on the market ourselves after Christmas for $45,000 more than the agent had listed it. We had open days every Saturday and Sunday from 12pm-3pm. We baked bread for the aroma and had classical music playing in the background. We also began to continuously think about all the things we loved about the house that someone else would enjoy. We stayed focused on releasing the home to someone else and visualized shaking hands with the happy new owners as we were free to move to another country in the place of our dreams. Our house sold for $40,000 more than the agent listed it and we didnt even have to pay commissions.


Step 6. Take ACTION

Assumptive Actions
To activate your feelings of already having your desires you can use actions representing your faith that your Intentions are coming. Ask yourself What would I be doing now if I believed it was coming tomorrow? Then act as-if. Begin talking to real estate agents or car dealers. Make appointments with lenders about mortgage requirements. Go to travel shows. Take before photos of your car, with the Intention of seeing it beside the after photo of your dream car. Arrange insurance quotes for an intended item. If you are looking for a new relationship, instead of sleeping in the middle of your bed, sleep on one side and get two pillows. Clear out half your closet or bathroom cupboard. Finally you are ready to make bookings or deposits in faith. Youll move from hope, through faith, into knowing. Show the Universe that you expect and accept your desired good by taking positive actions representing your ultimate outcome.

Time Integrity
Even as you keep your word, also keep your appointments on time and do the things you plan to do. Imagine that the Universe is listening and waiting for your next step, so it can meet you along the way. What if the perfect person or circumstance is set in motion the moment you indicate your desire and your initial actions? Synchronicity is happening all around you. However, if you are habitually late, or changing your plans, consider that you may be slowing the receipt of your desires. What if circumstances were all set up to be at the right place at the right time, but you missed it because you did not keep to your plans? Use your intuition along with your orderly actions. Sometimes it will be imperative to be where you said you were going to be. Remember, the Universe you experience is truly your 90

SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell

Universe. It is a reflection of you. If you relate to time inconsistently, why would the Universe do anything but what you do? You are your own Universe. Following an orderly way of living allows for straightforward delivery of your creations. If the Universe knows where you are going it can meet you on the way. The Universe then sets in motion many circumstances, people and events to assist you. It is easy for the Universe to deliver everything and anything you choose, just like Aladdins genie in the bottle. When your deepest desires and fondest dreams come to you, be ready to accept them. You will need to use the power of synchronicity to work with the Universe to receiving. Your action is the final part of creating. It is the way of receiving what has been brought to you.


Step 6. Take ACTION

Review of 7 Steps

Fill in the blanks: Step 1. Know What _____ Want Step 2. Imagine with ___________ Step 3. _________ Gratitude Step 4. ____________ Deliberately Step 5. Beware the _________ and Poison of Words Step 6. Take __________


SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell

Step 7. Start Circulation for Increase

Remember, it is not the money you give; it is the idea back of the giving that is so vital.
Raymond Holliwell

Life exists through moving around in circulation. Air and water are fresh when circulating and become stagnant when still for too long. Creating and attracting what you desire is not a bringing to you to hoard and keep; rather it is a bringing through you to continue moving onward and outward. Nothing is meant to stay still, and that includes the energy from money, people, things and ideas.

Increase versus Trading

The Start Circulation principle is something that is not part of our current worldview. If you can, take the current worldview, which is that we trade for everything, and suspend that just while you play with this idea to see what comes out of it. Whether we talk about money, love or health, they can all illustrate Circulation with regard to manifesting. When we look at nature, what we see are systems in circulation flowing one way, all connecting back into many different systems. Call it the Circle of Life or the Cycle of Living, but we are all connected in many different ways. Nature doesnt


Step 7. Start Circulation for Increase grow in reverse. If we imagine water flowing, it flows one way. When it tries to flow two ways, like in rapids, it slows down. Nature is about abundant giving and allowing others to give, like the concept of Paying It Forward. Thomas Troward was an influential writer and lecturer in the early 1900s and he said that we are divine centres of distribution. Your wealth is meant to be passed along. He says:
Life ultimately consists in circulation, whether within the physical body of the individual or on the scale of the entire solar system; and circulation means a continual flowing around, and the spirit of opulence is no exception to this universal law of all life. When once this principle becomes clear to us we shall see that our attention should be directed rather to the giving than the receiving. We must look upon ourselves, not as misers ch ests to be kept locked for our own benefit, but as centres of distribution; and the better we fulfil our function as such centers the greater will be the corresponding inflow. If we choke the outlet the current must slacken, and a full and free flow can be obtained only by keeping it open. The spirit of opulencethe opulent mode of thought, that isconsists in cultivating the feeling that we possess all sorts of riches which we can bestow upon others, and which we can bestow liberally because by this very action we open the way for still greater supplies to flow in.8

An ancient story shares this wisdom: there was a man who was shown the doors of heaven and hell. When the door of hell was opened he saw a strangely horrifying scene. Through the door was a room filled with people chained to chairs around a large pot of steaming stew. They were gaunt, thin and starving. The aroma of the delicious stew filled the room. They each had a soup spoon with a long handle, long enough to get to the pot in 94

SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell

front of them. The man noticed that even though they could reach the pot, their elbows had been locked so they would only spill it when they tried to eat. There was an endless amount of crying, thrashing and groaning. Next, the man was taken to the room labelled heaven. Although the room was set up exactly the same as the previous one, the people were different. There in the middle of the room was the same pot of delicious stew. Around it the people were all chained to their chairs. They each had a long handled spoon. Their elbows were locked. At first the man was confused. He was looking at the same room, but the people in it were happy, singing and well fed. It was then that he noticed someone reaching into the pot with their spoon. He followed Don't worry about how the spoon and watched as he successful you'll be. Don't realized that they were all worry about it. Focus on how feeding each other. To start a circulation significant you can be in system and go with the flow is service and the success will to increase the abundance for take care of itself." everyone by giving. It is possible to give without Oprah Winfrey analyzing and saying if I do this am I going to get something back? Consider that maybe theres a different way.

What we can do is give value; giving more in terms of use value than we actually receive in cash value. Hold both, but disconnect the two. Give, in your strengths, and give as much as you feel. Then have the mechanisms set up such as a paying job or a business, so other people can give to you for that value, because its about everybody giving. It opens up a diversity of circulation by many trading with many. Its a different way of thinking. In manifesting, creating, and bringing more into your life, you have to unhook the idea of giving to get. To create


Step 7. Start Circulation for Increase more in our lives, following The Way Life Works you give, first. But, its not give-in-order-to-get. Rather, give to create increase. Wallace Wattles was a philosopher and author of The Science of Getting Rich. He said that doing things in a Certain Way ensures the opening of more and You never change more opportunities to flow toward things by fighting the you. When you do a thing, do it well existing reality. To and to the best of your ability, and make sure that your actions are change something, enriching everyone around you. build a new model Think of increase while you plan that makes the each of your next intentions or actions. This way, when you existing model increase, so do others. And this obsolete. attitude of increase will be brought Buckminster Fuller back to you because others know you to be a generous provider of the goods and services they seek. They will want to come back to you naturally.

Ebb & Flow

Expecting income riches to grow without rest, and spending all that comes to you is a dangerous game. When you understand Universal principles, you can use the ebbs and flows of circulation as a normal cycle of life. Your income will change. It will go up. It will go down. Expenses will go up. Expenses will go down. Every coaching client has faced this. Initially I was taught that Tithing came first, before your own needs. But as I continued to use these principles, I could not see it in my experience. I observed a different result, no matter how abundant I felt. So now I teach ebb and flow, coupled with the wonderful


SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell

principle of pay yourself first. The philosophy is actually take care of your own family first. Then you can stand strong for others when the increase comes. When you set aside the first 10% in an account for the inevitable rhythm of life, it creates a feeling of wealth and security that we all need. It evens out the highs and lows of cashflow. Its not a savings account, because it will be spent over the course of time. It is a back-stop. Its financial self-insurance, and it has been a phenomenal tool for myself and my clients who are practicing cashflow wealth rather than leveraged debt accumulation. Youll feel richer and more secure when you have a short term balancing of the natural circulation principles.

Allowing and Receiving

You can only complete the circulation principle by receiving and accepting payments, gifts and help. This becomes the evidence of your ability to create ongoing wealth in all areas of your life. Your ability to give your productivity while you give more value than you receive and accept from others joyfully will determine whether you are able to continue creating powerfully by continuing the divine circulation of money-energy. Refusing money when people offer to pay you or telling people off for buying you a gift (you shouldnt have done that) robs them of the pleasure and satisfaction of giving. You need to give, but you also need to practise receiving and accepting if you wish to increase that inflow. It is not your place to decide whether or not this is the way you want it to come, as long as it is within your own value system. If someone wants to buy you lunch, dont argue. Be gracious, and thank people for their giving. Honor and appreciate the money or the gift by putting it to use to prime the pump for the flow of life. The point is, flow your money. Let it go out, let it come in, and let it go out again. Make some room in your life for more 97

Step 7. Start Circulation for Increase to come in. Then allow some sort of mechanism for accepting from other people as they give to you. Remember to detach that from giving in order to get.

Trading for Love

Applying this principle doesnt have to be exclusively related to money. Starting Circulation is a principle that gives a different experience of life if you apply it to everything. Whether you are interacting with people, or whether giving your love, you can impact your relationships by releasing the hidden belief if I love someone then theyll love me back. By unlearning this limited trading belief, you open up the freedom to express yourself fully. Weve been unconsciously trained to trade. Weve observed everyone around us and it just seems like its The Way Life Works. In actual fact its not the way life works. Its just the way we are behaving based on our current beliefs, and we get some results from it. Its useful not to have an expectation and attachment to trading, especially in our relationships. By giving unconditional love (pure appreciation), your results may be different than if you trade love. Some people need much more love than they are giving. Perhaps your contribution to them is in giving when they are not giving back to anyone else. A smile or some kindness to someone who doesnt deserve it can be life-changing for them and for you. Now be aware that there is a difference between giving, and being taken. Nobody is asking you to be a martyr, or to do things that you dont want to do. This is about living where your heart sings; giving on one side, and having faith on the other side, instead of demands. Give, and if you do not want to give anymore in that area, dont give anymore. Make a choice and move on.


SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell

Circulating with People and Ideas

Part of the Start Circulation principle is to share ideas, give and get support for your manifesting. You could gather a group of like-minded people together and create a Mastermind. Napoleon Hill wrote of this principle at length and defines the Mastermind as An alliance of two or more minds blended in a spirit of perfect harmony and co-operating for the attainment of a definite purpose.9 To go it alone is rarely successful in any endeavor. You will need a team of 3-10 people who meet on a regular basis in a structured manner for the mutual benefit and support toward everyones purpose, and your success is built on this. You will get help from their different perspectives and your actions can be kept on track toward your ultimate intentions. They will know methods as well as people to contact for the next step, or to help solve a problem or to suggest how to go around an obstacle. They are outside your box of beliefs and they can help you to emerge from your own limits because they have that different viewpoint. In an orderly format you will meet, share your wins and your wants and needs, and give your knowledge and experience. The power of the Mastermind will astound you as you move forward in life.

Good Steward of Money

Have you heard stories about people winning the lottery, only to be worse off in five years? To keep your abundance flowing you must first prove yourself as a good steward of wealth, at any level with a systematic way to relate to your incomes and outgoings. When you manage and circulate money you move into a flow that allows the Universe to work with you. You call it forth and direct it. In its proper place money is your servant.


Step 7. Start Circulation for Increase To master the flow of abundance you will need to set up a pattern that will already be in place no matter what your level of financial wealth. Get into a habit of purposefully flowing your income and make sure that you allow it to go out as increase to others. This doesnt mean giving away all that comes to you. When you buy something or hire someone for a service you are also giving and adding to the circulation. Use it for increase to yourself as well to balance your sharing, spending and saving in bountiful proportions. Consider the basis for all your efforts to be to provide huge value in whatever you are doing at each step of the way. Wallace Wattles says, if every act of your life is an efficient one, your whole life must be a success." "See that you give others a use value greater than the cash value you are taking from them."

Compete or Create?
In the current world view based on trading, competition implies that there is only a limited amount to go around. We show up at work every day, and we seem to be trading time for money. When you focus on your power as a co-creator you step into the creative mindset. Working to advance everyone means that when you create to grow yourself and others, everyone benefits. You never put others needs above your values, and yet as you step forward for increase, you concurrently bring the flow forward for everyone. Give value with an impression of increase and an abundant, creative spirit. Then, youre not always looking behind to see whats coming for you. Circulation frees you from that. You can do this in the business world, you can do this in the scientific world, you can do it in the artistic world; you can do it at home in your family life.


SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell

Its All Just Energy

After years of studying the Laws of the Universe and working through so many principles, I had an insight that seems obvious, but for me was a journey. I knew that everything in the Universe is energy. Early in my journey I saw the movie What The BLEEP Do We Know? and I understood more about the science behind the constant energy that makes us. But one day I was using a wonderful technique for releasing negative energy in my body,10 and I was told that it was all just energy needing to circulate. It clicked. The labels that I needed to use to find the physical manifestation of negative energy in my body suddenly became just a front for a huge variety of differentiated energy. Fear, anger, frustration all became in one instant, just energy. This distinction removed the power any of those emotions had over me. From that moment on, I could walk around releasing any negative energy I felt in any moment. Whether I could find a label for it or not, I could release it then and there. The Start Circulation principle includes releasing the basic clumping of the I energy that is too much of your personality and not enough of your character. Moving the energy of I around, releasing and renewing yourself allows the I Am within you to be. Its so much easier to give of yourself when youre not holding on. Its great to be on purpose and to let go of actually working for money. On the other side of it, looking at our beliefs about accepting, and our beliefs about how other people give to us, and how we allow new energy in our life, is the other part of the Start Circulation principle. Its not only about getting money; if you are on purpose, it truly is not. You will find that all is abundantly provided for you and more when you live your life in the flow of circulation.


Step 7. Start Circulation for Increase

Review of 7 Steps

Fill in the blanks: Step 1. Know What You _________ Step 2. _________ with Emotion Step 3. Feel ___________ Step 4. Think ___________ Step 5. Beware the Power and Poison of ________ Step 6. _____ Action Step 7. Start ____________ for Increase


SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell

The Key to SPEED

You cannot go to where you already are. To do that you would have to leave where you are...The irony is that most people think they have to leave where they are to get to where they want to be.
Conversations With God Neale Donald Walsch

The 7 Steps are very practical for the process of manifesting. Once you master them you will find an ease and flow about creating your desires in life. Even though you still need to use all of the 7 Steps as a checklist and to live the principles, there is one catalyst which is the key to SPEED. With this transformational key you are suddenly able to manifest at a speed that may astound and surprise you. The transmutation into SPEED involves the concept of Alignment, but it has a paradox in it and people are not necessarily skilled in holding and living paradoxes, so we generally stay in one concept of reality. We are not practiced at having two viewpoints or possibilities about life at the same time.


The Key to SPEED The first part of Alignment involves aligning your thoughts, your words and your actions in a way that makes them all work together much more powerfully. Your actions come from your thoughts. Your words come from your thoughts. Work on listening to your thinking by hearing your words as they come to you. Your outside world reflects your inner world. Use your outside world to raise your awareness level of your silent subconscious thinking. You are the creator of your life and of your next manifestations. You are in charge of your life, if you begin to distinguish the voice of your past and start to take new orders from a new you. It is as simple as setting your Intention, then living congruent with that intention in all your thoughts, words and actions.

Your Turning Point to SPEED Manifesting

The other, critical part is Alignment to NOW. Align yourself to what you currently perceive is somewhere or sometime other than where you are. This creates speed and the shift to manifesting very, very quickly. The idea of time is one that was made up at some point in our distant, distant history. First of all I want to cover this concept of time and then start talking about how we can use it to change our results. In this conversation, what you really need to do is listen like youre still in the reality of the current world view, and the current concept of time. I would also like you to take one toe, and put it in a new reality. I need you to contemplate what it would be like if you lived on another planet, in another place where they didnt have a concept of time. This is not logical and it doesnt fit with how we currently live our lives.


SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell

Almost all of us have been brought up to believe in a linear concept of time. I know it is a belief because of observing my youngest son, who at 10 years old still didnt understand the concept of last week, this week and tomorrow. Its fascinating to me, because in actual fact hes not wrong. To most young children there is only NOW. Thats what makes it difficult to wait for anything. Yet its still important that he learns the way we relate to our agreements with The test of a first-rate people so that we are able to meet them someplace at a specific intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas time, but its not real. Have you ever been in the mind at the same running late for something, and time, and still retain the yet you were calm about it, and ability to function. then you ended up, somehow, on time? Even though it was almost F. Scott Fitzgerald impossible (based on traffic and time and speed and distance) you showed up on time. Einstein said his concept of time was that it was like a balloon and you could create more of it. How does that fit in with linear time? It doesnt, so perhaps its possible that we may look at things differently. You still have to keep one foot in the current reality of past/present/future because its what the world uses and so its a good, strong basis for the reality that we live in, and for you to relate to everyone else. Linear time labels the past and the present and the future. Weve carved ourselves up into pieces and called some of those pieces the past, and some of those pieces the future, and then the present is what people assume is NOW. What Id like to suggest is something different. What I am about to reveal is what I referred to as the key earlier in the Introduction. This conceptual idea is something that is limiting to speak of in words, but you


The Key to SPEED have to consider it, contemplate it and try it out from a different perspective. Its not a logical perspective. It is a NOW that is not the present. Im not talking about a NOW that excludes the past and the future. Imagine you live in a house with three rooms next to each other. One room is your past, one room is your present and one room is your future. Next, remove the walls. Now you have one long room, and all of the compartmentalization disappears. With this one room you can go wherever you want to, and you have the past and the future as NOW. Think of time this way to shift from linear to the whole house with "Time is not at all past/present/future being NOW. what it seems. It does Rather than Time as a sequence of not flow in only one moments starting from one point and streaming in a line, its possible direction, and the that we could look at time as this future exists big house, and NOW is the past, simultaneously with NOW is the future. All of those constructs of time actually exist in your Albert Einstein perception. The Past is memory, and The Future is imagination. Its all NOW, but your mind perceives them in different ways. Just like simmering water changing state from liquid to gas, your desires exist in a different state, ready to boil; moving to bubbles boiling and popping into the next physical manifestation, into form and out of form and later, back into form. Our desires have then become something that we already have. So if we accept that theres nowhere to go and theres nothing that you have to stretch after to have, you already have it the moment that you desire it. In that state, everything is NOW; everything is already here in this moment. Its just in a different 106

the past."

SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell

form. Whether its your memory or whether its your imagination, its all still a part of you NOW. You have an opportunity to pull those carved up pieces of yourself and bring them together; bring them into a place where you use the imaginative holographic place of your mind. You accept your daydreams as NOW. This is the key. When you can accept your mental pictures as truly existing in the same space as you, they show up; they pop with such ferocity that they startle you, pleasantly, like the night I saw how SPEED Manifesting works, and burst into tears at the real image of my teammates around a table, exactly as I had visually imagined it a few hours before. When you ask where is my desire? well, youve carved it up and pushed it away. By asking, you delay it needlessly. In actual fact, all you need to do is realign yourself with your desires in the NOW; NOW as an acceptance and completeness, rather than NOW as a construct of linear time. This whole idea of being out of alignment in SPEED Manifesting is about being out of alignment with your desires because youve separated from them. Weve been taught, weve been shown, weve lived it, weve breathed it, and so it feels real to live inside linear time.

The Paradox of SPEED Manifesting

Even though we just redefined the concept of manifestation time and states within this discussion, the paradox is that to create quickly you begin to feel its already here NOW, without attachment. You need an acceptance about your power to create, and you do this by relating to your imagination as a reality. Accept reason; your imagination is just as real as water in its gaseous state of steam. That is the paradox within this concept of NOW. So you must imagine your Intentions...and then have that be NOW. Make the future a memory. Then Let Go.


The Key to SPEED You must let go of any hold on yearning and wanting to receive your desires. Stay calm, focused and floating separately in time. This Key to SPEED is why I suggest a meditation to take yourself into your far future: Look back at having achieved your Intentions already, way in the past, and imagine with the satisfaction of that emotional state. Know that your desires are in the NOW, and the only thing thats not in the NOW is you, because you believe it in a different way, because your belief concept of the world was past/present, past/present, past/present, past/present. When we try on new and revolutionary concepts in our life, we can hold a new concept in one hand, look at it, try it out and contemplate it. Thats the word; contemplate, because this is not going to come from your logic. Logic is the part of you that draws from the past, but it also prefers linear; logic only understands this, then next, then next all connected. New thought comes from reason and intuition combined with perception. You have to find this truth from contemplation, from considering and looking around at this unusual concept. In the Introduction to SPEED Manifesting I asked you to watch for it. Here it is: bring yourself into the NOW. Its all NOW. There is no someday. Your past and your present and your future, these are all happening NOW. Align yourself with NOW, then be free. Stop carving yourself up into these segments that are holding you back as you consider your desires being someplace else, which we also call the future, or someday. Those are made-up perceptions. Your desires are inside, in your heart. Theyre not out there in some existence called the future somewhere. Theyre already here, and you just have to remove the false walls and align yourself and your heart with them in your thinking and feeling, and live your life that way. Then, when you get intentional about life and you know what you want, you 108

SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell

can imagine seeing and feeling it, and you live in constant gratitude, and you understand about giving versus trading, and giving value, and allowing other people to give, then yours becomes a different world. This is an advanced manifesting course. Alignment is conceptual, and to get to SPEED Manifesting as a natural part of life, use Gratitude and add the key the Alignment to NOW. Become aware of what NOW really means and allow SPEED Manifesting to occur. Your desires and intentions are within you; you feel and experience them when you just know theyre already here NOW. Then you get to receive them. Its just a matter of time before you can see, feel and touch them. Albert Einstein would meditate anytime he needed to solve a problem or ponder an unanswered question about the Universe. Thomas Edison would spend time each day quietly in his thinking chair as he contemplated a new challenge. You can plan your Loop Meditation for anywhere from 2 to 5 minutes. Build this up to multiple times a day if you are working on moving a creation along quickly. Perhaps do one formal session during the day, plus use your shower or bath time as another shorter one. What else do you use this precious thinking time for anyway besides deciding whether you need to add soap to the grocery list? You can also take time just before bed to complete your third daily quiet time to loop your present to your future and make it feel like a memory.


The Key to SPEED Practicing the Key to SPEED:

Take 5 minutes and quietly sit in a comfortable place. Close your eyes and choose one of your desires to think about.

Imagine yourself 5 years from now. Visualize your surroundings. Are you sitting in a chair beside a fireplace? Are you on a beach? Are you sitting on a porch or balcony? Feel the warmth on your face. Get into that place. Now, from that place look back to the time you just achieved one of your desires. What does that feel like? What are you doing? What are you saying? Are you jumping up and down? Are you hugging someone? Feel it in that moment. Now bring yourself to your future again and feel the satisfaction of all your accomplishments. You have done it all. You stayed focused. You did the work to achieve your dreams. Your life has been a beautiful testimony to the greatness and potential finally expressed. Now close your future eyes and come to your physical body. Immediately bring the feeling of joyous completion with you. Thank the Universe in grateful expression for showing you the way and being your perfect partner in co-creation. Say thank you out loud as you receive all that you require to fulfil your dreams and share an awesome life with others.

If you would like an audio copy:


SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell


When you understand the process of SPEED Manifesting and you think you are doing everything, a few stumbling blocks may seem to appear to be a denial of your manifestation. This section covers the possible reasons.

Just as every seed planted in the earth has a different time of gestation or incubation before it appears above the soil, so does the process of your creating. Once you have completed the steps and are waiting for your manifestation to show, remember to focus on the outcome and appreciate each movement. Remember to accept time as NOW and know that every occurrence is already allowing your desires. If it appears as though your efforts are being thwarted, be patient and stay calm. Understand that you are being guided by an unseen hand and you may not realize that the events are unfolding just as they need to give you what you desire or better. When you give the Universe new instructions and it begins to turn your life in a new direction, sometimes it is more like turning a luxury cruise ship rather than a bicycle. Stay on your path and stay focused on imagining with emotion. Remember the impatient farmer? He pulled up a few of the plants before they were ripe to see how the roots were growing, and then frustrated for the lack of harvest he abandoned the care of his entire field.


Section III. When is it Going to Happen? Look for small signs that your tide is turning and stay in gratitude to the Source. When the ocean explorers of the past sailed to a new continent, they knew to watch for signs that they were getting close to land. As twigs appeared floating on the water, and as birds appeared in the sky, they knew their long journey was close to completion. Look for your twigs and birds, which may look like additional income in small amounts, unusual help from unexpected sources, gifts, or events coming together out of the blue. Sometimes you feel it as a quickening; a sense that things are picking up speed. Be joyful in your anticipation that the results are beginning to show.

Denial of Reality
Have you done a reality check yet? On any journey you cannot get to where you are going unless you know where you are starting. Your best place to begin is where you are right now. Take the time to stop and take stock of your current reality; no blame or judgement. Have courage and take a peek. Own it. Write down a list of what you owe, or what your relationships are like and how to be complete with it. Acknowledge it, then park it and create your Wish List. Move through The Method and take the actions required. Go easier on yourself!

Who do you see yourself to be? What image do you hold in your subconscious mind? To move forward you must have a positive, healthy picture of yourself. If you have built an image that is limited and below what you realize you desire, then you need to work on seeing yourself successful. After I turned 40, I began to notice all sorts of articles in papers and magazines about how difficult it was for over 40s to get jobs or be recognized. Somehow I accepted this information. Coupled with the unhealthy view that I had made too many business mistakes,


SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell

unconsciously I developed what I called a losers image. To succeed you must have your own winners image, but sometimes youll have to find it within someone else that you admire, and become an apprentice. Choose a mentor or someone you respect, and read their biography. Picture yourself as their protg and emulate them. This is a simple and powerful way of pulling yourself along and it will guide you ever higher, and remove any ceiling to accomplishing your Intentions. Practise seeing yourself as your ideal person and you will be, sooner than you could possibly imagine.

Free Will
A man was working on an intention to attract his true love back into his life. They had broken up, and he decided that he was going to use SPEED Manifesting to fulfil his desire to be with her again. The problem was, she didnt want to get back together. Really; she had no interest in reconciling, and that was that. She did, however, tell him all the interpersonal reasons why it didnt work between them, and his personality traits that worked against a reconciliation. Ouch. He realized that he got the answer clearly and could now see from her perspective. He could then respect her choice and move on to attract someone else, with the best qualities and characteristics that he loved about her. Free Will is the Universal promise that we can act however we want. Free Will has consequences, of course. This was a difficult lesson for me. My youngest son has intellectual disabilities and over time became very unhappy. His challenges became ours, and our values clashed constantly, no matter how much or how long I tapped into my own peace, bliss and unconditional love. After years of escalating difficulties and alarming behaviour, one day I stopped and checked that my manifesting request was clear. I sat on our backyard beach


Section III. When is it Going to Happen? looking at the water. I started at Step 1 and asked What do I want? Was it family harmony? Peace? It was peacefulness; that was first, and family harmony too. Then I asked, What is stopping me from receiving my intention of having a happy and peaceful family life? It was so simple. Not easy, but clear: he didnt want peace. His life journey hasnt been that. It was an honest struggle for me to finally come to the awareness that I had to decide what was best for everyone, having a family live under one roof, or having a peaceful family, living in different places. As I sat there I tried on a peaceful life. At first my subconscious voice went through my obligations as a mother, my roles and responsibilities and what that meant to me. I had a picture of a family living together and I realized that it was partly to heal my childhood need to be a family. I was trying to force it, when it made everyone else so unhappy. I let go. I accepted what a life would be like where every day was peaceful, no matter what. I aligned with peacefulness, and threw out the definitions my subconscious came up with next, of boredom and purposelessness. Then I watched Life play itself out. I kept voting for peace. With love, outside support, and patience I gave him and everyone in the family the chances to choose. Within about 3 weeks things went from bad to worse, and the human angels showed up to help us, help him. I made the decisions I needed to, to help him experience what he wants, while I continue to love him and choose peace. He was 14 when he moved to his own residence, and he is improving there, with rotating 24 hour carers skilled in exactly what he needs. He goes to a special school and his disabilities are supported so that his confidence is higher. My relationship with him is better than ever. My husband and oldest son also chose peace, and we are voting ourselves together in peace. Can you have what you want? Yes, when you recognize that you cannot manifest an intention with another person unless they want it too. Ask for more powerful intentions allowing for Free Will. 114

SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell

Sometimes you can be practicing everything along the lines of Universal Laws, but you still feel stuck. It may be a subconscious belief working against you. You have learned that your beliefs were formed and stored away, and that you can choose a new belief if you find the old one doesnt serve your new direction. If you are aware of a recurring theme in your life, use the Law of Polarity to form an opposite belief. Ask a direct question like What would someone have to believe to have these circumstances? and How can I choose another more empowering belief about this? Listen to the answer and begin saying the new belief to yourself. If you have been struggling with success for a long time, saying I am already successful will sound like a lie. It may feel uncomfortable if you are replacing a stuck belief, but understand that this is part of the process. Allow the feelings to come up and circulate out so you can release them. Feelings are just energy, generated by thoughts. Let go of that old energy to allow in new energy. Now is the time to have a conversation with someone about where you think you are stuck. It is best that you do not continually talk about the issue, because you do not want to use Step 5 - The Power and Poison of Words to continue current unwanted circumstances. Have a session with someone skilled in coaching people on moving forward quickly. Find out what your beliefs are telling you that you cannot hear inside your box. If you have the belief I have to work hard for money then you will probably be working a lot of hours, whether you have financial success or not. Replace that with something else, like money comes easily to me in large amounts and I have plenty of time to play and enjoy life with my friends and family. Whatever you think, say, and do continually will become the flavor of your life. Choose wisely and get support when you get stuck.


Section III. When is it Going to Happen?

Having values is a good reason to slow down your receiving! Really, if you didnt have principles and values, you would be taking whatever you want from wherever it is. Yes, refusing to steal the money from elsewhere because you want it or need it, is a block or barrier to manifesting. Consequences are real, so it serves you to understand why you have those values. Your personal values express who you are. You chose your values a long time ago. You may want to shift the interpretation or priority of your values if they are not serving you. Its like challenging a belief, except you dont throw these away. Never violate your values, because you will suffer. Thats why sometimes you feel bad when you are challenging a belief its actually a value, not a belief. Beliefs are interpretations of values, and they are pliant. Values are self-expression from your soul. Does that make more sense? Use the exercise after Step 1 (workbook available online) to identify your top values. Then see if there are any beliefs that could be rewritten so that you can receive more. For instance, if you have a value that says I am loyal. I am trustworthy, and you have a belief-interpretation that limits receiving, you may find yourself denying working with people because they dont have the same values, and you think that there is only an either/or choice: sell out and work with them, or go without work. However, if you can learn to open possibilities while staying true to your values, you can expand into other interpretations. You could decide that its time to attract new customers who have similar values. You could decide that people are loyal or not loyal in business, but they are still trustworthy, as long as they are transparent and straight with you (another value). I was coaching a woman who felt some of her long term clients werent trustworthy because they used another agency for no good reason, except to try someone else. She needed the income


SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell

and the timing to be disloyal stung her. She began to question herself, their integrity and her trust in all clients. When we reviewed the situation to re-interpret a more powerful belief to support her values, she realized that when her favorite client did the same thing earlier, she had no problem with it because the client was straight with her and explained why and reassured her that she would get the next contract. So she realized she wanted a new belief that broke away from the either/or belief of if a client isnt loyal, I cannot trust them. The trust issue was c louded from some challenges in her personal life and she detached the pair (loyalty/trust) and made it mean something more empowering in business. She also started intending to attract more clients aligned to her highest values. It never occurred to her that she could just choose again with a new intention. Question your beliefs, but hold to your values. Know what they are, so you can create from your values-based desires and never sell out.

Stuck Energy
In the entire Universe, your wonderful unique, individual consciousness lives in a space called your body. Because of this relationship, you have full domain over this space, if you are aware that there is a gatekeeper: your subconscious. It runs your body through the instructions you chose your beliefs and values. You are a body of energy, and energy wants to flow. When you attach and hold emotions, where does it get stored and stuck? In your body. So you must build a toolkit of techniques to release stuck energy by getting connected to your subconscious. Thats why NLP (neuro-linguistic-programming), hypnosis, Tapping (EFT), asking questions, repetition of affirmations and energy releasing techniques all work: they connect your conscious requests through your subconscious to your body. Find where the energy is stuck in your body. Sometimes you can feel it as discomfort in a particular location.


Section III. When is it Going to Happen? Let go of old emotions. Let go of old hurts. Let go of grief, when you can. It is all just energy. Tell it to go! You have domain, remember? The stuck energy is waiting for your permission and intention to say go! Your subconscious will listen when you are ready and aligned. It is not worth giving up so much of your potential in life. It is not worth losing the possibility of a new future. Remember, every day is a new day. Start it that way and begin to release the old energy of holding on to resentments, anger, fear and frustration. I will say it again: it is all just ENERGY. Choose to let the old go and release the labels that are crushing you under the weight of your own resistance. You cannot accept more into your life while you have two clenched fists. Open up your energy. Release and create a vacuum for prosperity, goodness and love to come into your life. Those energy vibrations result in health, wealth and happiness. Forgive others and forgive yourself. Be happy. You deserve it.

What roles and responsibilities, attachments and selfjudgements hold you back from living your dreams? How long before you give up your Shoulds so that you can choose powerfully, get into action, and change your life from the future, not the past. Shoulds are self-imposed obligations that keep you guilty and diminish your power. I am not saying to throw away all your responsibilities! Instead, look at the Shoulds each time they come up, and choose. Apologize, and complete relationships and obligations when you know its time. And more importantly, consciously choose your current responsibilities, relationships and obligations. Let go of the interpretation of Shoulds anywhere in your life. You may still have the same circumstances, attachments, roles, and obligations, but the freedom from self-


SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell

judgement allows for the full power of Life to flow within you, giving you clarity and potency that enriches all you touch.

If you could believe that anything was possible, what could you create? What may be stopping you is fear; fear of failing, fear of looking silly, fear of losing, fear of making mistakes, and fear of not knowing what to do. Fear is the killer emotion. Do not underestimate its danger to your wealth and your health. Think about what stops you. Can you begin to see the old beliefs and their power over you? Letting go of fear opens up faith. When your faith in these manifesting principles builds, it comes from your choices, not your beliefs, so fear disappears. Like switching on a light, the darkness is no longer there. You will need to use your Will to pause the fear as you build your faith through experiencing your own power of creating. The final part of using faith and releasing fear is surrender. This is surrendering to go with the flow of life, instead of fighting the current. Sometimes facing fear means choosing to try; to step into unchartered territories anyway, because not trying and never knowing is more fearful than the possibility of failing. Before I made the decision to leave Canada and move to New Zealand to be with Gary, I had to weigh up some heavy emotions; leaving everything I knew, my family, my culture, my job, my comfort and security. I was considering moving to a country I had never visited to be with a man I had met a few months earlier. I knew I loved him. But the moment of choice came when I realized I had to know. I could live with knowing I had tried and possibly failed. I could always come home, I knew that. But I could not accept living in possible regret, wondering what if? for the rest of my


Section III. When is it Going to Happen? life without exploring it. I gave myself permission to fail. But I knew then that I had to go. And when I got there, my faith built over time, until I finally knew that my home was him, anywhere in the world. Releasing fear and stepping into the unknown is a choice, and you find your way by action and build your faith starting right now, day by day. You step over the line knowing it will work out, or at least you have to try. If you still fear the consequences of it not working out, then you are not ready to go. When your desire is greater than your fear, you will be ready to take the next step, whatever it may be. You will know it when you are ready.

Out of fear comes a habitual way of thinking. You may have already released the fear and replaced fearful thoughts and beliefs with gratitude for the good you have, but what may remain is a habit of dismissiveness from disbelief. Limiting beliefs come from our observations based on past circumstances. This can slow us down, as we judge whether or not our desires will be received based on nearing the firm deadline. But the way to walk through this obstacle is to simply, suspend your disbelief. Become the observer and hold your desire without attachment to the result as you near or pass through your deadline date. Most of us have heard of the saying the 11th Hour. It implies a deliverance or rescue beyond when all hope was lost. In The Matrix movie, (spoiler coming) remember Morpheus when Neo died? He was paralysed because his Faith was so strong, that he had no reference point for that moment. He stood in disbelief of the reality. He was a frozen observer and couldnt take any action, but he didnt dismiss his faith. In the next moment when Neo did the unthinkable, Morpheus was renewed. Disbelief was a perfect response, but he didnt dismiss 120

SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell

his knowing that Neo was the One. His disbelief was directed at reality, not intentions, because he was so aligned to his faith. Hold true to your Intentions regardless of circumstances. Your manifestation is here, you just need to let go of resistance. You do not have to strongly believe in something for it to happen through Universal Laws, just dont disbelieve it. It gives extra energy to your creations when you add strong belief, which becomes faith, but your manifestations come into existence in your allowing instead of judging results along the way. Notice whether you are saying no automatically, and try saying yes before thinking about it. See what difference that makes in your life. Use a day or two to experiment with this. When someone asks you if you want something, say yes whether you want it or not. Dont think about it. You may get some zany results, but it will be a different day for you. Break the habit of saying no and see what shows up when you use the opposite automatic response. If you find that you dont say no very often, just notice whether you are pleasing yourself, or trying to please others. Enjoy this new awareness, and watch what happens. Life changes when you change. Sometimes it is as simple as changing your automatic reactions.

Your desired good may be staring you in the face, but your resistance may be the only barrier to receiving. Becoming aware of your resistance and choosing to allow more into your life will open up more abundance quickly. My oldest son was 13 years old when he saw The Secret for the first time and he understood the principles and began practising them immediately. He got very excited about being able to get whatever he wants, and like many young people the first thing he wanted to acquire was stuff. He wanted his own mobile phone, and so he looked through catalogues and found the 121

Section III. When is it Going to Happen? exact model he wanted. He posted the picture with all the specifications on his wall, and then happily pondered how he might acquire it. His belief that he could manifest was from watching The Secret, so with anticipation he watched for a way to get it. In two days he came to me and said he just had an idea of how he could get it. He explained that if we signed up for a 2 year phone contract then he could get a free phone, using half his allowance to pay for the monthly bill. All he needed was our agreement to do that and the phone could be his. We were delighted that he had progressed so well and his plan was a good one. That weekend we went to a shopping mall so he could see the phones and confirm his choice. He confirmed that the $750 phone was the one he wanted, but then he began acting strangely. He looked at them and then said he was ready to go home. Surprised, I ask why he didnt want to get it right then. He became tense and agitated and I asked him what was stopping him? He told me that he was concerned about his father telling him that he should wait and get a better deal or better technology. Even though his father was right there, encouraging him to go for it, my son resisted. I suggested that maybe the idea of more caution would apply to some other purchase, but it didnt for this one. I asked that he consider what he wants, not what other people might think, and then let him think it through as we continued shopping. He realized that he was really happy with his choice and we went back and helped him arrange the purchase. It was a great phone and his payment plan worked perfectly. He manifested the phone in what might be considered an ordinary way but for a 13 year old, it was a huge creation in only a few days. It was only his temporary resistance based on a belief that almost stopped him. Now he has used this process to manifest other desires, like a job, the lead role in a school play, and a new computer. 122

SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell

When you raise your level of awareness you can move past your resistance from previous beliefs, the shoulds and should-nots of life, and easily accept the creations you have beautifully manifested.

Have you ever been specifically taught to manage your disappointments? Many people miss this important lesson from families, culture or careers and instead get left with the bad feelings. Many parents want their children to avoid disappointment, so they show them how to aim low and not fall far. If there was no other way this would be a loving thing to do. But this comes from the perspective that mistakes are bad. Actually, to succeed in life you must learn to manage your disappointments and learn from your mistakes. Maybe that is why you learned to walk before you learned to talk, because you would have found out that falling 100 times before walking successfully might be called 100 mistakes. In hindsight, my downward spiral of bad thinking began in my 30s because I was new to business management and made some mistakes, but didnt know how to put them in perspective. I subconsciously began to think less of myself. I had made some decisions that didnt seem to work out because of my youthful lack of business experience. I ordered $50,000 worth of custom branded diskettes but didnt realize that my employer needed extended terms to pay for it. Although this was a profitable venture over four months, I had not understood about immediate cashflow versus profit. The best advice was from my manager who then told me if you are not making any mistakes you are not trying hard enough. In my own small business I ordered $5,000 worth of personalized computer invoices, only to have a software program change make it obsolete almost before I took delivery so it was a complete loss. Previous to this I rarely made big mistakes


Section III. When is it Going to Happen? in my life, because I was so cautious that I avoided making big decisions, but after this I judged myself harshly for years because I actually got something wrong. When my children made a mistake, I would ask them what would you do differently next time? and what have you learned? It is important for them and us to know that to live and to learn is to make mistakes and especially, that if it doesnt work one way, try another and another until you succeed. On the other hand, sometimes things happen that you view as totally the opposite to your desired creations. Managing your disappointment at this critical time can help you to build your faith that things actually do work out for the best. When we arranged to move to Australia we chose an independent school for our children. We purchased a home 10 minutes from the school and flew them over from New Zealand for school interviews two months before we moved. Before we arrived, we were there we were notified that my son had not been accepted at the school as they felt they didnt have the resourcing to support his additional learning needs. Needless to say, I was devastated. My disappointment was so great, and yet since I knew how the Universe works I said to myself, There must be a good reason for this. I managed my disappointment and my emotions, and waited in faith for the answer. I reviewed what I really wanted and realized that I wanted my son to get great support at school and to be happy, not just to go to that particular school. Weeks later when we arrived in Australia and enrolled our children in the local state school we found that it had its own large Special Education Unit. So my son got better support and we also did not have to pay $1800 per term for the schooling. I thought I knew best, but when circumstances looked like they were taking us further away from our desires I let go and let God and released my attachment to the exact outcome in faith that it works out for the best, always. 124

SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell

My faith builds even more each time I go with the flow. When unexpected or confusing results happen I reconfirm that my desires are clear and I am focusing on the end result, aligned with my values. So, it is vital that you manage your disappointments and make sure you have asked for what you want, and then get out of the way for the Universe to do its incredible, perfect work.

Where There is a Villain, There is a Victim

Our culture glorifies victimhood and so many of our heroic stories are based on the redemption of the victim. When you are criticizing, condemning or complaining about anything, you are creating a villain and therefore making yourself into a victim. This is different from being victimized by someone else. Self victimization becomes a habit out of an environment or cultural teaching. If you find that you are reactive that is a clue that you are self-victimizing. Almost all of my life I have been over reactive. Then I saw how this was a way of self-victimizing, and I was able to step back and not get drawn into my own emotions. I was able to look at a circumstance and more objectively see that my principles either lined up or didnt. Now I can choose my response appropriately, and usually in a more constructive and powerful way. Removing your automatic reaction to what other people say or do, and being able to observe before responding is a good way to avoid making yourself into a victim. Be careful of Why me? questions as they put you into a poor me self victimizing perspective. Being aware of this will give you the opportunity to release it and focus on what you want and what you are going to do next. Remember to ask more powerful and problem solving questions like how can I make this better? or what is the good in this? or what can I learn from this?


Section III. When is it Going to Happen? Comparing yourself to others and what they have or what they accomplish is another way of self victimization, and it is a form of coveting. Strive to be a better you, and let go of trying to be the best. When something happens and it does not feel good, consider what you were thinking about. Look for the good in it and move on. Dont get stuck in the emotions. Give yourself permission to learn and grow. The awareness will allow you to choose freedom from self-victimization. Be free to live your life from your choices, not from your past. Free yourself from blaming others for your present limitations and you will reclaim your future and redeem your past, whatever it may have been.

Bad Company
If you are around negative or destructive people, get away from them. They can become dream stealers, telling you what you cannot achieve. If it is your family, then you could go less often and leave a little sooner. If you live in this environment you could take more holidays, have weekends away or in the moment, just a walk around the block. You cannot truly change another human being, so change yourself. Choose to change your choices or your reactions to your personal environment and you will change your world. Find caring, tolerant people who dont judge you by your current circumstances and who can see the possibilities within you. Join a like-minded club that understands and lives these principles of creating your dreams.

Responsibility or Blame?
One of the greatest lessons toward ultimate freedom in life is to understand how to take responsibility for everything that happens to you without blame to yourself or to others. People around you make mistakes. You make mistakes. The circumstances of your life up until now perhaps have been without the awareness of deliberate creating.


SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell

If you have had bad circumstances, you may resist accepting that you have drawn those to you. Responsibility isnt self-blame; responsibility is a doorway to make better choices. By default thinking and misunderstanding the power you have within you to create, you may have stumbled into circumstances that you didnt want in your life. The freedom is in the realisation that you can create good things in your life, and attract those things through training and practise until you finally have the amazing life that is your birthright. By releasing the fault-finding you claim this power and turn a corner. James Allen said, man becomes what he thinks about in his book As A Man Thinketh. Move on and look at the brighter side of creating. Each time something happens now, you can choose different thoughts.

Where is Your Focus?

Have you ever seen the Funny Home Videos where someone is tobogganing in an open field of snow with only one tree? Somehow they magnetically slide toward that tree and bam! Its the same with young bicycle riders. Why is that? It is a simple mechanism that you need to know about so you can use it and not be used by it. Your subconscious constantly sends orders to your body. You are programmed to use your five senses and if you are looking at a tree, by virtue of your attention and your emotions (sometimes cautious fear), then the subconscious only understands that your order is to go there. The thought zombie is loose again. This works everywhere in your life. What are you paying attention to right now? Is it your list of desires and Intentions? Is it your diary planner list of actions for today? Or is it the memory of a miserable day at a stressful, unsatisfying job and what you dont have in your bank account? It is so important that you turn this around and use your imagination 127

Section III. When is it Going to Happen? to replace the old recordings with happy images and feelings to focus on what you want. Compared to other techniques for change, focusing on what you want is much simpler and less painful; no long years of self assessment or coaching to dig up and release the past. That path is still available for you if you have a persistent limiting belief that prevents you from manifesting. If, however you are ready for a simple way to create from your Intentions, just practice focusing on what you want. Turn your focus from your unwanted circumstances and focus on your desired good.

SPEED Wobbles
When you begin to develop those mental muscles and manifest quickly, you may get an unpleasant surprise of manifesting exactly what you dont want, because you slipped back into negative thinking and acting. Once I began to deliberately use these principles, manifesting began to speed up for me, and I got a classic lesson to pay attention to what I was thinking and doing in alignment. Driving an hour to work in my beautiful silver silk suit, I was very careful not to spill my coffee. Each sip I took was leaning off to the side, not over my lap. I had a few sips left and as I got out of the car I took my cup with me. Like some mechanical robot my hand did some trick on its own and it somehow just tipped itself right onto my skirt. Astounded, all I could say was, isnt that interesting. That was when I learned that this stuff works fast. It was a good lesson, and the stain came out too. There is no reason to worry about speed, as you have the protection of Grace, and that gives you signals to change your thinking before you actually manifest negative desires. You are now trained to be aware of what you were thinking, feeling or doing when something unpleasant occurred, and you can redirect and refine your requests this way.


SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell

This feedback is a natural part of the process, and it serves as a reminder to pay attention to what you think and do together. If you notice a negative thought, just mentally cross it out and say, no, next thought please. You are in charge of training your subconscious, so if you dont like the results, just check what you were thinking and think again. Remember to let it be alright to learn by mistakes, even though your childhood programming was different. SPEED is a good problem to have!

Laugh, Move, Rest or Play

Finally, if you are truly weary and find yourself unable to get back on track, you may have become too attached or involved, or taken action so far in the wrong direction that you are exhausted. Your circumstances may have become overwhelming. You may have run out of steam or just become obstinately impatient about when, losing faith in your dreams. Acknowledge it and then take time out. Laugh, move, rest or play. Watch hours and hours of comedy so you laugh and laugh and laugh! Go for a brisk walk or run, go to the gym, swim, or put on some music and dance freely; move and shake your body! Spend a whole day in bed sleeping or reading something unimportant. Put down the technology and get reconnected to nothing! Go fly a kite. Seriously. Loosen up and let go. Then, when your mind is freer, get up, dust yourself off, and get back to The Method. Ease into it by playing a fun manifesting game. It works. Take small actions daily; resist distraction. Keep focused on asking, choosing your outcome with clarity, feeling satisfaction, and getting busy with action. Impatience is a sign that your thoughts are fear-based and that you doubt the power of creating. Keep your faith as the Universe partners with you to obligingly deliver your clear, definite requests. Align yourself and


Section III. When is it Going to Happen? your Intentions to Source Energy by feeling gratitude for what you are about to receive. Then let go. Its all NOW. You are always creating, passively or actively, so getting actively involved in what you create is a better way of living life the way you were meant to, and you will come out better than ever because you designed it that way.


SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell

Review Exercise of 7 Steps

Fill in the blanks NOW:

Step 1. K_______ W_______ Y______ W________ Step 2. I__________ with E___________ Step 3. F_____ G__________ Step 4. T___________ D_____________ Step 5. B___________ the P___________ and P__________ of W________ Step 6. T_______ A__________ Step 7. S________ C_____________ for I_________

Embed the process of SPEED Manifesting into your mind so you can call on it anytime.


SPEED Manifesting

Step 1. Know What You Want Step 2. Imagine with Emotion Step 3. Feel Gratitude Step 4. Think Deliberately Step 5. Beware the Power and Poison of Words Step 6. Take Action Step 7. Start Circulation for Increase + Alignment to NOW

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SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell

When everything finally improved for me, this time I knew why. I was in the flow of Life, understanding and using the Universal Laws. If something stopped working, or I got off track or slowed down, I was able to review the basics about the Laws. Then I was free to review my current beliefs, challenge them and actively change my thinking and feeling, which then changed my behaviour, my results and therefore my world.

One year after we had turned our lives around I was standing with my husband Gary in front of a huge Bugs Bunny statue at Warner Bros Movieworld theme park, 10 minutes from our new home. There we were, waiting for our youngest son to finish his Road Runner Rollercoaster ride. As we sat together I noticed the garden of real carrots and celery planted behind us. It was a unique spot, unlike anywhere else. Then it struck me...the memory, the moment, the emotion; I had been here before! 18 months earlier we were at this exact same spot. We were on holiday then and (in another layer of time-or was it?) we were having a conversation. Gary and I were talking about the possibility of moving to Australia. I had just said, Imagine us living here, being able to come whenever we want. Most New Zealanders would be happy to take their kids to the Gold Coast Theme Parks once in their lifetime. Imagine us having this conversation again, saying Wow, we live here! The only difference was that this was real, in the present NOW, and in that overwhelming moment of gratitude and awe I excitedly reminded Gary. He remembered too, and all he could say, was Wow! with a satisfied smirk. We did it. It was quick,


Summary incremental steps toward our dreams, always knowing that things would work out fine. We used this powerful Method without study, yet now that we know it we can consistently duplicate our success and move through obstacles. Manifesting anything you want in life is profoundly simple. Take consistent, inspired action to find and follow your dreams and create your world intentionally. Learn how to release the energy within you that is holding you back. Thoughts of scarcity come from fear. Thoughts of abundance come from love, appreciation and faith that there is more than enough, and you will get more of whatever you are continually thinking and feeling. When you align your heart and actions with Universal principles, you are truly in the flow of Life and your greater good will continue to grow and expand to currently unbelievable heights. It starts with you making a decision NOW to accept the abundance that flows past you as you begin to take action. The how is flexible and open, and you will find that the truth is always simple. Use the profound simplicity within these words to master manifesting your life. Now is the time, and the only time to feel your future and make a difference in your life and the lives of those around you. I wish that you receive the unlimited abundance that is waiting for you NOW.


SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell


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Many people have contributed to this book and I gratefully acknowledge your help. Thanks for being a part of my journey. Firstly, I thank Universal Intelligent Substance, the Source of all there is, for giving me this life and these messages. I am deeply grateful for this incredible, amazing extraordinary journey called Life. To Bob Doyle: for your authenticity and generosity. By example you have inspired me to find my voice, speak my truth and just be who I am on this journey. To Scott Groves: for your time and your gentle but insightful, specific editing suggestions to make this book more powerful. To Bob Proctor: for your incredible lifetime commitment to share the laws of life with everyone who has ears to hear. To Gayel Marquet: for being the catalyst to profoundly changing my life by following your instincts and giving me The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity even though you were only half way through it. To Bob Gordon: for telling me about Neale Donald Walschs book Conversations With God. It is the most significant book I have ever read. It was an opening for me to ask the questions and begin studying the Universal Laws. Thank you for sharing it with laughter and altering the course of my life. To my International Mastermind group: Carol, Will, Tanya, Michael, Connie, Luke, Poh Yin, Leanne, Sheila and Kym. for encouragement, advice and support to finish. To all the editors with your insights that make this book more powerful: Dolf deRoos, Carol Matheson, Mark and Deirdre Rapson, Tricia Sherwood, Sheila Lavender, Geraldine MagnerMorris, Roseline Deleu, Joanna and Ross Preston, Lisa Leyes, Kathleen Baird, Elaine Baird, and special thanks to Linda Callaghan for the cover design.

Book Reviews

Book Reviews
5 out of 5 stars A MUST READ!!! I wish I had the opportunity to get this information after I watched "The Secret" back in 2008 and my eyes were opened to a whole different world. Unlike So Many other books I've read which TALK about Manifesting, this Author, Lori Mitchell, gives you "The How To" in Manifesting. It's not as complicated as people make it out to be. Lori breaks it down in 7 Very Simple Steps. I can't say enough Good about it, or tell you enough as to How Much this information from this author has impacted my life. I would've saved myself A Lot of frustration and aggravation trying to figure out the process of Manifesting. Lori is So down to earth in her explanations. Unlike other books which have A Lot of filler info, you won't find that with this course. I've read A Lot of Books, listened to A Lot of CDs, watched A Lot of DVDs, but got nothing like the information that Lori conveys in the concise manner in which she does with this information. You WILL be glad to have this information. It'll make your life A Whole Lot easier understanding "How" to Manifest which is "What" you need to know to move on in life. If you can't get it here, look it up on Google and go to Lori's website to get it. I wish I had had it when I started out on my journey. ~ Heather Fitch, Columbus, OH USA "This book is awesome and is full of wonderful information and things we can do to change our lives." ~Rosemary Burns "I am a strong advocate of Lori's Book 'Speed Manifesting', and to have Lori in person sharing her wisdom is an opportunity not to be missed." ~ Ian Parkin


SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell

Speed Manifesting is a deeply personal look into the life of Lori and the Universal Laws she has discovered and applied. You will relate to the challenges Lori faced and learn from the principles she outlines to breakthrough to success. ~ Scott G "I found this book amazing. It is easy to read and made me realize that I had control over my future. After doing the practical exercises, I am now noticing good changes in my life. Events have occurred, seemingly out of the blue, which are bringing me closer to my goals." ~Mark Rapson "Lori has amazing insight into the Universal Laws & is a gifted manifestor & motivator! As an author she breaks it all down simply for the reader. Its a great book & i love the 7 steps to Abundance! The 7 steps really motivated me at a time of despair & personal loss. Speed Manifesting helps me to get back on track, when I've drifted back into old habits of worry or self doubt or when I unintentionally focus on what i dont want, rather than what i do want! I highly recommend Lori Mitchells book!" ~ Diana Morton "I belong to Wealth Beyond Reason with Bob Doyle and found Speed Manifesting as a download. It is the best book I have read on manifesting and Lori, your generous spirit comes across and has deeply touched my life. Thank you so much!" ~Cherry "BRAVO!!!! I am finding it hard to put your book down. I absolutely LOVE it!!!! ~ Carol Matheson


Book Reviews "It's because of your book, I manifested a raise, and I also manifested other things, I think of the universe several times a day, too. It works." ~ Rhonda "...I am presently studying the Master Key System by Charles F. Hannel and using Speed Manifesting by Lori Mitchell, to fine tune my search. Well, the results have been nothing short of miraculous. The remarkable similarities between Hannel and Mitchells message were enough to set me on the right course. They put everything I was searching for in a simple and easy perspective. Now those books are almost one hundred years apart from each other, yet they coincide with one another perfectly. I found the answers I was searching for and they were a lot simpler than I ever imagined...I thank you Lori Mitchell for your coaching and direction and you are a part of my daily gratitude list. ~ Vinnie "I've been utterly blessed and had absolutely amazing and really significant positive changes in my life since reading this book and putting it into action. Lori is incredible at taking the complexities and making them simple and easy for anyone to incorporate into daily life. You MUST read this book if you want anything to change in your life...starting with you." ~Corinne Reynolds Video and Online eBook Learning Course Reviews "Lori, Thank you. At last a way to quiet my inner chatter that works! Simple, effective and said with such gentle compassion. I use it a lot." ~Tempie


SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell

"Thank you Lori for taking the time and sharing with us your manifesting video. It is a wonderful gift and a treasure map towards manifesting ones desire/s. I recently purchased your ebook, Speed Manifesting and continued being inspired." ~Tess "Hi Lori, Its amazing that you have broken down the Law of Attraction into simplicity and have made it more effective than others who have tried to explain it. Thank you again, Lori. I cannot even begin to tell you how amazing this thing has come to me: your videos and mini-lectures. They are carrying more of an impact on my life right now. Grateful," ~ Celeste "Thank you so much for your information. It helps beyond words." ~Robert "Dear Lori, Your message is powerful. It came at a moment when I was in need of something to help me to connect more deeply to manifesting a particular goal. As a Healer and Wsidom Keeper, I understand and follow the Principles already. I found it helpful though to be the student, once again. Blessings Of The One." ~Nkwejij Selina "Dear Lori. I have enjoyed the seven videos that you have obviously put so much time and effort into. I really appreciate the fact that they are short in duration yet still filled with so much teaching and insight. You truly are a great creator and giver. I look forward to the bonus key video in one weeks time and my continuation onward to greater, higher and deeper happenings. Thanks and Best Wishes." ~Gerry.


Book Reviews "Lori, You and your message are gifts you share so beautifully. thank you. I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. It is so succinct and yet so inclusive. Profoundly powerful and exciting. I am thrilled I was blessed to meet you." ~Dorothy Martin-Neville Author of Your Soul Sings, Your Body Dances "Hi Lori, thank you very much for your videos.. I have followed Abraham for a number of years which I am grateful for. I am able to understand the meaning of speed manifesting more clearly because you just have that certain way of explaining everything...I am still reading your book, and watch what I am always thinking. Will email you further into the book with more good news. I thank you so much for opening my heart and eyes. Abundance, love and light to you." ~Carol "Thank you so much Lori for your fantastic step by step process. I love it! Because its very clear and very easy to follow with deeply touched at heart. Once I now know how to stop and listen quietly inside my thought and asking myself what I truly really want? This step one has playing a major part to sort out what I truly wanted and unwanted. And now I put them into two different boxes. I now choose to focus on ONLY wanted box that I want to have in my life. Your step by step process is a blessed! Million thanks Lori!" ~Lisa "Lori, Can I just say thank you for this video today. It really brightened me up and made me feel connected and I think you are gorgeous and I am grateful that you sent this to me." ~Christine


SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell

"Lori, I think your distinction between gratitude and appreciation is very helpful. I have often struggled with the concept of feeling gratitude; consequently, I find it hard to engage emotionally with gratitude-feeling grateful. Most personal development persons speak of listing things to be grateful for, usually as the last thing to do before going to sleep at night. Frankly, I have not found this exercise useful. However, when I think in terms of appreciating things in my life, the concept becomes clearer and easier to practice. Appreciation, to me, is a dynamic present-tense exercise that I can do throughout my day. Making gratitude lists is a static, past tense activity. Thank you for your insight. The concept of assumptive action is very provocative! Acting as if you already had the manifestation is difficult for me and I assume its difficult for other people. I compare assumptive action to being instead of just doing. By thinking assumptively we are forced to look at the consequences (both desired and undesired) of our actions. If we start taking assumptive action, we might actually do better at orderly and intuitive actions." ~Jim "Kia ora Lori enjoyed the messages and journey you have taken me on over the last week. I look forward to continually aligning myself and re-visitng the videos when needed. Especially enjoyed The Circulation video, I need to work a little more on this I feel." ~Chris "THANKYOU!! Through your daily exercises/videos, I was able to manifest a desire I had and that renewed my faith in the law of attraction. Now I am keen on manifesting more and more. Thank you so much Lori." ~Katryna


Book Reviews "Hi Lori, You are Awesome! Your clarity, your wisdom, and you peacefulness has been a great blessing to me. I enjoy and look forward to these late night videos that I practice before I go to sleep. Thank You!" ~Gwyn "Hi Lori Thanks so much for the valuable information in all of these videos. I have your ebook so will be studying this over the next week too! I am really inspired to take action towards these steps, you have explained them in a way that I havent been able to grasp before, but now it seems so clear! I have done a mind movie every year with my intentions, but now I have also created a vision book I bought a beautiful notebook that looks like it is covered in jewels, and have put many manifesting pictures and statements in it. I have a page in it that has a picture of a treasure chest and put pictures of what I want to manifest between its pages, and then I sleep with it under my pillow. I feel it connects me to the magic of the universe, so thanks so much for the inspiration!" ~Estelle "Dear Lori, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You & God Bless you. I wish upon you, Wealth, health, happiness, abundance & prosperity.You made a tremendous difference in my life." ~Alfonso MV "Hi Lori, Thankyou for your video series and the book I bought etc. You put it together very well. Looking forward to meeting you. God bless." ~Raewyn


SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell

"Hi Lori, Thank you for putting things in such an easy-tounderstand way. Totally clear! Looking forward to the next step." ~Matts "Hi Lori, thanks so much for the 7 steps. I too love that they are brief and very clear. I have listened to some of your other material and it also resonates with me. I will be doing plenty of practice. Thank you for the bonus video in anticipation. With Regards," ~Natasha "Blessings to you Lori for your wonderful teaching & mentoring & brilliant Speed Manifesting Program. I have heartfelt Gratitude to the Universe for bringing you into my life.especially right now at this moment in time. Warmest Regards" ~ Diana "Hi Lori, Your inspirational videos are an amazing follow up to your book which I have read also, passed on from a dear friend. Like you, she has come into my life on my journey to my new life, a new way of thinking, feeling and creating! I have just manifested a teaching position, full time which I have longed for a few months. I felt it, beleived it, visualised it, was grateful for it previous, and have acheived an amazing position that is set to challenge and enrich my life. Thank you Lori, and look forward to listening to more in the future. Full of abundance," ~Disa "WOW what a journey! Thank you Lori, you have given me so much to think about, there has been a shift Thank you. Cheers," ~Judie


Book Reviews "Hi Lori, Thanks for your great videos & the wonderful teacher you are! Yes, I find that gratitude is the key for me. Being grateful for the small things. When I express my sincere gratitude for whatever it is that I have received, or for my environment, my level of appreciation is elevated instead of taking things for granted! We say Grace for our meals but wed weve never given thanks for the water or beverages we drink, till now. Giving thanks for the simple things in life: the fre sh air we breath, the whole body in which we live & appreciation for each other! I appreciate you Lori & give thanks for your message:-) With gratitude" ~Connie "Hi Lori, Thanks for the video and I will finish the ebook today. Its really marvelous, thank you again. I not only know very specifically what I want, but I say it out loud every day as if I already have it and also mentally. I have it written down, as well as exactly what Im going to do with it when it arrives. It feels very good to be in this place and for the first time in my life, it feels attainable and real as opposed to a mere unrealistic or unattainable wish or dream that I used to have. Im looking forward to the next video." ~Marina "Thank you Lori for these short videos. They are great reminders. I have manifested many wonderful things and experiences in my life. I also have struggled with the manifesting process at times. Your clear and short videos are well done. I will be listening to them again and sharing with others. Now it is time to practice, practice, practice. The process never ends. Thanks," ~Bonnie


SPEED Manifesting: The Method

Lori Mitchell

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About the Author

Lori Mitchell is a dynamic and passionate seminar leader who can translate the woo-woo concepts of Universal Laws, the Law of Attraction and The Secret into useful, practical strategies that anyone can understand and apply. She has a 20 year career in software sales and marketing training in the IT industry and the Financial Services industry. Since 2007 she has focused on personal growth and transformation and has worked personally with clients and participants, empowering them to take their lives and goals to new levels of possibilities. She currently offers personal growth seminars for professionals and committed individuals to learn how life really works and how we human beings are designed, to get better results in career, money, relationships and personal empowerment. SPEED Manifesting is a powerful book on creating and she teaches the SPEED Manifesting Method, showing how easy it is to have life deliver what you want. She connects personally with her stories and analogies to illustrate the concepts she shares. She has lived in Australia and New Zealand for over 25 years. Originally born in Detroit and raised in Toronto, Canada, she has a multicultural perspective and a unique viewpoint on the fluidity of beliefs to completely change your life. She now lives in a beach paradise with her husband and sons. She enjoys the exotic abundant lifestyle as she shares this very effective method with people around the world. Join the group of people starting a personal revolution by taking back their real power in life.