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Grade School

The CPC Grade School envisions God-loving children who are intelligent, caring andresponsible members of the family, community and the nation.


The CPC Grade School seeks to develop children into well-rounded persons imbued with Catholic values and equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills in preparation to the next level of education.

Specifically, the CPC Grade School aims to produce pupils who: 1. Uphold the catholic philosophy in their spiritual lives in line with the schools motto: Pro Deo Et Patria; 2. Can read, compute, write and communicate effectively to others their ideals, feelings and beliefs; 3. Have been imbibed with the basic understanding about desirable health habits and practices, Philippine culture, and patriotism as means of growth and progress; 4. Can think critically, solve problems and make sound decisions; and 5. Know and love God above all by living and practicing their Catholic faith.

College of Arts and Education

The Vision
In line with the vision of the College to develop and to produce effective educators, the School of Education is an active participant in the production of dynamic, proactive, and participative teachers in the elementary and secondary levels of education. The college makes a meaningful response to the national need for quality, concerned, ethical, and morally upright teachers who will participate in molding developing and helping the youth achieve their maximum level of self-realization, attain personal success and happiness, and become worthy and contributing members of the society.

The Mission
To develop Catholic students into well-thinkers, balanced personalities with capabilities to prepare as citizens who possess not only the relevant skills required but also the values that reflect our democratic and religious heritage. The School specifically aims to: 1. Develop self-actualized students who are imbued with Christian ideals, aspirations and, values and who appreciate Philippine tradition, life and culture; 2. Equip students with theories and concepts necessary to understand the individual and his development process; 3. Deepen the understanding and appreciation of values that will improve the human spirit, refine human nature and contribute to the human beings unending quest for fulfillment in the students; 4. Provide awareness of the importance of economic growth and social development through relevant curriculum, effective classroom strategies and workable instructional objectives; 5. Help students understand the nature, needs and motivation of the pupils, students, as well as the nature and problems of the community; and 6. Enable students to relate to the nation and the world in which the lives, to God and to the people in the community.

Collegio de la purisima concepcion

Vision and Mission

Colegio de la Purisima Concepcion would have meaningful contributed to an empowered citizenry who can create, think critically, act positively, and contribute to the full development of society through responsive and relevant academic programs that shall be addressed to healthy, economic, political, socio-cultural, religious, scientific, and technolological needs and challenges.

Colegio de la Purisima Concepcion, a catholic institution of learning of the Archdiocese of Capiz, believes in a witnessing community of Christians who are maka-Diyos, maka- tao, maka-bayan, and maka-kalikasan. It commits itself to an evangelizing and liberating

education for young Filipino men and women into becoming creative, decisive, competitive, critical thinkers and active individuals who shall contribute to: 1. the attainment of political maturity, economic stability, and equitable social progress; 2. the cultivation and inculcation of moral and spiritual foundations; 3. and the realization of a Filipino identity and strong sense of national pride.