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While veggie shopping, pick locally grown vegetables over exotic ones to make sure that you get maximum nutrients and least preservatives If you dont eat fish, include walnuts, broccoli, and spinach in your diet to get your dose of omega 3 fatty acids




Three is an awesome crowd

f 0 R B 4 Mediterranean, Coastal Indian, Oriental HNS Group Oriental Chef Dom Oli Mediterranean Chef Manoj Singh Coastal Indian - Chef Kumar Gowda Yes Well stocked bar For about `1,800, you could share a drink, a non veg starter, a veg and non veg main course dish and a dessert (Inclusive of taxes and service charge) Yes No ( S -5

Cuisine Owner(s) Chef

Manu Prasad

roika, to me, immediately brings Russia to mind, and though the resto-bar itself does not show any colour preferences, the Staples signboard right below makes up for it! But it is to be noted that the restaurant is to your left once you get out of the elevator. Actually, the name is more a function of three. The logo shows three elements fire, water, and air. The dcor is classy and functional with three kinds of seating high stools near the island bar, a semi-open lounge area, and an air-conditioned space. But we were there mostly for the food, and the menu is also a mix of three primary culinary influences Mediterranean, Oriental, and Coastal. If youve been keeping track, thats three times that the theme of three had manifested itself, and I was increasingly reminded of The Number 23, in which Jim Carrey sees all events and incidents being connected to 23. See?


From top: Chicken Roulade, Potato & Red Onion Roesti, Sweet n Sour Glass Noodles and Coconut, Honey & Lime Panna Cotta

I decided to distract myself with the menu as we waited for the third couple to join us, and as soon as I opened the beverages menu, among the cocktails, we tried the Cin-Fully Yours and the James Bond Martini (shaken not stirred) and both were quite good. The chef has done an excellent job of creating intrigue around the dishes long before

they are served the fusion combinations are unique and many a dish would sell solely because of the description. Take for example, the Lemon Grass scented Pineapple and Parupu Rasam. We missed the scent, and it was more sambar than rasam courtesy the lentils, but none of that could take away from the super soup. We began solid food consumption with the Crispy Fish Coconut Chilli and though the coconut didnt really feature much, the dish was spicy with some flavourful seasoning. The Rochaedo chicken dumplings are very un-dumpling-like in their appearance, but the Goan masala and the sweet and sour flavour didnt disappoint. The chargrilled Lamb Souvlaki was quite bland and despite a valiant effort by the Tzatziki dip, and the well-cooked meat, the dish was not really a favourite. Wed been ignoring the vegetarians and their revenge did turn out to be a dish best served cold the Sweet & Sour Glass Noodle Rolls. A surprise hit, with a Vietnamese salad inside a rice paper sheet, and flavours that hit all the right notes.

and it fondly reminded us of traditional fish curry meals. The Curd Roast Lamb Casserole had a very bland marinade and the Oozi (sic) rice didnt really thrill either. The Chicken Roulade, with garlic, mushroom and ricotta stuffing, was excellent, and wouldve been the favourite if not for the Potato & Red Onion Roesti, with its lime and parmesan dressing. Yes, vegetarian again, and it must be mentioned that the menu does provide some excellent options for them. Also, the main course portions are sized just right, and one would easily feel confident about ordering desserts.

Alcohol Wine List Price range

Parking Wheelchair access Service Sound level & Music

Afters: There are just about half-a-dozen options, but each of them is unique. The Coconut, Honey and Green Lime Panna Cotta turned out to be quite a win, and the Banoffee pie was a delight to look at and consume. The Chocolate Crostata didnt really fulfil its chocolate potential and weve had better blueberry cheesecakes. The Cannoli Kaapi yogurt was the biggest disappointment both in terms of texture and flavour.

Friendly, prompt Superb music, volume subtle enough to enjoy and yet have a conversation Ambience Comfortable and classy Kid friendly Yes Hours Weekdays : 12 3.30 pm and 7 to 11 pm; Weekends : 12 pm 11 pm Home delivery Yes Reservations Would be a good idea


In all: Troika creates some fabulous adEntree: The Tai Chi chicken was supposed to have a chili pepper sauce but actually turned out to be quite bland. The Kingfish Darne Kodampulli was served with coconut and spinach rice ventures from different cuisines. A few dishes didnt live up to the textual expectations they created, but there were others which made up for it. Add to that the classy dcor and the peppy ambiance, and theres really no reason to raise a red flag.

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