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The Law of Decree (Extracted from Dianne Cooper A little light on ascension) The Universal energy is totally impersonal.

. It backs you one hundred per cent. If you choose to whine and expect little it will help you to co-create lack in your life. If you are strong, sensible, enthusiastic and expecting great things The Source will be right with you opening doors and providing opportunities to create those great things As above so below. If a child asks for something from his parents thinking that they will say no he is shooting a line. This is what many people think prayer is asking God for something with the underlying belief and expectation that He will say no. Asking implies there is a possibility the request might be refused. That absolutely is not prayer. It is hoping or wishing. If someone decides clearly what he wants works out a first class proposal and presents it to his sponsor expecting full agreement and support he will receive all he needs to bring the plan to fruition. In the same way God responds to your energy and helps co-create your life. So prayer is telling God what you need and expecting it to be Divinely provided. There is another aspect to prayer. While you are waiting for your prayer to be granted you are expected to act as if it has already been granted. This is faith. Imagine you were ordering new curtains from a shop. While you wait for them to arrive you wash the paintwork and clean the windows in preparation to put me new curtains up. You act as if the curtains will come. The Law of Decree is similar to the Law of Prayer but instead of putting in an order for something and waiting for it to arrive, as a Master you command. You phone the manager directly and your order is acted upon immediately. When you decree you command the Universal energies to work on your behalf.

Another analogy to illustrate this would be: A soldier goes to his officer with a good plan and prepares everything ready for the rubber-stamping. That is prayer. A commander gives orders, which only the King himself has the power to countermand. That is decree.

When we chose to incarnate on Earth we made an agreement with the powers that be that we could take command of our lives by having the right to decree. So when you activate the Law of Decree you set mighty forces in motion. Great Beings act on your behalf. Mountains are moved. It is a quick and powerful way to access help from the forces of light. It is so powerful that you are warned to be careful. Only decree something that is for your highest good and for the highest good of everyone else. When you make a decree things will start to move in your life. After all if mountains are to move small hills in the way may need to be cleared out first. I have sometimes asked if people would be willing to decree that Thy will be done' in their lives. The panic on some faces as they consider the possible consequences of this would be funny if it were not sad, for why are we aiming for Ascension if our will is not aligned to the Divine Will? One woman told me that she and her mother had been in a power struggle for many lifetimes and it was time to stop it right now no matter what. She decreed that her relationship with her mother be healed. She later wrote to me that she had twice flown right round the world to see her mother, which was certainly not intended when she made the decree. To her delight she and her mother were really close and understanding each other at last. A man decreed that all his psychic and spiritual gifts now be returned to him. He started to open up like a flower. Part of me wanted to make a similar decree but I was wary. Third eye cleansing exercise 1. Cup your hands and imagine them being filled with gold light, 2. Hold the cupped hands over the eyes, like an eyebath. 3. As you bathe the eyes in the golden energy affirm that all negativity in the third eye is now being released and dissolved in the light. 4. Visualize the lens of the eye being dried and polished, so that you can see clearly. When you are ready the universe holds you and pushes you forward. In one of my workshops a woman decreed that she would use her gifts and talents in the media. Within weeks a TV company phoned her up out of the blue and asked her to present one of their programs. Because of its power and because we only have a part of the overall picture, it is wise to make your decree under the Law of Grace. Your intentions may be pure but on Earth we see only a small part of the whole. The Law of Grace ensures that whatever happens will be for the highest overall good and allows forces of light to override your decree if there is something better which can take place. It is your get-out clause. For example if you have phoned the manager directly for your order and insist on having it you will get what you ordered. Grace ensures that if the manager is aware that something much better for

you is shortly to be put onto the market you will receive the better one even though there is a delay. Using grace will ensure that you and everyone else get what is best. Similarly as the commander you may be ready to order your troops into action but the king may know that a treaty is about to be signed and another course of action would be better. So make any decrees under the Law of Grace. You would get nowhere if you phoned the manager on his hotline whimpering that you want something. Your troops would distrust you if you gave an order, the wisdom of which you doubted yourself. Your words must be spoken with authority and command. In accordance with spiritual law, make your decree three times. Examples 'By Divine Decree in the name of God, under the Law of Grace, I ask that................. So be it.' (Said three times) 'By Divine Decree/ in the name of Love and Light/ under Grace, I command................. It is done.' (Said three times) When you have made your decree/ let it go completely. You do not need to repeat it. If it is for the highest overall good, the spiritual realms will bring it about and you must watch for the signs. In the meantime relax and enjoy life. Exercise Decree that the Divine Will be done in your life. You do not need the Law of Grace for this one! 1. Stand in front of a friend or even better a group of people. 2. Make sure your head is up and your shoulders back. You are commanding the universe. 3. State aloud and with authority: 'IN THE NAME OF GOD AND ALL THAT IS LIGHT I NOW DECREE THAT THY WILL BE DONE IN MY LIFE.' Repeat twice more. 4. Then make any other decrees you are ready for