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Network Engineering Candidate Should have the following WCDMA Competence Responsible for Daily Network Health Monitoring

g through analysis on WCDMA KPI reports ( RRC drop, CS/PS RAB Drop, Congestion on IuB, Iur interface, Power, Channel element, Channelization code blocking, HOSR,CSSR,PRACH success rate, Paging Success Rate etc.)accordingly taking action on key performance indicator parameters to meet the Managed Services Network KPIs benchmarks. Consolidate worst performing cells on main WCDMA KPIs RRC CS/PS success rate, CS/PS drop rate, RSSI avg UL, Throughput., analyze the causes of problematic issues, and apply extensive optimization techniques with the use of NSN OSS(NetAct)/Drive test logs/KPI Reports/ Mapinfo & Actix One tools. Monitoring of Load on Resources like BTS Channel Elements, IuB, RF Power, OVSF Code, and RNC CPU Load. Capacity Monitoring: RB Blocking Rate, RL Set Up Blocking Rate, RL Addition Blocking Rate, RL Reconfiguration Blocking Rate, RRC Connection Rejection rate. Accessibility KPIs: RRC Connection Success Rate, RAB Assignment Success Rate, IUcs & IUps Success Rate, CSSR Success Rate, HSPA Performance. Retainability KPIs: CS Call Drop, PS Call Drop, SHO and HHO Monitoring and Troubleshooting. Responsible for Scrambling code planning and 3G-3G, 3G-2G neighbors planning. Performance analysis of IRAT handovers, BLER & Ec/No, Pilot pollution, Near Far effect, HS throughput. Fetch the daily and hourly WCDMA KPI report from ITK(ISP Tool Kit) or BO(Business Object) for monitoring & troubleshooting the root cause of accessibility, retainability and mobility degradation and propose the recommendation. Well versed with most of the Counters and Formulas used for reporting the statistics Good at Ericsson OSS; Using MOSHELL and AMOS to change or view Managed Objects. Experience on Ericsson Optimization 2G & 3G OSS tools such as FAS, WMRR, WNCS, UETR, GPEH and PMR reports using Citrix Neighborhood. Optimization of existing & new network which includes KPI analysis such as CSSR, RAB-RRC setup & retention , call drop, pilot pollution (Inbound-Outbound),Near-Far effect, BLER & Ec/No, handover & handoff problems (Softer, Soft, Hard, IRAT), handoff overhead, server inconsistencies problem, power control, HSDPA calls using drive logs. 3G/UMTS/HSPA Drive test analysis of Handset as well as Scanner data with the help of Actix Analyzer and TEMS which contains Best Server (CPICH_RSCP) analysis, Ec/Io analysis, pilot pollution reduction (CPICH_RSCP & Ec/Io), overlapping cells optimization, missing neighbors (2G & 3G) detection, call initialization failure reduction, parameters modification to get the requested KPI.