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How to Enjoy Heavenly Kingdom (1)

This is the House of God, and Also the Gate of Heaven

** Starting Words
I bless everyone, that you will not forget the following 3 important truths in your entire life:
1) To prepare our eternal kingdom (dwelling in heaven, crowns, descendants), our days of living on earth today
2) If only our eyes are opened, in our lives, living fields, and people who are with us, we can surely see the heavenly kingdom
3) At that time, the heavenly kingdom which we enjoyed continues to expand and grow, leading us to receive eternal inheritance,
crown, glory

** Scripture Reading: Gen 28:10-22, 31:3, 13, 35:1-15, Jn 3:3, 5, 31-36

1. If man is born again, he can see the kingdom of God <Gen 28:19-22, Jn 3:3>
1) Jacob exclaimed, [Surely the Lord is in this place, and I was not aware of it…How awesome is this place! This is none other
than the house of God; this is the gate of heaven] = All those saints who are called by God, already experienced [the encounter
of Jacob at Bethel] (one day the kingdom of God suddenly appeared to man) = Moses at Mount Horeb, Samuel at Shiloh, in the
house of Priest Eli, David at his shepherding ground, Elijah at Gilead, Simon at the seaside of Galilee, Paul at the road of
- When a blessed man experiences this for the first time in his entire life, his whole lifetime would be affected by that encounter,
all those who are born again have to confirm that in their lives, they have already experienced [this wonderful thing] → In
fact, the meeting of God experienced by the saints of the end age is even more beautiful
- More important than the opening of the gate of heaven, is Jacob heard the word of God, and thus knew the Jehovah God, knew
himself, knew his family clan and his bloodline, knew the eternal promises of God, and also knew the matters concerning his
own descendants, regions, peoples on earth, things of future. Therefore, the heavenly kingdom has descended upon his spirit.
=> When we hear the gospel of Christ, and receive the conviction of Holy Spirit to believe, our spiritual eyes are opened as a
result of knowing Father God, own self, promises, eternality. We can see the presence of God. At the same time, our
perspective toward everything in the universe changes. Loving kindness, grace, hope, and joy are restored in our spirits…
# Think back and reflect upon my experience, conviction and transformation when I received grace, and was born again
2) God bestowed upon him the eternal promise = This promise is the promise God had given to Abraham = Therefore, we can
know that all those saints [who believe in the Jehovah God whom Abraham believed] also receive the same promise
- God gave the eternal promise to Jacob, saying, [I am with you and will watch over you, and I will bring you back to this land/
I will give you and your descendants this land / your descendants will be like the dust of the earth, you will spread out to the
west and to the east, to the north and to the south /all peoples on earth will be blessed through you and your offspring]
=> All those saints who accepted the teachings of Christ, have become the body of Christ, restored [infinite hope, inheritance,
power] that Christ possessed → <Ep 2:6> Raised up with Christ and seated with him in the heavenly realms (Christ with us
forever); <Ep 1:15-23> Already become [body of Christ], and possessed infinite hope, inheritance, power; <Ep 2:11-22>
Through the [cornerstone] Christ, already united with all the mysteries of God and the abundant inheritance of Israel; <Ro
8:34> Now, Christ is at the right hand of God, interceding for us; <Mt 18:10, Re 8:3-5, Heb 1:14> Angels in heaven, always
see the face of heavenly Father because of us, and also always protect and serve us…
3) Jacob made a vow to God = All saints who believe in Jesus Christ, made the same vow (Baptism = To die and resurrect with
- I will then treat the Lord as my God (know God) / and also be the house of God (converse with God) / of all that you give me
I will give you a tenth (serving as a living sacrifice)
=> When they are baptized, all saints who belong to Christ already made the same vow, saying, [Jesus Christ must be the only
God (only purpose, foundation, method), and must receive the ideology and living operating system of Christ (build temple),
thus have to converse with God at all times and places, offer they bodies as living sacrifices, serve the Lord in all things,
testify for God, bless others…]
4) How to continuously enjoy [the heavenly kingdom which has already been seen and is always with him], and fulfilled the vow
he himself had made before God? This is the content that Jacob had to learn throughout his life = Throughout their whole life,
Christians have to learn how to continue to enjoy [heavenly kingdom (Immanuel)], to fulfill the things God wants to fulfill →
All God’s perfect will, plans, works, are not elsewhere, but in [the conditions that saints possessed when they were called]
- All the glorious inheritance of generations after generations of Israelites, came from the possessions of Jacob, came from all
the conditions that Jacob met = Israel’s name, 12 tribes, Jesus Christ, 12 apostles, all peoples on earth are blessed through
=> Therefore, saints have to test and approve the perfect will of God in their own conditions → In the moment, places, and
conditions where the life, perspective, words, and living of saints restore the perfect will of God, [God’s kingdom] will
descend upon there

2. The Christ who came from heaven, testified to what he has seen and heard <Gen 31:3, 13, 35:1, Jn 3:32>
1) God continued to guide Jacob, bestowed blessings upon him, but ironies continued to appear in the life and living of Jacob; God
told Jacob to return to [Bethel] (God’s house), build an altar, God appeared to him there, made him serve God, let him enjoy the
blessings of Israel <Gen 31:3, 13, 35:1-15>
- All saints who are called, have to build [Abraham’s altar, Moses’ Tent of Meeting, David’s tabernacle, Christ’s holy temple]
- In every era, God revealed to saints (Abraham, Moses, David, apostles) [the mystery of God’s kingdom revealed through
Jesus Christ」
= Earth’s history is the process of God’s gradual revelation and expansion of [Jesus Christ and heavenly kingdom]…
2) Saints who are called, have already resurrected together with Christ, so set your minds not on earthly things but on things above,
where Christ is seated at the right hand of God <Co 3:1-2.; Jesus Christ [Word became flesh] came to earth, testified all the
mysteries of heaven; all saints who resurrected together with Christ, can understand, see, and thus enjoy <Jn 3:3,31-36>; The
[mysteries, parables of heavenly kingdom] explained by Jesus Christ can be organized into the following 7 key points…
① The Lord said, [earth’s history exists to build the eternal kingdom]; through the lives of different saints of different eras,
joined up in unity by the cornerstone Christ, the heavenly kingdom is built <Mt 24:14,25:31-34,Jn 14:1-3,17:18-26,
Ep 2:19-22,4:1-16,Ro 11:25-36>
② The Lord said, [heavenly kingdom is at nowhere else, but in the spirits of blessed saints] = Heavenly kingdom is revealed by
the Holy Spirit and through the spirits of [born again saints] <Lk 17:21,Jn 3:3,14:16-21>
③ The Lord said, [For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them] = In the same era and same region,
the grace, inheritance, potential possessed by Christ fellowship which meet and come together are infinite; where brethrens
love, intercede for, joined together with, cooperate with, testify to one another, there the heavenly kingdom is <Mt 18:18-20,
Ac 2:41-47,11:19-30,19:8-20>
④ The Lord said, [Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well], the Lord also
used many parables to emphasize, [all saints who are called, have the mission of the heavenly kingdom in their days on earth,
all the unique conditions and gifts possessed by them are received to fulfill that mission, will certainly bear [the judgment to
be borne by the righteous (to determine crown)] <Mt 6:33,9:35-38,10:1-15,11:4-5,13:1-52,19:28-30,21:18-22,
⑤ The Lord said, [If I drive out demons by the Spirit of God, then the kingdom of God has come upon you] , the Lord has also
given this authority to every saint who believes and belongs to Him, so that they can always enjoy the [keys of heaven], cast
out evil spirits and enjoy the heavenly kingdom. Every time when blessed saints bring a heart of loving God and loving man
to test and approve the perfect will of God, as well as love to follow the Lord, the heavenly kingdom will appear and the
affairs of the kingdom will be fulfilled <Mt12:28,6:9-15,10:1,5-8,19,16:16-19,25:1-13,28:18-20,Jn 14-17>
⑥ The Lord said, the heavenly kingdom is like [the seed that fell on good soil], will surely yield fruits of a hundred, sixty, or
thirty times; also like [mustard seed], though it is the smallest of all seeds, yet when it grows, it is the largest of garden plants;
also like [yeast], does not take long to work through the dough; if a blessed saint is faithful in the role and mission that he
bears, he will increasingly see the adding of gifts and rewards <Mt 13:1-23,31-35,25:14-46, Lk 19:1-27>
⑦ The Lord said, when the time has come, I will bring forth the eternal new heaven and new earth, all of you will resurrect,
judge the living and the dead, saints will receive eternal crowns based on the internal and external fruits borne in their lives,
forever enjoy the heavenly blessings, and do everlasting new things to serve God <Mt 24:14,25:31-45, Re 21-22>
3) There are 3 kinds of heavenly kingdoms: ① Heavenly kingdom of today, ② Heavenly kingdom that continues to expand, ③
The heavenly kingdom to come. Among these, the most important is the heavenly kingdom of today. Without being blessed in
the heavenly kingdom of today, cannot see the heavenly kingdom which is expanding, and also cannot receive prizes and
inheritance in the eternal heavenly kingdom to come.

3. The man who has accepted it has certified that God is truthful <Gen 35:1-15, Jn 3:33> = Saints have to confirm the heavenly
kingdom in their own conditions and time
1) The [mysteries of heavenly kingdom] exposed by Christ, are all in my life and conditions today; when I confirm, the heavenly
kingdom will be restored in my life, living fields, and my interpersonal relationships…
2) The heavenly kingdom I must confirm today
① Have I received [the mission of heavenly kingdom (lifetime mission)]?
- This is the inheritance of [Abraham, Moses, David and other prophets, and apostles of Christ] inherited today together with
the saints of this era …
- Reflect based on the promise of 4 gospelisations, 7 fields, the roles God arranged, the gifts and vision given by God
- What lifetime visions and timetable do I have? To what extent has that been fulfilled till now?

② Is the heart to love God and love man growing continuously in my life?
- How is the current state of the love, intercession, joining up, coordination, testifying between brethrens and I?
③ Currently, what is the Lord doing in my life and living fields?
- My equipping in spiritual truths/ my progress in prayers/ what kind of intercession prayers am I presently making for my
- How am I using the serving at home, church and work to add on to my heavenly inheritance and crown every day?
- In the developing process of my life and serving, what are the current trials and problems that the Lord prepared? What kind
of renewal and power should I receive?
④ Can I always enjoy [relying on the Holy Spirit, casting out demons, restoring heavenly kingdom]?
- Have I already grasped the mystery of opening spiritual eyes, casting out demons, enjoying the heavenly kingdom at all
times? = How to enjoy [the mystery of death and resurrection] during prayers? = During prayers, how to restore the heart to
love God and love man, test and approve the answer of peace (perfect will of God), confirm the conviction, guidance,
anointing of the Holy Spirit, trust and commit?
⑤ Do I have the gifts from above, the adding of crowns every day?
- Do I see the increase of [life answers, joy, peace, love, freedom, authority]?/do I see my life becoming a blessing to [those
whom I love, those whom are always with me, those whom I met]?/in particular, what kind of answers did I receive in
[saving people, casting out demons, healing others, nurturing people, building churches]? Furthermore, to what extent have
I been used by God?/is the vision from heaven getting bigger, more precise, more practical?
3) In the days left on earth, continue to expand [the affairs of heavenly kingdom] by centering on [Bethel (altar), brethrens,
disciples], bless the brethrens of future generations every day (disciples, children, descendants), pass this eternal inheritance
down to them…

*** Closing words

Prayer topics for this week:

1) If a man is born again, he can see the kingdom of God: Have I experienced [the encounter of Jacob at Bethel (saw kingdom of God,
heard promises of God, made vows to God)? have I seen: My experience during born again is the exact same experience as Jacob at
Bethel? Are what I have received in Christ the same as what [Jacob, Abraham] received? Is my baptism like the vows [Jacob, Abraham]
2) The Christ who came from heaven, testified to what he has seen and heard: Can the heavenly kingdom which I enjoy every day match
the heavenly kingdom revealed by Christ? Is my every day on earth lived out to [receive the eternal heavenly kingdom and inheritance]?
Are there any areas that require adjustment or renewal?
3) The man who has accepted it has certified that God is truthful: In my life and living, confirm: The contents of main point 3, sub-point
2; at the same time reflect more on: how to enjoy more abundant life every day? What is the degree of the restoration of heavenly
kingdom in every corner of my time, life, living, interpersonal relationships?