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Towards a God-Created Marriage《

《Ge 1:25-28, 2:7, 18, 24-25, 3:14-17, 21》

.Marriage are created by God

1) When God created marriage, He has laid the fundamentals for it

(1) Marriage is arranged by the Creator (The circumstances, timing, process by which the marriage form
is absolutely arranged by the Creator)
(2) The blessing and purpose of the Creator is in the marriage
(3) To receive bliss and live out the purpose of marriage, the creator has defined the standard role of a
husband and wife within the marriage

2) The trait of God’s creation lies within its differences. Thus, the beauty of marriage lies within the
difference between 2 persons

3) The creator (God) is love (And because of love, He exercises justice). Thus, within the marriage lies
the Creator’s love, as well as His fairness

.Christ-Centered Marriage

1) In Christ, there is 3 core purposes

(1) To bring Eternal Blessings(2 persons inheriting eternal life and crown together)
(2) To bring about Sanctification(Due to each other, 2 persons lives becoming more Christ-like, i.e.
knowing God’s perfect will in all situation and submit to it)
(3) To bring about Testimony(As a result of living together, 2 persons generate stories of glorifying God,
benefitting men and building the Kingdom)

2) The Role and Principle of that of Husband and Wife determined by God in Christ
<Ge 2:18> <1Pe 3:1-7> <Eph 5:22-33>
(1) Husband(Leader, Sacrificial Love, Treat Considerately, Protector)
(2) Wife(Helper, unfading gentleness, quiet spirit, submissive party)

3) The union of body, mind (heart) and spirit favored by God in Christ
(1) Union of the Spirit: Possess the same Heavenly Kingdom Vision and complement each other in
fulfilling it
(2) Union of the mind (heart): The communication between Spouses
(Openness, Empathy, Common Topics, Thanksgiving during conversation)
(3) Union of the Body: Spousal Sexual life ⇒ Pleasure and Procreation between 2 persons <1 Cor 7:3-6>
<1 Thes 4: 3–8> Flee from passionate lust. Passionate lust can never bring about the pleasure which God has
intended. Instead it brings about selfishness, and in the end devastates the spirit, mind and ultimately body.
* When a marriage runs into problem, the union of the body, together with its enjoyment will be last to
restore. Therefore, both should first put effort in the union of the spirit and mind (heart).
* However, the union of the body is also the fastest and easiest to be satisfied. Therefore, both must be
careful of the fire of passion that consumes men.

.Towards a Spirit-guided Marriage

1) 2 persons pursue the heart to love God and men together

* Marriage is the inclusion of the connections that 2 persons possess (family, brethrens, friends/colleagues)
* The love for God and men by 2 persons = The love of 2 persons for each other

2) Live a marriage life with reflection(sometimes through conversation, quarrels, different opinions,
family problems, etc)

3) Enjoy each other, not the things outside each other (e.g. children, money, societal/career success, etc)
* Have to understand: Though marriage is inclusive, it is also exclusive.