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Enjoy Prayers which [are Answered During Prayers] <Mt 6:9-13, 7:7-8, Jn 14:6-7, 12-21, 26, 15:5-8>

. Prayers which [are answered during prayers] then can bring about [answers after prayers] ([prayers which are answered])

1) The prayer that God gives believers is to let them receive the convicted response that comes from God during prayers (receive the
faith/plans/wisdom bestowed by God the Creator)

2) Prayers which cannot receive convicted response in the midst of prayers are all [religious prayers], which cannot bring about [answers
after prayers]
After making [religious prayers] for a long time, can even bring about bad influence in the spiritual realm, and thus cause more severe

3) To meet God during prayers in itself is an answer

Meet God = Meet the attributes of God (loving kindness, righteous, almighty, abundant, faithful, eternal...)
Prayers which fail to meet God cannot bring about the transformation by the renewing of mind (therefore, the understanding toward
people, matters, problems, etc is still the same after prayers)
E.g.: After Moses, Stephen met God, the glorious radiance emitted from their lives

4) During prayers, to restore the heart to turn to God in itself is an answer

Therefore, the most beautiful answer is to receive more ‘heart’ as I pray more (in other words, the more I pray, the more I like to pray)

.How to experience [receiving answers during prayers]?
* Those who cannot receive answers during prayers, their natural reaction after prayers is to seek another answer
* Prayers which do not receive answers according to the teachings of the Lord absolutely cannot benefit people’s lives (faith, hope, love
cannot grow)

1) Contents which cannot be missed out in prayers = relationship, thanksgiving, test and approve, cleansing, victory, supplication,
intercession, eternal hope <contents of The Lord’s Prayer>
① Our Father in heaven: First firmly establish the Father-child relationship (know God, know own self, clearly see God’s absolute love,
clearly recognize that I am loved)
② Hallowed be your name: Use the purpose of creation and calling (glorify God, benefit man, build kingdom = 4 gospelisation) as the
foundation to judge all things
③ Your kingdom come: Adjust own perspective and mood according to the absolute presence of God
④ Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven: Based on the roles, gifts, positions, times that God arranged, test and approve the things that
need to be done everyday
⑤ Give us today our daily bread: Ask for faith, wisdom, health, wealth, blessings of meeting to fulfill the will which has been tested and
⑥ Forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors: Restore a heart that is cleansed, thus love God and love others as ourselves
⑦ And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one: Rely on authority to drive out demons (demons = anxiety, fear, worry,
insufficiency, guilt, inferiority complex, etc)
⑧ For yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever: Restore peace, joy, praise, the heart of surpassing victory

2) Recognize that the Holy Spirit convicts through the contents of the Lord’s teachings
① In the spirit, there is strong conviction [to quiet down and commune with the Lord] = The Lord is seeking for you and wants to speak to
② In the spirit, there is yearning feeling to seek the Lord = Heavenly Kingdom descends upon you, such that your spirit is fertile to hear the
voice of God (can also say: the moment when faith comes upon you)
③ In the spirit, starts to think of how the promises and work of the Lord has been fulfilled in your life in the past = Holy Spirit once again
affirms you, telling you to firmly believe: “I am chosen by God, molded by God, a servant whom God will use”
④ In the spirit, face with anticipation and reflect thoroughly on the things that should be done today = Holy Spirit is helping you to test and
approve the perfect will of the Lord
⑤ Sometimes, in the midst of testing and approving, or in the living of walking with God, think of certain matters or people in the spirit, and
have the desire to intercede for those matters or people = Holy Spirit wants to fulfill that matter through your prayers
⑥ After supplication and intercession prayer, spirit felt peaceful and joyful = The promise of the Holy Spirit: “I will surely fulfill your
⑦ Sometimes in your living, certain accusations, worries, fears, insufficiency, gloominess, temptations come upon your spirit = Evil spirits
want to invade you, God therefore gives you signals, telling you to be alert, even to make concentrated prayers, and thus bring about
turning point and receive breakthrough blessings

.After [receiving answers during prayers], continue to [receive more and greater answers] in your living = The ministries of the
Lord Jesus Christ and apostles

1) God bestows on you the authority to bless others and intercede for them (just like priests of Israel)

2) The anointing of Holy Spirit comes upon you, leading you to live out the image of Christ more and more, can save, heal, comfort, bless,
strengthen [the people whom God wants to bless]

3) As days pass, doors of evangelism open greatly for you. Wherever you go, evangelistic ministries will be developed because of you