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How to Enjoy Answered Prayers (5) [Repent and be Cleansed] Till the Extent Where Our Spirits Receive

eive Joy <Psalms 32,

,51> 12/10/2008

Introduction: In Jesus Christ, there is eternal and absolute forgiveness! But can we accept that forgiveness, and thus forgive ourselves? Can we
love God, love man, and receive answers to prayers because of the forgiveness we received (our hearts and spirits do not condemn us)? Refer to: <1
Jn 3: 21-22>
Therefore, we have to recognize the signals of our hearts and spirits condemning us, grasp the secret of forgiveness of sins, absolutely cannot
permit indulgence. Our Lord Jesus Christ and the whole Bible keep teaching about the forgiveness of sins (The Lord’s Prayer, Jacob, Israel,
epistles of the apostles). This shows that we saints who live in the fallen spiritual world, are unable not to commit sins (can also say: have no
way not to be condemned). Therefore, saints have to know how to resolve sins.
. [Blessed is he whose transgressions are forgiven, whose sins are covered. Blessed is the man whose sin the LORD does not count
against him and in whose spirit is no deceit] <Ps 32:1-2>
1) To resolve sins, have to first understand the [origin, nature, dreadful consequences] of sins
* <Gen 3:1-6> Spiritual problem (Satan, root sin, flesh) → <Gen 3:7-14> Mental problem → <Gen 3:16-19> all kinds of problems
Refer to: Example of Cain and Job

2) Definition of sin: [Not following the perfect will of God] is sin! (in other words: departs from God)
* Therefore, there are 2 natures of sin: (1) [Outright sin/evil]; (2) [know the good defined by God but does not follow]

3) Because sin has roots (separate from God, fall under the authority of Satan), sin cannot be resolved by [Repaying] (for example: do good,
accumulate merits, meditate, being zealous)
* If sins are not resolved according to the forgiveness method set by God, man will leave God further and enter into more severe consequences
(participants with demons) <1 Co: 10:20>

4) Sins have to be forgiven. Therefore, it can only be resolved through [confession and repentance]
* The confession of sins and repentance must reach the extent of [turning towards walking with God]
Only then can: (1) the devil’s accusations be stopped; (2) God’s compassion be aroused; (3) our hearts receive peace, and be without fear

5) To confess sins and repent, besides relying on [Jesus Christ’s precious blood], there is no other way in the world
* If base on the method of observing the laws (resolution to do good), man absolutely cannot reach the expectations (standards) of God. # For
example: littering #
* Other than being aware of sins, dying and resurrecting with Christ, becoming a child of God, man absolutely cannot receive the forgiveness of
God. <Ro 7: 18 – 8:4>
. [Confession of sins, repentance] have to be done on the foundation of [the fulfillment and promise of Jesus Christ’s cross]
1) First have to discover: My life is [not under law, but under grace] <Ro 6:14>
* Only the righteousness done under grace can please God (because that is carried out in the identity, belonging, and heart of a child of God)

2) Therefore, the confession and repentance by God’s children are entirely different from those of religious believers
* A father’s heart towards his own children and his heart towards others’ children are completely different. # For example: breaking priceless porcelain #

3) Those who confess their sins and repent with the assurance of God’s children, will certainly bring about [the work of Holy Spirit]
① Receive forgiveness (no condemnation in heart and spirit), can also forgive oneself (in other words: can be open to God and man)
② Sensitive to Satan’s accusations, temptations, hints
③ Dislike sins, dislike contents, motives, thinking, hobbies, customs, culture, etc which are without God
④ Have the heart to love man and have compassion on others, do not judge others
⑤ Contents of prayers and supplication change (not self-centric, but conform to the will of God – prayers contents are based on love for God and love
for man)
.My [confession of sins and repentance] must reach the extent of [my spirit receiving freedom, joy, and me loving the Lord more and loving
man more]
1) The Lord says, ‘you must cleanse your lives [day and night two times], and I will cleanse you’ <Ex 29:38-46>

2) We have to grasp the secret of cleansing sins = definitely must base on what God stipulated and instructed <Ps 32:9>
** Bring 5 offerings, from courtyard → Holy Place → Most Holy Place **
 In courtyard (there are altar, washing basin) = Prepare the heart to confess sins and repent
 Holy Place (12 breads of the Presence <God’s word>, golden lampstand <Holy Spirit’s illumination>) = Our spirits are illuminated by the Holy Spirit,
think of the word of God (logos)
 Most Holy Place (ark of covenant <promises>, incense altar <saints’ prayers>, atonement throne <God’s pardon and mercy>, cherubim <power of
= Know God’s detailed perfect will (Rhema) and thus receive power to submit
 In our spirits, truly see [5 offerings] being accepted = burnt offering, sin offering, guilt offering, peace offering, grain offering

3) If truly love God, and confess sins and repent according to the commandments of the Lord, will have clear evidences in spirit

4) How to reason with the Lord, and at the same time drive out all schemes and accusations of Satan?
① Some sins are what I already understood in my heart as [outright sins] = immediately confess sins, repent, do not commit those sins again
② Some sins are more ambiguous (for example: eat food offered to idols, drink alcohol, smoke, watch television, handling of sexual relationships, etc)
<Please refer to the teachings of Paul, receive the spirit of freedom in your own individual situations>

5) How to know with assurance that our lives are forgiven by the Lord and are pleasing to the Lord?
① Is my spirit in the state of loving God, willing to submit to the Lord? ② Is my spirit in the state of loving man, having compassion on others,
forgiving others, blessing others? ③ Is the Lord using my life in my family, church, office, region? ④ Is my life currently being sanctified and
growing? ⑤ Are the peace, joy and freedom in my life increasing continuously?