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[Sabbath Year Special Message: The Mindset in Christ (2)] 9/11/2008

Bringing Out Good Works through the Correct Mindset

Book of James: <1:
,13-21> <2::14-22> <3: :1-2,
,13-18> <5:

Introduction: Our Mindset is the boundary for our entire living, words, deeds and behavior. Therefore, when we build the correct
mindset in Christ, we can be blessed in all things. But in reality, although many believers had learnt the Word of God for quite a
while, they still cannot bear good fruits in their living. Their Christian living often remains in a state of irony of “knowing but not
being able to do it”. Thus, many believers often became discouraged. Therefore, today we will reflect on how to bring out good
works through the correct mindset (in other words: how to convert Faith into Deeds).
<Please reflect thoroughly upon the entire contents of the Book of James with the perspective of Gospel>

. The Secret of Doing the Word
1) Doing the Word comes from hearing the Word <James 2:19-25>
* Main attitude of hearing the word: Gentle Spirit = Humble and Teachable Spirit
* Reflect: Although I often hear God’s word, is my spirit gentle? Is it teachable?

2) Doing the Word comes from believing the Word <James 2:14-22>
* What does believing the word mean? i.e. When the word of the Lord becomes my mindset
* Must clearly know: True change in behaviours comes from the change in mindset (Mindset  Sentiments (Heart)  Works)

3) Doing the Word comes from Wisdom <James 3:13-18>

* Because doing what the word says is related to spiritual mystery, therefore must rely on heavenly wisdom (in other words: rely on
Holy Spirit)
* Only wisdom can triumph over evil spirits <example of Prophet Daniel> <example of how Pastor was freed from oppression of
the spirit>
* Book of James especially emphasizes: “To receive wisdom, first have to be pure, then followed by all kinds of good works...”

** 1)Listening to the Word blessedly, 2)Believing in the correct Word, 3)Relying on Wisdom, formulates the right Mindset **

.Bring out Good Works through the correct Mindset (in other words: how to convert Faith into Deeds?)
1) Hear God’s encouragement (From my practical point: Must reject accusations, and accept comfort and encouragement from the
For example: The Lord always encouraged: “your past painful sufferings bring about your blessedness today”, “I want to use you,
therefore I demand from you”, “the current problems in your family, office, interpersonal relationship all occurred for your sake”,
“your weaknesses and sins allow you to understand today all those who suffered because of their sins”

2) Must wait for the time when the Lord liberates me (From my practical point: Must reject the heart of anxiety, pressure and
hopelessness, and give God time)
* While waiting, must remember that the Lord is fulfilling very important things. In this, the devil’s defamation/attacks will be
present at the same time. But because of the devil’s defamation/attacks, we will know that there are very great blessings in the
matter in which we are being attacked. <Example of Job> <James 5:7-12>

3) Establish linkage between the Good Works to the Covenant that God has given me (From my practical point: The more I am
miserable because of my weaknesses/problems, the more I must know the relationship between those weaknesses/problems and
‘Glorifying God, Benefitting Man, Building Kingdom’)
* Keep in mind: The devil is most fearful when believers pray according to the Covenant of God <Prayer of Hannah>

4) Must grasp Perfect Will

① Know the areas in which the Lord wants me to change (can know from the extent of how much my spirit is affected)
② Pray specifically to seek strength and grace (remember: must be specific, not vague)
③ Find spiritual seniors or brethrens who can help you
④ Grasp certain techniques (based on opportunities, steps, aptly adopt some methods of the world...)

5) After confirming perfect will and receiving power, submit immediately!  With that, our faith can be made complete

.How to Sustain Good Works
1) The most essential element to sustain good works is the ‘Prayer Life of the Individual’ <James 5:13-18>
* Therefore, if man wishes to be blessed, must get rid of “spiritual laziness”. To succeed in individual prayer, need:
① Guidelines: Altar message (Bible)
② Use the altar message to test and approve the personal perfect will of one’s life
③ Train till it becomes habitual

2) Must learn to use the strength of brethren (in other words: rely on the strength that comes through brethren’s intercession for me)
<James 5:14-15>

3) Must depart far from sins (be on your guard against sinful thoughts and desires) <James 4:1 – 5:6>
* Generally, the problem of believers’ does not lie so much in committing great sins, but rather, the inability to control emotions.
(Therefore, must grasp the secret in managing one’s emotions, to let own mood be cheerful)

4) Importance of taming the tongue <James 1:26, 2:12, 3:1-12, 5:9,12>

* The tongue can hurt you, but can also save you! Therefore, have to grasp the secret of making good use of the tongue, so that it can
help your spirit and give you strength to sustain good works.