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How to Enjoy Answered Prayers (7) 16/11/2008

Pray According to Spiritual Laws, Then Can Enjoy Authority

<Col 1:15-17, 24-26; 2:2-3, 6-7; 3:1-4, 17; 4:2-4> <Ep 1: 15-23; 3:14-21; 6:10-20>
<Ph 1:12, 20-21; 2:5-11; 3:7-14, 20; 4:4-7, 12-13>

Introduction: Many believers remain in their powerless state even after prayers. Prayers cannot change their thinking, emotions, and
way of doing things. In the end, many problems in their own life and living still remain in the same state. This is because their prayer
is not according to the spiritual laws set by God, therefore they cannot enjoy the authority that is brought about by prayer.

. Restore authority, then can see that all things will be back to order, easy, light, and effective
1) When we pray, our spirits see the appearing of the heavenly kingdom, authority, glory <The Lord’s Prayer>, doors of blessings are
opened for us

2) The ways of thinking, speaking, doing are completely different after restoring [authority] (all come from strength of the heart and

3) Authority cannot be received randomly, it only can be received according to spiritual laws (spiritual rules)
<Book of Jude>: Archangel Michael disputed with the devil about the body of Moses…
Therefore, saints’ prayers and all their thinking, words, deeds on earth have to follow spiritual rules, then they can receive blessings

4) God bestows authority upon His children/holy people <Jn 1:12>

<Creation of Adam> <Blessings of Abraham> <Ruth’s proclamation of faith>

5) Jesus Christ, through His incarnation, death and resurrection, throne dominion, and according to spiritual laws, restored all authority
in heaven and on earth, and lives in all the saints who believe in Him, manifesting His authority
Typical example: Paul <Prisons epistles>: ① Book of Colossians = Know Jesus Christ (God) → ② Book of Ephesians = Know
Self → ③ Book of Philippians = Testimonies of submitting and then receiving victory (thinking, words) → ④ Book of Philemon =
Fruits (Power of Gospel)

. How to pray according to spiritual laws (or: rely on the great power and mighty strength of the Lord), and manifest the
authority of the Lord?
1) Basic principles of praying according to spiritual laws
① Method to [see, hear the Lord]
② Method to [restore identity]
③ Method to [test and approve the perfect will of God and submit] (In other words: Know and submit to what the Lord wants to do?)
④ Method to [dispel accusations from the devil by cleansing and receiving righteousness]
⑤ Method to [give thanks and praises]

2) Apply the above spiritual laws in living fields (Refer to the example of Jesus Christ)

3) In living, continue to [put on the full armor of God, pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests], to
resist the schemes of the devil
① Wear the helmet of salvation
② Put in place the breastplate of righteousness
③ Buckle the belt of truth around your waist
④ Fit your feet with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace
⑤ Take up the shield of faith
⑥ Take the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God

. Only through training, then can gradually receive [the thinking, words and living of authority]
1) Beginning of training: Treat [Advancing the Gospel] (in other words: 4 Gospelisations) as the absolute mission of life, and for the
entire lifetime, sow, race and fight the battle <Ph 1:12>

2) In the battle with the devil, the most important thing is to receive the greatest authority (forces) to fight, do not always be disturbed
by little attacks <Ph 1:20-21, 2:5-11>
Reflect: Where are your fears? Problems relating to marriage, relationship, career, finances, children, health, serving, interpersonal
relationships, family salvation...?
In those areas, there are God’s greatest blessings, must make blood covenant with God! (Remember the Lord’s words: "What we
want to acquire will be lost, what we lose for the sake of Gospel will be received instead”)

3) In daily living, treat everything as teaching materials and train ourselves (in all things, do not react by flesh, but learn the Lord’s
perfect will)
<Ph 3:7-14, 4:9-13>
Emphasis of <Proverbs>: Those who love/seek wisdom will receive wisdom

4) Gradually will distinguish all expressions and moves of the enemy devil. In the battle with the enemy, can be face-to-face more
clearly with the enemy, and thoroughly defeat him.

5) One day, will realize that you are living in [thinking, words and deeds of authority]