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Suresh Bhandare


Oracle Apps DBA/DBA Experience Summary Having 5 Yrs. Total IT experience working as both Oracle Apps DBA and Oracle DBA. Excellent working skills with Installations, Cloning, and maintaining Concurrent Manager Processes, Patching, User management issues and Space Management issues related to oracle Applications Experience in applying Oracle Applications patches, monitoring concurrent managers, resizing of tablespaces, monitoring of disk space and resolution of contention Experience in performing cloning and maintaining Instance management activities Experience in setup and registration of Custom Application Cloned the installation to the test system by using Rapid Clone Familiar with AD Utilities adadmin, adpatch, admrgpch, adctrl, adsplice and adautocfg etc Having excellent exposure in monitoring and trouble shooting of Apache, Forms, Concurrent manager, servers, Networking and database related issues. Successfully performed Pre Patch Analysis for different patches in Applications and Database Involved in system Administration Tasks like creating responsibilities and assigning them to Users. Performed up gradation from to R12 on different instances Applied various patches (Application patches, rdbms patches) to fix the issues Good understanding of Oracle Applications architecture including advanced topologies like multi-node instances. Documenting and maintaining checklists of various DBA activities like cloning, patching, code migrating, etc Experience in working with Oracle 10g RAC databases Defined and Maintained Concurrent Manager and Programs Patching CRS and RAC databases using rolling patching methods Experience of using Oracle Applications utilities like adadmin, adpatch, fndload and adrelink Involved in Upgrading the Oracle Applications Interacted with customers to resolve the issues and improved the customer business by reducing the downtime. Closely work with Dev Team to fix their Issues Performed various configuration changes in the file system running autoconfig and also performed many sysadmin tasks. Resolved various issues during patching, autoconfig and up gradation Actively interacted with developers to improve the performance of instances Custom Top creation on R12 Instance Excellent remote systems support and troubleshooting capabilities Experience in Trouble Shooting Oracle Applications E-Business Suite Version ( R12), Trouble shooting of Apache, Forms, Concurrent Manager and Database related issues. Troubleshooting Expertise for all Tiers (Apache, Forms, Concurrent, Admin, Jinitiator and database). Mobile: - +91-8897688694

Working with FNDCPASS to change Passwords of APPLSYS,APPLSYSPUB and SYSADMIN Worked on Managing Application and DB Environments using Autoconfig R12 Integration with Two Node Rac Database(11gR2) Providing the 24X7 production support to all the instances Monitoring the scheduled backups, and referring the backups in case of failures. Working with large number of production, development and test databases Good experience on troubleshooting issues related different applications components Configuration and Management of Oracle Real Application Cluster 10gR2 for Oracle Apps R12 Installation and administration of Oracle Database on Linux and Windows environment. Good experience of Oracle Enterprise Manager tool in monitoring database Experience in database backup and recovery Experience in trouble shooting and resolving problems during the regular maintenance of Oracle database Experienced in Upgrading Oracle 10g to 11g Involved in SQL and PL/SQL programming Involved in DBA activities like planning of table structures, schema management, tablespace sizing and access control activities Good communication & interpersonal skills.

Education: B. Tech (C.S) from Pune University in July 2008, Maharashtra.

Job Profile: Worked in Sonata Software Pvt Ltd. Hyderabad from April 2008 to Oct 2011 Worked in Archer and Angel Consulting PVT Ltd., From Nov 2011 to till date
Skills Profile ERP Oracle Applications E-Business Suite 11i/R12 Tools Toad Languages SQL,Pl/SQL Operating System OEL 4.5/5.5 RDBMS Oracle 9i,10g and 11g

Project 1: Duration: Client:

Oracle Applications R12- Support/Maintenance (24/7) Nov- 20 11 to Till date

Responsibilities: Upgraded Oracle Applications from to R12.1.3 Experience in RAC 10g,11g Experience in Oracle Apps with Oracle 10g RAC Integrations Work closely with teams including Applications development, database development, Oracle S upport, and business community. Configured PCP on Shared AppsTier Configured Hardware Load Balancer on Apps with RAC Environments Daily DBA activities as Performance Monitoring, Instance Health Check etc

Experience in Patching and Cloning Oracle Applications on Different Platforms Experience in Upgrading 11gR1 to 11gR2 for R12.1.1 Environment Experienced in Upgradation from to R12.1.3 Experienced in Upgrading Clusterware from 10g to 11g Cloned Oracle Applications R12, 11i and Databases. Cloned to Multi-Node Instance to Single N ode Instance using RMAN and Cold Cloning. Adding Node and Deleting Node in RAC Environment Health check of various production instances Converted Single Instance Oracle Apps Database to two node RAC instance using RCONFIG. Configured load balancing for the Applications database connections Worked on various versions of Oracle Databases (Versions 11g,10g), Oracle Apps Database Exp erience in Database Tuning and Performance Monitoring. Having knowledge of cloning of Oracle Applications from Dual Node to Single Node. Worked on different environments and on different versions ( and R12) Administration of Oracle RAC setup including patching of CRS and database. Excellent remote systems support and troubleshooting capabilities Troubleshooting expertise for all tiers (Apache, Forms, Concurrent, Admin, Jinitiator and datab ase). Upgradation from to R12 Copy/Clone of Oracle application environment using Rapid Clone. Cloning and Patching Strategy for Oracle Applications Release R12 Database Refresh. Used Oracle Application tools for maintaining database and application like adpatch, adadmin, adctrl etc. Patch analysis and applying patches Applied RDBMS patch using Opatch. Troubleshooting the application issues like records stuck in Interface tables. Monitoring concurrent managers and resolving contentions. Defined and Maintained Concurrent Manager and Programs. Schedule Concurrent Program and maintain the Applications. Documenting and maintaining checklists of various DBA activities like cloning, patching, code migrating, etc. Performed SYSADMIN tasks in Applications environment and carried out user & profiles creati on, printer configuration, concurrent manager administration etc. Application user creation/responsibilities assignment. Responsible for day-to-day administration of various Oracle Applications environments. Involved in knowledge transfer of Oracle Applications technical skills to client DBA-s and devel opers Provided technical assistance in Development Environment.

Project 2: Duration: Client:

Oracle Applications R12 - Maintenance (24/7) July 2009 to Oct 2011.

Sonata Software Solutions Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad

Responsibilities: Installation/Maintenance of Oracle ERP R12 and Oracle Database 10g and 11gR2 on Linux, UNIX. Cloning, Patching, Code Migration, Database monitoring, User Management, Backup/Recovery Management, TAR Management, Monitoring Applications and its services. Providing Oracle Apps/Database support & services, documenting resolutions or best practices. Troubleshooting Concurrent Manager Issues and setting up Custom tops. Killing run away Oracle Apps processes, resolving table locking conflict. Administering Concurrent Manager and Concurrent Requests Troubleshooting of IAS, Forms Server and Reports Server.

Also using OAM - Oracle Application Manager for reporting on Patch History Information Using all AD utilities Ad admin, AD patch, Adctrl etc. Troubleshooting the Applications servers (web server, forms server, concurrent processing server etc.) Managing the Concurrent Managers and its operations like starting, stopping the concurrent managers, re-schedule the requests, purging the concurrent requests historical data, tuning of concurrent managers and monitoring of the concurrent manager operations. Performed System Admin. Tasks Managing front-end application users, responsibilities, and data groups. Creation of new scripts to automate the procedures to generate statistics on database space management, performance and for proactive monitoring. Managing and administering users, profiles, roles and privileges according to requirement. Monitoring and controlling the user access to the Database Creating and Managing database objects like tables, views and indexes. Finding and re- validating invalid database objects Cloning Oracle Applications database from RAC (ASM) to Non RAC (non ASM) using RMAN Duplicate Database Feature. Administration (R12, 11.5.10) Oracle Clusterware (10g, 11g)

Project 3: Duration: Client:

Oracle 9i - Maintenance /Installation (24/7) April 200 8 to April. 200 9

Sonata Software Solutions Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad

Responsibilities: Installed and configured Oracle Database 9i on Linux. Created database for test and development by using manual and dbca. Daily monitoring the database alert log file and trace file for errors. Performed traditional backups (Hot backup and COLD backup) and performed cloning from production. Making archive logs and taking backup for recovery purposes Resolved connectivity issues (9i listener) Creating database users and by setting the default temporary table spaces and assigning quotas, roles, privileges, and profiles to users. Making table spaces available to users, adding data files to the table spaces. Applied various RDBMS patches by using OPatch Utility. Implemented Backup and Recovery strategies using RMAN Involved in Database upgrade from to Checking for invalid objects and compiling them Gathering statistics Troubleshooting general issues like DB connectivity issues and user login issues Performed patchset level upgradation from to Performed upgradation 9i to 10g using manual Upgradation Performed schema refreshes from PROD to TEST